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    1. His dad laughed at him, but Micah was able to duck out of the way before he could ruffle up his hair

    2. She would have to duck in a twelve foot ceiling

    3. John looks like a duck that has been slapped on the head

    4. He was glad they were not showing each other their personifications, he was able to continue the mission and not just duck out, leaving Enrico to plant this motor alone

    5. At this point he wished his boat was a bit smaller so he could duck under the ropes like the kayaks and needleboats did

    6. bird is a duck

    7. “The duck will want a special feed

    8. balance of nutrients so the duck can feed her birthducks, when

    9. intentional or not against the wellbeing of the duck and her eggs

    10. stood looking at the duck

    1. She ducked quickly out the door, her running footsteps danced down the path in haste, she was agile and in good condition

    2. The robots fired just as Vinnie ducked

    3. " He ducked outside the shop and left Travis to mull over what he had already revealed, what he had to gain or lose by telling more

    4. Here it comes; the wind –up, the pitch, sure enough a fastball, straight at Stewey’s head! Stewey ducked but forgot to drop his bat

    5. Instead they ducked between the rows of cargo that now covered almost the whole deck

    6. She came over and slid her arm around his waist, and ducked under his right arm so he could lean on her

    7. She ducked out and was back in a flash with his OJ

    8. " With that she ducked into the bathroom so Desa couldn't have the last word

    9. I ducked in the first floor

    10. He ducked his head to remove the camera from around his neck, but lost grip and the camera soared through the air and into the water about six feet out

    1. I swear he’s never forgiven you for giving him a ducking that time, Stephen

    2. ’ He replied formally, ducking as she aimed a friendly blow at his head

    3. ’ Berndt said smoothly, ducking instinctively as Joris aims a cuff at the back of his head

    4. ’ Deris said innocently, ducking as the second riding glove goes zooming over towards him

    5. ’ Deris said, ducking behind Adamant quickly just in case Berndt decides to throw something else

    6. Berndt heads straight for a wayhouse called ‘The Bright Stars’, ducking his head as he rides Adamant under the archway leading into the stable yard, the gg’s hooves clattering on the cobbles of the yard

    7. ’ I replied, ducking the issue

    8. ’ Alastair commented, instinctively ducking to avoid the beam placed just at head height half way up the stairs, ‘It’s lovely the way you’ve resisted the temptation to modernise it out of all recognition

    9. ducking into another one of the outbuildings and returning with

    10. together, other times ducking and weaving in and out, catching arms and flipping

    1. The cockpit door burst open and the pilot sticks his head out, shouts something in Arabic to Khalid, ducks back inside

    2. We stand watching a small group of ducks as they dabble in the water amongst the water lilies dotting the surface

    3. We're sitting ducks off Narrulla's nose like this

    4. Half a dozen ducks splashed in the shallows near a small wharf that apparently served the glasshouses nearby … there was a boy sitting on the wharf fishing … he waved as they passed


    6. At peace for the first time in days, she sat watching the land slowly passing by; ducks dabbled in and out of the reed beds bordering the river and here and there she spotted the long legged herons, poised like statues peering at the water intently as though hypnotising their prey

    7. Catwhiskers and Cosmicblasto looked at the family of ducks

    8. were pleased to have had the opportunity to see the ducks

    9. Trails of giant ants, cockroaches and fright-filled cats, ducks and chickens and a cockerel, all sharing the heat there with a new-born kitten, lying dead in that graveyard of dead houses

    10. Jake takes a half-hearted swipe at Katie but she ducks in time, they both laugh

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    duck duck's egg circumvent dodge elude evade fudge hedge parry put off sidestep skirt dip douse crouch escape stoop water fowl bird drake plunge into water submerge