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  1. I shall not be able to equip him.
  2. Your tracking software can equip.
  3. Unless they were intending to equip.
  4. The right to life does not equip one to live one.
  5. They equip and train the people to use the tools of.
  6. One aspect of the prophetic ministry helps equip the.
  7. These fathers are called to equip the saints for ministry.
  8. Before, I had not spent enough time with God to equip me.
  9. But, Sephiroth, why is it that when you equip Materia, you can.
  10. The material to equip and open the first private business was being.
  11. These men hoped to equip themselves from killed and captured Yankees.
  12. I had little time to equip myself for this trip and had to improvise.
  13. After finishing to equip her horse, Nancy bent and whispered in its ear.
  14. These features are what Techine will be able to equip its offlinks with.
  15. I doubt if we could afford to equip another house with the necessary aids.
  16. Their tasks of service are to equip the followers of Christ to do ministry.
  17. The real reason I brought you here is to equip you for the danger ahead.
  18. We can equip a hospital, or rebuild an existing one, if necessary, for you.
  19. We have to equip each sensor pod with courier missiles, Rachel suggested.
  20. Through those experiences, one can equip their toolbox with new strategies, and.
  21. Gird: To fasten and secure clothing with a belt or band: or, to equip; to prepare.
  22. The ‘giftings’ of ministries are to equip you to do things God called you to do.
  23. A prospector out for the long haul would equip himself with the barest of luxuries.
  24. So Christ gives gifted leaders to equip and mobilize saints – not to rule over them.
  26. Would you believe it, I have literally not a penny and don’t know how to equip Borís.
  27. Let’s treat Nancy ‘B’ like an adult and let’s equip her with field agent implants.
  28. Those weapons were probably destined to equip conscripts following a general mobilization.
  29. Fernand followed her inside and went upstairs to equip himself for possible military action.
  30. It would hold, she’d assured; and better yet, it would equip them with the benefit of surprise.
  31. The challenge is to correctly position and clarify what skills the program will equip participants with.
  32. As such, we should equip them with the necessary skills, the proper attitude and behavioral skills that.
  33. They went out to evangelize but failed to disciple and equip indigenous leaders to govern their churches.
  34. Then he asked Bill to equip the car with an AM radio only, preferably one that broadcast nothing but news.
  35. I think we have to equip more and more laboratories with high-tech hardware andsoftware so we can use all.
  36. Make diversity the means for God’s people to equip one another to translate other cultures for world missions.
  37. The next major task was to replace all the shuttles and to build and equip domestic aircraft for Arton and Earth.
  38. We have enough such translation units stored aboard the VEON SHOURIA to equip every one of our surviving citizens.
  39. Oh, I’m not attempting to argue that we won’t be able to equip our armies with new and better weapons of our own.
  40. But the main attraction was the small armory that had stored in the basement with enough firepower to equip a small army.
  41. Certainly our physical theories of the fundamental interactions within the Standard model equip us with models for predicting.
  42. To rethink education from the heartmind of love is to redesign society, for education functions to equip us to live as a social I.
  43. As we travel, we will use the material in the holds to furnish and finish our living quarters and to equip the medical facilities.
  44. Does this verse present a hierarchy of offices, having titles, in which gifted leaders govern churches and denominations to equip believers?
  45. Finally, we have sent 10,000 copies of the Lomo Recon-2 monocular individual night vision goggles, to equip ISIS infantrymen for night combat.
  46. You should have seen the amount of canned food and water containers I had to haul out after buying this mansion, so that I could equip my lab.
  47. They equip themselves with a thorough understanding of the emotional nature of their children and of the technique of presenting sex instruction.
  48. CAP selected bright young men and women for a three year training program designed to equip them for eventual placement in Executive grade positions.
  49. I doubt he truly appreciates the implications Duchairn and Maigwair have obviously recognized about our comparative abilities to raise and equip armies.
  50. Again, to change status quo structures in missions, equip students to investigate the Scriptures, missions history, ministry structures and their hearts.
  51. As the Mentor, the final step in this transformative process, is to train, and equip your staff with the following simple, yet highly effective human dynamic.
  52. Maybe the reason for our looking up is not so much to see if Jesus is coming, but to receive that strength that has been promised to equip us through that time.
  53. It was now illegal for any American to own a slave ship, build one, equip a ship to become a slave ship, or captain a slave ship flying under the American flag.
  54. These courses are intended to familiarize and management with BA and equip them with the knowledge that is needed to gain their support for BA in the organization.
  55. The major portion of its future profits were expected to be derived from an investment of $3,000,000 to equip a new property leased from three large oil companies.
  56. Besides these anonymous coins there were others coined in Cilicia bearing the names of satraps, who were the envoys of the great king to raise armies and equip fleets.
  57. These five offices of ministers were established to train and equip the saints, that is the Christians, for the work of service to build of the Church (Ephesians 4:12).
  58. Do you have any idea how much it cost our father to equip and support those extra men-at-arms and knights he was sending away every year? A bloody fortune, that’s what!’’.
  59. And there's a shot-gun sitting around if you ever need it, but it's difficult for high school students to carry guns, so they've chosen to equip us with less conspicuous weapons.
  60. After initial disappointments, it was decided to abandon the idea of parachuting behind enemy lines and to increase mobility, equip the SAS with jeeps, each armed with 4 machine guns.
  61. Chairman, said he, I wish it was as easy to build, equip, and man the seventy-fours, as it will be to add the word "teen" to "four," as is proposed by the gentleman from North Carolina.
  62. We use terms like pastor and teacher loosely, but God’s true pastors and teachers will be revealed as those who equip the body for ministry and bring unity within the Church worldwide.
  63. Unless we evolve into a wise culture, smart tools will be used to equip the under-privileged with the necessary skills to service the needs and attend to the chines of the over-privileged.
  64. The government of the Global Council, the entity that comprises all the Humans in the Solar System, needed weapons to equip a police force that could enforce the new laws about time travel.
  65. And he gave some as apostles, others as prophets, others as evangelists, others as pastors and teachers, to equip the holy ones for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ.
  66. Of all the various types of missiles they needed to equip all the various types of ships in their diverse fleet, this was the only missile they had not been able to buy, beg, borrow or steal.
  67. An ability to anticipate the weather can also be a valuable asset in the wild and simple guidelines for prediction and the interpretation of cloud patterns equip the survivor with more skills.
  68. The thought of armies that huge was enough to boggle anyone’s mind, but Mother Church’s manufactories were actually attaining a rate of production which should let him equip and supply all of them.
  69. That’s the real reason he’s so pissed off that Maigwair and Duchairn keep telling him we simply don’t have enough weapons to equip armies the size of the ones he wants to throw at the heretics, too.
  70. There is much that can be accomplished in terms of skills and abilities in your physical existence and some of these will also better equip you when you return to your home, once you discard your physical body.
  71. We have been fooled into believing that elected officials, under the pretense of national pride, are looking out for our safety, when all along it has been a ruse to sell arms, equip armies and manipulate economies.
  72. Nowadays our youths don't want to pay dowries, they want their parents to equip the house for them, the job, marry them and then carry out the expenses of them and their families, where is your role? Allah says about some of them:.
  73. With that in mind, your level of success in bass fishing can already be dictated fairly early on, which is why it is better to equip yourself with the best gear possible, and worry about the technique and skill required to use them later on.
  74. Would not a vanguard seek to know where he or she is commissioned to go in order to strategically lead the way? Would not a vanguard pursue training to equip others? Invest time during your summer break to serve in missions and seek His assignments.
  75. Since the standards of passing a course, or the course material itself, will vary drastically, some students may feel that the language skills gained upon completing the course does not equip them to handle school work or social interactions adequately.
  76. Since Ingrid was the only Time Patrol agent operating in Timeline ‘C’, Farah Tolkonen ‘A’ had finally decided to fully equip her with implants for her dangerous work, especially in view of the unhealthy attention the Imperium ‘C’ could pay to her.
  77. When the Army withdrew from Angola after operation Savannah it was realised that the terrorists would and did establish quite large bases to train and equip their men who would then infiltrate into Owamboland or cross Africa to the east and bother the Rhodesians.
  78. Ego attributes to itself the right to ownership, hence the expectation of purchase, and thus the obligation of society to provide remunerative employment adequate enough to be able to equip oneself with the means to procure the desires of one's instilled expectations.
  79. Rather than raise millions of dollars to fly doctors and surgical equipment around the world for limited engagements, what if the money were instead used to equip local doctors to perform cleft surgery year-round? Mullaney calculated that the cost per surgery would drop by at least 75 percent.
  80. Why not equip partners with other tools for handling conflict as opposed to just hoping crimes of passion won’t occur? The MVP program also seems to remove the judgment from teen dating violence so that every participant in the program can see just how easy it is for ANYONE to become a perpetrator.
  81. I’ve been doing a little research of my own, and if they manage to recruit up and train all of the reinforcements Maigwair and Duchairn are planning on, then equip them with these damned rockets, someone as smart as Rainbow Waters is likely to hit on the notion of duplicating the Red Army’s World War Two tactics.
  82. So Christ Himself gave the Apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.
  83. Would President Barack Obama ever announce that his mission in Afghanistan is so crucial that he is leaving office to move, with his family, to serve there? What if he left his presidential authority to other leaders so he could equip new leaders in Afghanistan to govern well? Would coach Doc Rivers leave the NBA to train children in China to play like his son? Could you picture your college president resigning her or his position to work in your campus ministry? Would you give up the chance to hold a paid church leadership position in the United States to go overseas and equip leaders to govern churches there?
  84. Like with your sparing, opponent, train strength verses strength, Then switch around, with your sparing partner, to one use strength points, the other week points, and the again visa versa, until you can teach each other the art of fighting, yet when I express that in writing, as learning the art of fighting, it is just a expression, because the full art can not be learnt, by anyone, it can only become a experience, to each students, so as to equip each student, better and better, so as to relate it, to a real fight, and use proper requirements, which could, be same, or similar, or different, to each experience, in each fight.
  85. He doubted the policy of engaging in the business at all; for navies, he said, had deceived the hopes of every country which had relied upon them; that we could never expect to be able to meet Great Britain on the ocean; that we had fought through the Revolution without a navy; for in that contest, a single privateer had done more than the few ships of war which were in possession of the old Congress; that except we are able to build and equip a navy equal to meet the British at sea, we were better without one, as our ships would probably fall a prey to their superior force; that his greatest objection against a navy was, that it must be kept up in time of peace as well as in war; that when the gentlemen spoke of a navy as cheaper than an army, they could not mean to say that if we had a navy the army could be dispensed with—they could not, for instance, take possession of Canada by a navy; that the building of a navy would burden the people with oppressive taxes; that such an establishment would serve only to increase Executive patronage; that with respect to commerce, the people were willing to give it all the protection in their power, but they could not provide a navy for that purpose.
  86. Thus, when you equip a Materia orb,.
  1. And raising, training, and equipping entirely new regiments would be harder still.
  2. Men were drilled in preparing their planes for impact and equipping themselves for postcrash survival.
  3. This courageous love's sharing and gifting, equipping and liberating is not tough, but gently brave unto death.
  4. There is great need for an equipping and raising up of the body of Christ because all are servants of the Lord.
  5. A smart educational system is centered upon equipping the individual mind with the requisite skills for their self-evolution.
  6. This was said by a man who had made huge profits equipping miners, so his opinion should not be considered biased or pessimistic.
  7. The Tarakanian ruler gathered his large army together, and equipping it with cannons and rifles, crossed the boundary line into Ivan’s kingdom.
  8. This is the context-making that education could be equipping minds with so that they have the potential of not only becoming, but also feeling the only spirituality there is – love.
  9. Constructing a separate SAN using Fibre Channel or Gigabit Ethernet is far cheaper than equipping all of the computers on your network with ultra-high-speed network interface adapters.
  10. While I absolutely believe that all of these offices are alive and well in the Body of Christ today, these are not offices of exclusiveness, but offices of ministry for equipping and training.
  11. Either as leadership roles or offices, whichever interpretation one chooses for this verse, Christ gives them the responsibility to build up the Body of Christ by equipping members for works of service.
  12. The cost of a Lancaster bomber fitted with all its sophisticated equipment was staggering, and by 1944 the total manpower devoted to the production of heavy bombers was equivalent to equipping the entire British Army.
  13. Even discounting the gold, silver and jewels lying around, just the abandoned armor and weapons on this field was worth a fortune, as equipping oneself for war was an expensive proposition for most but affluent nobles.
  14. Then, a year ago, the Soviets started training and equipping a so-called Army of the Korean People’s Republic, which was to take its orders from the abortive KPR government pushed out of power by our military government.
  15. China in particular has an enormous industrial and defense-oriented infrastructure capable of producing, stockpiling, supplying, and equipping its military with munitions on short notice in the event of a war in the region.
  16. Another thing he commented on was equipping soldiers with firearms or sidearms of any description liable to go off at any time which was tantamount to inciting them against civilians should by any chance they fall out over anything.
  17. I shall not follow the gentleman in his remarks on the bill before the committee; I shall vote against it, though it is my present intention to appropriate the sums requisite for the repairing and equipping our present ships of war.
  18. One wills not to know, because there is not enough incentive to know, when acceptance of the incessantly reiterated mass consumed meme requires both less energy while also equipping one with the information that is pertinent to the socio-eonomic game of one's tech-ciety.
  19. In fact, virtually all of the Navy of God’s surviving galleons had been transferred to the Royal Dohlaran Navy or Imperial Harchongese Navy once the Sword of Schueler had forced Maigwair to concentrate his full attention on raising, training, and equipping the Army of God.
  20. Admittedly, the field guns were still the naval thirty-pounders and fourteen-pounders mounted on field carriages Charis had provided, rather than the four-inch rifled guns equipping more and more of the ICA’s field artillery regiments, but they still gave his artillery park a massive punch.
  21. But while the militia could be integrated into existing, understrength regiments stationed at home in Dohlar, and while the depot companies each of the field regiments had left behind to train replacements could be expanded into full regiments in their own rights, equipping that militia would be a far harder task.
  1. Comes equipped with two hands.
  2. I do have mine equipped with me.
  3. Maton equipped the Quadtron with.
  4. Well equipped with the latest tools.
  5. He was ill equipped to meet the foe.
  6. But now you’re equipped with the.
  7. You see him? How was he equipped?
  8. The God that programmed and equipped.
  9. They’re not equipped to answer the.
  10. So the MAV comes equipped with an RTG.
  11. The cruiser was equipped with a video.
  12. All the ships were equipped with cannon.
  13. The telescope was equipped with a camera.
  14. Most helicopters are equipped with a winch.
  15. Thus equipped, with no more clothes than.
  16. We were well equipped with food and drink.
  17. Each of the others was similarly equipped.
  18. They are not equipped to resist hackers.
  19. It too was fully equipped and ready to go.
  20. And the Cimmerian is equipped for a siege.
  21. They weren’t equipped for bombing per se.
  22. This ship is equipped with holographic.
  23. But this is a remarkably equipped facility.
  24. These machines were equipped with internal.
  25. For this task they equipped themselves well.
  26. Equipped on the top was a holographic scope.
  27. My parents were highly equipped for any task.
  28. Our poor physical minds are ill equipped in.
  29. The kitchen is equipped with a coal stone oven.
  30. T he train was super modern and equipped with.
  31. He held a forty-four, equipped with a silencer.
  32. I want it well equipped, staffed with a local.
  33. An eagle's feet are equipped with deadly talons.
  34. Whomever the shooters were, they were equipped.
  35. Jason, I imagine, is aptly equipped with skates.
  36. The tower was equipped with various lamps and.
  37. Four scouts, each equipped for a crew of two.
  38. Since the eight ships are equipped with special.
  39. Thus you are in no way equipped to deal with them.
  40. Hubble space telescope: Equipped with 2.
  41. The worship center is equipped with video cameras.
  42. It came fully equipped with everything except food.
  43. These carts can be equipped with RFID Active tags.
  44. There are equipped with the most modern LASER GUNS.
  45. Christians, we have been equipped to respond to His.
  46. Tim's home was equipped just as it would have been.
  47. He came again better equipped for his work, and won.
  48. When the next body, equipped with all the means of.
  49. Apparently, the car wasn’t equipped to handle that.
  50. Their bodies just weren’t equipped to handle magic.
  51. Martinez had sent out a search party equipped with a.
  52. This thing is equipped with parachutes, right?
  53. They were equipped with live ammo and killed many more.
  54. We did not come equipped to travel in the wasteland-.
  55. We simply aren’t equipped to deal with these problems.
  56. Are any of these P I’s equipped with that device?
  57. Our next Landlord was equipped with a hearing-aid and a.
  58. They are much better equipped to adapt rather than the U.
  59. Without it, you are not equipped to make that transition.
  60. Most were not even equipped with diff-locks in those days.
  61. Have a pleasant and fully equipped studio^ that will com-.
  62. And they are therefore equipped very well for those tasks.
  63. All apartments are equipped with satellite television and.
  64. You can do it! No one is better equipped or prepared than.
  65. Ahh, here’s the west veranda, equipped with a hot pool.
  66. Children in hugging households are equipped with emotional.
  67. Boards and skis don’t come equipped with seat belts and.
  68. Bicycles come equipped and sometimes with added accessories.
  69. I didn’t feel all that equipped, but it would have to do.
  70. All 24 en suite rooms are tastefully decorated and equipped.
  71. The Hawthorne estate was equipped with a full kitchen staff.
  72. All fly lines are equipped with a leader of monofilament or.
  73. Linda was being guarded by two men, both equipped with guns.
  74. The kitchen was well equipped and practical; a chef’s dream.
  75. Most ships were equipped with voice or signal radio by then.
  76. The airplane was equipped with a scrambled satellite telephone.
  77. They were armored and equipped with machine guns fore and aft.
  78. The 86 fighter interceptor was equipped with two missile tubes.
  79. You have men trained and equipped to deal with this situation.
  80. The Model T was equipped to run on ethanol as well as gasoline.
  81. Hastily changing into dry clothes, the two equipped themselves.
  82. Maybe Bram had been equipped with such an accessory, given the.
  83. Unless she had been equipped with the full range of emotions?
  84. Ten more men, slightly yet markedly better fed, better equipped.
  85. Luckily the car had been equipped with bright yellow fog lamps.
  86. The operating room was a rather small room and not well equipped.
  87. One night Bharavi equipped with a huge stone hid himself in the.
  88. Dad, aren’t countries like Russia equipped with radars to.
  89. Some hobos are equipped with knives and other dangerous weapons.
  90. Salverford is properly equipped to deal with the Phoenix Project.
  91. Both men were equipped with their daito swords and Mary had her.
  92. War is hatred in action, organized and equipped with all the in-.
  93. I am now equipped with life tools and healing tools that one only.
  94. The inhabitants of this planet aren't equipped with pulse weapons.
  95. Their boat was equipped with, well, let’s call them sea-sprites.
  96. In technical y equipped communities this singing is always accom-.
  97. It can be accessed by anyone with a computer equipped with a modem.
  98. Being the only child and spoiled equipped her to live a lavish, at.
  99. Thus, equipped with pran and apan, or shwas and prashwas, and pro-.
  100. Neither I, nor the other warriors I saw, were equipped well in the.
  1. Story telling equips managers with foresight.
  2. This establishes a healthy self-leadership that equips our mind with the power of clarity, efficiency, and happiness.
  3. Typical cyclical bullshit, all sounding esoterically profound until you realize it explains nothing and equips one with no life, let alone spiritual, skills.

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