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Outfit en una oración (en ingles)

  1. You got a nice outfit.
  2. I can wear my red outfit.
  3. So, a new outfit tomorrow.
  4. I have the perfect outfit.
  5. He turns back to his outfit.

  6. It clashes with her outfit.
  7. Help me pick out an outfit.
  8. She liked the outfit he was.
  9. Victor loved her party outfit.
  10. ME: Does this outfit look okay?
  11. In this outfit she had no sword.
  12. Gone too was the Western outfit.
  13. Nothing goes with that outfit.
  14. They say he wore an Eagle outfit.
  15. In her S&M Santa's helper outfit.

  16. Got the best outfit in all of OCD.
  17. Where did you get that outfit?
  18. Interesting outfit he ran, as well.
  19. Your dad worked for the same outfit.
  20. Nice outfit Becky, he motioned.
  21. Thankfully, his outfit was easy to.
  22. His commercial outfit had sold well.
  23. She had on a new outfit; one Junya.
  24. Pa’s own outfit presented a problem.
  25. It is not even about the new outfit.

  26. It was the only outfit in the world.
  27. Helper outfit, with emphasis on little.
  28. My new outfit is finished off with a.
  29. Her outfit cost more than my first car.
  30. Your outfit reminds me of a gayer time.
  31. She stood up and brushed off her outfit.
  32. Put either outfit on either of them.
  33. Maggie glanced at my outfit, and smiled.
  34. That necklace goes well with the outfit.
  35. All I can recall of Anne’s outfit was.
  36. You have your deputies outfit on today.
  37. I get to pick your outfit, he said.
  38. Like everyday he would have a new outfit.
  39. Norman is the leader of this outfit, and.
  40. Jesus, what a hard-looking outfit!.
  41. He nodded approvingly at Leesa’s outfit.
  42. He became the CEO of the outfit called MDM.
  43. The Gleneagle outfit was substantial and.
  44. Change of outfit but you’ll be up for it.
  45. She couldn’t place the female’s outfit.
  46. It looked like he was trying to outfit the.
  47. And I believe that I have the cutest outfit.
  48. I had seen the outfit before in a photograph.
  49. Layne… in a designer outfit! And a skirt?
  50. She knew exactly what outfit he was referring.
  51. She wore the outfit with confidence, whereas.
  52. The name’s Maro, commander of this outfit.
  53. Hard not to think about you in that outfit.
  54. And that is a lovely outfit you’re wearing.
  55. And what a lovely outfit she’s wearing too.
  56. So, this outfit have a name? Jill inquired.
  57. The black outfit he wears matches his gloomy face.
  58. Yes I was wearing that exact outfit that night.
  59. Lytess referred to it as a trollop’s outfit.
  60. His cock hardening as he saw the outfit she wore.
  61. The outfit was striking against his bloodred skin.
  62. Total cost of outfit, three pounds five shillings.
  63. Teresa picks up Dana’s beige army looking outfit.
  64. She carried a riding crop that matched her outfit.
  65. Where did you get that outfit? Neo asked her.
  66. I really loved the outfit I was wearing, because.
  67. He's fine—don't want no wuss running this outfit.
  68. You mean they put this entire outfit on her?
  69. As a result, her typical outfit consisted of jeans.
  70. That outfit brought out her inner and outer beauty.
  71. Pachuco in his Salvation Army outfit ringing a bell.
  72. A creamy gardenia is just what this outfit needs.
  73. We also love this beautiful red outfit she has on.
  74. Besides, Alyssa will tell us who has the best outfit.
  75. Though I wonder how you will do it in that outfit.
  76. A white Santa, with white fur trimmings on his outfit.
  77. My God, she’s even wearing the same outfit!.
  78. If she’d have been wearing the outfit he’d just.
  79. He tried to get into his outfit, without much success.
  80. He observed his outfit with perplexed interest, his.
  81. Who’s sucker enough to play with that outfit?
  82. One compartment would accommodate the wireless outfit.
  83. ME: Because you hate my outfit so now I have to change.
  84. He opened the valise and drew from it Cosette's outfit.
  85. A plot was discovered to outfit and arm the schooner J.
  86. Susan was in the bathroom getting her running outfit on.
  87. Fine, I’ll wear it, I said, grabbing the outfit.
  88. Samual stood up ,wiping dirt off his crisp white outfit.
  89. When choosing your outfit for the day, you select ….
  90. She was dressed in an outfit I'd not seen her in before.
  91. In one corner was the ham radio outfit that my brother.
  92. As silly as the satin maid’s outfit you were ogling.
  93. Mirandas two-piece outfit glittered in the waltz of his.
  94. That was her old lover lying there in his toff’s outfit.
  95. The brilliant white flower really did complete her outfit.
  96. I wanted to show the guys in my outfit some of that stuff.
  97. James has worn the same outfit for the past three years.
  98. Santa Clause outfit he had on was surprisingly comfortable.
  99. After I got my contacts in, I stared at the outfit she’d.
  100. The outfit was not horrendous, it just had a sexy quotient.
  1. Cecil was outfitting the team members with beat cams.
  2. It’s a satisfying thing to shop at the bazaar of ideas, outfitting our.
  3. Could it be that they donated a little money towards the construction and outfitting of the.
  4. He came back with a sagging belt, found me outfitting Liskara, and questioned her suitability.
  5. And earned extra money by outfitting ladies who wanted dresses featured in magazines from Europe.
  6. Outfitting that many rebels, sending them halfway across the Empire, giving them automatic weapons, and knowing just when you'd be there.
  1. It was currently outfitted as a.
  2. Omega Electronics either outfitted it with.
  3. All personnel were outfitted with Kevlar and helmets.
  4. Who knows how it’s outfitted now, said Miles.
  5. Then they’ll have to be outfitted in their bathing.
  6. Once everyone was outfitted, they proceeded cautiously.
  7. I will see that you are outfitted with Disruptor missiles.
  8. Most computers today are outfitted with Windows XP as their.
  9. Sitting at 160 was an M class freighter outfitted as a tender.
  10. They slowly approached the sheriff and deputy, already outfitted in.
  11. But no matter their shape, each tower was similarly outfitted with defenses.
  12. His white shirt was short-sleeved and outfitted with a red and black clip-on tie.
  13. In the end, it was decided that every member of my family would be outfitted with a tiny.
  14. No way some corporation could have outfitted their cargo carriers with point deflectors!.
  15. The Countess was fabulously outfitted in a white and cream linen traveling dress and veiled hat.
  16. It would be even better if the existing space station could be outfitted to provide this service.
  17. Chet was outfitted in protective gear: a white lab coat, white plastic gloves, even gold-tinted goggles.
  18. The boat’s interior was outfitted with light colored teak woodwork, lots of upholstery, and plenty of headroom.
  19. Once outfitted she looked to the pair of matching boots, which she also hastily placed on her bruised and aching feet.
  20. The professor was there, outfitted in a tweed jacket and white linen shirt, entertaining a coed with flowing red hair.
  21. The townspeople who came to the lake could see that he was outfitted for the job, though what job exactly they didn’t know.
  22. Expatriates had bought them for a pittance and outfitted them in a rudimentary fashion, but it soon proved a waste of money.
  23. Typically, a data center is a secured room or suite that has been outfitted to support large amounts of electronic equipment.
  24. As far as we know, no other yacht besides Anchor is outfitted with one, except this one, he said, without elaborating further.
  25. The only shelter to be had were the glass enclosed booths outfitted with benches illuminated by a security halogen light overhead.
  26. In the days that followed the Leaf Children made and collected an arsenal that would have outfitted a group three times their size.
  27. The answer appeared in the forms of Kurt and Brian coming forward, outfitted in their Chicago Cubs uniforms, with baseball bats in hand.
  28. As he spoke, he glanced over at Gerry, who was busily placing the crutches Conrad had outfitted Kathy with, into the back of the rented SUV.
  29. Set up credit card and bank accounts under that name and outfitted the storage unit with things I would need to change my appearance and also some other items.
  30. I vividly remembered going to sleep, still dressed in my rags and tatters, but the vision I saw before me was outfitted for traveling in the finest red velvet.
  31. The Boston Whalers were transformed into gray colored war vessels outfitted with flak protective devices, a portable radio, signal flares and a crew carrying small arms.
  32. It could be just on your TV to start with, but to be really effective it should really turn a dedicated room with specially outfitted CCD cameras into a virtual space station.
  33. He had outfitted himself for his big morning: crisply pressed white pants, white lab coat, white sneakers; a laminated hospital photo ID around his neck on a beaded silver chain.
  34. White electric ferries made their way back and forth, shuttling fans over to the west side, where an observation train awaited them, its thirteen white-skirted flat cars outfitted with bleachers.
  35. So with the help of this fashion designer, Mary Meadows went wild with the wedding preparations, which is how Kathy and her friends found themselves outfitted in long gowns with wide bell-like hoops.
  36. The engine that moves The Mighty Mel is a diesel locomotive, but Braithewaite also had the train outfitted with a steam pipe and I heard from the boiler plate the piercing expression of escaping vapor.
  37. To relieve congestion into Tan Son Nhut, Bien Hoa in the south and Da Nang and Cam Ranh air bases farther north had been outfitted to handle the surge of soldiers flown to and from combat in plush ways never dreamed of by WWII or Korean veterans.
  38. When Lancelot and Horatio had recounted their grave and glorious Adventures at Sea, I had envision’d grand Galleons, their Sails billowing in the Wind, their Cabins outfitted like Pyrate Palaces, and their Holds awash with Ducats and Doubloons, Crusadoes and Crowns, Shillings and Guineas, Louis d’ors from France and Golden Mohurs from the East Indies! But alas, the Reality of these Ships was quite diff’rent.
  1. And into our Christmas outfits.
  2. Others had ragtag militia outfits.
  3. And I absolutely loved his outfits.
  4. I have three entire outfits already.
  5. Mary looks at the picture of the outfits.
  6. Well, that explains the cute outfits.
  7. To bland outfits, he’d have to resign!.
  8. Her other Christmas outfits are nothing.
  9. Kim had put on one of his exercise outfits.
  10. Diane D and the Dianettes look at the outfits.
  11. The outfits were fortunately not as revealing as.
  12. On this night the most fabulous outfits can be seen.
  13. You have to wear the outfits she’s gonna bring you.
  14. They discovered three serviceable outfits that would.
  15. Outfits that weren’t his taste or showed her scars.
  16. He’d pictured her in a dozen outfits on his journeys.
  17. They took off their clumsy outfits and left the center.
  18. Mary holds up the outfits to Vivian and the other dancers.
  19. Seeing them in their hand-made outfits out on the street.
  20. But Diane, your Aunt Celeste already purchased the outfits.
  21. She reaches in the bag and pulls out several stunning outfits.
  22. She explained how to wear some of the outfits and accessories.
  23. The same outfits they wore on that television interview?
  24. Yeah these outfits are great, says one of the male dancers.
  25. She felt her fists clench in anger as she saw everyone's outfits.
  26. Navy, revealing their black tactical commando outfits underneath.
  27. Yeah the rest of the outfits are on their way up, Barry says.
  28. The outfits appeared metallic with a bubble at the top—the helmet.
  29. She’d only come with a few outfits in the small duffel bag, all of.
  30. So you have outfits for all twenty of us? the second woman says.
  31. Mary comes in the area and looks at the male models and their outfits.
  32. During tough times, shy away from outfits that have special care needs.
  33. Those are nice Quench Soda outfits you and the Dianettes have on!.
  34. Will you hurry up and get your butt out of there? I need to change outfits.
  35. From the raggedy attire of their outfits I figured they had to be Northern.
  36. We have more outfits coming for the rest of the performers, Barry says.
  37. They were all dressed in clown outfits with bright colors and hats to match.
  38. The women loved to see the queen because of her beauty and beautiful outfits.
  39. Wow, those were beautiful fabrics and outfits Diane D, Chris Parker says.
  40. She pulled out one of the new outfits my mom had chosen for me and held it out.
  41. And it was one of the short modern nun's outfits, not the old 'High Nelly' model.
  42. The man and woman were both nicely dressed, but their outfits were extremely dated.
  43. After freshening up in a guestroom, Emily and I change into our after-party outfits.
  44. That company is supposed to be one of the better outfits in the city from what I hear.
  45. Are you going to help me out here? Rani held up the two outfits in front of Gulab.
  46. When you end up in the regular water keep your outfits on to help prevent heat reduction.
  47. The trouble with her plan was that the parents had already paid for their girls outfits.
  48. Well where are the other corset outfits that they designed and created? David asks.
  49. It was not disbelief at their arrival, she realized, but amusement at the farmer outfits.
  50. To blend in with the costumed students, he had borrowed one of Balin’s buckskin outfits.
  51. The group, dressed in the most stunning Indian outfits, took their positions on the stage.
  52. In Madaba over an hour later, Juliana and Olin finished procuring and donning new outfits.
  53. Her two or three outfits are bought from a Salvation Army store, so she is never in style.
  54. Well the girls are going to wear the same outfits they wore on that television interview.
  55. The soldiers were under the impression that tropical outfits would be issued for them in Cuba.
  56. They smile at the outfits as Diane D says, Wow these are lovely outfits Aunt Celeste!.
  57. But her mom never forgot Halowe'en or the kids who faithfully turned up with fabulous outfits.
  58. The summer months were quite sticky, so he would have different outfits for different weather.
  59. She knew how to show off her body to its best advantage, in all the different outfits they had.
  60. I accompanied with them to the beauty parlour and to the shopping centre for buying their outfits.
  61. Images of her in different outfits outside of Star Fleet regulation, and with different hair styles.
  62. Piled up a large number of outfits, including a night garment that had rescued from one of the boxes.
  63. As for the outfits and decorations, Mary Meadows outdid herself with her youngest daughter’s wedding.
  64. She had worn skimpy outfits before when she had been in service to Sebastian, but nothing like this!.
  65. I sat down, and in a few minutes two new people attired in the shop’s outfits came in to relieve her.
  66. Then they crept out of the cockpit and looked around, amending their crumpled outfits and tousled hair.
  67. She was walking towards us with Jess and her annoying friends who were all dresses up in tennis outfits.
  68. President gown—came up with several outfits that revealed Marilyn’s curves to wonderful advantage.
  69. Diane D enters a storage room where there are boys’ sporting outfits and boys’ sport uniforms hanging.
  70. At noon exactly, she told Colin that she wanted to try the outfits on and walked toward the dressing rooms.
  71. She eyed their outfits and asked with a sly smile, Which of you would like to donate to a good cause?
  72. The boys spend that entire first morning in their new white outfits, filling out questionnaires on clipboards.
  73. Her identity as Sam could take over Maggie’s work completely, looking after false IDs, weapons and outfits.
  74. It could be risky or damage the operation of your boat to have outfits and other gadgets sailing around loose.
  75. I’m acutely aware of the sorry state of my recent outfits and have no desire to hear what he thinks of them.
  76. It is best that you have a good collection of them, so that you can mix and match them with different outfits.
  77. We were all drinking our champagne laughing and joking around looking at all the different outfits in the store.
  78. It was full of Sierra’s old clothes, and Manda was trying to see which ones could be made into other outfits.
  79. Dressed in masquerade outfits, we are in a Drop-head Coupe, one of the classic ceremonial Deschanel luxury cars.
  80. They dressed in their firefighting outfits and took the smaller Fire Truck to drive Limpy back to the hospital.
  81. I covered with the modern outfits and became one of the famous socialites amongst the rich and famous mistresses.
  82. My suitcase, so carefully packed with pretty outfits and accessories, had found a home in neither closet nor city.
  83. What a ration of static these outfits were handing him! He had real doubts if he could even put up with this joker.
  84. We arrived home a little while later, after stopping at Izzy’s and Gina’s to pick up their outfits for the party.
  85. They offered a barrage of one-off outfits for their approval, for free, and these were not your high street designers.
  86. She was playful, like a little girl, as she posed for the camera in some of the outfits designed for her by Jean Louis.
  87. Couldn’t this me from one of Izzy’s outfits? She handed the feather back and I stood to place it in my dresser.
  88. The department stores are perhaps even more stylish than those in London, and my wife has bought herself several outfits.
  89. The fourth one looks more promising – they have several outfits which are stylish and elegant but not ‘middle aged’.
  90. She had at least, given up the corset wearing this time, and was back in the usual scruffy outfits he was more familiar with.
  91. Hundreds of items of clothing and armor appeared, arranged in complete outfits, before moving off to their places on the moss.
  92. Bally and Tony gave the girls permission to wear the outfits in the boutique on the basis that they didn't destroy the clothing.
  93. Her fingers ran over the outfits on the hangers before picking out a dark-blue slip dress her dad had given to her one year ago.
  94. I’m ready to start on your Sir Alex, Phil, she said, but if you want to be a spectator you’ll need one of these outfits.
  95. Theo suggested the band have outfits made, explaining that the wedding band he’d been in had all worn Fred Perry shirts and bow ties.
  96. The idea was to get round bans on private armies by claiming these outfits weren’t proper military uniforms at all, honestly, officer.
  97. We have a couple of high-end clothing stores in town--meant for tourists--but I've seen some long outfits there that would just suit you.
  98. Yeah, they’re going to have that part of the video separate from the part of the video that has the Quench Soda outfits and logos on it.
  99. She’d been given a few outfits upon arriving on the ship, but honestly, she was happy to change out of the clothes that she had arrived in.
  100. She dressed in one of her new outfits, a pair of loose-fitting lightweight cotton pants in a pastel green, with a fitted sleeveless white top.

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