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Slaver en una oración (en ingles)

1. Now a slaver was a terrible.
2. Dave’r the Slaver! yapped Wyll.
3. They prefer instead the role of slaver.
4. Canot, or Twenty Years of a Slaver, 1 25.
5. The slaver put big chains on Joseph so he.
6. They mean to give her to Hench, the slaver.
7. There were no survivors among the slaver crews.

8. Then hither me across the sea the cruel slaver brought.
9. And then there was the The Slaver Weapon, episode 11.
10. The Barbarian slaver who was carrying Brandela hesitated for.
11. There had been talk at the outpost of a large slaver encampment.
12. The slaver didn’t notice that, being already on his way to join his two comrades.
13. Then we’ll get a move on to the encampment, where Dave’r the Slaver can judge you.
14. Where have you been this last half year, Tobias? I see you’ve attracted the attention of a slaver.
15. Heracles immediately hugged protectively the crying girl and shot a murderous look at the chief slaver.
16. The slaver crumbled to his knees and then pitched over onto his face, already dead from a dozen or more stab wounds.
17. The trader turned around again and went to the head slaver while taking a heavy leather bag from one of his bodyguards.
18. He then counted 120 big bronze coins in the hands of the slaver, who quickly left with the money and his three partners.
19. Don't slaver butter thickly all over that whole grain bread or pumpkin, or smother your whole grain pasta in a cheese sauce.
20. The head slaver panicked at possibly losing the chance to sell to the best-known trader of slaves in Rome and shouted at him.
21. In fact, he found Cyara to be an elegant, graceful woman and he wasn’t sure how someone like that ended up working for a slaver.
22. Pleased with the thought that Titus had finally listened to her, but suspicious about the parting laughter, Athene put it from her mind as she was already starting to slaver over the thought of the fresh meat, and how she was going to prepare and cook it for the two of them.
23. Once he had sign’d those cheating Articles and shipp’d away, he was made Assistant to a Surgeon upon a Liverpool Slaver; thus he learnt a useful Craft, and, upon long Sea-Voyages he read the Classicks, thus giving himself the Gentleman’s Education the Fates had denied him.
24. O Lancelot, said I, there is so much to tell—my beauteous Babe is gone, kidnapp’d by an evil Nurse—and as for the Captain here, not only hath he cut my Hair, but he is a Monster of Cruelty who hath done such Deeds to all the Men and me as not e’en deranged Popish Monks in a Roman Monastery could be guilty of! He is a Torturer, a Slaver, and a Lover of the Supplejack.
25. I could scarce believe my Ears! Whitehead the Deist, the Slaver, the Libertine, calling upon the Supreme Being to justify his Acts! What a Perfect Scoundrel the Man was! Would he stop at nothing? Would he stoop to anything—e’en blaming his Conduct upon the Idea of Order in the Great Chain of Being? O beware the Word “Order,” Belinda, likewise the Word “Discipline”; they are oft’ nought but Cloaks for Tyrants who believe in nothing but their own Dominion—and certainly not that of God.
26. Where one, a slaver, has to come again,.
1. The slavering beast attacked.
2. He was still chewing and slavering.
3. Why the trend of slavering still continues among.
4. A hound from hell, snarling and slavering and vicious.
5. Lancelot and Horatio sat listening, slack-jaw’d and slavering.
6. The thing lunged at us, slavering and cackling, but the trap jerked it back.
7. Continue a roundabout course we should for indeed slavering these centipedes appear.
8. A few seconds later two giant, slavering dogs raced around the corner, barking furiously.
9. The only cure Ted trusts in these days is the hair of the slavering beast that he calls friend.
10. They lunged forward at the slavering wolf-creatures, dipping so far that a knee touched the floor.
11. There was fire all around me and feeling singed by the flames I looked up into the slavering face of my enemy and spit.
12. Back beyond the dimmest dawns of Time she crouched shuddering in primordial jungles, hunted by slavering beasts of prey.
13. Inexorably Conan's arm bent under the strain; nearer and nearer he was drawn to the slavering jaws that gaped for his life.
14. The snarling, slavering wolf-beasts charged down the soggy hill with their goblin and orc mounts saddled to their furry backs.
15. The slavering jaws closed on the arm Conan flung up to guard his throat, but the monster made no effort to secure a death-grip.
16. Through a dark and moonless night the fugitive ran, and many beasts followed behind him with slavering jaws seeking to devour him.
17. Its slavering black fangs were near his throat and the glare of its yellow eyes shrivelled his limbs as a killing wind shrivels young corn.
18. He could find a group of needy people, just like those in the refugee camp, give them a taste of the powers he had, and have them slavering for more.
19. The warrior from the Plane of Order relied on his height and strength to keep the leader of the goblins and his slavering Lykanthros mount at a distance.
20. Then Ascalante's cynical and all-sufficient philosophy deserted him, and with a ghastly cry he gave up the ghost before those slavering fangs touched him.
21. One man of them lived long enough to reach me and give the jewel into my hands, before he died slavering and gibbering of what he had seen in that accursed crypt.
22. As the rift grew wider, inhuman claws gripped the edge and a demon some twelve feet tall and slavering through its many pointed teeth stood before the adventurers.
23. But the shadowy things did not come into the great corridor, though he distinctly heard the greedy sucking-in of slavering lips, and felt the burning glare of hungry eyes.
24. And that is the slavering, shivering thing you preferred to me! I would not strike him with my fist, but I'd kick him with my foot, and experience considerable satisfaction.
25. And that is the slavering, shivering thing you preferred to me! I would not strike him with my fist, but I’d kick him with my foot, and experience considerable satisfaction.
26. The book is a race for gold: it is a grubbing, greedy story of slavering human filth; fighting each other, betraying each other, and killing each other over gold and gems and wealth.
27. When he can’t run any more, he crawls for ’em, slavering around the mouth like a mad dog—just nuts, he just went nuts! I guess he loved that truck better’n anything in the world.
28. Heavyset and broad, with a chest like a barrel, Lord Butterwell’s good-son wore black plate over boiled leather and an ornate helm fashioned in the likeness of some demon, scaled and slavering.
29. If you want one hundred million or more, the price is everything associated with getting ten million, plus a slavering pack of press wolves, desperate to strip you down to the lowest common denominator.
30. In one of those miraculous bursts of agility which only blind fear can bestow, I found myself up on the covered way, Jon beside me, staring in shock at a matching pair of bull terriers slavering two metres below.
31. Intelligent crime on a huge scale with a demon in the detail; a high-powered, heavily-armed, luxurious schooner feeding world-wide drivelling greed, gagging for more and supplied on demand by ruthless slavering zeal.
32. These were visions from children’s nightmares: three-headed dogs with slavering maws, cockroaches the size of sheep, huge scorpions with pincers that would snap a man’s neck, six feet diameter spiders with fangs that would suck the brains from living skulls, giant cats that would torture and play with their human prey before they finally killed it.
1. His gaping jaws slavered.
2. On hands and knees he slavered.
3. In his extended hand something alive writhed and slavered.
4. Rage filled him and his mouth slavered, and shapeless sounds of fury came strangling from his throat.
5. Meanwhile, the infant ruffian continued sucking; and glowered at me defyingly, as he slavered into the jug.
6. Meanwhile, the infant ruffian continued sucking; and glowered up at me defyingly, as he slavered into the jug.
1. We open fire on the three slavers.
2. My wife was taken by slavers and.
3. Slavers had just attacked when we arrived.
4. They wanted to show her they aren't slavers.
5. Those slavers supposedly were heading for Rome.
6. Find out for sure where the slavers took my cousins.
7. I hear that slavers are more active these days than ever.
8. Slavers are not capable of considering such an occurrence.
9. Less than a week later, the slavers reached their encampment.
10. Somehow, though, the slavers never made it to the mother ship.
11. The king had betrayed his father and sold him to white slavers.
12. All that day, he followed the slavers, noticing that they were.
13. I only hoped that we weren’t going to be kidnapped by slavers.
14. Not hopeless, then, but nearly impossible now that the slavers.
15. According to my sources, it is being operated by slavers as a hunting preserve.
16. He thought slavers and such would be dirtier, or uglier, but those two weren’t.
17. The press gangs were slavers: hunting down free people to force them into slavery.
18. After the slavers left, they would have repopulated at least part of their world.
19. She devotes her energies to tracking down pirates, slavers and traffickers in contraband.
20. Our cousins were captured by slavers and made to work in a factory that produced poison gas.
21. I am fortunate that Miss Turner rescued me from the slavers or I would be in a brothel somewhere.
22. Kenneth had determined the location of the system Admiral Sherman thought the slavers used for their base.
23. Segall has heard that once again some dreadful act is going to be attempted by the slavers against Sheriff Tramell.
24. She told the other families who had lost relatives to the slavers that her brilliant nieces would rescue all of them.
25. He could maybe dispose of one or two of the men but he and Tera would then probably be killed by the surviving slavers.
26. For a reason that I do not understand the slavers are extremely irritated by the passing of Claude and Jacques Michaud.
27. It seems that my ruse of a large abolitionist meeting simply is not going to hold the slavers at bay, he conjectured.
28. My own parents were killed and me and Lydia, who is an Illyrian, were the only ones spared and then sold to these slavers.
29. But they’re slavers! They’ve robbed us of our lives, Thelma expostulated, angered by the self-congratulatory tone of the Doctor.
30. Cortez enrolled into his army the men of these disgruntled and oppressed tribal states—states weary of the Aztec slavers and tax collectors.
31. The slavers, who kept food only for themselves, ate a frugal meal of cheese and bread and forced their prisoners back in the cage after twenty minutes.
32. Rachel was stunned by the speed with which the pirates, slavers and organized crime moved in to fill the gap Saul had created in the planet’s defenses.
33. You sold into slavery a shipwrecked boy who had just lost his parents? Where were these slavers headed to and how long ago did they leave with the boy?
34. While the slavers slept rolled into wool blankets besides their campfire, Heracles, Tera and Lydia had to huddle close together on the long grass, still naked.
35. Rarely did the slavers venture so far into the west for fear of angering the Zoarinian controlled interests too much, but apparently they had thought it worth the risk.
36. Thankfully, none of the slavers decided to have fun with Tera that night, probably deciding that she should be kept in the best shape possible in order to draw the best price.
37. For reasons that neither Sabrina nor Alina ever explained to anyone’s satisfaction, they had no fatalities and only minor injuries on any of the ships they captured except slavers.
38. THUS OUR MIGHTY PYRATE Flotilla set sail across the South Atlantick (as soon as we had captur’d sufficient Provisions from outbound Slavers and liberated their Slaves to sail with us).
39. And then one day, when Geoff had sent her out into the meadows to make daisy chains, or whatever it is you women do, she was captured by slavers, and sold on to Hench as a sex-slave.
40. Had someone discovered information regarding his activities in the Underground Railroad? Was this an attempt by slavers to apply the onerous Fugitive Slave Law? Was this somehow the work of Mrs.
41. While the Constitution may be credited as progressive for it’s time and place, some of its authors were practicing sexists and slavers; and most were still firmly held hostage by an imaginary god.
42. They stayed as quiet as they could in order not to attract the attention of the slavers but that didn’t save Lydia from a late night visit by one of the men, who raped her right besides the two children.
43. The slavers knew the value of submissive Swordsman women in Federation brothels especially in light of the recent attack and the desire of impotent and incompetent Federation officers to gain revenge any way they could.
44. In which our Heroine learns that no Man is such a Scoundrel that he doth not wish to be an Author, that e’en Slavers account themselves patriotick and virtuous, that the Sea is as full of Magick and Mystery as the Land, and that Ships oft’ become Pyrate Prizes as much thro’ the Connivance of their own Tars as thro’ any other Means.
45. They constantly moved around, making themselves impossible to find, and when they attacked, they hit hard and fast, with Clerics-in-training, now called Pilots, flying the ships or attacking slavers and guards from above, while soldiers, called Landers, dropped from the vessels on ropes to fight on the ground, free the slaves, and capture crystals and other equipment.
46. If we can cure the world of illness, of malaria, diarrhea, AIDS, but choose not to, because of our economic or political ethic, are we trespassers of a future ethic, which will find this act barbarous, or are we exemplars of today's business ethic, heroes of the profit motive? Slavers might have been great businessmen, but should we celebrate them rather than all those who did not become rich because they refused to participate in slavery, in any manner?
47. In this Epick I told all I knew of Sailing Ships and the Spanish Main, of the Travels of a Group of Valiant Pyrates call’d the Merry Men (whom ev’ryone believ’d were mere Inventions of the Poet’s Fancy), of the famous Female Pyrate, Anne Bonny, as well as Slavers, Slaves, the Buccaneers, the Pyrate Round upon the Eastern Seas—which was by then, the latter 1720s, entering the Realm of Legend (and consequently, becoming more and more the Subject of Books and Poems).

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