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    extend to

    1. Maggie's charity doesn’t extend to those suffering alcoholic dementia

    2. On their journey to the Hangar, they shared a theory; if Adros’ staff of King’s Wood could control the Dead Tree, could its power extend to those the Dead Tree possessed as well?

    3. They would still, therefore, keep possession of the home market; and though a capricious man of fashion might sometimes prefer foreign wares, merely because they were foreign, to cheaper and better goods of the same kind that were made at home, this folly could, from the nature of things, extend to so few, that it could make no sensible impression upon the general employment of the people

    4. It certainly didn’t extend to helping in a crisis

    5. In Kale research, the benefits of lutein also extend to prevention of atherosclerosis

    6. But the private trade of the servants will naturally extend to a much greater variety of articles than the public trade of the company

    7. But the private trade of the servants may extend to all the different branches both of its inland and foreign trade

    8. It does not, however, like the American bounty, extend to the importation of undressed flax

    9. “Will this law extend to the Sons of Odin?” Tobin asked incredulously

    10. The powers reserved to the several states will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement and prosperity of the State

    11. Those were the forgotten places, written off because the resources did not extend to provide the technology available to those who could afford it

    12. Sometimes this tolerance would even extend to

    13. His sense of simplicity did not extend to his own dress; today’s outfit was an ornate tunic with red and gold embroidery

    14. Such arguments extend to manufactured ―emotions,‖ as well

    15. He agreed with every word, loudly adding his own to her list of harsh judgments, but explained that his feelings regarding white men didn’t extend to their women

    16. The damage would still extend to both sides while helping neither

    17. My husband is a big man and doesn’t think his love for cats should extend to sharing his side of the bed with them

    18. A fire ladder from the street begins to extend to the ninth floor

    19. The humongous animal has hundreds of very long tongues that look like tentacles that extend to different holes in the mountain

    20. But they did learn that when you get to thinking you might be a person of some influence, it doesn’t extend to ordering someone else’s dog around

    21. 6 For this cause we severely threatened them; yet with the clemency which we are wanting to extend to all men we at length permitted them to live

    22. What father of you shall his son ask for bread; will he think you give him a stonee and if he ask of him a fish will he think you instead of the fish give him a serpente and if he ask him for an egg will he think you extend to him a scorpione If you then although being evil know the gifts which are good and give them to your children how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him? whatever you would that men should do to you do you even so to them: this is the law and the prophets

    23. Another man replied, ‘Yes, I don’t think that our orders, that the woman should not be touched or harmed will extend to him

    24. fairness does not, in my opinion, extend to family desires that are totally

    25. does not extend to the supercortical structures (as they are

    26. gravitational effects on Earth’s halo will stretch the tail of the halo to extend to the

    27. himself admits that there is evidence that this may extend to even more than

    28. Ask that the rate extend to a day or two before and after your wedding

    29. Under they went, and I hoped my father's protection would extend to little things, like breathing

    30. move didn’t extend to his lips

    31. though there is evidence to show that it may easily extend to more than

    32. The problems seemed to extend to any medication with the same underlying compound

    33. term which may extend to two years or with fine or with

    34. term which may extend to 5 years

    35. With more produce, the number of people enjoying the harvest can extend to the community and into other areas of the city

    36. � Actually, I wanted to extend to you an invitation from the embassy�s Marines to come use their indoor range and teach them your combat shooting techniques

    37. He believed at this juncture that a direct approach should be made to the Western Allies, attaching much importance to the belief that the Anglo-Americans did not wish Russian influence to extend to the Mediterranean

    38. When I have died my dearest apologies extend to those who felt

    39. community extend to the provision of employment, mental and physical health

    40. This could extend to 12-15 attributes covering size, location,

    41. does not extend to business acumen

    42. them with a job doesn’t extend to helping out when the going gets a little

    43. The delay might extend to 12 weeks

    44. The beheadings also extend to domestic animals

    45. confirmed that the diving board’s guardrails didn’t extend to the edge of the

    46. not extend to the edge of the water

    47. guardrails that extend to the edge of the water, and I confirmed that the diving

    48. board that Josh fell from did not have guardrails that extend to the edge of the

    49. extend to the edge of the water – must be followed

    50. Mary is painfully aware that the cooperation she initially enjoyed from employees regarding what they do doesn’t extend to the details of exactly how they do it, especially from employees with the most specialized knowledge

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