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Drivel en una oración (en ingles)

1. Not idealistic half-truths like this drivel.
2. My big mistake was in entertaining such drivel.
3. People spoke such drivel when they got passionate.
4. The Beatles did much better stuff than this drivel, Smith added.
5. Eh, why should he marry, my jewel? It's all nonsense, all my old man's drivel.
6. You, on the other hand, will be hawking another edition of your prophetic drivel.
7. Listening to Nate Crosby’s drivel was almost as bad as enduring potshots from Morris Sampson.

8. O you inquisitional drunken jewjesuit! She gets you a job on the paper and then you go and slate her drivel to Jaysus.
9. He couldn’t understand how anyone could watch such drivel and had to bite his tongue not to say what he was thinking.
10. So the prior lawyer inserted several paragraphs of indecipherable drivel that, in effect, left everything to the lawyer.
11. He would not be led blindly into war, singing the patriotic drivel that government and arms dealers would have him sing.
12. He went from writing nothing more than pointless drivel to some really compelling pieces of literature, at least he'd say so.
13. It has taken one of the few ways the lower class could expose the truth about the upper classes: political cartoons; and turned it into meaningless drivel.
14. What do you think rap music is? Mindless word-association drivel being spewed out of brainless shells who do not have a single original thought of their own.
15. The sheikh knew that the superstitions and drivel that are related by the devils had enticed this stingy rich man, and had entrapped him in illusions and deceptions.
16. In order to be a rapper you must empty your mind and allow whatever drivel comes into your head to be droned out in a dead monotone mechanical obscenity that is a travesty of what music once was.
17. There was no question that, in spite of the drivel this man in the lab coat spewed, this facility was manufacturing several varieties of military grade poison gases and packaging them for combat use.
18. Creating a religious-communal system of religious political power based upon the squabbling of religious fanatical idiots; arguing amongst themselves about the fine points of their sacred written texts for seven thousand years; without ever being able to come to a unified unanimous consensus about what was right or wrong in the entire drivel that was amassed and written into Jewish laws!.
19. Exposure to clear thinking, to new ideas and to possible solutions should be our duty and privilege, not something to consider an annoyance! I would bet any money you are a curfew breaking Creationist! You dribbling ninny! Your license to breathe should be revoked without further hesitation! They should sterilize you with rusty garden implements before you have the chance to share your genes! Is there a pull string in your back that gets you to say such unconsecrated drivel? You should be flogged with dead horse cocks in front of a laundry! You should be gagged with cow patties and pissed on by yaks! What is this world coming to?

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Desafortunadamente no tenemos oraciones de ejemplo para esta palabra aún.

Desafortunadamente no tenemos oraciones de ejemplo para esta palabra aún.

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