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Slobber en una oración (en ingles)

1. Frank he began to slobber.
2. The sobs and slobber of a last years woe.
3. Darren began to slobber there was something else wrong with.
4. He barked at me! Then, he growled and tried to slobber all.
5. Both bared their fanged maws as pools of slobber formed at their feet.
6. But there was plenty of incentive to hurry and scamp and slobber and botch.
7. Paws on the sill and head poking out, he continued to bark, spraying slobber.

8. In spite of that protruding upper lip and that slobber of blood, it was a face that he knew, She kept on.
9. But no amount of dirt and slobber bothered those boys because they enjoyed nothing more than playing ball.
10. I was afraid maybe I would start to slobber again, and I tried to turn away, but she pulled me back and kissed me again.
11. The young man could do nothing but gabble his lips while slobber drooled down his chin, and Ralf was disappointed with that.
12. Do you remember when Insley and her dancing-monkey husband made us come over to admire their baby, and we did the obligatory visit to their strangely perfect, overflowered, overmuffined house for brunch and baby-meeting and they were so self-righteous and patronizing of our childless state, and meanwhile there was their hideous boy, covered in streaks of slobber and stewed carrots and maybe some feces—naked except for a frilly bib and a pair of knitted booties—and as I sipped my orange juice, you leaned over and whispered, That’s what I’ll be wearing later.
13. Slobber, and you're enduring that worst thing,.
1. He’s a slobbering drunkard.
2. Maybe I was slobbering more than usual.
3. Slobbering to facilitate the passage of Mr.
4. It was growling and slobbering something awful.
5. The Mastiff was slobbering on the window, which, by the way.
6. I saw the face of the most smear'd and slobbering idiot they had at.
7. He was trying to speak, and the words came out as slobbering animal sounds.
8. Finally, when they were all done slobbering around, old Sally introduced us.
9. He grabbed the slobbering mess and tossed it off as far as he could throw it.
10. How slowly the horse moved! The moisture from his slobbering mouth dripped down.
11. The male zombie began slobbering on himself as he staggered around the truck toward me.
12. The male zombie began slobbering on himself as he staggered around the truck towards me.
13. He drops his large, slobbering tongue onto her face and sprawls out over her, Wafer nips at her ears.
14. His highly excited dog also now and then seized a low-hanging cluster of grapes in his slobbering mouth.
15. If they just see you sitting there with your tongue hanging out, slobbering like a dog, that won't at all attract them.
16. One big eye above that face, and the wickedest jagged blades clamping on each side of the pincer-circled, slobbering mouth.
17. She screamed desperately and angrily and tried with her little hands to pull Pierre’s hands away and to bite them with her slobbering mouth.
18. She pushes the food onto her slobbering beasties and they wolf it down as if they are starving and it’s the greatest meal they’ve ever eaten.
19. We dont want to see heterosexuals, gays or lesbians slobbering over each other in public, any more than we want to see bowel movements in public.
20. Her arms went around my neck, she slung her legs around my waist and gave me a big slobbering kiss on my cheek, just a little too close to my mouth.
21. From beyond the thicket came the noisy crunching of bones and the loud rending of flesh, together with the grinding, slobbering sounds of a horrible feast.
22. The next thing Chica knew, the woman was sobbing into Chica’s fur, and all three dogs, mother and pups as well, had closed in and were slobbering all over the woman, 103.
23. Then, without invitation, she’d played with my cock and tried to suck me off, but it was pointless as I couldn’t get an erection so I told her to stop slobbering over me.
24. That slobbering monster in the car had not only violated her in the most brutal and vicious way, but also killed her man, the love of her life and now he is forcing Shelby to help him to get away.
25. I tried to calm her down and explained I couldn’t understand what she was saying until I got my dictionary out, but I must have started slobbering because the next thing I knew the brother was there too, yelling at me:.
26. When a parent can suggest getting slobbering drunk on whiskey or high on crack and the children laugh at what they know to be the utter foolishness of such conduct, then the children are prepared to dismiss such destructive behavior as the cancer that it is.
27. She'll bang Jim's house door but when his ma sees a thing, two hundred years old slobbering at the keyhole, begging the mercy of gunshot death, boy, Jim's ma will gag the same way, like a hairballed cat sick but can't be sick, and beat her away, send her beggaring the streets, where no one'll believe, Will, such a kettle of bones and spit, no one'll believe this was a rose beauty, your kind relations So Will, it's up to us to run find, ran save her, for we know who she is-right, Will, right, Will, right, right, right?!.
1. Out of them we dragged a bicycle, Palmer-tyred, one pedal bent, and the whole front of it horribly smeared and slobbered with blood.
2. Out of them we dragged a bicycle, Palmer-tired, one pedal bent, and the whole front of it horribly smeared and slobbered with blood.
3. Over and over Bobby kicked the old ball and Buddy chased it down and slobbered all over it until Bobby could catch up and kick it again.
4. Lydia said, She always flirted with the good-looking, popular guys, but she went home with the geeky ones who practically slobbered with gratitude.
5. Ruthie mushed her face at his back, pulled out her mouth with her forefingers, slobbered her tongue at him, outraged him in every way she knew, but Al did not turn back to look at her.
6. In a minute they were feathered with them, and yet with no sign of pain they clawed and slobbered with impotent rage at the steps which would lead them to their victims, mounting clumsily up for a few yards and then sliding down again to the ground.
7. These costly embossed decorations were usually finished in white; but instead of carefully coating them with specially prepared paint of patent distemper, which would need two or three coats, they slobbered one thick coat of common whitewash on to it with ordinary whitewash brushes.
1. But the roiling water sloshed and splashed, and more grunts and slobbers arose from it.
2. The only thing that worries me is that she slobbers a lot, but Carmen says that’s okay, it’s perfectly normal.

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