Oraciones con la palabra "trivial"

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Trivial en una oración (en ingles)

It is a trivial affair.
Why, it's all so trivial.
This is not trivial stuff.
But most were too trivial.
For behold a trivial cabin.
But now they seemed trivial.
Yes, but that task was trivial.

The prom seemed trivial in comparison.
His sole preoccupation with the trivial.
After all, it's a fairly trivial affair.
This is not a trivial thing I ask of you.
Trivial, flippant, soaked in worldliness.
These were largely trivial matters, though.
For example, adding a new view is trivial.
I can’t waste any time with trivial talk.
But the picture is pale, and perhaps trivial.
Sometimes the most trivial thing annoyed Mrs.
Their differences trivial and uncompromising.
If this incident, and all the other trivial.
We talked about trivial things, things we knew.
It’s trivial, but I think it makes the point.
The effect was heightened by a trivial accident.
Only rare and trivial data points will even be.
Shew trivial beauties watch their hour to shine;.
To him, such notions were intriguing but trivial.
It’s always been the trivial unimportant stuff.
He talked to them and discussed something trivial.
Things he had considered important were now trivial.
Yes, she said, as if it were a trivial detail.
I know the swans are trivial in the face of war and.
The issue that had separated them seemed trivial now.
She was too numb to worry about such trivial matters.
Oh, that's all nonsense about Troy, a trivial matter.
They may tend to think that is trivial and has no merit.
Phil's chatter seemed trivial and the reception a bore.
Decisions weren’t based on trivial visitation rights.
But the fact that he had in this transient, trivial life.
I am trivial only about trifles, not in what is important.
Maybe I thought it was too trivial to bring before the Lord.

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