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    1. If you believe you can earn a certain amount of money, then that is what you'll have the ability to earn

    2. Sporadically you might earn a little bit more but consistently you will not earn the type of money that you want to earn

    3. try and encourage them to think of ways that they can earn some

    4. For instance, if you are more than 5 years away from retirement, you can find out the return you need to earn considering your present saving pattern or you can find out the amount you need to invest at a given rate of return

    5. "You and I and everyone involved gets paid from that bead, but you could easily earn half of it

    6. "This expedition will earn us the money to buy them

    7. It would take me a year to earn that much

    8. Now, that you look like you’ve got the proper attitude, it’s time to earn your pay

    9. Then, full of arrogance, she claims it is very easy for a travelling salesman to earn as much as 600,000 drachmas per month, whereas the basic salary of an office employee is no more than 140,000 drachmas

    10. “They are losers, who stupidly make do with 140,000 drachmas a month; they are cyphers, all of them!” she cries pompously and goes on with an air of profundity: “A businessman wants to earn as much as possible, this is natural! He will pay you as little as he can, unless you prove to him you deserve to be given something more!” … “A clever businessman will hire a secretary who will work for him for a month or so ''on trial'', then he will tell her she is incompetent and he will fire her without paying her a dime; then he will hire another stupid chick who will work for him for another month without payment, then another one will take her place, and so on, until he finds the one who will satisfy him fully” harangues Diana, showing her admiration for bosses

    1. He felt after several months being dangled around by Tatania, that he had probably earned it

    2. b) Compound interest on deposits, where interest is earned on the interest over the principal, calculated at quarterly, half-yearly or yearly period

    3. This is done by adding the interest earned to the original deposit at the end of the specified period for subsequent calculation of interest

    4. Investment in shares has been a fascination for many due to publicity given to unbelievable profit earned by a few speculators

    5. After sleeping penniless on the roof of a YMCA with the pigeons, he finally earned some money fighting forest fires as a volunteer

    6. He earned that tattoo and it represented his profession and his experience and his time

    7. He earned his

    8. The carpenter's workshop he opened last year had enough clients, yet he hardly earned anything because he used to grab the money paid in advance and disappear, without even setting foot in the workshop

    9. It wasn’t the sort of respect earned by friends and colleagues, though

    10. ‘Have a good time, Kate, you’ve earned it

    1. Earning for our food, rushing to work by various modes of transport, waiting in queues, communication using modern means, social responsibilities, all have been added to the man who was originally created to deal with only nature

    2. Unfortunately we still think our life is about paying bills, earning more money, arguing on non-issues and so on

    3. ’ I said defiantly, earning myself a conspiratorial grin from Liz

    4. "I don't want you to leave, when I told Tahlmute you were earning your keep, I meant it

    5. ‘With a houseful of servants …’ I interjected earning a slight smile from Caderl before he went on

    6. ’ Joris put in quietly, earning himself a dark look from his friend

    7. ’ I pointed out, just in case he had missed that point, earning an appreciative glimmer of amusement from my beloved

    8. Terry pretty well disappeared from public life, earning a meagre living from his pub until that went into liquidation too

    9. then there was the thrill - I was making money, not earning it under some boss or

    10. Old Ted, on the other hand, went from strength to strength, earning a small fortune from his globally syndicated television show and from a chain of franchised garden centres bearing his name that sprang up across the whole country

    1. He's helpful and earns his keep, getting real close to becoming a good man

    2. Chryssa doesn't work anymore, as her husband earns enough to support her and their child

    3. She hasn’t been dependent on me financially for some years – she earns more than I do anyway – and when she pulled the plug on our marriage she insisted on being financially independent, seeing it as some sort of compensation for me if I didn’t have to maintain her

    4. are not filled with drink; ye clothe you, but there is none warm; and he that earns wages

    5. earns wages to put it into a bag with holes

    6. round, a journeyman tailor earns less than a journeyman weaver

    7. journeyman weaver earns less than a journeyman smith

    8. What he earns,

    9. Still, had he read The Iliad, you’d know why Odysseus earns

    10. In human terms Heaven could be considered as the lighter planes on the Other Side, and as one progresses spiritually, one earns the ‘reward’ to ascend to a higher level

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    bring in clear earn gain make pull in realise realize take in garner win deserve merit acquire get obtain procure secure