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    1. ‘How dreadful! That must have been terribly distressing for her

    2. And if you suffer from that most distressing and common complaint, varicose veins, nothing could be more helpful than the habitual practice of the Shoulderstand which I described in chapter four

    3. at a distressing rate whenever the red juice

    4. If this was a standard simulation and not a game, that was a very distressing artifact of the simulation

    5. and I believe these events had a distressing effect on

    6. of Christ in one of His more distressing disguises

    7. ‘Yes, we do and that is extremely distressing at times

    8. well, it was distressing

    9. Since the news he brought was distressing, and he wasn’t strongly attracted to her, he decided not to dally

    10. was nevertheless distressing having to describe that time

    11. only succeeded in distressing the poor girl even more

    12. and distressing for the young man

    13. Therefore, the preset imbroglio, however distressing, could not

    14. After the news of their father’s death, delivered by his sister several days prior, the indication of yet another distressing situation involving his family not only shocked and saddened him, but angered him

    15. These poor people had been through distressing times

    16. what you are doing feels distressing, then you have

    17. ‘Please, Torbin,’ said Parmayan, in his forward view, ‘we do understand this is a rather distressing time for you

    18. This can become very distressing for the child as well as for the parent

    19. internal operations and concluded,” Our investigations have led us to the distressing conclusions that,

    20. Many behaviors that are purported to lead to distressing consequences have a time lapse long enough to cause doubt as to the origin of the end results

    21. where and always? But the distressing situation may be tem-

    22. There is nothing as distressing as listening to a retiree complaining that all the work he has done over many years is being destroyed by incompetent and unwilling associates

    23. nearly as distressing as it would be out of the box and in the front of

    24. It was very distressing then, and it is very distressing now

    25. still distressing, but I just couldn’t handle the idea that my dad

    26. distressing to Lucy than the stretch marks radiating out

    27. “This was a public vote of no confidence, and it was even more distressing in the light of the success we’ve had in turning around Park Outdoor

    28. 43 Then they brought to him children that he should lay his hand on them and pray and his disciples were rebuking those who were bringing them; And Jesus saw and it was distressing to him; and he said to them Suffer the children to come to me and prevent them not; for those who are like these have the Kingdom of God

    29. And the Shepherd said to me "Why are you reasoning in yourself and perplexing your mind and distressing yourself? for the things which you cannot understand do not attempt to comprehend as if you were wise; but ask the Lord that you may receive understanding and know them

    30. distressing dripping noise that could have been falling from

    31. He wondered at this similarity, but was more disturbed by the distressing, bright-burning red-orange beacon he’d seen

    32. Third and most distressing was the case of a young man I'd been to school with who’d just completed his training as a doctor

    33. After six months without finding a nice young man to share my affections, the contrast between the wealth of the parents and the daily struggles of the city’s poor, of which I was one, became so distressing I handed in my notice and hitched west

    34. The escape from the service of light and life can only result in those distressing conflicts with the difficult whales of selfishness which lead eventually to darkness and death unless such God-forsaking Jonahs shall turn their hearts, even when in the very depths of despair, to seek after God and his goodness

    35. The child, about twelve years old, was afflicted with a grievous nervous disorder characterized by convulsions and other distressing manifestations

    36. By night, his mind was held firmly in the grip of a distressing and dreadful uncertainty

    37. It was all too distressing, to which I used the old eye signal to Julia to get her to do coffee

    38. Mitchell stared at the answer sheet; the image of his dead father was so distressing in his mind, that for a few minutes his concentration had been completely lost

    39. Carla could see how things were progressing and was glad Amy had found a new focus, since her distressing experience in Egypt, and the death of Geoff Collins

    40. Though he thought he detected a trace of apprehension in Gordon’s demeanor, Wickland dismissed this observation as reading too much into what was obviously a very distressing situation, for he recalled that Peter was also on the Convention Center Committee as had been Max, thus possibly clarifying his acquaintance with Martha

    41. There are distressing news, I'm afraid

    42. Fridays, Fred noted, arrived with a distressing regularity

    43. As far as she knew, the Cabots still didn't know about the pregnancy, and she had no intention of distressing them by telling them

    44. and the visual effect was quite distressing

    45. The third thing he noticed was the most distressing

    46. extremely distressing experiences that causes severe emotional

    47. distressing experience that causes severe

    48. However, not all stress is negative or distressing

    49. The third and final thing to pick up from this verse is the very last part of it, where it says that a distressing spirit would then depart from Saul once David started to play his anointed music for him

    50. Many Bible scholars believe that this distressing spirit was actually a demonic spirit that was following and harassing Saul

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    deplorable distressing lamentable pitiful sad sorry distressful disturbing perturbing troubling worrisome worrying brisk climacteric fine acute incisive fierce pungent