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Serious en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He knew I was serious.
  2. I am serious my love.
  3. Was he serious, or is.
  4. It was a serious warning.
  5. He could not be serious.
  6. Plus we have a serious.
  7. With him sex is serious.
  8. She was serious about it.
  9. I have a serious habit.
  10. They have a serious kiss.
  11. He was serious this time.
  12. Are you serious? I asked.
  13. He was a serious drinker.
  14. But you look so serious.
  15. That is a serious thing.
  16. He was in serious trouble.
  17. This is serious, you know.
  18. This is a serious dilemma.
  19. It was a serious business.
  20. Mac, he is dead serious.
  21. I need a serious favor.
  22. I want this to be serious.
  23. The risks are not serious.
  24. No, you can’t be serious.
  25. That’s how serious it is.
  26. But he got serious about it.
  27. Suraj put on a serious face.
  28. You are in serious trouble.
  29. His boss knew how serious.
  30. But this is not a serious.
  31. Then he grew serious again.
  32. That's why it's so serious.
  33. He was a kind, serious man.
  34. I hoped he wasn’t serious.
  35. We have some serious plans.
  36. This is a very serious word.
  37. Now look, please be serious.
  38. He looks very, very serious.
  39. ICU is a very serious place.
  40. I am very serious, mister.
  41. This is serious stuff, Andy.
  42. Were you serious about the.
  43. And then in a most serious.
  44. Then came a serious of bombs.
  45. This is serious, not a joke.
  46. The captain is a serious man.
  47. I’m serious, I need it.
  48. Survival is a serious matter.
  49. Long Fei was serious and said.
  50. Could she have been serious?
  51. Now I realised he was serious.
  52. This is very serious, Kyle.
  53. Ripley gave me a serious look.
  54. It is a most serious offence.
  55. What if there was a serious.
  56. Give it some serious thought.
  57. Eggnog, was a serious person.
  58. This is bloody serious stuff.
  59. Now begins the serious work.
  60. His folded arms and serious.
  61. The situation here is serious.
  62. That could have been serious.
  63. Perez's face was very serious.
  64. This was some serious damage.
  65. Cost is a very serious factor.
  66. Oh, and I was serious about.
  67. Was he serious? asked A.
  68. A real bomb would be serious.
  69. I thought you were serious.
  70. She dead ass serious, Gina.
  71. Elfric realized he was serious.
  72. No, be serious, she said.
  73. Rainer was in serious trouble.
  74. We have serious contacts in D.
  75. It was still a serious threat.
  76. Is it a serious thing?
  77. His face was very serious now.

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dangerous grave grievous serious severe good sober

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