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    1. ’ I apologised, appalled at my faux pas

    2. ’ Wiesse said, recovering from his faux pas

    3. There is an ugly moment while I scour around fruitlessly for a way to smooth over my faux pas

    4. Progressing through his teenage years he committed all of the usual fumbling faux pas and awkward lunges that boys the world over are obliged to do before they become men

    5. of the usual fumbling faux pas and awkward lunges that boys the

    6. The first thing Bex sees in Lobster Jack's is a girl wearing moon boots and a short, faux fur jacket

    7. Flushing at the reference to her former faux pas, she answered, “I wanted to apologize for my presumptive behavior at the outset of this meeting

    8. If Maureen noticed his faux pas she didn't let on

    9. If you normally wear glasses or a hearing aid, you can wear that in the photo – but no sunglasses or faux smarty-pants glasses

    10. I bowed to my faux master, designated to me by my true master

    11. My master, my faux master, pulled me up and sat me on his lap

    12. And then there was more again in my mouth, my faux master was feeding it to me and I was swallowing and licking and he was laughing

    13. My faux master wore a knife on his belt

    14. What had I done? My faux master, who I had been ordered to obey, lay dying by my hand

    15. Archmagi, when had I ceased to think of him as my faux master? He had kept me in a box, unable to move or lay to sleep

    16. She braked abruptly and pulled over in front of a small three-story building with faux gypsum columns outside, cast in some vaguely Greco-Roman rhythm

    17. The faux denim was one of the hardiest fabrics ever

    18. night and even a few stars twinkled in the faux sky

    19. into the dining/smoking area with its faux wall

    20. "A what? Did you mean faux pas?" When he refused to acknowledge she went on

    21. It was a horror story, but with a hokey faux Stephen King style homely voice

    22. Pleased by the faux pas, they both prayed to the Lord for vetting the pujari’s invocation

    23. “Why live in the past when the present is inviting,” she said alluding to the pujari’s faux pas

    24. “What"s that thing in the back of your Chevy? Is it real or faux?”

    25. consolingly to mitigate his faux pas

    26. She had underestimated these Americans and their social habits, deplorable they may be overall, but resolved not to make that faux pas again

    27. What made it even worse was the fact that he hadn’t even finished off that bottle of faux Snapple he’d smuggled to work, so it really sucked

    28. Perhaps catching them off guard with their defenses lowered would result in a verbal mistake or some other faux pas that would indicate their guilt or their involvement in the last murder that could only have just occurred since the séance ended; however, given that the killer was exceedingly cunning as was evidenced by the ingenuity of the planned murders, it would be unlikely that such a crafty individual would be perturbed by a visit or be flustered to the point of making a grievous error

    29. Forgetting that she could not see his inviting gesture, Feltus opened the palms of his hands then, upon realizing his faux pas, said, “Please do, Ms

    30. The calendar blotter was marred by haphazard ink stains, notes, and doodling usually made while one was talking on the telephone, which in this case was a faux crystal device designed to resemble an elegant French style

    31. kept trying to stare deep into her eyes with his faux I’m a really good fuck

    32. “What a sweetie,” she said as she bent to kiss the little faux waiter on the cheek

    33. On the back wall, Molly had projected a holographic thingie of a faux rooftop

    34. Christmas lights on their faux roof came on spelling,

    35. The Hotel Elysium rose like a neon castle above the riff-raff of the city, an icon of decadence wrapped in Grecian columns and faux ivory

    36. Textured paint and faux finishes have become more popular in recent years than at any other point in history

    37. Faux finishes can be used to create the illusion of anything from plaster or brick to leather and a few amazing things in between

    38. First of all, textured paints and faux finishes are very time consuming

    39. Another thing to consider is that many who manage to bring a texture or faux finish of some sort into every room of their homes often decide after a little while to remove some of their hard work

    40. The reason for this is that in small doses faux finishes and textured paints are novel and spectacular

    41. In addition to these things above there are faux finishes and textures that can be created with the use of paint

    42. One that is a current favorite on the market is a faux plaster affect that is achieved with paint, a lot of hard work, and a rock solid set of instructions

    43. In addition to the faux finishes that can be achieved with paint there are other textured paint affects that many people are learning to their great joy and amazement

    44. Garcia drew her suddenly to him, realizing his social faux pas had hurt her

    45. “Yeah, that’s it: more loster,” Frank said with faux conviction

    46. While a Rahul Gandhi dithered after his initial faux pas, Modi was on a roll

    47. Morgan—one of only two people in the world who regularly used Connie’s birth name—adjusted her red gloves and buttoned her white faux fur coat

    48. W-werd sprang from the house, his pale n-wird wig bouncing towards pigs then figs as he spr-werded after the cig-smoking Z-wurd, who was chasing the faux wounded F-wurd, who was charging forward towards the still mortified P-word, who was stumbling backwards towards the garden, still tr-werding his gun

    49. “Whoa, little crack gigoloho, who just let you out of the box?” Urit tried to sound casually disrespectful, presuming he was just messing with another faux AI agent of the State and not mouthing off to a consciousness with emotions

    50. “I want to be possessed by a voice of genius, even if it's faux brilliance;” he exclaimed

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    fake false faux imitation simulated error blunder mishap calamity set-back gaffe contretemps