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Gage en una oración (en ingles)

  1. This is Agent Gage.
  2. Gage shot Vince a glare.
  3. Gage accelerated up the on-ramp.
  4. Gage led the group of highly educated.
  5. Troy’s forefinger tapped the fuel gage.

  6. I watched the gage and it still kept going up.
  7. Tom Gage cries aloud so long as his tombstone endures.
  8. She had notes to make from her chat with Gage earlier.
  9. Gerrid studied her face, as if trying to gage her sincerity.
  10. Were they hurt? Were they alive? He looked at his map to gage.
  11. When they joined Gage in the dining room, Vince turned to Blake.
  12. And why not? She wiggled her eyebrows when she thought of Gage.
  13. Jerry was actively involved with an organization run by Richard Gage.
  14. Duncan looked at her and knew she would gage him by the answers he gave.
  15. It wasn't too long after I started the machine that the gage was going up.

  16. Keller turned back to Gage and stripped the bullet-proof vest from his torso.
  17. And I’m running the mountain bike race in the morning, Gage said to Sage.
  18. After placing his call, Agent Gage returned to the trailer and gathered his things.
  19. The truck’s temperature gage was in the red, but I kept the throttle pressed down.
  20. Apparently Gage had his fill of the cheesy rah-rah talk because he changed the subject.
  21. You can make use of your temperature gage to distinguish the warmest water in the area.
  22. We then waited for the market to have its first reaction and gage its new strength at that point.
  23. Vinnie’s here, Gage whispered, his breathing labored from the pain and bruises to his chest.
  24. We’re a bunch of bums, what can we say? Gage grinned and pulled the deck of cars out of its box.
  25. Don’t know why he’d want a ski bum marrying one of his daughters anyway, Gage said with a grin.

  26. Directly below it was a shot of Sage sitting between Gage and Jeremy, laughing with them, her eyes lit up.
  27. Speculative holders will naturally gage all advice by the test of market results—usually immediate results.
  28. But in these, as in all analytical situations, we must warn against an endeavor to gage too nicely the proper time to buy.
  29. Gage stowed his few belongings in the car, first tucking his sidearm in the side of the trunk, then patting the vest into place.
  30. At dinner Vince maneuvered them so they sat with Jeremy and his date, Gage and his mother, and within hearing distance of the future bride.
  31. All great things come through recognition the gage of power is through the conciseness and the thoughts are its fire and flames of projection.
  32. By the time the information trickled down to the FBI from the three law enforcement agencies responding to the calls, Gage had figured out the black limousine was not in Logandale by accident.
  33. But the margin trader is necessarily concerned with immediate results; he swims with the tide, hoping to gage the exact moment when the tide will turn and to reverse his stroke the moment before.
  34. Rosevelt, the Melbourne, the Firebrand, the Saratoga, the Bellerophon, the Kyushu, the Princeton, the Bonestell, the Tolstoy, the Chekov, the Gage, the Yamaguchi… He had to force himself to stop the count, because with each ship named a tree branched off in his mind delineating the names of the dead.
  35. We have suggested, however, that the profits of the most recent year, taken singly, might be accepted as the gage of future earnings, if (1) general business conditions in that year were not exceptionally good, (2) the company has shown an upward trend of earnings for some years past and (3) the investor’s study of the industry gives him confidence in its continued growth.
  1. There are no well-defined standards as to when high-grade bond prices are cheap or dear corresponding to the earnings-ratio test for common stocks, and the operations have to be guided chiefly by a technique of gaging market moves that seems rather far removed from investment.
  2. The inference would properly follow that the unfavorable tendency shown during 1925–1932 was probably due to accidental or nonpermanent conditions and that in gaging the future earning power more enlightenment will be derived from the substantial average than from the seemingly disastrous trend.
  3. But most students will try to locate the potential Philip Morris opportunities, by gaging future possibilities with greater or less care, and will then buy their shares even at a fairly high price—rather than make their commitments in a diversified group of bargain issues with only ordinary prospects.
  1. Mikey gages his reaction.

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