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    1. A fake helicopter lands on the center wagon wheel, which is bigger than the other two

    2. David was blindly in love with his fabulously fake creation, seeing in her weave and

    3. Another tight, fake smile as he lets this compliment sink in, gazes out at the gawking expressions below him

    4. He was stupid to have left it at that level after surprising the one who ran the fake female side

    5. While her grief was fake and she knew her accusations were false, her courage was still commendable

    6. She picked up the fake crossbow and held it over the fire

    7. "I'll stand up with this one if it doesn't," he said, holding the fake crossbow Desa made the first day

    8. Alan knew she was not interested in his humdrum life of being sentenced to live in the fake data he built up

    9. Because he didn't really have the skills to fake the data from the entire expedition, if he had done so, he must have had help

    10. Ish's run-up was fake, as he stopped near me

    11. “Yes," Ava said, "but it’s obviously fake,” She turned the screen around

    12. “It’s re-labeled as fake,” Heymon said

    13. “You can never get it back once it’s recorded, but now it appears as if someone put fake data in to implicate another ship when it is really the Pink Dawn

    14. He doesn't need to fake his equipment, it could all be real

    15. "I hope it's the war that's fake," Alan said

    16. It may be Thom’s discoveries that are fake, but we can never tell, as you know, once we're encapsulated, we can't know

    17. For the next hour Ava sat thru the forging of the bronze age equivalent of a fake ID

    18. It is good to know a fake in false attire

    19. A fake tan

    20. He can imagine Davina clocking off at the end of another twelve hour weekend shift and climbing into something electrically purple with lowered suspension and bright blue diodes fixed to fake air scoops on the bonnet

    21. obviously fake, but the sad truth of the matter was that those that knew better

    22. The interesting thing about the Angels was, they lived in a universe they knew was fake, not one they couldn’t prove was real

    23. two hundred dollar fake tree he had placed in the corner remained

    24. didn’t need a fake ID or somebody to get her in

    25. Unfazed by the event, she removed and separated the fake ivories

    26. She wasn’t at all fake and formal like the souls he was used to, she was so ‘by your side’, so natural

    27. February was nothing more than a school girl tease, the fake hope of spring

    28. downstairs for the stitches, the fake nose, and hairpiece

    29. It reminded me of the lightly frosted fake

    30. The only thing that continued to give her comfort was her mothers’ miniature village, which she’d managed to hang on to and sat up every year under the fake tree

    31. To suggest that it might be possible to think that Heaven is all fake, that we really are only ghosts in our machines

    32. "Perfect," Alec said, a fake smile cutting through his bearded face

    33. ‘I think that to inspect this fake would be

    34. fake, he’d hardly want it returned so that the Abbot could

    35. Anyway, a fake was put in its place and, later, the thief

    36. There was no telling how much of the data store was fake and how much wasn't

    37. "It's beginning to look like the data from 61A is all fake, or at least tweaked in some way

    38. For Chatuum's benefit they had to go thru the whole story of the crystal illusion and how the expedition from Alan's home world was sent back with a fake story about Kassidor

    39. lie about Inter-IIT, you can’t train, then just fake the Industrial

    40. “You rascals,” and at that my brother threw a fake lizard that he

    41. starts to fake illness

    42. "What does this have to do with the fake gun trade?"

    43. That’s why I told only you about a fake stakeout for that gun trade

    44. Rich folks fake Christianity and poor folks live it

    45. When he presented his theories to the Royal Institute, he was accused of being a charlatan, a fake, and some of his more childish associates told him he had a big nose


    47. Reaching into the fake designer handbag that was stowed beneath the library counter, Jodie’s fingers encircled a small key-fob

    48. His consulting room could not have been less like the clinical environ of a surgery, with its large leather effect high backed chairs and accompanying fake fire

    49. A fake window about two metres squared, showing an alpine vista – or any scene he so desired – that even opened to fake fresh air

    50. ‘The evidence was from fake cloned parts we placed in the burning vehicle,’ it said in an androgynous voice that seemed to lack any accent

    1. I still don’t think I’m ready to accept your explanation of the signals I’m getting from it light years out in the direction of 61 Cygni, but I agree they could be faked

    2. She had a definite regal bearing that couldn’t be faked

    3. He smiled and faked interest, his stomach churning with jealousy

    4. At the 10, Reilly faked a pass left and took off right, untouched into the end zone

    5. Some of the very writers, who in Havana had misled the public with faked stories of victorious insurgent armies sweeping the Island, now found material at the expense of the Cubans in the expose of the phantasms created by their own imagination

    6. They even faked up some ancient texts with my name all over them,” said Hartle, composing his thoughts While the temptation to spill his guts all over the place was very high, this alien kid had no common terms of reference

    7. What continued to baffle him was the reason why those higher-ups would want to go to the trouble to arrange a faked death of a girl who, as far as Colling knew, was somewhere back home in the States

    8. A short deliberation later, and after he had pointed at Ethan and Nicole quite fervently, they picked up their weapons and motioned with an awkward, mixed expression of confusion, fear and faked bravado to follow them

    9. “Having dated as many women as you have,” Charles gave me a faked frown of disapproval, “wouldn’t you say that you have a better sense of who you are seeking than you did when you first started dating?”

    10. “They faked my death because I was Divergent, and Jeanine had started killing the Divergent

    11. One ambassador said, “To suggest the evidence for the trials was faked would be to suppose (in Stalin) the creative genius of Shakespeare

    12. again, Jacob’s/Israel’s “death” faked in a pit, and sold into slavery, then he “reap-

    13. But I would fight for Jesse even though it was faked

    14. “Yes, because my game is a lot more smoother” he teased, he faked clearing his throat “Do you have a map? Because I just got lost in your eyes,” he said

    15. I faked those photos

    16. I faked it until he threw me in here

    17. Both their beauty and kindheartedness came from the inside; it could never be bought or faked

    18. She "faked" her way to a Masters

    19. I felt someone moving behind me, and I faked unconsciousness to see if they’d spill something useful while I waited

    20. The scientists who faked the samples worked for the Interior

    21. Which further muddies the waters, since it throws our earlier deduction that it was cast by human wizards into doubt, since a faked human quality may have been left as a false trail

    22. So I faked a smile and pretended to be totally interested in Francis

    23. and how bad was his faked marriage

    24. When the SAM was in position Bender faked it down then he pulled hard on his F-4

    25. She faked the recent improvements in her behavior to counter our suspicions

    26. GN faked your father’s death

    27. As Paulson and Henry Jackson wheeled Kirk past the Primagnon guards, he faked unconsciousness and they apparently assumed he was being taken to the quieter vestibule to recover

    28. Some passengers faked movement while others looked out the window

    29. See you soon," the Director faked a smile and terminated the call before Calvin could say another word

    30. Peter only faked a coupon for a friend

    31. Those that faked it hired a Quality Guru and made quality their responsibility

    32. His jokes were obviously faked and

    33. We could have murdered Frances, faked my wounds, driven up to the Alconas and, while I was conning Mad and Brian to give me an alibi, Jon could have driven on up to the studio in the Mercedes on his own

    34. All she wanted was long slow fucking so she could scream and moan in constant orgasms that I reckon were often as faked as mine

    35. character in the movie is horrified and absolutely posi ive that no sexual partner of his has ever "faked it

    36. Her lesson plans faked coordination of what could not be coordinated, lessons which could not be accomplished because the only thing that made sense in her classroom, faced with students who just dropped in once in a while, was to work with each student where he or she was, trying to find something that could be accomplished

    37. In the interim Skeets had eased over to Orlando, left his car in a mall, rented the hatchback using faked ID and then hightailed back to Centra to see what was going on

    38. But… I suppose, with her being a lab tech, she could have faked her test results

    39. “She could have faked her drug test results

    40. She looked at Mousavi with a surprise that was not faked

    41. The deceased had an attorney to file an appeal in the event that it was needed, so why was this ruling necessary at all? You may have heard about the person who faked dying and then crawled off to the Cayman Islands to retire without using his social security benefits

    42. A number of young pilots around her then faked indignation at her incendiary declaration, while Davies rolled his eyes

    43. I faked my emotions, but on the inside, I withdrew more and more

    44. I pressed on and nine minutes later slowed down, faked exhaustion and walked into the Coral Towers, in search of a water fountain and an elevator

    45. they faked the whole thing

    46. I faked a complete calm so as not to telegraph what I was talking about

    47. I'd have faked it, too

    48. � Of course, Lieutenant Colonel Robertson had wasted no time then to insinuate again that her previous condition had been faked

    49. Tears then appeared in her eyes, real tears and not faked ones meant to mislead

    50. ‘’Of course, Inspector!’’ Said Fedukin, not overly concerned: he had with him multiple sets of the best faked papers the GRU could produce

    1. “Oh don’t worry about that,” Althay told her, “Don’t bring those loudmouth fakes with you and come party

    2. The stories of atrocities upon Spanish prisoners were palpable fakes

    3. Thus any parachute wings you see on the Internet are fakes

    4. Most medicines are available at the local (Nigerian) clinics but it is from India or the Ukraine and may be fakes

    5. “We could’ve been fakes sir

    6. Fiqua then tried to track down the witch Hitto told her about, she knew she would find her in one of the kingdoms in the South, but it took her a long time to do it and she found many women trying to pass as witches, but who were fakes

    7. He fakes a death on his stool and smiles


    9. “The box did not throw off the halo around the head, and when I had lunch with the geologist, she told me that some of the precious stones were fakes, which didn’t radiate the same as real gemstones

    10. Instead of going to court, Gerard fakes his own death

    11. instrument in their lives and would quickly be found out as fakes but Yan had

    12. Lucas shrugs and fakes a sympathetic sigh

    13. He fakes a shiver

    14. “Perhaps the photographs were not fakes after all, and that you were stupidly caught red-handed

    15. In fact, as I believe you know, the documents were fakes

    16. a white background, stood in the hall, looking alarmingly fragile but actually fakes made of

    17. “I do hope they are not fakes

    18. I have made a number of telephone calls since our brief meeting this afternoon, and I would not be happy if they were to turn out to be fakes, neither would the collectors

    19. “They are not fakes, I can guarantee that

    20. What I do care about is the sworn allegation that, I understand, is to accompany these--these fakes

    21. Since the entire civilized world is a fake, then they are a normal person, with all the normal fakes and fake egos and fake lies and self-delusions that all other people have

    22. Why are only the biggest fakes elected into office? Because the public craves fakery at all levels

    23. “They are all liars, fops, fakes and cheaters in the world, who claim they have

    24. Showing how the boys in that band were complete fakes

    25. Living humans now worship the biggest living fakes on Earth

    26. Actors are professional fakes

    27. "Oh, they did say they were fakes

    28. They were fakes

    29. The second is as you get distribution in the big leaders one other index keeps going up which fakes everyone out

    30. There were also some obvious fakes

    31. Head fakes can be really convincing and a good trader knows the

    1. This was his real crime wasn’t it? It wasn’t just faking data from the whole expedition

    2. It was the best I could come up with before faking a coughing fit

    3. Kulai strove to control his breathing and say calmly, “I guess she had as good a chance as any of the claimants, but she’s studied with the Yingolians so she’d have a good chance of faking it too

    4. someone posted on the cliff face faking it

    5. Eventually she had begun faking orgasms just to please him

    6. He dropped her hand, faking a look of nonchalance

    7. cigar, and Hillenbrand braced himself, faking unconsciousness

    8. “Well, it’s better than just faking the reports,” he admitted

    9. Trenchard was laughing into his cupped hand, faking a little cough; eyes glinting out of the middle of his strong-looking features

    10. He wasn’t exactly faking it, saw Sim

    11. Ethan didn’t have a very hard time faking intimidation

    12. This they can accommodate by faking common sense

    13. She has to be faking it and he has to be photoshopped

    14. was faking an ejaculation

    15. just that way for me and not for her? Maybe she had been faking

    16. they are not faking

    17. Would our ships be passing each other silently in the night? Indeed, although the authorities had no further legal demands on me, would the German courts perhaps throw the book at me and lock me up until I grew fangs? Peter had been behind bars for two years for only faking a shoe purchase permit, my transgressions were far more serious

    18. She wasn’t faking anything with me

    19. She knew I was faking

    20. “What else is on?” you roll your face into her chest faking snores at the elephant show on TV

    21. major transition; he stopped faking

    22. “Can’t have been long after that he died,” said Bill, faking a curious tone

    23. She knew he was faking anger, and she called his bluff

    24. “Do you really think that I am faking this?" Brian would argue

    25. I knew for a fact that he wasn"t faking it

    26. I got the feeling that she is faking on something

    27. Faking engine trouble shortly after reentry was easy

    28. “Have you just accelerated your skills or have you been faking all this time

    29. Lack of wholeness leads to faking: differences between the

    30. case she was faking it

    31. She thinks he’s faking

    32. Is she faking the happiness? Is there any worse thing happening round the corner? He suddenly felt some weight in his chest

    33. She was in a runner's stance and faking injury all along, and I had underestimated her, again

    34. “I don't ask you what he's done to you, do I?” said Kate, faking indignance

    35. “No, there was no faking all that stuff

    36. They saw her contort with spasms while grimacing with pain, but they didn’t realize that she was actually faking it: Demons were naturally immune to damage from a number of things, one of them being electricity

    37. Realizing that whoever had caused that accident would probably not leave living witnesses behind, she quickly rolled down her window and let her head down while keeping her eyes half opened but alert, faking unconsciousness

    38. This was a stance Ben employed because it would give him better balance, and when he took his hand off his hip oftentimes it would confuse his opponent because he didn't know if he was taking it off his hip to use it, if he was faking, or if he was moving into a different pose of balance

    39. “Dear God!” Said Burnham, faking distress in his voice

    40. I lift one corner of my mouth, but she’s watching my reflection and sees that I’m completely faking it

    41. I thought you were faking it at first, but when you woke up and asked where the bathroom was and never returned she was flabbergasted

    42. He had made the mistake of moving closer to see if the Prince was faking

    43. Jess found it funny, but I knew he was faking

    44. He took a deep breath in, a demonstration of her faking ecstasy

    45. Faking a smile she moved towards the counter, her fingers nervously twisting a ringlet of hair

    46. Some would see it as acting or faking, but you don’t have to view it that way

    47. ” His face hurt from faking the smile so long

    48. She told the doctor: he says he's got a stomach ache, I can't tell if he's faking or not; and the doctor said: don't worry about it, I'll figure it out

    49. remained on the ground, faking injury

    50. Darek thought Sorren was faking his

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