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Snub en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Kick felt the snub deeply.
  2. Montse wrinkled her snub nose.
  3. Cecily wasn’t surprised at the snub.
  4. Stallman's name off the invite list as a snub.
  5. Oh, what a way it was to snub him without a word.

  6. The type of person you want to snub for no reason.
  7. But do not take it as a snub or think I guess I’m.
  8. She was distracting him, with her snub nose and her freckles.
  9. Last but not least, he placed the snub nose 38 into Wiggles'.
  10. Her smile wilted like a lily in the hot sun as my snub hit home.
  11. Besides, she’d put up with the week long snub between Topps and I.
  12. He didn’t want to snub his Bess, not even in a life or death situation.
  13. Nancy ignored the thinly veiled snub in the woman’s voice and shook her head.
  14. What a way to snub the SOB? Oh, how sheepish V looked as I slurped sucking K's.
  15. He’s been so immensely liked, you know, that what he really needs is a snub.

  16. Now was the time for Milana to pay for the snub he had given Cruzel all those years ago.
  17. Another apparent snub that stuck with Butterfield also dated back to the Johnson White House.
  18. For him to snub his nose at the strike first confused her and then made her lose respect for him.
  19. But you may have noticed that I didn’t snub you when I saw you again, and I accepted your invitations.
  20. One enduring snub occurred when he worked for McNamara in the 1960s, and he wrote about it in his book draft.
  21. After the snub of the Magician, the pompous and over-sweet words of Dorian refreshed a little my injured pride.
  22. In a move he had seen his grandfather do many times in target practice, he released his grandfather snub nosed 38.
  23. She had wide cheekbones, a snub nose, great green eyes whose dancing mischief gave the lie to the innocence she was faking.
  24. He expected, with every covert snub, that Blanche would suddenly, diabolically turn tables on her, as he had seen her do with other women.
  25. His neighbor on the other side, who lay motionless some distance from him with his head thrown back, was a young soldier with a snub nose.

  26. There was besides in the inn, as servant, an Asturian lass with a broad face, flat poll, and snub nose, blind of one eye and not very sound in the other.
  27. The prince did not snub Lebedeff’s curiosity, however, because he felt any contempt for him; but simply because the subject was too delicate to talk about.
  28. Her red hair was bound up in a braid so long it brushed past her thighs, and she had a dimpled chin, a snub nose, and a light spray of freckles across her cheeks.
  29. Whatever the true reason, this deliberate neglect or snub did not bother Mahātmā Gāndhi and did not let it interfere with his work like a true ‘Karma Yogi’.
  30. Tess made no reply to this remark, of which, indeed, she did not quite comprehend the drift, unheeding the snub she had administered by her instinctive rub upon her cheek.
  31. Of the daughters one was thirteen and another fourteen, they both had snub noses, and I was awfully shy of them because they were always whispering and giggling together.
  32. A stab of empathy shot through her; a feeling she had not felt for years, since the days her weight had given others the perfect opportunity to snub and reject her at every turn.
  33. A few times I had been the subject of a snub so tenaciously; even the shenanigans of Gertrude had not resulted in an anger so overwhelming, so dark, so brutal, as the one produced by Leonardo.
  34. Not that he cared one scrap for a snub from a disagreeable, spoiled child! But deep down he recognized what it was—the regretful ache, the yearning, baffled tenderness that had newly filled his heart.
  35. But now, having undergone her brother’s hostility, the humiliation of her father’s snub and her mother’s hostile rejection, her courage began to evaporate and she wondered if anyone could ever undo this tangled knot.
  36. After all, the vanity of man makes him believe that if a woman shuns him, she would snub others as well, but, should man suspect that a woman is carrying on with someone, he would imagine that she could be an easy lay for him as well.
  37. The older of the two remaining men, the councilman from the court yesterday, nodded his head respectfully at Thaddeus as a slight smile touched his lips, while his companion’s face was wreathed in a huge grin at Thaddeus’s snub of Oswald.
  38. But when Elizabeth Kirk heard it she put away a secret hope she had allowed herself to cherish, without a change of expression on her kind plain face, and Emmeline Drew resolved that the next time she saw a certain old bachelor of Lowbridge she would not snub him as she had done at a previous meeting.
  39. We have basically wiped out by ourselves both the German and the Japanese military machines, potentially saving you from losing tens of thousands of your soldiers and sailors, and the only thing you do in response is to snub me? Well, I do have power and I will use it, but only to make this world a better one and to prevent deaths and suffering.
  40. Predictably, Indira stretched her father’s Muslim leanings to ludicrous lengths in claiming the membership for India in the Organization of Islamic Countries on the premise that it was the home for the largest body of the Musalmans in the world! Naturally, the Rabbat snub, engineered by Pakistan, rubbed salt into the wounded Hindu pride, which the Congress party didn’t mind to amend.
  41. Despite being surrounded by hundreds of nobles and important bourgeois present to celebrate his thirteenth birthday and official majority, young Louis was secretly fuming under his grave and dignified attitude: alone in all of the high nobility with the exception of his sister, the Duchess of Longueville, the Prince of Condé had chosen to deliberately snub him by not attending this ceremony.
  42. Is not this a way which you have with the fair: one has a snub nose, and you praise his charming face; the hook-nose of another has, you say, a royal look; while he who is neither snub nor hooked has the grace of regularity: the dark visage is manly, the fair are children of the gods; and as to the sweet 'honey pale,' as they are called, what is the very name but the invention of a lover who talks in diminutives, and is not averse to paleness if appearing on the cheek of youth? In a word, there is no excuse which you will not make, and nothing which you will not say, in order not to lose a single flower that blooms in the spring-time of youth.
  43. When she had finished, she put the headdress on his head and gave him a slate backed mirror, he took it grudgingly, but I could see he was pleased with his reflection, he paraded around the room like a turkey cock in front of the hens, mother then said it was time for her and I to get dressed if we were to accompany Coatl on his first triumphal address to the people, it was close to midday when we stepped outside and headed for the square, people began to follow us and when we arrived at the square it was already full of warriors training, they all stopped and bowed, parting as mother led the way to the ball court, not stopping at the temple was a deliberate snub to the treacherous priest, he must be beside himself with rage, we would soon find out if he was a fool as well as a traitor.
  1. Some believe Reagan was snubbing Bush, but the truth is the Bush campaign wanted the candidate to be his own man.
  2. I’d never have told stories about the bedridden Lady Elinor or about the magister girls snubbing the general’s sons.
  3. Kinnard moped around as if he hadn't a friend in the world, and Swann recalled not simply snubbing him this morning but giving him a hard time before making the jump.
  4. I was therefore deeply interested in what was going on in those countrified parlors of one of the richest and most powerful men in the world—and this right in the heart of that district of New York where palaces stand in rows and in blocks, and where such few churches as there are resemble social clubs for snubbing climbers and patronizing the poor.
  5. Warren had listened with a sweet and ready sympathy that had caused James quite to forget a certain stinging snubbing he had received from the selfsame lady, because once, back in the dark ages—before Nancy had opened her blue eyes on this naughty world—when he was a gawky, freckle-faced boy of sixteen, he had dared to walk home from church with Mildred, the eldest daughter of the house of Warren.
  1. They were snubbed.
  2. Thomas felt snubbed by the church.
  3. Jarvis—And the third time—you snubbed me.
  4. Then you snubbed the one French general who 788.
  5. But Anne snubbed them without fear and without reproach.
  6. He was snubbed by the whole crowd of people all going in.
  7. At any other time she would have snubbed Robin and got rid of him.
  8. Feeling threatened—and snubbed, to boot—Sig latched his teeth 99.
  9. We’d been snubbed by at least six of them over the past couple of hours.
  10. She did not volunteer any further information and Walter felt rather snubbed.
  11. She did not like to go to service, to be snubbed about, after being her own mistress.
  12. Hilo snubbed his cigarette butt out on the bunk bed frame and threw it in the toilette.
  13. Children resent harsh criticism or being snubbed and the grandparents can apply soothing balm.
  14. There were also many petty things that would happen such as being snubbed at work as Matthew was by his boss.
  15. Their voices appear to be in tune only on Sundays!' She was quite meek and I felt that I had snubbed her properly.
  16. The field inspector who was snubbed by my predecessor became the media director of the company, and he had a long memory.
  17. He was snubbed by the whole crowd of people all going in different directions without even noticing the people around them.
  18. He was unmercifully snubbed sometimes, and he richly deserved it; but the curious thing about him was that the snubs were wasted.
  19. When the British aristocracy snubbed him and threw him out of England on his ear: he suddenly conveniently became a patriotic colonist again.
  20. It would go some way towards assuaging the guilt she was feeling about how she’d snubbed Piers when Troy had introduced him earlier in the day.
  21. Fern noted that the other girls had little interaction with her and even the boy, who would often go to her side only to be snubbed, gave up in the end.
  22. The way the American forces had snubbed the Japanese as supposedly inferior soldiers before the attack on Pearl Harbor had been a perfect case in point.
  23. That he was being remorselessly snubbed for his pains was giving him a novel sensation of self-pity that did not seem to affect his genial humor very acutely.
  24. Lord Farquhart, lounging in the park, hoping to meet the Lady Barbara, even if it was only to be snubbed by the Lady Barbara, saw that young lady at the end of a long line of trees with Mr.
  25. Whenever I have met you in the streets I have always said to myself, ‘What if he doesn't know me and rejects me—nine years is no joke!’ and I did not dare try you for fear of being snubbed.
  26. She wore her hair now in an enormous pompador and had discarded the blue ribbon bows of auld lang syne, but her face was as freckled, her nose as snubbed, and her mouth and smiles as wide as ever.
  27. Does that mean that I could be snubbed as well and relegated to the tail of the procession? The Overseer and I came here to pay our respects to a worthy monarch, not to be used like political pawns by your Church.
  28. How many lower class males feel shame because their own social females are such hypocritical social climbers: that they are snubbed and scorned and ignored? Until this cultural poison has spread into a blind public snobbery of all girls towards all males.
  29. Ingram waited in the parlour, where he stood taking in with attentive eyes the details of that neglected, almost snubbed little room, while Ingeborg went to the laboratory, so happy and proud that she forgot she was breaking rules, to fetch, as she said, Robert.
  30. This was Southern chivalry and gallantry for you! Maybe those women who carried their heads so high and snubbed all attempts at friendliness wouldn’t be so uppity, now that everyone knew where their husbands spent their time when they were supposed to be at political meetings.
  31. Why did he do this? It’s obvious! After Germany being attacked and snubbed and treated like a nigger nation for 30 years by the entire world, after being robbed and cheated and blockaded and starved and intimidated… Germans developed the attitude of them against the whole world because the entire world was their enemy.
  1. Now I shall tell her I have had it straight from a real artist, and snubs to her.
  2. Don't like him, he puts on airs, snubs his sisters, worries his father, a nd doesn't speak respectfully of his mother.
  3. He was unmercifully snubbed sometimes, and he richly deserved it; but the curious thing about him was that the snubs were wasted.
  4. Butterfield took snubs very personally, and by his own account they tended to almost live within him for years, even decades afterward.
  5. The hating was at Nixon’s center, the driving force to get the sons of bitches, to settle all the scores for all the slights and snubs and opposition.
  6. But what is the matter with you? And what is this message, may I ask, or is it a secret? Rakitin put in inquisitively, doing his best to pretend not to notice the snubs that were being continually aimed at him.
  7. He is so zealous that he gets many snubs and buffetings from people of a different way of thinking from himself, and I don't like to hear of such humiliations to a man of his age, the more particularly as I don't think earnestness does any good when carried so far.
  8. I cannot believe—I wish I could--that a child will dislike a parent without cause; the cause may be small things, a series of trifles each of little moment, snubs too often repeated, chills too often applied, stern looks, short words, sarcasms,--and these, as you and I both know, are quite ordinary dullness’s, often daily ingredients of family life; but they sit with a strange and upsetting grace on the poet of Paradise, and I would give anything never to have heard of them.

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