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    1. It took her telling them that I was past these trivial Scientology remedies and needed the "big guns" now for them to lay off

    2. For the last few weeks he had shut out the sounds of life, preferring the solitude of personal contemplation to the banality of human contact, but here in the soft tawny light of the lounge bar at the Red Lion those trivial voices broke through on the back of an ethereal sub tone that slowly built up throughout the evening until, towards closing time, Ken realised that he was listening to the same song being played over and over again on the jukebox

    3. tawny light of the lounge bar at the Red Lion those trivial voices

    4. This news, tragic for others, makes the price to be paid for the shirt in the white plastic dry cleaning bag by the door seem trivial

    5. To people five thousand Earth years old, the wait of another decade or more would have been trivial

    6. matter how trivial the matter

    7. They spoke with the voices of women of purpose, and even the girlish banter which sprinkled their conversations was gilded with the genuineness of heartfelt joy, lacking the trivial frivolity so mechanically tittered by other young women tiresomely and without depth

    8. his own family as well, but his worries seemed trivial

    9. He sought to focus him mind on trivial thoughts, pondering the insects’ fate once the undead moved on

    10. be troubled by anything so trivial

    11. seemed a comparatively trivial matter – but he was right

    12. Trivial amount of time has passed,

    13. too damn trivial,” I said with the air of a CEO

    14. There were things, new things, which seemed so much more significant – with all of the other concerns on his mind, foolish and hapless Nords currently seemed all the more trivial

    15. This may seem trivial but unless we are in their shoes, we will not be able to comprehend their state of mind

    16. important and what is trivial

    17. It’s always been the trivial unimportant stuff

    18. But now they seemed trivial

    19. 7billion people unaware of their presence (at least the B’tari believed); struggling to fulfil their hopes, dreams, worrying about troubles that from up here seemed ever more starkly trivial set against what potential fate awaited

    20. Just being physically human – with all its desires and basic needs – only encouraged these trivial concerns; to then be reinforced by those who claimed to accommodate them but with something to gain, something to sell

    21. when the journey wasn't trivial

    22. can't afford food, or from trivial diseases that could be treated or prevented for a couple of

    23. immaculate, I always feel he needs to complain about some trivial

    24. My only chance at keeping my head above water might have been in a game of Trivial Pursuit, were I to draw the entertainment category

    25. Yet he mused over what was comparatively trivial, fascinated by what that was she was wearing, what kind of material? Jimmy wanted to call out to her, was about to, he was sure, but she now turned to face him

    26. ‘I am interested, apropos of nothing: what is your opinion on your original self being downloaded into a human?’ He knew, in the circumstances, it seemed an illogically trivial question

    27. This might sound pretty trivial, but there is one golden rule when it comes to computer maintenance – keep everything up-to-date

    28. Paul was ignoring Kate and Helen discussing such a trivial matter; rather he was busy collecting droplets released from the underside of the bridge

    29. The issue that had separated them seemed trivial now

    30. Regulation can easily be largely trivial in the supposed harm it causes, deregulation often inherently destructive

    31. With far more weightier matters worthy of your newspaper‘s attention, it seems almost trivial submitting a letter to your office in reaction to a parking summons my wife received the other night at 12:30 AM while many of the hard-working citizens of Sterling Avenue were fast asleep

    32. And that made me feel both petty, for thinking that it would matter to him, and disturbed, because it was obvious that Dorian was preoccupied, and whatever it was that made my trip seem trivial couldn’t be good news for me

    33. Hundreds of thousands of children died from usually trivial illnesses like diarrhea that led to death by dehydration

    34. The hook sent her reeling off the table, but somehow she used her hands like a fourteen year-old gymnast and turned her fall into a somersault that send her almost flying across the kitchen and a few feet away into the small living room where the TV was still on, showing a very familiar guy with wiry hair, smiling on a beach, wearing silly red shorts and surrounded by a plethora of large boobs that I wasn’t able to simply discard as trivial under the circumstances

    35. It reminded him of the kitchen area on a passenger aeroplane with neat cupboards and a few trivial instruments

    36. Surely understanding the fourth dimension, ‘soft’ wormholes, and anything else necessary for time travel, would be a trivial skill for even an approximately All-Knowing entity

    37. It would seem to be fairly trivial for an All-knowing entity to simulate what would take place in the future as a result of any given intervention, including any impacts on His potential existence

    38. “There are examples ranging from really trivial stuff, like genealogical errors, to much more fundamental beliefs

    39. More than once I witnessed how he took his own children to court for the most trivial and insignificant issues

    40. place and trivial, but the crux of the matter is that if one is to lead a large, and growing

    41. The advice that Jethro gave Moses sounds commonplace, even trivial, in the world of

    42. seems commonplace and trivial, but the crux of the matter is that if one is to

    43. Starting in 1986, the Genus II edition of Trivial Pursuit told a whole generation of trivia buffs that blue moons were the second full moon in a calendar month

    44. complaining about something trivial

    45. Somehow I felt sorry for the poor bastard, losing Lucky over something so trivial must’ve hurt, weather he cared for her or not

    46. Cisco routers and switches, and that's TFTP - Trivial File Transfer Protocol

    47. Society's struggles seem trivial, down here, in the smothering silence

    48. Existence seems trivial

    49. Even I seem trivial

    50. Of course, the loss of even trivial items can be pretty annoying, but it's much more worrying to lose

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    fiddling footling lilliputian little niggling petty picayune piddling piffling trivial superficial insignificant trifling unimportant useless worthless vain unavailing