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Severe en una oración (en ingles)

  1. This is a severe crime.
  2. She was in severe shock.
  3. She was almost severe now.
  4. If anxiety is severe, the.
  5. Shasta has a severe problem.

  6. He had a period of severe.
  7. And be not in advance severe.
  8. That lake of fire is severe.
  9. She wore a severe business.
  10. Gould said in a severe tone.
  11. Paula was not in severe pain.
  12. That meant a severe rainstorm.
  13. She meant that he was severe.
  14. The severe panic allows the.
  15. She had a rather severe face.

  16. I told him you had a severe.
  17. Lothario will be at a severe.
  18. The pain was obviously severe.
  19. Some severe, some very slight.
  20. This time, it was more severe.
  21. Winter is severe and merciless.
  22. His mate gave him a severe look.
  23. Some cases are so severe that.
  24. The impact wasn’t too severe.
  25. The dehydration was severe now.

  26. I'm afraid it's M E, and severe.
  27. The result is severe depression.
  28. He was severe in his enjoyments.
  29. Punishment is said to be severe.
  30. He also has severe brain damage.
  31. As a child I had a severe stutter.
  32. The famine was severe in the land.
  33. This type of punishment is severe.
  34. In severe cases surgery is needed.
  35. The damage was too severe and as.
  36. PPD is more severe than the Baby.
  37. I never saw such a severe allergy.
  38. They could be quite severe, indeed.
  39. OCD can range from mild to severe.
  40. Dacian was a severe opposite to her.
  41. He is Strong, Severe in retribution.
  42. Gasoline shortages were very severe.
  43. Penalties for violations are severe.
  44. It was a severe coronary thrombosis.
  45. The winter became more severe.
  46. The onslaught of your Lord is severe.
  47. Severe headache, often with vomiting.
  48. His face wore a sort of severe flush.
  49. His Seizure is painful, (and) severe.
  50. Her sufferings have been very severe.
  51. His father had been very severe with.
  52. The case is so severe that many even.
  53. The famine was severe in the land of.
  54. None of my injuries seemed too severe.
  55. Severe long haired liberal ways I say.
  56. It is severe because she has no money.
  57. His grip is most painful, most severe.
  58. He has suffered a severe concussion.
  59. The last time the pain had been severe.
  60. He felt a severe pain to see the notice.
  61. I'd suffered severe mutilating injuries.
  62. Severe earthquakes had devastated the.
  63. At first, Thomas got severe leg cramps.
  64. It is severe, exquisite, and exclusive.
  65. In some it became so severe that they.
  66. He was a Royalist, fanatical and severe.
  67. Good or evil stands behind this severe.
  68. That earned him a severe look from Nancy.
  69. Will has suffered a severe concussion.
  70. I had the severe urge to work backwards.
  71. If you are suffering with a severe case.
  72. Her tone seemed unnecessarily severe to me.
  73. Only when the weather was severe was the.
  74. These could have moderate to severe forms.
  75. In severe injuries, it can stop the heart.
  76. He looked angry, severe, and supercilious.
  77. Her hair was tied tightly in a severe bun.
  78. The collapse for Fred was severe when he.
  79. She has severe lacerations on her stomach.
  80. She was suffering from severe depression.
  81. Arm is elevated to prevent severe swelling.
  82. Harry, eleven, had suffered severe cramps.
  83. These are severe actions that concern me.
  84. Hypothermia, they had said, but not severe.
  85. How long and how severe is the pain?
  86. Terribly severe he looked, set, and defiant.
  87. Those with disabilities, severe, acute or.
  88. It’s severe, this Negli’s anemia?
  89. After these severe reproaches, things took.
  90. It’s this or that they suffer from severe.
  91. Patient complained of severe chest pains.
  92. Remember I had severe hair loss when…’.
  93. The leg begins to show severe wear and tear.
  94. I suffered severe burns across my lower half.
  95. When he reappeared his expression was severe.
  96. The nuns were severe only towards themselves.
  97. Alex's departure was a severe blow to Andrew.
  98. Drug addiction causes severe harm to the body.
  99. As an adult he’d discovered that a severe.
  100. Hecate was considered to be severe and honest.

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