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    1. church to cooperate in this endeavor

    2. Try to look at this endeavor not as a prospective husband/wife hunt but as an effort to

    3. This is what this article truly addresses, as well as the little, intricate details that can assist the "Nice" crowd in this endeavor

    4. “And did those feelings then result in a selfless endeavor on your part to put things to rights? Or was it more often than not, a fleeting brush with the feeling which when interrupted by some other event or happenstance soon passed and left only the memory, or trace of an encounter with those feelings? That is the experience of most people

    5. “I would consider you a major score in such an endeavor,” he said, squeezing her once again

    6. In this endeavor she was assisted by the girls' Aunts and, truth be told, primarily by her Great-grandmama who had related a story to her that impelled her to have everything ready for her daughters' transformation

    7. ” She explained, “I am, I suppose, to be one of the early 'guinea pigs,' although to be honest, I'm more or less uncertain about the endeavor, as I have so little experience with the works of the bard

    8. I shall endeavor to fulfill my several obligations to you in just payment for your faith in me

    9. Other instances of note came along from time to time, some less perilous than others, but always each was met with the singleness of direction, resolve and purpose the Livingsons brought to their every endeavor

    10. Grundy had contacts in that field and assured Harry he would endeavor to arrange tutelage should it come to that

    1. “Darling, I have endeavored to introduce to you the many aspects of managing a large household, and I am gratified to say that your abilities are unsurpassed in thoroughness and creativity

    2. But she endeavored to change quickly - as quickly as possible

    3. Behold, when the winds blow and the earth begins to shake, this very same Word, which they endeavored to cut in pieces, shall instead fall hard upon the hard of heart, and My servants shall rule over them

    4. Have endeavored to create in you a new heart,

    5. Was Israel then long overdue for a major consequence sometime between the last prophet and the appearance of John the Baptist? Was this correction the seemingly sudden appearance of the Greek juggernaut (323 BC) that utterly destroyed the Persian entity that had let God’s chosen go back to Jerusalem? Had these Israelites had the time to stray from the post-release praise of their God who endeavored to reconstitute their moral rectitude?

    6. A rather long and tedious journey! However, Paris is everything we thought that it would be and we have endeavored to pack as much as we possibly can into the few days that we have here

    7. 28 And Abraham heard this and knew that it was the word of Satan who endeavored to draw him aside from the way of the Lord, but Abraham would not listen to the voice of Satan, and Abraham rebuked him so that he went away

    8. 2 And when Ihuri King of Shiloh was dead, the four remaining kings fled from their station with the rest of the captains, and they endeavored to retreat, saying, We have no more strength with the Hebrews after their having killed the three kings and their captains who were more powerful than we are

    9. 42 And when Dan came on the wall near to Judah all the men on the wall fled, who had stood against Judah, and they went up to the second wall, and they threw arrows and stones on Dan and Judah from the second wall, and endeavored to drive them from the wall

    10. 29 And they placed the boy before them, and the lad endeavored to stretch out his hand to the onyx stone, but the angel of the Lord took his hand and placed it on the coal, and the coal became extinguished in his hand, and he lifted it up and put it into his mouth, and burned part of his lips and part of his tongue, and he became heavy in mouth and tongue

    1. Eph: 4:3: Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace

    2. endeavoring to foster inter-service and regional cooperation by assisting in the organization of integrated command and control centers; the establishment of common operating procedures; and the conduct of joint and combined training exercises

    3. 20 Now therefore refrain from this evil which you are endeavoring to bring on yourselves, and it will be better for you not to go to battle with them, although they are but few in numbers, because their God is with them

    4. And they discussed again and again all the religions of the world, Jesus endeavoring to point out to this young mind the truth in each, always adding: "But Yahweh is the God developed from the revelations of Melchizedek and the covenant of Abraham

    5. endeavoring to correct abuses bylaw, but just when he appears

    6. endeavoring, in the interest of Rome, to reconcile his

    7. It is criminal to waste our energies in endeavoring to uproot, when all we can profitably accomplish is to bend the universal tree of humanity a little in the direction most favorable to the production of good fruit under existing circumstances

    8. complete fantasy told by someone endeavoring to cover their tracks at a later date by deflecting

    9. But memory turned traitor, and as if possessed by the perverse spirit of the girl, would only recall Jo's oddities, faults, and freaks, would only show her in the most unsentimental aspects--beating mats with her head tied up in a bandana, barricading herself with the sofa pillow, or throwing cold water over his passion à la Gummidge--and an irresistible laugh spoiled the pensive picture he was endeavoring to paint

    10. "Bravo, Villefort!" cried the marquis; "excellently well said! Come, now, I have hopes of obtaining what I have been for years endeavoring to persuade the marquise to promise; namely, a perfect amnesty and forgetfulness of the past

    1. He would be a good advisor for our future endeavors

    2. are able to listen and understand the other person(s) interests and professional endeavors,

    3. Their endeavors are reported briefly in the current

    4. “I do have important responsibilities in the care of the bodies for these endeavors, but I’m hardly the one writing the cases

    5. “I applaud your genuine sincerity with yourself and your endeavors

    6. So when her parents required a reference point for the re-supply, or a forecast of certain necessary amendments to their endeavors, Hipolyta's account books were accurate and up-to-date tools for those instances

    7. Their ancestors watched the developments of Harry's endeavors carefully, but would not comment or apprize George and Belle until, “the bold experiment had reached the end of its first fragile stage

    8. Harry explained, again, but with more brevity his own private endeavors and aspirations regarding his employment at the firm

    9. eliminating chaos is that it frees up time that may be used in other endeavors,

    10. I wish you all the best on your endeavors and the success of your business

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    attempt effort endeavor endeavour try enterprise strive aim essay labour labor <i>[US]</i> make an effort seek struggle study zeal exertion venture trial