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    1. In America the fraudulent tapes were re-examined and bore marks that confirmed their irregularity

    2. It bears the evident marks of having originally been, what the honest and downright Doctor Douglas assures us it was, a scheme of fraudulent debtors to cheat their creditors

    3. That bounties upon exportation have been abused, to many fraudulent purposes, is very well known

    4. This observation, however, may very probably be the mere suggestion of fraudulent dealers, whose smuggling is either prevented or detected by their diligence

    5. Probably the most asinine, pernicious, fraudulent, and dangerous federal law ever passed

    6. he visited with the other inmates, people convicted of tax evasion, fraudulent accounting, and similar activities

    7. It is sad to see good people caught out in such fraudulent practices

    8. Changing the plans is seen as fraudulent behaviour and arrogant if not downright disrespectful

    9. On a positive note the CFE’s do however have sound training in Fraud Prevention and Deterrence; Fraudulent Financial Transactions; Fraud Investigation; and Legal Elements of Fraud and must be given the respect due to them and the institutions who taught them classic forensic law

    10. Buchanan approved the fraudulent constitution adopted by pro slavery forces

    11. As President, Adams canceled a fraudulent treaty between the Creek tribe and Georgia, the Treaty of the Dancing Rabbit

    12. Neither would have enforced the fraudulent Treaties of the Dancing Rabbit or New Echota

    13. Jackson would not even have made the effort to halt a fraudulent treaty

    14. Fraudulent investment schemes in reforestation projects, resorts and restaurants took a heavy toll, but, by far, real estate was the worst

    15. 1% of all credit card transactions are fraudulent

    16. Fannie Mae was fined $134 million for their fraudulent activity but no one was

    17. ‘Please note that Allen & Overy LLP has become aware that the name of Jennifer Chambers is being used in connection with certain fraudulent scam emails

    18. These fraudulent emails have nothing to do with Allen & Overy LLP or Jennifer Chambers

    19. It is possible that some of those organizations were aware of the fraudulent activities

    20. Metrological Organization has now testified that she was forced not to report fraudulent activities and

    21. Also, it puts an end immediately to the influence traffic, corruption, parallel accounting, bribery, robbery and political use of the social budget and fraudulent deviation of collected money

    22. It wastes already incurred investments and it gives margin for fraudulent deviations with political and illicit actions; besides causing economic recession that transforms in scrap iron immense productive parks

    23. All its actuation occurs without using the deposited physical money that will stay under the guard of the Central Bank of the Country in that is juridically constituted, this avoids that there are deviations, robberies or fraudulent action

    24. Also, the new systematics avoids improper use of the products, it inhibits fraudulent actions, robberies or sale of those products in the market; besides, it recognizes and it localizes those objects in any region of the planet

    25. There is not as to utilize this money out of its production or to embezzle for fraudulent ends

    26. Having discovered the fraudulent nature of Marx’s pronunciations, several larger

    27. Seven of its members just got hit with felony charges for their role in over seventeen hundred fraudulent voting registration forms in the state of Washington

    28. William Sherman, the journalist who was instrumental in uncovering this fraudulent mess, alleges that the cost of 1 ounce of bone, in terms of dental implants, is more than the cost of 1 ounce of gold

    29. It was when their own fraudulent attempt to steal the election from Bush failed that the Democrats went livid with rage and frustration

    30. buried and wrongdoers rewarded with fraudulent payouts

    31. They have conducted a vigorous and all-embracing investigation of Republican campaign practices but have ignored Howard Hughes’ alleged contribution to Humphrey, corporate and union funds ear-marked for Democrats, the “surveillance” of Agnew during the 1968 campaign, the planting of a Democratic spy in the Goldwater headquarters in 1964, the allegedly fraudulent election returns from Texas and Illinois in 1960 and the conflict of interest of 19 members of the Judiciary Committee looking into the impeachment, though they have been at the receiving end of funds from the AFL-CIO which has taken a position in favor of impeachment before the evidence was in

    32. USDC in New Haven for a grand jury investigating years of EB’s fraudulent

    33. The man gave a hearty but fraudulent laugh, and Swann teetered between cordiality and sending him on his way

    34. A fraudulent investment manager whose bankrupted client had suicided, received a fine he could well afford; and a housebreaker had successfully sued the poor old bloke who had only been protecting his own property with a shot-gun

    35. Offer customers the best of your services and never use fraudulent tactics and

    36. There are many types of arson crimes, including setting fire to one's property with fraudulent intent--such as to collect insurance money

    37. The Minister opened the envelope quizzically, pulled the photographs out and froze with shock, his eyes almost popping from his head as he stared at the evidence of his complicity in the fraudulent “oilfield” scam

    38. Instead of having twelve individual missiles to deal with, the fraudulent space ship had eighty-four

    39. She had the full set of keys which had been Matthew’s and she knew the security alarm number and so later on that evening she made her way back to the shop for a closer look at what she thought could be fraudulent

    40. c) By means of fraudulent machination or grave abuse of

    41. They actually served the consumer by reversing a charge by some store that was fraudulent

    42. If you believe you have been cheated by a fraudulent credit repair service, don’t hesitate to report the company to your local consumer affairs office or your state attorney general

    43. Ford personally perpetrated the fraudulent act of protecting the unfounded conclusion of the Warren Commission report on the Assassination of John F

    44. If this was to happen, it would be undisputable confirmation of her suspicions concerning Faye Underwood and her fraudulent pretenses of social skills

    45. The purpose of this paper is to present a concept of a national voting scheme that is much less vulnerable to fraudulent human behavior than the current system, while preserving or enhancing anonymity (or secret ballot)

    46. I had tea with her the other day, and she seemed very strange, almost removed, and fraudulent

    47. As a result, fraudulent clicking "literally pushes us off the page," Cauff

    48. website to the hacker's fraudulent website by exploiting vulnerabilities in the

    49. It is believed that adverse events are under-reported and they know from history that tolerating the sale of unproven, fraudulent, or altered drugs results in harm to the public health

    50. have special forms, use the sample letter to dispute the fraudulent

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    deceitful fallacious fraudulent false lying bogus forged sham simulated counterfeit