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Grave en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He said to the grave.
  2. The bad in the grave.
  5. This is a grave error.

  6. The good in the grave.
  7. The "lass" was a grave.
  9. And sent to her grave.
  10. This was a grave error.
  11. That is a grave mistake.
  12. He was grave and abrupt.
  13. As still as the grave.
  14. Into The Grave Of Kings.
  15. Men to their early grave.

  16. They are pale and grave.
  17. Jesus was in His grave.
  18. He took it to his grave.
  19. There pray over my grave.
  20. Bought him an early grave.
  21. Another grave stone said U.
  22. Corruption is in the grave.
  23. Lydia was in grave danger.
  24. We obey them in the grave.
  25. Zina sat silent and grave.

  26. And he is in grave danger.
  27. It was a deep, good grave.
  28. In a grave without a stone.
  30. IN THE GRAVE in 9 passages.
  31. The eyes of a grave general.
  32. Was to rise from His grave.
  33. It the grave alone can cure.
  34. I have hope beyond the grave.
  35. But I have grave misgivings.
  36. There was no grave to visit.
  37. We were in grave danger, I.
  38. The incident was very grave.
  39. The river is the true grave.
  40. Killing them is a grave sin.
  41. This will make a fine grave.
  42. All was as quiet as the grave.
  43. I’d swear on my grave!.
  44. The rain poured in the grave.
  45. Marius assumed a grave tone:.
  46. Their captivity was a grave.
  47. The grave site was situated.
  48. Children is somber as a grave.
  49. The water represents a grave.
  50. They carried it to the grave.
  51. Were they aware of the grave.
  52. He has one foot in the grave.
  53. My guardian angel to the grave.
  54. She had to be grave and aloof.
  55. And not have strew'd thy grave.
  56. Grave of Sylvia Plath, winter.
  57. The grave assessment was not.
  58. Sam was digging his own grave.
  59. For the GRAVE (sheol) cannot.
  60. That, I'll take to my grave:.
  61. Then her face went grave again.
  62. Pumblechook, with a grave nod.
  63. The Grave gets us soon enough.
  64. The Grave Marker or Tombstone.
  65. And an early unpleasant grave.
  66. I have never robbed a grave.
  67. Guo Yuxia became grave and said.
  68. Christ went to the grave that.
  69. Lament, embrace upon that grave.
  70. Grave Bloom regards Zoe's neck.
  71. Hopes no refuge but the grave;.
  72. But mingle in the grave with me.
  73. Round the raw grave they stay'd.
  74. And Joshua was in grave danger.
  75. The position was extremely grave.
  76. He wept at the grave of Lazarus.
  77. He was not abandon to the grave.
  78. I swear it on my mama’s grave.
  79. Abruptly, his face became grave.
  80. Both the women looked very grave.
  81. I fear they are in grave danger.
  82. I looked at the open grave below.
  83. Sin, and Satan and the grave.
  84. Do not stand at my grave and cry.
  85. She met him with grave annoyance.
  86. Christ went to the grave that day.
  87. GRAVE (sheol) I caused a mourning.
  88. I moved to the foot of the grave.
  89. I could be in grave danger there.
  90. Lustrium plates marked the grave.
  91. The father turkey-cocks so grave.
  92. The future could be at grave risk.
  93. The Professor looked sternly grave.
  94. Pjodarr stared at the girl's grave.
  95. It puts all in Hell or the grave.
  96. The inmates reached the grave site.
  97. Babylon in "Hell" or in the "grave.
  98. His condition was listed as grave.
  99. Lord not me this task is to grave.
  100. Amos and Zia exchanged grave looks.
  1. Caelum - The Graving Tool.
  2. For see the stone that I have laid before Joshua; on one stone shall be seven eyes: see, I will engrave the graving of it, says the Lord of.
  3. That would be the Doctrine of Two Spirits, which is the same as the Two Tables of Stone and Zechariah 3:9 which states upon one stone shall be seven eyes: behold, I will engrave the graving thereof.
  1. Then a neck exquisitely turned, graved behind and on the sides with.
  2. He overlaid also the house, the beams, the posts, and the walls of it, and the doors of it, with gold; and graved cherubims on the walls.
  3. I spun with a quiet curse, hunched my shoulders in Caesar's cloak, ignored two dozen stab wounds given me by the wind, and stomped down along the graved drive.
  4. When the sea is moderately calm, and slightly marked with spherical ripples, and this gnomon-like fin stands up and casts shadows upon the wrinkled surface, it may well be supposed that the watery circle surrounding it somewhat resembles a dial, with its style and wavy hour-lines graved on it.
  5. Graved a maxim true and wise,.
  1. Their graves are in the.
  2. We both stop at the graves.
  3. Graves in the time of Jesus.
  4. I began to talk about Graves.
  5. Clare Graves calls Tier Two.
  6. I started to fill the graves.
  7. From the graves of our slain.
  8. I spit on all of your graves.
  9. ALL who are in their graves.
  10. Cold earth, the place of graves.
  11. Lovers of me, bafflers of graves.
  12. Two guys remained in their graves.
  13. A face appeared above the graves.
  14. And they were remembering graves.
  15. The same graves where the prison.
  16. You’ve more graves to dig, lunk.
  17. There open fanes and gaping graves.
  18. And when the graves are dispersed.
  19. Note its cheerful title—'My Graves.
  20. You know him—that’s Muley Graves.
  21. I already visited their graves today.
  22. Graves had his own way of saying it:.
  23. He looked, while I waited, at the graves.
  24. It was Muley Graves, his hat pulled low.
  25. And there were two graves beneath this oak.
  26. Were there no graves in Egypt that you.
  27. They throw all our fathers in shallow graves.
  28. I went to visit my parents’ graves on the.
  29. An Indian more rarely lurks about the graves.
  30. Miss Graves awakened breathless with expectancy.
  31. In its victim's graves it has caterpillar dug.
  32. Time passed as we stood at the foot of the graves.
  33. The number of mass graves found up to year 2006.
  34. There is an invisible, holy cathedral over graves.
  35. One by one, they leapt to their salt-water graves.
  36. Everyone in the graves shall hear His voice.
  37. Jesus clearly said, All who are in their graves.
  38. I’m sure Graves would agree it didn’t stop there.
  39. You sharin’ with us, Muley Graves? he asked.
  40. Its throes will heave our exuviae from their graves.
  41. The dead, once buried in their graves, rise no more.
  42. Graves is correct in his assumptions and conclusions.
  43. Clare Graves work and found the word "aperspectival".
  44. Fortunately, Graves was a bit of a wild horse himself.
  45. The innkeeper's wife slipped deftly away among graves.
  46. They then began to dig twelve graves with their swords.
  47. They began to dig graves out of the cold, hard ground.
  48. There are no graves in Sanctuary, Henrietta said.
  49. And so he progress, and he scatter these graves of him.
  51. At Stalingrad, there was no one left to dig the graves.
  53. Around them were the new graves of all the other monks.
  54. And now it seems to me the beautiful uncut hair of graves.
  55. Men will go to their graves preaching their own truths.
  56. What I didn’t like about Graves, however, was his poetry.
  57. From these dead clods and chills as from low burial graves.
  58. Here were the flower beds—weeds sprouting up over graves.
  59. Wollaston's Reflecting Goniometer, simplified by Graves, 76.
  60. The buried bodies in all the graves must have been listening.
  61. He simply told them that their graves were not in one place.
  62. Graves has to be one of the most undisciplined thinkers ever.
  63. Many years ago the dead had been placed in simple graves dug.
  64. Captain Graves was under a lot of pressure to catch that crew.
  65. There are many graves, but we are told there is only one Hell.
  67. Do you see those two makeshift graves over there? he asks.
  68. There were thirty new graves in the small cemetery and Brother.
  69. And when Richard peeked again, he saw nothing but other graves.
  70. Fast, you say; people leap the Himalayas, flop in their graves.
  71. I entered it and approached the tomb which marked their graves.
  72. And so, she spits on their graves and leave them to rot together.
  73. The forest was full of unmarked graves, which nobody spoke about.
  75. Two days before the insects were due, Miss Graves lost her voice.
  76. The vast majority of persons dig their graves through their teeth.
  77. Thomas looked around and saw there were a dozen or so other graves.
  78. Graves were something Zac had become familiar with over the years.
  79. He changes “grave” (“graves” when speaking of the graves.
  80. I distinguished a moor sheep cropping the short turf on the graves.
  81. You know, Alice, Graves says the Muse—the Poetry archetype—is.
  82. I distinguished a moor-sheep cropping the short turf on the graves.
  83. And it seems my house was built over your unfortunate early graves.
  84. Come, let’s visit the graves of my friends and of my late husband.
  85. The mass graves are still there if anyone wants to go look for them.
  86. It stretched down the high hill to a valley where open graves waited.
  87. The cross is placed on graves, it truly represents death 要 not a god.
  88. A smell of opened graves, abattoirs, raw meat left too long in the sun.
  89. Many of the graves were caves or a room dug out of rock and sealed up.
  90. Have your mechs immediately dig the graves to dispose of the bodies.
  91. And go to their graves without ever saying to them that they love them.
  92. For the hour is coming when ALL WHO ARE IN THEIR GRAVES WILL HEAR HIS.
  93. And may our father and mothers be proud of us from beyond their graves.
  94. Does he not know? When the contents of the graves are scattered around.
  95. Thank you for taking care of the farm and my parents’ graves, Davey.
  96. What saved Graves was the incredible strength of the Mother Goddess myth.
  97. Graves were the legacy left, never been seen under such a number before.
  98. Ever’body was out but Elsie Graves, and Elsie wasn’t bashful at all.
  99. That is what the statement Until you visit the graves suggests to us.
  100. The Pharisees were like whitewashed graves, which appear beautiful, but.

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