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Endeavour en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I will endeavour to do so.
  2. In fact, it is an endeavour.
  3. The endeavour to preach the.
  4. America to be the vanguard of this endeavour.
  5. Endeavour, I beseech you all, to realize this fact.

  6. She would sternly endeavour to train it not to jump.
  7. You need only two things to succeed in this endeavour.
  8. Soon there would be no reason for this wild endeavour.
  9. Then, there is the inspiration in a creative endeavour.
  10. I shall seriously endeavour to remember thee this time.
  11. The success of that endeavour depends on teachers being at.
  12. Can you put in the time and effort into this endeavour on.
  13. We try to be as safe as possible in this high risk endeavour.
  14. We would endeavour to spring her at her worst for all to hear.
  15. He who should have been her champion in this endeavour was now.

  16. Repeated endeavour to keep the mind steadily fixed on the object.
  17. In some ways he hoped he would, but the frailty of human endeavour.
  18. Only an endeavour made over a number of lives effects this ultimate.
  19. All the varied activities of daily life come within our endeavour to.
  20. Who is there beyond God to search for with further endeavour? So with.
  21. By sustaining the endeavour in that fashion until consummation, what.
  22. That Miss Crawford should endeavour to secure a meeting between him and Mrs.
  23. With renewed endeavour, comply with all standards – in close contact with.
  24. The matter itself I could not deny, and vain was every endeavour to soften it.
  25. Our next endeavour was to release the captain, who was entangled under the boat.

  26. Goal setting is a powerful and proven tool for success in any field of endeavour.
  27. The endeavour to reach this state is the supreme, the only ambition worth having.
  28. Cruncher's conclusion after a protracted but vain endeavour to find a better one.
  29. But in each field of human endeavour it has sounded its characteristic note, the.
  30. And so she ran on, till I relinquished the endeavour to convince her of her mistake.
  31. He pleaded I should endeavour to honour the request, adding that it is important to him.
  32. You should accept your faults boldly and frankly and should endeavour to get rid of them.
  33. Learning the tricks of the trade on the internet can be a costly and time consuming endeavour.
  34. As commander of Apollo 11 his legend was secured by this act of endeavour, courage and ambition.
  35. In the meantime, it is your duty and privilege to endeavour to take your sainted mother's place.
  36. In the last chapter of the fourth book, I shall endeavour to shew that their sense is an improper one.
  37. It is therefore essential to avoid big battles and endeavour to reduce the war to a series of petty skirmishes.
  38. I shall endeavour to explain, however, as distinctly as I can, the great outlines of this very ingenious system.
  39. But I have not space here to enlarge on the many ways by which animals endeavour to frighten away their enemies.
  40. I shall endeavour to explain both as fully and distinctly as I can, and shall begin with the system of commerce.
  41. I shall, in the third place, endeavour to explain all the different circumstances which regulate this proportion.
  42. After his acquaintance with Tolstoi he suffered much because of his endeavour to realise his beliefs in his life.
  43. Since it is these properties which chain the Soul to the body, one should constantly endeavour to go beyond them.
  44. I feel more inclination to put you in the way of keeping yourself, and shall endeavour to do so; but observe, my.
  45. I see the bottom of your question; and, with these gentlemen's good leave, I will endeavour to shape you an answer.
  46. I have many wonderful memories of my Endeavour friends, but there is one particular incident I will always remember.
  47. Will questioned Emma’s ability to keep track of the endeavour but she checked and double-checked her map every night.
  48. The dog's endeavour to void him was unsuccessful; as I guessed by a scutter downstairs, and a prolonged, piteous yelping.
  49. At last it was agreed that they should endeavour to determine the dimensions of the wood by walking a little more about it.
  50. The price usually involves the sacrifice of one aspect of your life, in order to achieve more in your main area of endeavour.
  51. When acting thus his only endeavour was to sustain the appearance of good breeding and not to seem too plainly inconsistent.
  52. He relinquished the endeavour, folded his arms, and stood quiet and mute in the rain, now falling fast on his uncovered head.
  53. The dog’s endeavour to avoid him was unsuccessful; as I guessed by a scutter down-stairs, and a prolonged, piteous yelping.
  54. But, in spite of it, the governments, in their endeavour to maintain their independence, reach the extreme limits of madness.
  55. They launched the inflatable into the Endeavour River, close to the spot where Captain Cook had beached his vessel for repairs.
  56. It was evident to her that he was, as he had said, living with paralyzed activities in his endeavour to think of a plan of procedure.
  57. It is not by protestations that I shall endeavour to convince you I am wronged; it is not by telling you that my affections are steady.
  58. I shall, in the four following chapters, endeavour to explain, as fully and distinctly as I can, the causes of those different variations.
  59. Truth is the only basis of virtue; and we cannot, without depraving our minds, endeavour to please a lover or husband, but in proportion.
  60. The servants naturally endeavour to establish the same monopoly in favour of their own private trade as of the public trade of the company.
  61. Stephen - Ah, promotion! They toughest thing about this entire endeavour is getting the word out and making yourself stand out from the pack.
  62. Thankfully the taxi driver was one of those drivers that kept himself to himself, and didn’t endeavour to strike up a conversation with him.
  63. We will endeavour to do our duty by her, and she will, at least, have the advantage of companions of her own age, and of a regular instructress.
  64. The consideration of these various facts impresses the mind almost in the same manner as does the vain endeavour to grapple with the idea of eternity.
  65. And to Dar-es-Salaam; all had sooner or later to confront the human costs of Stalinist endeavour; each had sacrificed a generation to a God of Hunger.
  66. Blackhead removal can be a tempting endeavour, but is removing them really the best thing to do? Blackhead removal may be more trouble than it's worth.
  67. That's where I come in, said Father McGuire with an industriously smug inflection, should any business come to my future endeavour for a church.
  68. I will endeavour in my statement to avoid such terms as would serve to limit the events to any particular place, or give a clue as to the people concerned.
  69. But I will endeavour to detail these bitter circumstances to you, my dear sister; and while I am wafted towards England and towards you, I will not despond.
  70. I will endeavour, in my statement, to avoid such terms as would serve to limit the events to any particular place, or give a clue as to the people concerned.
  71. My only endeavour is to convince the world of the mistake it makes in not reviving in itself the happy time when the order of knight-errantry was in the field.
  72. First of all, then, if you have no objection, I will endeavour with your help to consider the advantages of the measure; and hereafter the question of possibility.
  73. The rich, not being able to distinguish themselves by the expense of any one dress, will naturally endeavour to do so by the multitude and variety of their dresses.
  74. He must ever be on the look out for those visions his imagination stirs within him, and endeavour, however haltingly at first, to give them some sincere expression.
  75. Not only did the counselling course in Ingham help me, but then I decided to apply for a position as a support worker with the Endeavour Foundation Disability Centre.
  76. It had formerly been my endeavour to study all sides of his character: to take the bad with the good; and from the just weighing of both, to form an equitable judgment.
  77. By encouraging your clients to take an active role in your marketing, you will find that many clients will be flattered and excited to take part in such a great endeavour.
  78. Compose yourself, senora, and endeavour to calm your excitement lest my lord find you agitated; and leave the rest to my care and God's, who always supports good intentions.
  79. Every such nation, therefore, must endeavour, in time of peace, to accumulate gold and silver, that when occasion requires, it may have wherewithal to carry on foreign wars.
  80. What may have been the effects of this institution upon the agriculture of the country, I shall endeavour to explain hereafter, when I come to treat particularly of bounties.
  81. That if you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams, and endeavour to live the life which you have imagined, you will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.
  82. He no longer conducted a marching band; he now taught singing to men under arms, a completely purposeless endeavour in the face of the armies that were advancing from all sides.
  83. If the commodities of Great Britain were not in demand in that country, he would endeavour to send them to some other country in which he could purchase a bill upon that country.
  84. In theory the ‘space race’ was about stretching the boundaries of human knowledge and endeavour; in reality it was all about gaining the maximum political and military advantage.
  85. No one knew what had happened to him and had tried to track him down for many months, but he was unsuccessful in that endeavour and eventually had to give up and move on with his own life.
  86. She would endeavour to be rational, and to deserve the right of judging of Miss Crawford's character, and the privilege of true solicitude for him by a sound intellect and an honest heart.
  87. Each of us had done his work as well as he could, so far as thought, and endeavour, and opportunity go, we are prepared for the whole of our journey, and for our work when we get to Galatz.
  88. She would endeavour to be rational, and to deserve the right of judging of Miss Crawford’s character, and the privilege of true solicitude for him by a sound intellect and an honest heart.
  89. His part, his inclination, and his policy were united in one endeavour to keep unchecked the flow of treasure he had started single-handed from the re-opened scar in the flank of the mountain.
  90. True, the familiarity of this address almost approximated to rudeness, yet even the boorish exterior of the speaker could not conceal a constant endeavour never to hurt another one’s feelings.
  91. Were it a decided thing, an actual refusal, I hope I should know how to bear it, and how to endeavour to weaken her hold on my heart, and in the course of a few years, but I am writing nonsense.
  92. Were it a decided thing, an actual refusal, I hope I should know how to bear it, and how to endeavour to weaken her hold on my heart, and in the course of a few years—but I am writing nonsense.
  93. The seven were Endeavour Silver Corporation (EXK), Finisar Corporation (FNSR), MineFinders Corporation (MFN), Newmont Mining Corporation (NEM), Sprott Physical Silver Trust (PSLV), Royal Gold Inc.
  94. In all countries where there is a tolerable security, every man of common understanding will endeavour to employ whatever stock he can command, in procuring either present enjoyment or future profit.
  95. Sancho gave her the best comfort he could, and entreated her to tell them without any fear what had happened her, as they would all earnestly and by every means in their power endeavour to relieve her.
  96. And with this pleasing anticipation, she sat down to reconsider the past, recall the words and endeavour to comprehend all the feelings of Edward; and, of course, to reflect on her own with discontent.
  97. A trade, which is forced by means of bounties and monopolies, may be, and commonly is, disadvantageous to the country in whose favour it is meant to be established, as I shall endeavour to show hereafter.
  98. These encouragements, although at bottom, perhaps, as I shall endeavour to show hereafter, altogether illusory, sufficiently demonstrate at least the good intention of the legislature to favour agriculture.
  99. In the decades since private business opened up the ability to successfully mine Jupiter’s many moons and support tourism to visit them, hundreds of companies had got involved in all aspects of the endeavour.
  100. By encouraging the importation of foreign linen yarn, and thereby bringing it into competition with that which is made by our own people, they endeavour to buy the work of the poor spinners as cheap as possible.

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