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Guess en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I guess it was my.
  2. I guess I was, too.
  3. I guess this is it.
  4. Guess I have a lot.
  5. I guess I was wrong.

  6. Yeah, I guess it is.
  7. I guess they can do.
  8. I guess he went home.
  9. I guess I just can't.
  10. I guess I needed to.
  11. I guess that will do.
  12. I guess I was still.
  13. But I guess I would.
  14. My guess was that a.
  15. Up to him, I guess.

  16. I guess I earned that.
  17. That is true, I guess.
  18. No, I guess it's not.
  19. I guess it was more.
  20. Oh, so I guess you.
  21. I guess it will do.
  22. Q: I guess it does not.
  23. I guess when 16 year.
  24. I guess she hired you.
  25. Oh yeah, I guess I am.

  26. He went home, I guess.
  27. Oh, yeah, I guess it.
  28. Yeah, I guess I did.
  29. I guess it never ends.
  30. It was merely a guess.
  31. I guess I had fallen.
  32. I didn't want to guess.
  33. Yeah, I guess I do.
  34. I guess the world is.
  35. I guess that is a.
  36. I guess she ignored it.
  37. I guess we're in the.
  38. I guess it makes sense.
  39. In the field I guess.
  40. Guess I blew that away.
  41. I guess I just wanted.
  42. I guess it's just the.
  43. I guess that would be.
  44. I guess she wanted to.
  45. But I guess that just.
  46. I guess I was finally.
  47. I guess mom let you in.
  48. I guess this makes the.
  49. You can guess the rest.
  50. A few hours, I guess.
  51. I guess it was my turn.
  52. A day or so, I guess.
  53. I guess you could say.
  54. It was a lucky guess.
  55. I guess I should bow.
  56. Yes, I guess you did.
  57. I guess that would be O.
  58. But I guess it wasn’t.
  59. It was okay, I guess.
  60. Force of habit, I guess.
  61. For he could not guess.
  62. I guess that makes sense.
  63. My guess is Aaron felt.
  64. I guess it could though.
  65. I guess I don’t have.
  66. I guess thats why New.
  67. My guess is that Alice.
  68. Yeah, I guess it does.
  69. I'm not picky, I guess.
  70. I guess that's why you.
  71. I guess they removed it.
  1. It is no good guessing it.
  2. There's no guessing to it.
  3. The mind plays a guessing.
  4. Bucca is guessing you are.
  5. You could also try guessing.
  6. I'm guessing it's the Ancient.
  7. In fact, I'm guessing it was.
  8. I’m guessing he even hired you.
  9. I'm guessing his parents are home.
  10. I'm guessing that was an accident.
  11. Doug? I asked, guessing right.
  12. Guessing correctly that they were.
  13. He might even be guessing the truth.
  14. I’m guessing it’s 200 kilograms.
  15. I’m guessing he’s in the shower.
  16. Speculators are in the guessing game.
  17. I’m not in the mood for guessing.
  18. I’m guessing that it’s flour, Emma.
  19. Bazyl said, almost guessing his thoughts.
  20. She stared at him guessing his thoughts.
  21. I’m guessing you’re a millionaire.
  22. I'm guessing about twenty-six years old.
  23. I’m guessing the lads know this one.
  24. And, as though guessing my difficulty, Mme.
  25. You are extraordinarily quick at guessing.
  26. We’re guessing you’ll have better luck.
  27. Yeah, I was guessing he skipped that bit.
  28. I’m guessing that’s where the action is.
  29. We all waited, eyes shut, guessing the answer.
  30. But mostly he wanted to leave people guessing.
  31. And I’m guessing you have a window here?’.
  32. I'm guessing the council is in a crisis session.
  33. No prizes for guessing who was on the other side.
  34. So I’m guessing you came here for something.
  35. Guessing the gist of June's message, one of the.
  36. So I set a watch for him, guessing that he would.
  37. It was so, too; it was not a matter of guessing.
  38. I’m guessing Wright will put out an APB on Dr.
  39. I’m always second guessing things, looking for.
  40. He always kept her guessing, doing the unexpected.
  41. Delaney was guessing, but if he had to place the.
  42. I’m guessing Donna’s last will and testament.
  43. I'm guessing 15 years later she probably became a.
  44. Before, we were just guessing and testing theories.
  45. I’d be guessing at this point, Sicarius said.
  46. As I said, I have always been good at guessing games.
  47. No marks for guessing this one which signifies the.
  48. That alone, I'm guessing, wasn't enough to satisfy.
  49. It didn’t pay to play guessing games with his mother.
  50. I'm guessing you don't want me to call you that huh?
  51. Shall we stop? Bane called, guessing the response.
  52. The past of your race, as you are guessing correctly.
  53. No prizes for guessing what the 'usual' is from Roland.
  54. But I’m guessing this isn’t why you called me hear.
  55. But I'm guessing it's more than she's told anyone else.
  56. Well I’m guessing this is more than just a repeater.
  57. No prizes for guessing that the proposal was turned down.
  58. He waited, guessing the man would be consulting with her.
  59. I was guessing that was his wife – she was wearing a.
  60. Colonel Wykmyn isn’t just guessing at the range, Sir.
  61. There was no guessing, only following what you practiced.
  62. I’m guessing that’s how she knocked her victims down.
  63. Remember that guessing is not the same thing as estimating.
  64. Well, I’m guessing that would be awfully overwhelming.
  65. I was guessing they were bowing to his royal obnoxiousness.
  66. Cut the guessing games, President Quaid said wearily.
  67. The problem was guessing which assault tactic he would use.
  68. Jasper and Hugo were better at guessing the lines than I was.
  69. I’m guessing our guys hoped legal threats would be enough.
  70. Upstairs, I'm guessing, she said, looking at the floor.
  71. I’m guessing the shooters had wallets on them, I said.
  72. Maybe she was feeling guilty about not guessing my age right.
  73. I’m guessing you had something to do with this Celi?
  74. We think investing is about guessing the next best stock.
  75. Guessing that the right-hand side would lead down the hill and.
  76. They actually help me in guessing what would please him most.
  77. I’m guessing that’s a good thing? She asked hesitantly.
  78. Not sure who he got it from but I'm guessing he didn't mention it.
  79. I'm guessing that is how my opinionated, internal voice became so.
  80. There was no guessing what had happened because it was so obvious.
  81. Guessing that she would duck to avoid the blow, he swung in a low.
  82. Guessing at the price of the tale, Tom offered to buy the old man.
  83. It's a guessing game from here on in until I can converse with.
  84. Not because of your father, I corrected, guessing her thought.
  85. That's why I'm guessing he probably knew about the asteroid already.
  86. Churches or denominations are about guessing what God wants from us.
  87. However, the problem is in guessing which way this move will happen.
  88. I'm guessing with her father dead, they've kept her out of the loop.
  89. He was now "searching in the dark" and it had become a guessing game.
  90. He seems like the type, Lydia said, though she was only guessing.
  91. Alicia has given me a few tips on playing the mystic’s guessing game.
  92. I think, with this clearance, it’s a chemical weapon, I’m guessing.
  93. She still doesn't know… I'm guessing there are some very confused.
  94. I’m guessing the griffins will be stabled somewhere near the Keep.
  95. I'm guessing you’ve heard that Blackburn was exonerated this morning.
  96. I’m guessing the love train is in motion, she stated smiling too.
  97. The difficulty for the investor is guessing the length of time the boom.
  98. I’m guessing that she bought the drugs with her last cash withdrawal.
  99. She looked around, guessing she was somewhere near the outskirts of town.
  100. Instead of guessing, Claire pressed the PLAY button for received messages.
  1. If I had guessed, I.
  2. She guessed he was a.
  3. A guy thing, I guessed.
  4. I guessed he was thirty.
  5. Caris had guessed as much.
  6. A fresh start, I guessed.
  7. Eric guessed it was iron.
  8. Paul guessed it made sense.
  9. I guessed what he thought.
  10. By the looks I guessed not.
  11. I guessed the Bishop had.
  12. A new conquest, she guessed.
  13. I guessed that much by now.
  14. I might have guessed it.
  15. She guessed she could have.
  16. We should have guessed this.
  17. I looked at her and guessed.
  18. Tim guessed it was the cray.
  19. I would not have guessed.
  20. Orphenn guessed he was one.
  21. I guessed that, he said.
  22. Poor Assunta had guessed all.
  23. I guessed that the ones who.
  24. I should not have guessed it.
  25. She guessed she was too late.
  26. I guessed the old dogs were.
  27. As you might have guessed, a.
  28. I could’ve guessed that one.
  29. He guessed that she had lost.
  30. Fairly old injury, he guessed.
  31. Merthin guessed she wanted him.
  32. Edwin guessed Bryony was right.
  33. How could I have guessed that.
  34. She guessed that the one room.
  35. David guessed he was the pilot.
  36. David guessed Kim was the pilot.
  37. What he had learned or guessed.
  38. I could have guessed as much.
  39. She guessed they were about sex.
  40. Nobody could have guessed that.
  41. Harald guessed they were plants.
  42. He also guessed she would have.
  43. As you might have guessed from.
  44. I guessed that was answered now.
  45. Harald guessed the end was near.
  46. Nerissa guessed the cause at once.
  47. But for how long? Roman guessed.
  48. You have guessed correctly again.
  49. I guessed it must have been that.
  50. He guessed that while he'd been.
  51. Why, we only guessed at the time.
  52. Lots of mice in there, I guessed.
  53. But she would never have guessed.
  54. As Setne had guessed, the shadow.
  55. Colling guessed she had pneumonia.
  56. Mattie always guessed these things.
  57. Haven’t you guessed it yet?
  58. More than I would have guessed.
  59. To empty his bladder, she guessed.
  60. She guessed it was about the time.
  61. Elowen guessed she could climb down.
  62. We guessed they were cruel hobbits.
  63. I guessed he couldnt run after a.
  64. The doctor thought he had guessed.
  65. Math? I would have never guessed.
  66. I guessed they'd all joined Steve.
  67. He guessed it was the name of his.
  68. But he probably has guessed by now.
  69. But Daisy guessed at his intention.
  70. She was about eighteen, he guessed.
  71. He cursed himself when he guessed.
  72. I wonder if she could have guessed.
  73. I guessed it the moment he came in.
  74. I had guessed but refused the guess.
  75. You guessed it; we gave him the $500.
  76. What the wizard guessed was always.
  77. At least I guessed he was a bellhop.
  78. Shamir guessed, The elite have it.
  79. I guessed he didn't want anyone to.
  80. I guessed that it was the livestock.
  81. Only the dervish guessed that they.
  82. The exception to the rule, I guessed.
  83. He guessed it was Love Spell but he.
  84. We had no idea, never guessed at all.
  85. He guessed her motivation was terror.
  86. As you may have guessed, He didn’t.
  87. She guessed that this was the glade.
  88. About $100 or $200? she guessed.
  89. Guessed he was too small fry for that.
  90. She guessed it was just passed midday.
  91. They guessed, ma’am: they guessed.
  92. Yes, you guessed it, he was infertile.
  93. That old battleaxe might have guessed.
  94. I guessed I was in some kind of sewer.
  95. Natasha noticed this and guessed its.
  96. He guessed they had started the alarm.
  97. I should have guessed, Saul said.
  98. I guessed the other bulldog detective.
  99. I guessed he was trying to distract me.
  100. I guessed she already knew about this.
  1. He guesses it is inevitable.
  2. Solving crimes has its guesses.
  3. I may have started with guesses.
  4. The reader knows and guesses the rest.
  5. Perhaps he guesses at its true nature.
  6. Klowa guesses they've been hibernating.
  7. He knows or guesses something about it.
  8. Clever guesses notwithstanding, he cannot.
  9. Davie guesses the boiler was sold for scrap.
  10. The guesses ranged from 2,000 to 5,000 people.
  11. Any guesses as to where they are heading?
  12. After he made a few wild guesses, we explained.
  13. Guesses for the snowpack on the mountain vary from.
  14. I've scarcely dreamed of it, and he guesses my dreams.
  15. Jesse's guesses were wrong but she hadn't been too far off.
  16. Clive wondered if he was keeping other guesses to himself.
  17. Only if that fails should we move on to more devious guesses.
  18. And he didn't need two guesses as to who had stirred the shit.
  19. But it had not been the time for second guesses and apprehension.
  20. Frodo said nothing: the shrewd guesses of the farmer were rather.
  21. Perhaps Charlie Sloane had guessed and told his guesses for truth.
  22. In fact we made even our guesses with a sort of lack of confidence.
  23. All of these guesses proceed from the false assumption that the.
  24. The timing of the attack and the manner of attack were open guesses.
  25. But he knows or guesses; and he will have to be told sooner or later.
  26. But he had his guesses as to which side he likely claimed allegiance.
  27. Unks guesses they have a little over an hour and a half before sunset.
  28. I make trades based on historical odds, not guesses or hopes or gambles.
  29. If I had three guesses, I should use every one that our maid wanted to.
  30. The team with the most number of correct guesses at the end is the winner.
  31. Jesse's guesses about the young men were wrong but she hadn't been too far off.
  32. I’d say thirteen, Tina guesses a bit high, knowin’ what he wants to hear.
  33. Any guesses on how many times I have been asked today if I'm going to this afternoon's.
  34. He guesses we shouldn't wait for him this late hour: at least, he guesses that only Mr.
  35. In this program, we take guesses from the user and check if it is the number that we have.
  36. Mitch was yelling out guesses from the door, only serving to scatter Silas’ concentration more.
  37. If later on he guesses in that, or in any of a number of other areas, hes going to kill patients.
  38. Nigel had a password-protected computer and 15 minutes of my best guesses did nothing to unlock it.
  39. In that approach, the computer could usually figure out the player’s word in eight guesses or less.
  40. Legal Guesses: This is non-consensual sex which is basically rape and I'm guessing it’s most likely illegal.
  41. I was not surprised to find that the computer was password-protected and my random guesses wouldn’t get me in.
  42. But Mitch was on a roll, trying to get Silas to arrange the letter magnets with the wild guesses he shouted out.
  43. The first was JOTTO, a word game where you have to guess your opponent’s five-letter word before he guesses yours.
  44. Let’s see if we can combine these observations to make some rough-and-ready guesses about the top of the next bubble.
  45. But even here it would be difficult to distinguish confidently between superior ability and luckier guesses on the market.
  46. For example, if the secret word happens to be eerie, guesses of means and level would result in 1 and 2 jots respectively.
  47. So diversifying broadly helps protect us against surprises and bad guesses, and best work towards an acceptable expected value.
  48. He can't depend on the law of large numbers to turn his rough estimates into good enough guesses; his sample size is too small.
  49. Then; child rearing would become a difficult but manageable art form; not a blind blundering of guesses and mistaken assumptions.
  50. There was no record or legend of any prisoner with those initials, and many fruitless guesses were made what the name could have been.
  51. How did you get out? His mind was a jumble of guesses, but I couldn’t tell him anything about that without tipping my hand to Kestrel.
  52. Thyne is carrying a small cylinder that is connected to a harness and tubing, Grailem guesses that this is a flame thrower of some kind.
  53. Helen of Troy also guesses the plot and tries to trick and uncover the Greek men inside the horse by imitating the voices of their wives.
  54. No one guesses that Eugene used to be one of them and that none of their tricks of looking cute or asking for a hug or throwing a fit will work.
  55. It seemed they could only guess at what the killer intended but those guesses pointed to the Legislative Council sitting on the coming Wednesday.
  56. My starting to trade again was with the policy to do so based on the technical analysis and no more guesses and fundamental analysis to make a living.
  57. I have my clients write in exact numerical values for the anticipated outcomes—their best guesses, as these will be needed when determining sample size.
  58. With the correctness with which one guesses most of a person's thoughts after you have lived with him ten years, my step-mother guessed what he was thinking.
  59. These earlier best guesses should have never been cast in the stone of final answers, as many seem to have insisted upon who felt responsible for stable dogma.
  60. Sadly, I find that many investors believe it is more important to be right in their guesses about the prospective direction of movements in the market averages.
  61. In more recent history many of the best guesses of belief seemed not to have held up very well, before the challenge of science’s verifiable postulations.
  62. On the other hand, time and measurements are approximations or rough guesses, not unlike computer science, which has good intentions but is limited to being close.
  63. He guesses it has something to do with the springs it his duty to guard—for it is not just the water itself, though its magical properties are potent, but the source of the spring.
  64. Assuming that these activities are carried on with sufficient seriousness to represent more than mere guesses, we may refer to all or any of them by the designation of market analysis.
  65. He must expect to appear wrong often and to be wrong on occasion; but with intelligence and prudence his work should yield better over-all results than the guesses or the superficial judgments of the typical stock buyer.
  66. While questioning Sinon, the Trojan priest guesses the plot and warns the Trojans, and says "Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes" (I fear Greeks even those bearing gifts), which became known as 'beware of Greeks bearing gifts,".
  67. Mosheh wonders what to do first; go see his family, visit the palace, or try to find food? The palace could be a dangerous place to visit, even though it’s been… oh, about sixty years, Mosheh guesses, incorrectly as always.
  68. The smallest of snippets of all these sounds? seemed to be endlessly descending upon my inner mind, as snowflakes on a windless winter, seeming to tell me of things beyond that of even the most vivid of any imaginary guesses.
  69. Legal Guesses: although it’s ethically wrong for a guy to lie to a woman to get her to believe he really loves her so she’ll have sex with him, I'm pretty sure it's not illegal to lie to someone about whether or not you really love them.
  70. In this program, we are still playing the guessing game, but the advantage is that the user is allowed to keep guessing until he guesses correctly - there is no need to repeatedly execute the program for each guess as we have done previously.
  71. The Lord of the Rings has been read by many people since it finally appeared in print; and I should like to say something here with reference to the many opinions or guesses that I have received or have read concerning the motives and meaning of the tale.
  72. An author cannot of course remain wholly unaffected by his experience, but the ways in which a story-germ uses the soil of experience are extremely complex, and attempts to define the process are at best guesses from evidence that is inadequate and ambiguous.
  73. He had a wicked and a wily heart, and he knew his guesses were not far out, though he suspected that the Lake-men were at the back of the plans, and that most of the plunder was meant to stop there in the town by the shore that in his young days had been called Esgaroth.
  74. With the help of the great dictionary and the active intelligence of a healthy mind endowed by inheritance with more than ordinary reasoning powers he shrewdly guessed at much which he could not really understand, and more often than not his guesses were close to the mark of truth.
  75. In the end Bilbo won the game, more by luck (as it seemed) than by wits; for he was stumped at last for a riddle to ask, and cried out, as his hand came upon the ring he lad picked up and forgotten: What haw I got in my pocket? This Gollum failed to answer, though he demanded three guesses.
  76. Caleb Garth, having little expectation and less cupidity, was interested in the verification of his own guesses, and the calmness with which he half smilingly rubbed his chin and shot intelligent glances much as if he were valuing a tree, made a fine contrast with the alarm or scorn visible in other faces when the.
  77. My account of the races on the Oakland Estuary is based on Bill Leiser, “Who Won?” San Francisco Chronicle, April 14, 1935; “Husky Crews Make Clean Sweep,” ST, April 14, 1935; Bruce Helberg, “Second Guesses,” WD (no date, clipping from Bob Moch’s scrapbook); “Husky Crews Win Three Races,” ST, April 14, 1935; and “Washington Sweeps Regatta with Bears: Husky Varsity Crew Spurts to Turn Back U.
  78. What jokes and guesses now abound,.

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