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Worrisome en una oración (en ingles)

  1. What is more worrisome is the.
  2. The other two ships were worrisome.
  3. But everything else proved worrisome.
  4. Most worrisome was the water situation.
  5. And that, Duchairn thought, was worrisome.

  6. It was a long and worrisome drive to Coalfield.
  7. Stressful worrisome things still happen but God.
  8. The worrisome part was wondering who would arrive first.
  9. What was more worrisome was that he was having difficulty.
  10. How goes it? Has Joshua brought you anything worrisome?
  11. The thought of such events being linked in any way is worrisome.
  12. Brock found something worrisome about the stranger’s interest in.
  13. With heavy worrisome steps, Johnny walked into the quietude of the jailhouse.
  14. It was always a worrisome thing when the leader of a country wore a military uniform.
  15. In spite of my up-beat mood, there remained a worrisome knot in my stomach about Jasper.

  16. This is not too worrisome because it still did not get lower than the first day’s close.
  17. This was a worrisome sign for investors that paid too high a price for that continued growth.
  18. Night turned into early morning as the flotilla wended its worrisome way, mostly eastward now.
  19. Where could he be? This worrisome question suddenly filled the minds of every person there.
  20. The Swedish Trade Council and the Ministry of Enterprise had been onto him, which was worrisome.
  21. That night the Crackle fell into an uneasy sleep with a worrisome question hanging over their heads.
  22. A high strung young man who in some ways resembled myself just a few years ago, anxious and worrisome.
  23. His thoughts were at least worrisome if not more: ‘The only ones who knew about this operation were.
  24. Men were too troublesome and worrisome and he liked to take his time about doing what needed to be done.
  25. His life-goal was about to be realized despite recent developments that were worrisome, but not insurmountable.

  26. This in itself made him extremely uneasy, but what disturbed him far more was the worrisome question - where did the man go?
  27. More worrisome was the possibility that they could track me with the assistance of a supernatural power beyond my comprehension.
  28. It was now clear that Mac’s binge on the chocolate, which had seemed only moderately worrisome at the time, was a catastrophe.
  29. Even more worrisome, the budget also projected that America would be saddled with trillion-dollar deficits for at least three years.
  30. It was that triumphant smirk, glimmering such as Truman hadn’t seen since election day, three years earlier that was most worrisome.
  31. Company financials are denser, and the information on the Internet is, of course, unlimited—a worrisome fact given its uneven quality.
  32. The ARK sailed out of the Mediterranean Ocean without incident but upon entering the Atlantic Ocean the weather reports became worrisome.
  33. There are worrisome events involved in futures trading, such as limit down days, where a trader is not allowed to sell and cut a loss.
  34. That failure is the more worrisome since the current ideological menace is arguably more dangerous than any we have faced in the past, for two reasons.
  35. I’ve played all those parts, Cecil, and it’s been a wearying, worrisome thing, part of the time, with quick work and rapid changes, but it’s all over now.
  36. By August 12, the day of the eight-oar preliminaries, Don Hume had lost a worrisome 14 pounds from his normal weight, the 172 pounds he had carried in Poughkeepsie.
  37. This illustrates the tendency of the media to exaggerate economic news, especially the worrisome kind, a tendency that helps start information cascades of one kind or the other.
  38. They have become a duo that seems to be inseparable and this is a worrisome issue not just for the parents but for the whole of society which is at the risk of a big problem as well.
  39. To make matters worse, almost all of them had colds to some extent, and Don Hume’s seemed to be settling into his chest, becoming something more worrisome than a case of the sniffles.
  40. That might give them the awful, unimaginable, er worrisome idea… that they might beat their own plowshares into swords and come looking for the sword holders, and kill them with a sword also.
  41. This underscores the worrisome level of moral decadence prevalent amongst some University lecturers who, in reality, should be setting moral standards and good examples for the younger generations.
  42. The response was an equally worrisome radicalization of Muslims, where the moderate voices in the community had given way to the extremist rhetoric of ‘Islam khatre mein hai’ (Islam is in danger).
  43. In the language of heredity, a new birth made out of two races highlights the phrase where do I come from and which race I am wearing? It sets the tone for worrisome and chasing roots for further proof.
  44. More worrisome was the question of how her stalker had obtained this information, and how he had known such intimate details of their lives that he’d been able to threaten the detectives to such a degree they’d dropped her case.
  45. Today was her wedding day, but she was worried because Annie wasn’t there yet, and was unusually late (and Annie was rarely late to anything), but what was more worrisome is that no one could get a hold of her on her cell phone either.
  46. Where are those weapons? Are they buried somewhere in Iraq? Are they in the hands of terrorists or hidden in Syria? In my opinion, at this point in time this last possibility is far more alarming than the worrisome question why the intelligence was not more precise and exact.
  47. Despite the occasionally heated arguments over whether a ball was in or out Miss Eggar found it a lot less worrisome than the dodge ball games that used to have the red rubber ball bouncing off of faces and groins and seemingly requiring her constant medical opinions on everything from scrapes to contusions.
  48. Time-travelling while on the surface of a planet is not so worrisome, as you are limited to reappearing somewhere on the surface of that planet (like if you time-travelled out of Hawaii and ended up bobbing around in the South Atlantic), but if you time-travel while floating around in space then you suddenly have no limitations on where you might reappear.
  49. This is more worrisome, of course,.

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