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Extend en una oración (en ingles)

  1. God will extend His hands.
  2. You have to extend again.
  3. Into the starry night extend.
  4. Wisdom extend it into happiness.
  5. We can extend the pods later.

  6. We can then further extend the.
  7. But I do not extend my time, here.
  8. We should all extend such courtesy.
  9. Whether it will extend throughout.
  10. The delay might extend to 12 weeks.
  11. On God, and He will his love extend.
  12. Bake in the same way but extend the.
  13. And it is healthy to extend the mind.
  14. It is our wish to extend our empire.
  15. He could even extend the store hours.

  16. It can’t extend far, Sing said.
  17. Vision did not extend beyond that ring.
  18. Extend your hands upwards on your knees.
  19. It was to extend to the Gentile peoples.
  20. Should you need to extend it, just con-.
  21. It is with pride that the GDC extend our.
  22. He would extend the search for the Healer.
  23. Instruct the patient to extend their hip.
  24. Instruct the patient to extend their knee.
  25. To improve the ability to extend the wrist.

  26. Instruct the patient to extend their elbow.
  27. It can extend in any direction along the.
  28. The wal can extend in any direction along.
  29. They’re trying to extend their territory.
  30. Instruct the patient to extend their wrist.
  31. The sense of place however, can extend out.
  32. These extend the health and lives of plants.
  33. This could help to few extend but not always.
  34. Being the Angels, they would extend its image.
  35. Instruct the patient to extend their fingers.
  36. Scepticism should extend to financial advisers.
  37. Instruct the patient to extend their shoulder.
  38. However, this evolution can extend over more.
  39. He can’t save his life, but he can extend it.
  40. However, Jerry, the board would never extend.
  41. It is easy to extend my eye-opening revelation.
  42. His employer decided to extend his contract.
  43. Instruct the patient to extend their shoulders.
  44. Sometimes this tolerance would even extend to.
  45. The beheadings also extend to domestic animals.
  46. The motion to extend store hours has been passed.
  47. Can we extend this dream to include Mary?
  48. Greenery would extend as far as the eye could see.
  49. He felt his muscles tighten and his fangs extend.
  50. He thinks there might be a way to extend my life.
  51. Gordon Road appeared to extend beyond the horizon.
  52. Instruct the patient to flex and extend their hip.
  53. I extend my thanks to the Washington Post for the.
  54. Neglect did not extend to the mechanical, however.
  55. The lines have bodies that extend the current trend.
  56. To improve the ability to flex and extend the wrist.
  57. I think my husband's orders may not extend that far.
  58. And so to some extend, I’ll need to intrude upon.
  59. But the forbidding proclamation was even to extend.
  60. He wore a smile, but it didn’t extend to his eyes.
  61. It certainly didn’t extend to helping in a crisis.
  62. Instruct the patient to flex and extend their elbow.
  63. Extend it a little farther, and it will make me happy.
  64. No one can prolong the past, nor can they extend time.
  65. To improve the ability to flex and extend the fingers.
  66. With our heads back in the game, we started to extend.
  67. To improve the ability to extend the hips in standing.
  68. This exercise helps to open the chest and extend the.
  69. To improve the ability to flex and extend the shoulder.
  70. The consequences of Free Will extend beyond the Present.
  71. Instruct the patient to flex and extend their shoulder.
  72. The second trend leg can extend beyond the initial leg.
  73. The innocence of thieves does not extend to that point.
  74. His reputation does indeed extend far and wide it seems.
  75. When needed, there were panels to extend its length for.
  76. The idea is to extend this type of redundancy to laptops.
  77. It might extend over one line but one statement would do.
  78. Attack elections predecessor, extend this custom beyond.
  79. Perhaps the B’tari will extend their protection to you.
  80. But, she says, I will extend my invitation again.
  81. He was able to extend his arms deep into the van and then.
  82. Extend Forward is the concept of having separate goals or.
  83. When a friend falls, dare to be the first to extend a hand.
  84. So after a pullback the next trend may extend to 127, 138.
  85. But some arguments of the greatest weight extend very far.
  86. Extend the arms above the head with hands clasped together.
  87. Well, I was able to extend the original entry a bit, yes.
  88. Let’s extend the prices we look at to make certain this 0.
  89. So any man, or body of men, who had power, could extend it.
  90. I tried to extend my foreleg through the cage bars in order.
  91. I should have tried to extend this logic to negative outcomes.
  92. Fourth Sister, the extend of Mentor Master’s martial skills.
  93. It was a breach of etiquette to extend a hand to a crime boss.
  94. Even gunners like to have trades that extend for a long time.
  95. Extend your arms and hold a 5-pound dumbbell with both hands.
  96. Such arguments extend to manufactured ―emotions,‖ as well.
  97. Can’t you extend even that little courtesy to my guest?
  98. Your freedom does not extend to the heku you are standing by.
  99. When I have died my dearest apologies extend to those who felt.
  100. With our heads back in the game, we started to extend.
  1. Extending his hand he said: Dr.
  2. Not painting but extending the line.
  3. Bruno followed, extending a set of keys.
  4. He introduced himself, extending his hand.
  5. Chapter 9: Extending the Core Introduction.
  6. The area around the walls, extending a long.
  7. Extending from the ceiling was a brass chain.
  8. Grant, he said, extending his hand to me.
  9. Hi, Rave, Cali said, extending her hand.
  10. Hi, Chris said, extending a gloved hand.
  11. I ended up extending the worry period for her.
  12. Blue Five was extending a hand towards the hole.
  13. And two, he added, extending a second finger.
  14. Shal we? He asked extending his arm to her.
  15. And you are…? He asked, extending his hand.
  16. M'Clure, as extending through this state from S.
  17. Extending a tall glass to the old man, Parker said.
  18. Fleur," he said while extending his hand, "I'm Tom.
  19. Tovar hesitated before extending his hand in return.
  20. Giancano? asked the chairman, extending his hand.
  21. Aidan rose from the couch, extending his hand to me.
  22. Her disappointment was extending all over the place.
  23. They saw a mountain peak extending above their heads.
  24. Bates, Lim said, extending a hand thin and withered.
  25. Extending his hand, Kevin shone his flashlight ahead.
  26. Hi! Wayne Hays, Ohio, he said extending his hand.
  27. Despite himself, Falk felt his lips extending in a smile.
  28. Thank you, Captain, Henson said, extending his hand.
  29. He was looking at the hole, extending a hand to touch it.
  30. Extending the joint towards him, he considered his request.
  31. It was a titanic drift, extending over centuries and ages.
  32. My name is Eugene, he says, extending his hand to me.
  33. Here, Barker said, extending his hand to sign the bag.
  34. Buddha and Christ had yellow halos extending to their arms.
  35. A greenhouse or two can be added, thus extending the season.
  36. The Capataz, extending his hand, put out the candle suddenly.
  37. She gives a little applause extending her hand for her turn.
  38. Thanks for the ride, I say, extending my hand to Caleb.
  39. While extending my hand to congratulate her, she told me how.
  40. Can we be friends again? He said while extending his hand.
  41. In fact we ended up extending twice for a total of six years.
  42. Extending my arm, I pushed the kitten into my mother’s arms.
  43. Mahood, he said, giving his name and extending his hand.
  44. I’m so sorry, she said, extending the hat to its owner.
  45. Plenty of seats, friend, the short dealer said extending.
  46. He accepted his formality of a handshake extending his hand in.
  47. The necessity of extending the sphere of love is beyond dispute.
  48. Take my hands, shouted the skinny boy, extending his arms.
  49. He saw no point in extending the fear and agony of his opponents.
  50. Evidently this was no time for extending a modest man's business.
  51. He held out his arm out in front of him, extending his mighty fist.
  52. Extending an arm and grabbing the receiver, Dewey answered curtly.
  53. Thank you for your help, Alec said, extending a hand to Henry.
  54. Beck reached, extending as best he could, and managed to grab hold.
  55. I started extending my forays out of Dharavi in the following weeks.
  56. Preschoolers begin extending their play to involve others, whether.
  57. It was large and symmetrical, with wings extending from either side.
  58. Extending his hand he said, �Miss Cadic, nice to finally meet you.
  59. Resistance Apply a necessary amount of force without extending more.
  60. We are committed to extending our physical lives as long as possible.
  61. In April 2005 the BBC announced it was extending the trial to twenty.
  62. Then I’ll be in touch, Mark said, extending his hand once again.
  63. I wish you all the best, said Roopa extending her hand to Meera.
  64. Arjun cannot believe that even a secure and lucrative realm extending.
  65. An officer of their regiment, with long mustaches extending onto his.
  66. All that was left was a smear of mud extending well out into the ocean.
  67. She put her PADD down, stood, and approached Garcia, extending her hand.
  68. He can’t play foul, Ron cried, now extending her sympathy to Alcor.
  69. Good! See you then, ok? He said; extending his hands for handshake.
  70. The brunette met him politely, extending her right hand, which he shook.
  71. Extending the vindictiveness to his family, however, is hard to justify.
  72. And you! he said, extending his hand with a huge smile on his face.
  73. The king showed however, gratuitousness and mercy to her by extending his.
  74. She is surfing towards me, extending her arm, as she clings to the board.
  75. He went to entrance of the cave and extending his wings he took to the air.
  76. This begins with a channel lines uptrend extending more than three months.
  77. There will be an endless herd of them, extending as far as the eye can see.
  78. It was still at full operational power, extending as far as the Kuiper belt.
  79. Dave rounded the car and opened my door, extending his hand to assist me out.
  80. Extending his hand Roy introduced himself and the two men locked hands and.
  81. He finally made his mind and got up from his chair, extending his right hand.
  82. A large wound, extending from the temple to the mouth, was bleeding profusely.
  83. There are glowing seaweed vines 80-90 feet long extending from the ocean floor.
  84. Extending her small hand, she continued, Hi, I’m Molly and I’m dying to.
  85. He wobbled closer to them, extending his arms outwards as though keeping balance.
  86. It seems you have opened a can of worms extending all the way back to Houston.
  87. This is for lashing spars alongside each other or extending the length of a spar.
  88. Good afternoon, guys, Wally said, extending his hand to Pooh and then Bull.
  89. I am extending the track and building a tunnel behind the pool keeper’s house.
  90. In short, extending expiration dates translates to a lower response coefficient.
  91. No indeed! We will write what he says, and will keep extending the agony for him.
  92. I have usually separated the pairs by a board, extending across the frame merely.
  93. As one the audience pivoted to me extending their fists shouting, No one!.
  94. When he arrived at the table Nick was smiling and on his feet extending his hand.
  95. Triceps exercises are generally pushing motions that involve extending the elbow.
  96. They quickly set themselves up and began extending the metal ladder towards Zeke.
  97. The chart for the DJIA extending over 12 years consisted of three primary trends:.
  98. Extending the expiration dates also lowered the hit ratio for short straddles: 46.
  99. But beyond this there were bonds of relationship extending through the whole ship.
  100. I’m Amber’s brother, Stacey said, extending his left hand to help him up.
  1. It can also be extended.
  2. Manila is to be extended.
  3. He never extended his own.
  4. She extended a hand to him.
  5. Jess extended his right hand.
  6. The older man extended his.
  7. As they did, a ramp extended.
  8. He extended his shooting arm.
  9. He rose and extended his hand.
  10. Coopers pal extended his hand.
  11. It extended itself towards him.
  12. He stood and extended his hand.
  13. Their authority extended over a.
  14. After a few extended moments, we.
  15. And they extended planet’s Term.
  16. Ensure that the elbow is extended.
  17. Steve smiled and extended his hand.
  18. The same courtesy was extended to.
  19. Aidan smiled and extended his hand.
  20. Picard stood up and extended a hand.
  21. He extended his hand in friendship.
  22. Canler turned and extended his hand.
  23. The extended sovereignty expanded U.
  24. He extended his arm toward Sicarius.
  25. He extended his right hand toward me.
  26. It can be extended and refer to any.
  27. Joey extended a hand for a hand shake.
  28. But they have extended Hipparchus's.
  29. The market has had a extended up move.
  30. The invitation was extended to us all.
  31. At point 2, prices extended about $20.
  32. She extended her hand above me and I.
  33. The dancing extended through several.
  34. She needed an extended delay interval.
  35. Their dominion extended even to Egypt.
  36. Smiling, he extended his hand to Al-.
  37. Suddenly he extended his hands outward.
  38. The self-examination extended to the.
  39. He extended his hand out to help me up.
  40. But I have extended his life, for now.
  41. The left arm should be extended upward.
  42. A golden sleeve was extended to the elf.
  43. Rivan went to Ori and extended her hand.
  44. Reading the ISO 8601 Extended Notation.
  45. Many are operating with extended lives.
  46. Doc extended his hand and told father.
  47. He extended a paw, shaking with the male.
  48. Mercedes extended her hand to the count.
  49. He extended his covered hand once again.
  50. Smith extended his hand in front of him.
  51. Charts have to be extended and even the.
  52. It turned out to be an extended vacation.
  53. Matt extended his hand before Sam could.
  54. Charmaine extended her hand to shake his.
  55. She extended her large snowy white wings.
  56. Continue until the net is fully extended.
  57. Connor, she said and extended her hand.
  58. He extended his hands and charged to the.
  59. Greg extended his visitor a warm handshake.
  60. Thankfully none of the extended team was.
  61. A line of stout bars extended across the.
  62. The same guard then extended an arm to her.
  63. I extended my hand across the table to him.
  64. Linda smiled sweetly and extended her hand.
  65. It was like being in a big extended family.
  66. In fact, that policy extended beyond fools.
  67. Hands were extended, greetings were shared.
  68. His leadership role extended to all nations.
  69. It extended its elongated neck for its new.
  70. Many years later I extended it with The.
  71. She hadn’t considered an extended vacation.
  72. She extended her hand, but did not press his.
  73. Rudolph extended a rare hug and said nothing.
  74. Ladies, shall we? He extended his arm.
  75. The clacker’s pinchers extended toward her.
  76. Pat extended his right hand across the table.
  77. Once again, he extended out his right hand!.
  78. Moving the extended arm between two targets.
  79. Romania and explains why they were extended.
  80. He strode over to her with his hand extended.
  81. His extended hand enters her obstructed view.
  82. Your husband’s blessing is extended to you.
  83. It was a large brick building that extended.
  84. Suddenly he moved aside and extended his hand.
  85. Is the Stock in a Base or Is It Too Extended?
  86. His arm extended, the orange spurt of his gun.
  87. What had begun as an extended summer vacation.
  88. Ensure that their knees and hips are extended.
  89. And extended his hand into his body and took.
  90. Her father’s extended silence meant he was.
  91. Brian stood to go and extended his hand to her.
  92. Hendersen also approves of the extended visit.
  93. This creates a market with an extended up move.
  94. He extended his hand warmly to the dark figure.
  95. What wasn’t known is if it would be extended.
  96. Only, he never took the hand I extended to him.
  97. Robert took the hand extended to him, drawn to.
  98. He pecked at the keys with one extended figure.
  99. Now she was hopeful that the extended holiday.
  100. Selena didn’t speak, only extended her wings.
  1. It extends to all classes.
  2. It then extends the model to.
  3. It extends above the head and.
  4. Remember that the range extends.
  5. I just hope our good luck extends.
  6. It extends east into Hartford county.
  7. But again, it just extends the offer.
  8. He extends his hand through the window.
  9. The Love HE extends comes from within.
  10. He extends his hand, and she shakes it.
  11. STEPHEN: (Extends his arms) It was here.
  12. Willie pauses the bike and extends his.
  13. He extends a hand to pull me from the bed.
  14. The pit extends more into the forest area.
  15. This work extends the Cartesian skeptical.
  16. The truce extends until thirteen o’clock.
  17. The practice of euthanasia extends to animals.
  18. Ahead is her father; he extends a hand, waiting.
  19. The effect of it extends for nine hundred miles.
  20. Expiration Really Extends Another Day of Trading.
  21. This space extends from there towards the nasal.
  22. It extends from the body to distance of 2 or 3 feet.
  23. And this fierce, inner loyalty extends to the ships.
  24. He extends his mighty hand, offering to assist her up.
  25. It is systematic, and extends through both Testaments.
  26. The body count extends far beyond military intrusions.
  27. Their latest plan which extends thru 2008 has strong.
  28. This ability extends and multiplies the personal skills.
  29. The robot extends one of its arms toward the corporal.
  30. She rises to her feet and extends a hand for him to shake.
  31. He extends his hand to me, which I’m not willing to shake.
  32. The creature extends his paw and its razor claws; he lifts.
  33. The doctrine of the salvation of all extends on every side.
  34. His political influence extends far beyond our imagination.
  35. I’m Carl, he says as he stands up and extends a hand.
  36. She doesn’t look at you, extends her hand towards the bomb.
  37. Love starts with self and extends outwards to include others.
  38. Hi, I’m Emmy, she says as she extends her hand to him.
  39. The rook extends his rocky arms and crowns Jaden on his head.
  40. She extends her arm into the space beside her but contacts nothing.
  41. This foolishness also extends to the concepts of nationalism, flag.
  42. This advantage actually extends above the higher strike price of 27.
  43. This guarantee extends for an entire year and that they will receive.
  44. As Brother alBarad'i extends his hands slightly above the podium, he.
  45. This also extends beyond treating others with respect, it also entails.
  46. His ship quickly extends the shield over the area the boulders were at.
  47. Based on her observations, the etheric body extends from one quarter to.
  48. It is a direct hit and there is an explosion of fire that extends upwards.
  49. That responsibility extends not only to our neighbors but to the entire.
  50. That responsibility extends not only to our neighbours but to the entire.
  51. Imagine a sheet of glass that extends from the ball to over your shoulders.
  52. As the contract extends into the future, the price of the contract increases.
  53. The field that this particle represents extends in all directions infinite-.
  54. Aum with the sound of a bell, extends all over, from Muladhara31 upwards.
  55. In the north, the elevation drops to a plain, which extends to southern Israel.
  56. Of course this time line extends into the future because superheroes time travel.
  57. Reports suggest that the Scientific Facility extends many kilometres underground.
  58. Omârah's 'History' extends over a period of about three hundred and fifty years.
  59. I believe true powerful and long-lasting change begins within and extends without.
  60. STEPHEN: (Extends his hand to her smiling and chants to the air of the bloodoath.
  61. On the same page he said, The Biblical concept of eternal extends to both life.
  62. Instead, there is only darkness, pure and absolute, that extends forever and beyond.
  63. As Cape daylight in summer extends to about ten in the evenings this is a favourite.
  64. If the market closes lower, Force Index is negative and extends below the center line.
  65. This command extends the robot’s arms, which telescope to a full length of six feet.
  66. Marshall extends his left arm until his hand almost touches the Elephant Man poster.
  67. I have not learnt how far the argillite extends northward in Vermont and New-Hampshire.
  68. The First Lady’s obsession with her husband’s well-being extends to the public arena.
  69. Say, My Lord extends the provision to whomever He wills of His servants, or withholds it.
  70. In verse 21 there is another quotation that extends the above theme further:- Isaiah 65: 2.
  71. This translates into a oneness that extends from the individual, to their peers, to other.
  72. How far this arrangement extends to the west and north, I have not yet been able to learn.
  73. Then next comes the Montmartre itself, reaching all the way back as far as the lot extends.
  74. Its influence extends to the whole of the Solar System, but not to the rest of the Universe.
  75. Do you not see how your Lord extends the shadow? Had He willed, He could have made it still.
  76. Provide assistance as required to keep the affected foot on the treadmill as the hip extends.
  77. Life generates electricity that life then implements to control the body life extends for the.
  78. Remember, the further this rectangle extends before running into other candlesticks, the better.
  79. As the ANC extends to Zuma a rope with which to hang himself, the damage to the country continues.
  80. They are usually offered so that you would have a warranty that extends for more than just a year.
  81. This liberty, indeed, extends to no more than twenty-five of the different ports of Great Britain.
  82. He extends a hand, pulls Ahmed from the car with the help of Russ, who guides the prince to safety.
  83. You should not be so surprised that difference extends to areas other than more outward appearance.
  84. The interests of commerce and agriculture are identified; whenever one increases, the other extends.
  85. The saint possesses harmonious relationships with people, and his over-abundant love extends even to.
  86. He bends his knees and drops into a shooter’s crouch, then extends both arms and pulls the trigger.
  87. Greenberg's analysis extends for 12 years and then adds a terminal value for the company at that time.
  88. Therefore, it does not indicate a specific datetime but an event that extends over the time indicated.
  89. Their concern for the human cell extends only so far as the health of the cell promotes its own health.
  90. We’ve only been looking at the invoices for the new ships, so it probably extends across all orders.
  91. It is important to have backup systems and to have a plan that extends several steps further than that.
  92. Her description was accurate, so far as my knowledge extends, but the emphasis was one of disparagement.
  93. After completion of this channel, an exceptionally volatile period extends between early March and mid-May.
  94. She's given honour by Jesus, which extends into every nation of the earth, wherever the gospel's preached.
  95. But the awareness of those memories extends only in one direction, like a semi-diode or one-way transmitter.
  96. And no man in the nation, so far as my knowledge extends, has ever complained of the exercise of this power.
  97. When both she and the one with many colors come to a complete stop, Mary extends her arm and reaches forward.
  98. The inveterate tendency of the stock market to exaggerate extends to factors other than changes in earnings.
  99. A small antenna extends from inside the shrub with gelatinous guts, which starts to vibrate gently in the air.
  100. I’m about to repeat the question when she extends her right arm and points at one of my Super Bowl posters.

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