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Strive en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Strive to hurt no one.
  2. Souls all strive for this.
  3. He will strive to survive.
  4. This, you should strive for.
  5. You can strive to be better.

  6. I want you to strive to do that.
  7. He seems to strive to find his.
  8. That’s what I strive for when.
  9. A master doesn't strive for peace.
  10. The Spirit will not always strive.
  11. Always hope and strive to be happy.
  12. Geminis strive to combine the two.
  13. Smart cats strive for that North.
  14. Where strive the restless hearts?
  15. That is what we always strive for.

  16. We should strive to rid ourselves of.
  17. And yet he in your cause would strive.
  18. What boots it with the age to strive?
  19. Know what you want to do, and strive.
  20. They had to strive in order to survive;.
  21. Strive to drink 4-liters of water a day.
  22. You should strive to achieve this state.
  23. They cannot simply strive to reach the.
  24. Let all humanity strive in that same way.
  25. When that time comes, a poem I'll strive.

  26. And still in the white neat bed I strive.
  27. The other woman is what you strive to be.
  28. You should always strive for a lifestyle.
  29. One of the prayers I strive to pray every.
  30. Strive for excellence in the relevant area.
  32. Strive to be a good guy or gal, bend over.
  33. Where was the need to strive so hard for a.
  34. Stil , they strive to be better than past.
  35. Great investors don’t strive for mediocrity.
  36. Yahweh said, My Spirit will not strive with.
  37. We strive to provide an unmatched quality of.
  38. And strive for God, with the striving due to Him.
  39. There is nothing else I strive to be except yours.
  40. That’s exactly what you need to strive for here.
  41. Each one has to strive to discover it on his own.
  42. The only way to develop intimacy is to strive to.
  43. Reads My Spirit will not always strive with man.
  44. God says: Strive full striving to be nearer to God.
  45. Strive to satisfy their questions with your belief.
  46. It could strive towards efficiency, but not justice.
  47. After getting help an anorexic should strive to eat.
  48. The more we strive the more we get closer to success.
  49. Thereafter, I made it a point to strive to eat more.
  50. Let us therefore so strive that we may all be crowned.
  51. Could you strive on alone without someone to love you.
  52. Leaders should strive for things others are fearful of.
  53. I strive to overcome everything that keeps me from 19.
  54. We strive to control the level of conversation in the.
  55. You will constantly strive to seek newer avenues in life.
  56. In all situations, strive to deal ethically and without.
  57. Ample ambition to strive constantly for self-improvement.
  58. Massah, and with whom thou didst strive at the waters of.
  59. Neo-religions strive for maximum involvement of the be-.
  60. And for this let (all) those strive who want to strive (i.
  61. First, he could strive to do a better job with his company.
  62. They tend to strive in competitive orientated environments.
  63. M: What is your happiness worth when you have to strive and.
  64. North countries; My Spirit will not always strive with men.
  65. Without questioning the accepted paradigms, they strive for.
  67. As for those who strive for Us-We will guide them in Our ways.
  68. Dalton, I always strive for perfection, but prepare for the.
  69. Sometimes the father is not a leader yet the child will strive.
  70. In some countries doctors strive to eradicate death and disease.
  71. Instead of being merely ‘good’, they strive to be the best!.
  72. After an interval, Melanie appeared in the doorway but, strive.
  73. And for this let those emulously strive, who have aspirations.
  74. Jane would strive wholeheartedly to acquire the handsome reward.
  75. I had a group of students that were going to strive in life and.
  76. Yes, but you will not swear to strive to have them immediately.
  77. I strive to foster a positive and nurturing learning environment.
  78. Since I do not find this inclination to be a good one, I strive.
  79. God in knowledge that stirs beings to strive towards his state of.
  80. When we strive for His presence, seek intimacy with Him, abide in.
  81. From there, you should strive to increase the weights each workout.
  82. You should truly strive to eliminate all trans fats from your diet.
  83. But when we are someone we strive to wither away into nothingness.
  84. Those who strive for perfection must indeed know the Lord Supreme.
  85. This will induce them to strive for His Grace and follow the path.
  86. I want you to strive to enter into Gods rest - sort of an oxymoron.
  87. Masteries, (strive for): To compete or contend; the act of mastering.
  88. Perhaps it was in the genes to strive for the most challenging goal.
  89. And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for.
  90. Only to this aim can we always strive independently of circumstances.
  91. This is the only way that will make you strive despite of everything.
  92. But if God doesn’t add His blessing, all the things that we strive.
  93. One wil strive so hard for money, when in reality what he is real y.
  94. Instead, what happens is we strive to become perfect, immaculate and.
  95. It foreshadows the sort of social order toward which he would strive.
  96. You must strive to live with your entire family the best that you can.
  97. Allah and His apostle and strive to make mischief in the land is only.
  98. Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will.
  99. They always support her in life, they push her to strive for greatness.
  100. And they hated to strive with their wealth and their lives in God's way.
  1. It is striving to reach.
  2. Striving to enter a building.
  3. You are striving for recognition.
  4. And are always striving to becomebetter.
  5. Keep on striving to live a healthy life.
  6. M: Striving too is a form of restlessness.
  7. Thus, through relentless striving he earns.
  8. When striving ends, so too does linear time.
  9. This also is vanity and a striving after wind.
  10. He felt nervous, his mind striving for clarity.
  11. What is worth wishing for is worth striving for.
  12. I was striving for acceptance and approval but.
  13. Derek was right, what was the point of striving?
  14. And strive for God, with the striving due to Him.
  15. God says: Strive full striving to be nearer to God.
  16. He agreed with Ava that she had done it thru striving.
  17. She was striving hard to pursue her dream of becoming a.
  18. I turned off the TV while she was striving with her shoes.
  19. He waited silently, striving to pierce through the darkness.
  20. If that’s the case, then what’s the point of striving.
  21. This is because they were at least striving to understand.
  22. Through perseverance and constant striving he evolves into.
  23. Wake up from the slavery of striving into the bliss of being.
  24. For in a realm of chaos there is no striving but towards order.
  25. Somehow performance, religious mindsets, and striving creep in.
  26. Mercedes, BMWs, etc, and boy, that was what he was striving for.
  27. You know God in yourself through the striving towards this union.
  28. M: What is wrong with striving? Why look for results? Striving it-.
  29. Then there comes the striving to change life and again the set-back.
  30. Not tyrants, but people striving for absolute power over the world.
  31. He is constantly striving to attain something which he has not, and.
  32. For the good of water is that it nourishes everything without striving.
  33. KJD is an association of soul-at-peace community striving to help its.
  34. Striving to stop coughing, he got his arms under her and picked her up.
  35. He might in the end lose the very thing that his soul was striving for.
  36. Obviously it is vital to keep striving towards the betterment of your.
  37. Constant striving to become an individualized entity and to develop a.
  38. In that moment, all striving disappeared, and so did all need to influ-.
  39. We are ourselves the answer, the secret of success in spiritual striving.
  40. The goal of doing nothing is striving for perfect inner peace and balance.
  41. Maggo or way, during which the student is striving to cast off the fetters.
  42. We see politicians striving to stay in political power as long as they can.
  43. Let those that are striving against sin never be weary or faint in their minds.
  44. He is always striving after something heroic and spoiling it all over trifles.
  45. Then you get countless kitchen appliances; all striving to make cooking easier.
  46. Anyone striving to make a good income on the internet is seeking programs that.
  47. Running: Swiftness; striving; working out one’s salvation; faith; haste; trial.
  48. Hiding shame and seeking glory is the engine which drives all our social striving.
  49. She loved a challenge and this whole process had been about striving to make the.
  50. He remembered him against all the force of his will striving its utmost to forget.
  51. He turned awkwardly onto his hands and knees, striving to hide his tight erection.
  52. While giving up on hope is despair, not striving for betterment is self-denial.
  53. We are striving for the freedom of women and you have only one idea in your head….
  54. When striving to grasp the wisdom encoded within various religious and philosophical.
  55. Ideal Self - an image one holds of one's self as they want to be and are striving to be.
  56. You have not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood in your striving against sin;.
  57. Loving, as in act, is the possible ever striving to become the impossible – pure Love.
  58. Whether it be defined as growth, or advancement, everything is striving to move forward.
  59. That was however what she had been striving for: you needed honey to attract bees to you.
  60. If a man has no desires, if he is not striving for place or power or wealth, then he is.
  61. GOD IS! (Can I get an "AMEN"?!) In the midst of this trial, I am striving to remember my.
  62. I need to survive, and I don't have to be constantly striving to make ends meet; and it's.
  63. Anne stopped writing again, but then placed the quill pen into the ink, striving to remain.
  64. Striving for composure and clear thinking, Kathy hobbled over to a nearby drinking fountain.
  65. The young apostle of Separation had died striving for his idea by an ever-lamented accident.
  66. Their solutions leave millions not only striving for money and the things money can buy.
  67. And the only way you can do that is by striving to own the big stocks in any market cycle.
  68. Ah, it was a bitter, barren thing, this striving, striving, endlessly striving to be understood.
  69. Love forgives because it knows there is no perfection, only the striving to love more perfectly.
  70. These sorts of expectations are what trap you into striving towards a future which never arrives.
  71. It also highlights the importance of searching for the unequivocal truth, and striving to discern.
  72. She suddenly became grave, dissatisfied with her life, seeking something, striving after something.
  73. All of this leads to the belief that you need to keep on working, keep on saving, keep on striving.
  74. And this continual striving to do better led them almost unconsciously to new and original results.
  75. Her tears are the healing dew, always striving to restore wholeness when division has gone too far.
  76. I was delegated to work down at the amphitheater where our unit was striving to get back into shape.
  77. Walter would be striving ever upward, in his quiet and unassuming way, until the Angels came for him.
  78. We are striving to return to the old days, before the planet was destroyed, Lucifer interrupted.
  79. Truth is self-evident! They are instead great deceivers who are in fact still striving to accumulate.
  80. In striving for the essence of truth, much has been cut away from this glossary and the main writings.
  81. The count alone seemed unmoved—nay, more, a slight color seemed striving to rise in his pale cheeks.
  82. It now remains merely a question of money; and Augusta is frankly striving after money, and making it.
  83. The sign-writing on the side of the bus said 'Beechfields School, striving for educational excellence.
  84. The teaming, shiny black bodies writhed and darted, striving to get to the vessel before its neighbor.
  85. But, perhaps, to be true philosophers, we mortals should not be conscious of so living or so striving.
  86. And there were lessons about never settling for second best, but always, always striving for perfection.
  87. More than that, though: men striving to accomplish something, so that a girl felt good being around them.
  88. That is well, said he, and fell once more into silence, striving to knit present and past in his mind.
  89. Arthur was silent, and was, I could see, striving to grasp the purpose and the inner meaning of the mystery.
  90. Tarzan took to the trees in pursuit, and in a few moments came in view of the men desperately striving to escape.
  91. As surely as she will engulf you tomorrow, so surely will she bring you forth anew to new striving and suffering.
  92. Roman Slaves dying in African Goldmines were also striving also for an unattainable goal of freedom and happiness.
  93. The successful business man is more often than not an idealist and is ever striving for higher and higher standards.
  94. She was still as lively as ever and mad as a hatter, but great fun as always, striving to embarrass Matthew as usual.
  95. The animal mind seeks food and shelter, protection from the elements and from its enemies who are striving to kill it.
  96. Our conception of life is inseparably bound up with the conception of a continual striving after an unattainable ideal.
  97. Their striving against these sources of imperfection of the Word has been preserved within the record of their teachings.
  98. Constantly striving and straining for ever-more ease, more comfort, more luxuries, is a universal civilized sickness today.
  99. But he fought back the bodily weakness,—and, still more, the faintness of heart,—that was striving for the mastery with him.
  100. Petersburg and while we were abroad I spent fearful nights in striving to break down and destroy this love which was my torment.
  1. Mankind as a whole has always striven to organize a universal state.
  2. All the courtesy, all the gentleness Ellen had striven to instill in.
  3. Accomplished sages have striven to explain the nature of the world by.
  4. Knowledge, Rule, Order; all the things that we have so far striven in vain.
  5. The neat groupings of one hundred, each with its own leader that Moshe had striven to.
  6. He was not the worthless, broken, forsaken man that the Bird had striven to make of him.
  7. Conversely, others greatly fear them and have long striven to prevent such enlightenment.
  8. Moshe's charges slipped into the safety of the shadow of the hill that they had striven so.
  9. As for my disposition, that is, perhaps, somewhat too hasty; but I have striven to repress it.
  10. He had striven all his life to do what he could for her, and he'd nothing to reproach himself with.
  11. They even increased the prosaicness of that to which before they had striven to give such a fantastic colour.
  12. And just at this time he obtained the tranquillity and ease of mind he had formerly striven in vain to reach.
  13. The medical experts have striven to convince us that the prisoner is out of his mind and, in fact, a maniac.
  14. The conditions of that glorious destiny we have striven, according to our ability, to set forth in the foregoing pages.
  15. Since the beginning of her film career, Marilyn had striven to win the approval and respect of those in her profession.
  16. Modern Rome is grateful to the English and the Germans who have striven to prove that she is not the Babylon of the Apocalypse.
  17. The right girl would want him for what he had striven towards rather than for any framed piece of paper, that award which said he was now a success.
  18. There will not be a man or woman there who has not delighted in the Word of God, poured out his soul in prayer at the throne of grace, and striven to live a holy life.
  19. I remembered something the philosopher Spinoza once wrote: I have striven not to laugh at human actions, not to weep at them, nor to hate them, but to understand them.
  20. Moshe’s charges slipped into the safety of the shadow of the hill that they had striven so mightily to reach as the patrol raced past where they had left the road, in obvious pursuit of the fleeing Caleb.
  21. He had striven to put a cheat upon himself by making the avowal of a guilty conscience, but had gained only one other sin, and a self-acknowledged shame, without the momentary relief of being self-deceived.
  22. She had the mobile face frequent in those whose sight has decayed by stages, has been laboriously striven after, and reluctantly let go, rather than the stagnant mien apparent in persons long sightless or born blind.
  23. The neat groupings of one hundred, each with its own leader that Moshe had striven to produce on the first day of the march south, having slowly reformed into the looser arrangements of convenience, now showed almost no resemblance to its original form.
  24. Wherefore then my brethren let us struggle with all earnestness knowing that the contest is [in our case] close at hand and that many undertake long voyages to strive for a corruptible reward; yet all are not crowned but those only that have laboured hard and striven gloriously.
  25. I assure you that in all my life I never saw a more fearful expression of face and figure! He was evidently quite forgetful of the care with which he had striven till then to hide his feelings from us, and his endeavours to appear cheerful—though, of course, no one was deceived.
  26. Perhaps the archery master, in Zen in the Art of Archery, was referring to right action when he said that the archer practices his art in a state in which nothing definite is thought, planned, striven for, desired or expected, which aims in no particular direction… [272].
  27. Hence we have a secondary aim, that of preparing our members as much as possible to reform their hearts, to purify and enlighten their minds, by means handed on to us by tradition from those who have striven to attain this mystery, and thereby to render them capable of receiving it.
  28. O Arthur, cried she, forgive me! In all things else, I have striven to be true! Truth was the one virtue which I might have held fast, and did hold fast, through all extremity; save when thy good,—thy life,—thy fame,—were put in question! Then I consented to a deception.
  29. Everyone who gains a position of power he has striven for, every general, every minister, every millionaire, every petty official who has gained the place he has coveted for ten years, every rich peasant who has laid by some hundred rubles, passes through this unconscious process of softening.
  30. Bulstrode saw in it not only medical jealousy but a determination to thwart himself, prompted mainly by a hatred of that vital religion of which he had striven to be an effectual lay representative—a hatred which certainly found pretexts apart from religion such as were only too easy to find in the entanglements of human action.
  31. Haven't I striven, striven with all my strength, to find something to give meaning to my life? Haven't I struggled to love him, to love my son when I could not love my husband? But the time came when I knew that I couldn't cheat myself any longer, that I was alive, that I was not to blame, that God has made me so that I must love and live.
  32. As you know, I have striven hard to open English eyes to the emptiness of Shakespeare's philosophy, to the superficiality and second-handedness of his morality, to his weakness and incoherence as a thinker, to his snobbery, his vulgar prejudices, his ignorance, his disqualifications of all sorts for the philosophic eminence claimed for him.
  33. Here he had studied and written; here, gone through fast and vigil, and come forth half alive; here, striven to pray; here, borne a hundred thousand agonies! There was the Bible, in its rich old Hebrew, with Moses and the Prophets speaking to him, and God's voice through all! There, on the table, with the inky pen beside it, was an unfinished sermon, with a sentence broken in the midst, where his thoughts had ceased to gush out upon the page, two days before.
  34. He describes it as a frame of mind in which nothing definite is thought, planned, striven for, desired, or expected, which aims in no particular direction and yet knows itself capable alike of the possible and the impossible, so unswerving is its power… [183] The author quotes his teacher as saying, The right art is purposeless, aimless! The more obstinately you try to learn how to shoot the arrow for the sake of hitting the goal, the less you will succeed in the one and the further the other will recede.
  35. Alexander I- the pacifier of Europe, the man who from his early years had striven only for his people’s welfare, the originator of the liberal innovations in his fatherland- now that he seemed to possess the utmost power and therefore to have the possibility of bringing about the welfare of his peoples- at the time when Napoleon in exile was drawing up childish and mendacious plans of how he would have made mankind happy had he retained power- Alexander I, having fulfilled his mission and feeling the hand of God upon him, suddenly recognizes the insignificance of that supposed power, turns away from it, and gives it into the hands of contemptible men whom he despises, saying only:.
  36. Alexander I—the pacifier of Europe, the man who from his early years had striven only for his people’s welfare, the originator of the liberal innovations in his fatherland—now that he seemed to possess the utmost power and therefore to have the possibility of bringing about the welfare of his peoples—at the time when Napoleon in exile was drawing up childish and mendacious plans of how he would have made mankind happy had he retained power—Alexander I, having fulfilled his mission and feeling the hand of God upon him, suddenly recognizes the insignificance of that supposed power, turns away from it, and gives it into the hands of contemptible men whom he despises, saying only:.
  1. Our ego strives for control.
  2. What he strives to explain.
  3. Often the Bhogi strives harder.
  4. He strives with you by His Spirit.
  5. Our becoming self strives for balance.
  6. Random Fact #2: She strives to best him.
  7. For the spirit of God strives with them.
  8. AISD strives to balance the needs of the.
  9. Whoever strives, strives only for himself.
  10. Likewise, string theory, which strives to.
  11. Ware strives to maintain a diverse, harmo-.
  12. He has always a reward in mind and strives.
  13. This painting strives to capture the essence of.
  14. FLORRY: (Strives heavily to rise) Ow! My foot's asleep.
  15. Though, the real requirement is that he strives onwards.
  16. The Newton Group Elite Sales Associates strives to be the.
  17. And that the human being attains only what he strives for.
  18. It is the state he strives for, the body bringing only pain.
  19. He strives to keep a low profile without ever losing control.
  20. Consciousness strives to evolve, to constantly improve things.
  21. Perhaps it is because of the regularity for which it strives.
  22. The son strives for the freedom to act responsibly on his own.
  23. That is the essence of destruction the Civil War strives to achieve.
  24. That’s a quick association to remember what S&P STARS strives for.
  25. The wise man strives to no goals but the foolish man fetters himself.
  26. In another verse, He says: He that strives strives but for himself.
  27. And He says: That who strives, he strives but for his own advantage.
  28. This is the mind-executioner’s dream and this is what he strives towards.
  29. Because our internal nature, our soul, strives for this every moment of life.
  30. Man is always killing time by the things he loves and by the things he strives.
  31. Putin strives to exploit the West's aversion to conflict and addiction to wealth.
  32. God says: ((And whoever strives hard, strives for the good of his own spirit only.
  33. It strives to offer a balanced, non-denominational understanding of the Scriptures.
  34. He also says:And whoever strives hard, strives for the good of his own spirit only.
  35. Simplified down, most all in the existence of this world strives with a forward motion.
  36. The gravity of the Earth strives to incorporate everything into the Earth’s sphere.
  37. In this phase, society eliminates obsolescence and strives towards maintenance and upgrade.
  38. A song of revelation, it strives to demonstrate what God must be in all his divine splendour.
  39. He strives to detain the army, he recalls it to its duty, he insults it, he clings to the rout.
  40. Because internally, on the subconscious level, he strives for true freedom, freedom of his soul.
  41. Accordingly, the Vatican actively and purposely strives to confound the truth so they and their.
  42. In another Verse, He says: ((And whoever strives hard, strives for the good of his own spirit only.
  43. Martin strives to present her audiences with tantalizing impossibilities made possible through love.
  44. Every artist strives to do, not as his neighbor has done, and better, but as his neighbor has not done.
  45. Man evidently rejects the idea of perpetual peace and harmony and strives to control and own what is his anyway.
  46. He strives to avoid making the same errors as were made in the past in order to progress and continue to improve.
  47. So long as man remains free he strives for nothing so incessantly and so painfully as to find some one to worship.
  48. Monsanto (NYSE: MON) is an agricultural chemical company that strives to help farmers produce more while conserving more.
  49. This is because when you starve it, your body strives to preserve its fat deposits, which are its main source of energy.
  50. One generation after another strives to find the security of its existence in violence, and by violence to protect its privileges.
  51. With his gaff, the gaffman hooks on to a sheet of blubber, and strives to hold it from slipping, as the ship pitches and lurches about.
  52. Constructs of man’s warped mind that eternally strives to make real that which doesn’t exist—and to deny the reality of all that does.
  53. DSA strives to be a crucial socialist leaven within a mass movement and will endeavor to elect progressives to Congress and to the state legislature.
  54. We must remember that he who strives in the corruptible contest if he be found acting unfairly is taken away and scourged and cast out from the lists.
  55. The program strives to educate children in Ojai’s public schools to opt for better, healthier food choices, making them aware of obesity and diabetes.
  56. Brookfield strives to finance its business on a conservative basis by financing its operations primarily using long-term, investment-grade, non-recourse debt.
  57. The electric signals strives other cells in the two olfactory bulbs for increasing the smelling sensitivity which then goes to the thalamus and frontal cortex.
  58. And a government is only a government so long as it can make itself obeyed, and therefore it always strives for that and will never willingly abandon its power.
  59. At first, in a desperate effort to maintain the fiction underlying his chaotic personality, the narcissist strives to explain away the sudden reversal of sentiment.
  60. But when a man suspects any wrong, it sometimes happens that if he be already involved in the matter, he insensibly strives to cover up his suspicions even from himself.
  61. With its business, Patagonia strives to inspire others to be aware of the needs of the planet while building a great product and causing no harm to the earth or its citizens.
  62. In the process of portfolio construction, the investor strives to adapt it to future conditions that have not been realized yet and that can be described only in terms of probability.
  63. And all the time he strives to keep up an appearance of being well-to-do, and would be highly indignant if anyone suggested that he was really in a condition of abject, miserable poverty.
  64. A steaming cup of White House Coffee at the morning meal gives, to most men, just the needed impetus which carries him through a strenuous day and brings to him the successes he strives for.
  65. Jacob was renamed Israel meaning He who strives with God after his struggle with a divine being by his wives Leah and Rachel and their maids, he fathered 12 sons to whom traced tribes of Israel.
  66. When we consider that human nature yearns for and strives for the becoming self, to search for the individuating self, we can only wonder at the other, very powerful impulse toward conformity and the dominator model.
  67. On the other hand, assume that the investor strives to avoid paying a high premium for future prospects by choosing companies about which he is personally optimistic, although they are not favorites of the stock market.
  68. Already the merchant grows more and more eager for rank, and strives to show himself cultured though he has not a trace of culture, and to this end meanly despises his old traditions, and is even ashamed of the faith of his fathers.
  69. This good spirit ever strives to lead us to God, to help us to find God and to know God; but also within mortals there are many natural physical tendencies which the Creator put there to serve the well-being of the individual and the race.
  70. It strives to generate 30 percent of its annual sales from products introduced in the previous three years, and comes very close to achieving those goals: In 2007, 2008, and 2009, Graco generated 21 percent, 26 percent, and 26 percent of its sales from new products.
  71. For every one strives to keep his individuality as apart as possible, wishes to secure the greatest possible fullness of life for himself; but meantime all his efforts result not in attaining fullness of life but self-destruction, for instead of self-realization he ends by arriving at complete solitude.
  72. For those already suffering from chronic diseases, disease management strives to improve and streamline the treatment regimen for common, chronic health conditions, like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer, which are correlated with obesity, smoking, diet, and exercise and are very expensive to treat over long periods of time.
  73. Even so the property of a government does not consist in being subjected, but in subjecting, and a government is a government only in so far as it is able, not to be subjected, but to subject, and so it strives to do so, and can never voluntarily renounce its power; but the power gives it the army, and so it will never give up the army and its use for purposes of war.
  74. With the changing contemporary issues experienced today and as the world strives to become more civilized and developed, we realise that the understanding and application of the moral and spiritual principles stated in Scripture need to be continually developed, refined and rearticulated through time in light of continuing demands and challenges that the evolving world continues to throw up.
  75. The true life, according to the previous conditions, consisted in the execution of rules, of the law; according to Christ's teaching, it consists in the greatest approach to the divine perfection, as pointed out to every man and inwardly felt by him, in a greater and ever greater approach toward blending our will with the will of God, a blending toward which a man strives, and which would be a destruction of life as we know it.
  76. The true life, according to preceding religions, consists in carrying out rules, the law; according to Christ's teaching it consists in an ever closer approximation to the divine perfection held up before every man, and recognized within himself by every man, in an ever closer and closer approach to the perfect fusion of his will in the will of God, that fusion toward which man strives, and the attainment of which would be the destruction of the life we know.
  77. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement; and who, at worst, if he fails at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat - Theodore Roosevelt.
  78. The confidante is present, observes all, goes to tell her mistress, who listens with tears and says that one of her greatest distresses is not knowing who this knight is, and whether he is of kingly lineage or not; the damsel assures her that so much courtesy, gentleness, and gallantry of bearing as her knight possesses could not exist in any save one who was royal and illustrious; her anxiety is thus relieved, and she strives to be of good cheer lest she should excite suspicion in her parents, and at the end of two days she appears in public.
  79. The clerk smiled, as though he had been thinking of the same thing, and was very glad to hear it, but in reality did not understand it, not because Nekhludoff did not express himself plainly enough, but because, according to this project, Nekhludoff deprived himself of advantages for the benefit of others, whereas the truth that every man strives to obtain advantages at the expense of others, was so firmly rooted in the clerk's mind, that he thought that he misunderstood Nekhludoff when the latter said that the entire income of the land was to go into the community's treasury.
  80. Honour and virtue are the ornaments of the mind, without which the body, though it be so, has no right to pass for beautiful; but if modesty is one of the virtues that specially lend a grace and charm to mind and body, why should she who is loved for her beauty part with it to gratify one who for his pleasure alone strives with all his might and energy to rob her of it? I was born free, and that I might live in freedom I chose the solitude of the fields; in the trees of the mountains I find society, the clear waters of the brooks are my mirrors, and to the trees and waters I make known my thoughts and charms.
  81. Diligently strives and works to rescue and place wild,.
  1. I strove to quiet myself.
  2. The two powers strove in him.
  3. We strove to speak, but choked.
  4. Many know that the Devil strove.
  5. It strove hard to hop and run away.
  6. In vain they strove to break loose.
  7. Time was when cold seduction strove.
  8. The blood boiled and the passions strove.
  9. He strove to brace himself up the instant.
  10. We passed the School, where Children strove.
  11. They both strove to keep their voices steady.
  12. He strove to protect her now but it was futile.
  13. Falteringly, Chrissie strove to do as she was told.
  14. But Jericho strove to tell her one important thing.
  15. Our illustrious kingdom that we have strove to raise.
  16. Whether he strove with anger or doubt none could say.
  17. After two turns he strove to be silent but kept moving.
  18. The man resumed, in that voice which he strove to render.
  19. What they meant I did not know, but I strove to remember them.
  20. Dantes strove to do this with his nails, but they were too weak.
  21. I strove to look stern, thoughtful, and noncommittal all at once.
  22. Every instant I strove to reform, but I lived like a wild beast.
  23. She strove to keep from flinching at Grace’s touch and almost.
  24. The irony was that those who strove to comply with the rule were.
  25. So the Allan ship strove on, fearing that the worst had happened.
  26. He dreamed (alas, 'twas but a dream!) Of Liberty: but as he strove.
  27. I strove with Set by fire and steel and the juice of the upas-tree;.
  28. Again and again he strove to break away, but I as often headed him off.
  29. Her absence troubled him as he strove to make sure of the preparations.
  30. As they pushed towards the opening door, those inside strove to escape.
  31. When I strove to speak, a few inarticulate sounds alone escaped my lips.
  32. They halted for a minute, during which he strove to collect his thoughts.
  33. Clare strove, although we could not hear what she was saying, to calm her.
  34. He even strove not to love her; then, when he heard the creaking of her.
  35. Thus, she strove to avoid him as much as possible, which would have been.
  36. I now strove to rouse him—"Queequeg!"—but his only answer was a snore.
  37. In the early days of their reign, Son and Lyla strove to turn the kingdom.
  38. His heart was empty and depressed, and he strove again to drive off thought.
  39. Dantes seized the handles, and strove to lift the coffer; it was impossible.
  40. Stubb no more strove to raise a smile; Starbuck no more strove to check one.
  41. The steps were crowded with masks, who strove to snatch each other's torches.
  42. She dropped her handbeam, and with extreme effort she strove for the doorway.
  43. And speech, though he strove desperately to articulate, was an impossibility.
  44. It strove mightily to stay ahead of the whip that now lashed its hindquarters.
  45. I had some part in that: for I sat in a high place, and I strove with the Dark.
  46. He strove for the appearance of no-more-than-casual interest on his next question.
  47. Closing her eyes briefly, she strove for a plan that would convince him to come with.
  48. The Eye: that horrible growing sense of a hostile will that strove with great power to.
  49. We know now, the natural antipathy you strove against, and conquered, for her dear sake.
  50. As was his habit, he strove not to cry audibly, suffering only the tears to betray his grief.
  51. It was in vain that I strove to calm myself, I seemed to be waiting and wishing for something.
  52. Others secretly strove to understand it while avoiding the all-too-real and dire consequences.
  53. And, after all, Galeron had strove to ensure his aims were achieved without anyone being hurt.
  54. Giovanni strove to wash all the negativities away, and persevered, until his car finally arrived.
  55. Christian Rome ruthlessly strove to impose its approved belief systems throughout all of Europe.
  56. She wanted to be on good terms with them but, while she strove to be polite, her eyes followed Mr.
  57. They strove to drag themselves to the porch, and were there shot dead with prayers upon their lips.
  58. I would…strive to recover for my dear children in the cities, and I have strove to for their sakes.
  59. He was seized all at once by a violent desire, almost a temptation, against which he strove in vain.
  60. This he repressed, as speedily as possible, and strove to look as if nothing of the kind had happened.
  61. And it was thoughts of this kind that, for all I strove to put them away, arose at that moment in my mind.
  62. Yes, and you strove to prove that a criminal, at such a moment, is always, mentally, more or less unhinged.
  63. Again the veins in his temples knotted as he strove to break the invisible shackles which crushed him down.
  64. But I reminded myself that I had bargain’d for just such an Adventure, so I strove to quiet my own Fears.
  65. With his car’s head lights alight, to brighten up the place, Jericho strove to have some cell phone signal.
  66. At first the sailors strove to establish a comradeship with him, but he pricked them away with frigid insults.
  67. O’Connell strove to maintain a blank expression and his silence, but strong emotions were rising within him.
  68. I've had many a laugh at her perplexities and untold troubles, which she vainly strove to hide from my mockery.
  69. I’ve had many a laugh at her perplexities and untold troubles, which she vainly strove to hide from my mockery.
  70. The eyes in which a tear and a smile strove ever for the mastery were of the dimensions of a goodsized cauliflower.
  71. He stopped abruptly as his mind strove manfully to connect the tenuous strands of the case to the latest information.
  72. They strove, though none too sure themselves, to convince the women of the certainty that a rescue ship would appear.
  73. At each Mass and in his evening prayers he strove for and sought and prayed fervently for humble submiss�ive�ness.
  74. She inched her breath out between tight lips, frantically trying to come up with a plan while she strove to act normal.
  75. I had never owned such intricate playthings before and strove to fine-tune their actions as if they were concert harps.
  76. They strove to get better scores on their tests and to show that each knew more than the other in their academic classes.
  77. He strove to collect a band of followers, and followed the footsteps of Decesaris and Gasperone, whom he hoped to surpass.
  78. Obsessively focused on his goal, Emerson strove with all his energy for the day when he could take the Academy admission test.
  79. Dazed, depleted, the girl’s answers grew monosyllabic, in spite of an air of forced gayety which she strove hard to maintain.
  80. The man resumed, in a voice which he strove to render indifferent, but in which there was, nevertheless, a singular tremor:—.
  81. Countess Mary’s soul always strove toward the infinite, the eternal, and the absolute, and could therefore never be at peace.
  82. Desperately he grasped the shard which pinned his legs, and the veins swelled in his temples as he strove to thrust it off him.
  83. His past condition seemed to recede from his memory as he strove to accomplish all that presented itself to his eager attention.
  84. Madden and Gisburn were fighting with the movement of the water as they strove to reach the point that they needed to get around.
  85. Yet, Blackfin strove for an even greater feat – he planned to fly the birds across the Great Sea directly to Ehrenberg’s capital.
  86. And the false Cyril, first indifferent, then defiant, strove more than once to interrupt him, but was prevented by his quondam friends.
  87. But they were alone, and Aragorn was far away, and Gandalf stood amid the ruin of Isengard and strove with Saruman, delayed by treason.
  88. Women strove to be as healthy as they could because they faced a serious threat - a fifth of all women died during or just after childbirth.
  89. Once more the gentleman strove to persuade Don Quixote not to do such a mad thing, as it was tempting God to engage in such a piece of folly.
  90. As time passed, however, these painful seizures grew gradually less frequent, and his friends strove to divert his mind into fresh channels.
  91. Sancho alone, deserting Dapple at the sight of the mighty beast, took to his heels as hard as he could and strove in vain to mount a tall oak.
  92. Her small pupils loved her, and strove with each other for the privilege of standing close to her and insinuating their small hands into hers.
  93. The Tribune earnestly strove for the election of President Hayes, and it gives its heartiest support to the high purposes of his Administration.
  94. Several times they both strove to speak, but stopped short and again gazed speechless with a strange smile, their eyes fastened on one another.
  95. The Sentinels enchanted a protective spell as they strove to push their way through the Stalactite Mob and join their companions at the front line.
  96. The Form and Figure of this Person was so very like Pictures I had seen of Witches that at first I was frighten’d, and I strove to hide from her.
  97. This splendid vision dwelt in her memory as the most beautiful thing that it was possible to dream, so that now she strove to recall her sensation.
  98. But when Mr Francillon called forth his witnesses, and said, ‘Is that the man?’ he strove once again to rally his forces and face his accusers.
  99. They strove by all the means in their power to divert him from such an unlucky scheme; but it was all preaching in the desert and hammering cold iron.
  100. The tenacity with which he strove to hide this inward drama made it the more vivid for him; as we hear with the more keenness what we wish others not to hear.

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