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    1. Jorma didn't either, he couldn't guess whether that was five thousand miles from here or ten

    2. The shower had not been run recently, since before Ava and Herndon came down was his guess

    3. From their faces I thought it might be Herndon but my guess is Venna stole it from Herndon, along with a few others, when she was with him

    4. We felt like two old friends and it just… happened, I guess

    5. “I guess the stealth part of this operation is over,” Nancy said

    6. " She must have seen Ava looking distracted, "Sorry, I guess I haven't really changed much in the last couple years

    7. “I guess I’ll guard the elevator

    8. "No, I guess it's not here," he sighed

    9. "I guess," she said, but without feeling

    10. That wouldn't be until the next dusk, still fifty hours away by her guess

    11. Guess I haven’t written in a while

    12. Every writer needs a room of her own and I guess every band needs a garage

    13. “I guess you wouldn’t know anything about that kind of stuff since you were adopted,” Johnny said, a little more angrily than he meant to

    14. "I should have just let you guess

    15. He’s not himself this morning … I try not to fuss over him, but I’d hazard a guess that he didn’t get much sleep last night

    16. "No, I guess there's no helping it

    17. "And have you NOT tell me what's going on, all that time? Guess again

    18. I can guess why they keep that stuff secret

    19. I saw enough about you and Ava to make a guess as to what you want to remain private, but I have already forgotten what it was

    20. I guess the next question is where

    21. I guess this would be your time for

    22. Hey Ahmed, guess what? We’re

    23. "My guess, and it's only a guess, is that the Governor, the guy who died, would have left his things to Waldeis, the guy who was sick

    24. I'm guessing, just a guess, that she thinks she can lure Waldeis in with this

    25. Yep, I guess that’s what I mean

    26. "I guess this confirms we were doing this for the Brazilians

    27. I guess you could say

    28. "So I guess we're pretty much caught up now?" she asked

    29. "I guess his sonar don't work well at all, he can't even follow a conversation with it," the shots dolphin said

    30. I would guess his name might be Koata or Rarua or maybe Te Ati Awa, but not Ngata

    31. ‘It’s all right, I can guess at the way he did it

    32. "I guess here we are,” Leonora said, pulling into the driveway

    33. I watched as the door opened and I guess it was me that turned the latch although I don't remember doing it

    34. They were reunited for only a few days, but she could easily guess wrong at the order they were in

    35. "I guess we might as well call it an evening

    36. "I have no better guess," she said

    37. "You're as acidic as she is, I guess you should be, you're the same person aren't you?"

    38. Leonora couldn't guess, and Ruby couldn't tell her, exactly what was in the large, oddly shaped crate, but it took four hands and two backs to maneuver it out of the truck and into the garage of the grateful recipient, who gave them each an extra cash bonus as he rubbed his hands together with unseemly delight

    39. "In that case my guess is he's gone out into the Cerrado on the hunch that his starship will land in its old roost

    40. Now I guess I'll be heading home, after I take you wherever you want to go

    41. I guess something in me just wouldn't let go

    42. Let me explain: After one and a half month of inaction, we finally carried out a telepathy experiment which “of course” proved to be a flop! Not even one of us managed to make a close guess of the object placed on the reception table

    43. I made an educated guess for the number of blocks missing because of the door itself and so arrived at a number

    44. Guess we won’t have to airlock the cherry after all

    45. Her flat refusal made me think for a while but I guess it's anybody's right to choose the godmothers of their children

    46. He tried to guess who it could be, he came up with a very short list, none of whom seemed at all likely unless they were put up to it by someone else

    47. It could only be by another tech and he desperately tried to guess who it was and failed

    48. He could guess plenty of techs that had the skills to get the drop on him, but not one who would use the religious symbolism

    49. He guessed them as he thought of them, trying to guess who this could be

    50. "I guess I could have forgotten

    1. Success, so if you guessed that the C in the ABCs of Success is

    2. "I guessed that much by now

    3. Brandon was a little put off by this, but he guessed small town charm wasn't universal

    4. As you might have guessed, a

    5. "Was he the one with that disease?" doostEr guessed

    6. "Is there anything else you've guessed?"

    7. The pain in my ribs was searing, worse than anything the loan-shark heavies had done to me but I guessed that I didn't have the right to medical attention while Garda Thicke was on duty

    8. Glenelle guessed it was most likely damage from the electrical storms out there

    9. She could ask, but she guessed Ava was mostly thanking her for keeping an eye on her sister's problem and staying out of the way on hers

    10. Dressed in my soiled and tatty towel and shirt, I guessed that I must look like a comic book version of a shipwrecked mariner

    11. The Doctor was in his mid forties I guessed, wearing an open neck shirt, jeans, grey at the temples, clean shaven, blue eyes, cold hands

    12. He guessed them as he thought of them, trying to guess who this could be

    13. As for the other two, I could not recall the specifics of their abduction, but guessed that Aban Ganji was probably Persian and quite possibly one of the two television men taken over the summer

    14. She’d been amazed by the overabundance of cleaning materials that she had correctly guessed would be stored in the cupboard under the sink – some things defy cultural differences! Kneeling on the floor, all the better to examine the various spray containers and bottles piled in there, her amazement turned into confusion … there were plastic spray bottles for limescale removal, disinfecting the worktops … apparently killing 99% of all known germs - though that did raise the question of what danger the remaining 1% presented if it was so vital to get rid of the things … bottles of cream for cleaning the sink and another, lavender scented, for polishing wood, a big bottle of bleach that at least smelt familiar, and noxious substances for cleaning the oven that had signs warning of danger plastered all over them … it was an education

    15. It’s guessed that there are over 500,000 seats

    16. As you guessed, Milli had been moved out of the way as being incorruptible, and Baz put in her place

    17. Rah started to take off, John looked down and saw her burst into tears, turn and run down the knoll to one of the smaller dragons, Surfman, he guessed

    18. ” Daniel slapped him on the shoulder, “but I know how it was with Kate, so I guessed you knew what you were doing

    19. Then from the playground came a cheer, loud and strong, and I guessed the game was over

    20. "These questions are sufficiently distracting that you haven't guessed their true purpose

    21. Well now, I never would have guessed it; you are a fighter, Lady Elizabeth!” Turning, he mockingly bowed at her smiling

    22. She must have guessed, because she came up behind him and slid her arms thru his and around his waist

    23. He never guessed she had used this dinner as a prelude to a seduction

    24. Duncan felt a small quiver beneath his seat as the pilot began turning a lever and he rightly guessed that the pilot was lowering the landing gear

    25. Duncan quickly guessed that when they scanned his ship they must have scanned his computers as well

    26. They came to the main house at the center back of the city and Duncan guessed correctly that this was the Lord Holders home

    27. The warm drink, Tesh, was tasty and he guessed, intoxicating

    28. There was no guards posted, and Rayne guessed why - the Taks; this was their territory

    29. Used for tearing and rending their prey, she guessed

    30. ‘And it was not so much that I told him as he guessed

    31. Katie’s dressed very casually in jeans and a t-shirt; if you didn’t know that she’d spent the better part of two hours dressing you’d never have guessed

    32. ‘Yes, he guessed that’s why I wanted the day off on Friday

    33. Tarak was almost relieved that someone else had finally seen and guessed what he had seen and questioned

    34. “You shouldn’t second guess yourself, and how were you to know this war would happen? Yes we might have guessed that Alan’s hack would take over the Brazilian expedition when it got there, but how were we to know they would convince the Brazilian establishment to put a viral complex transmitted from that hack into production?”

    35. “Slowly Rayne, slowly,” he cautioned gently, wondering if she had guessed the truth

    36. Had she guessed my breath? What is with

    37. Alan guessed that she was encapsulated, or he already knew

    38. The captain appeared to be the hearty adventurous type, a real mans man; and from an Ogatu’s point of view, quite attractive he guessed

    39. She guessed he was trying to tell her that they would be on the boat five days

    40. By now Ava guessed that she must be the Mother Superior of this convent or whatever it was

    41. Naria guessed, “Mistress Tara maybe;," she noted his reaction, "I understand you were close on the Phoenix

    42. Duncan laughed and rightly guessed that Alexei’s compliments about Lady Tara and his use of her name was an indication of much more interest

    43. He left Duncan standing there wondering if what he guessed all along had come true

    44. She guessed she was supposed to remove it

    45. Ava wondered why there was still a Vatican if they thought they were in Heaven? She guessed it was because of the ‘just like real life but perfect’ mantra and the fact that the heaven of a devout Catholic would not be perfect without a Vatican

    46. ‘No … and Bill has guessed anyway

    47. He was concentrating on her involvement, trying to do what he guessed she wanted

    48. He guessed it could keep him fed for a couple of days

    49. an older woman Tom correctly guessed was Bram’s mother turned

    50. He guessed they would also learn something new, if any of them remembered her

    1. " There was no reason to share his guesses

    2. Davie guesses the boiler was sold for scrap

    3. ’ Alan thought about trying to go along with her guesses and say his parents got it from some wandering Messiah who said he had Angels making them for him

    4. While questioning Sinon, the Trojan priest guesses the plot and warns the Trojans, and says "Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes" (I fear Greeks even those bearing gifts), which became known as 'beware of Greeks bearing gifts,"

    5. Helen of Troy also guesses the plot and tries to trick and uncover the Greek men inside the horse by imitating the voices of their wives

    6. Klowa guesses they've been hibernating

    7. But he had his guesses as to which side he likely claimed allegiance

    8. But it had not been the time for second guesses and apprehension

    9. If later on he guesses in that, or in any of a number of other areas, he"s going to kill patients

    10. "If I had three guesses, I should use every one that our maid wanted to

    11.  Planning ahead according to the facts, not guesses,

    12. Clive wondered if he was keeping other guesses to himself

    13. The smallest of snippets of all these “sounds?” seemed to be endlessly descending upon my inner mind, as snowflakes on a windless winter, seeming to tell me of things beyond that of even the most vivid of any imaginary guesses

    14. These earlier best guesses should have never been cast in the stone of final answers, as many seem to have insisted upon who felt responsible for stable dogma

    15. In more recent history many of the “best guesses” of belief seemed not to have held up very well, before the challenge of science’s verifiable postulations

    16. Legal Guesses: This is non-consensual sex which is basically rape and I'm guessing it’s most likely illegal

    17. Legal Guesses: although it’s ethically wrong for a guy to lie to a woman to get her to believe he really loves her so she’ll have sex with him, I'm pretty sure it's not illegal to lie to someone about whether or not you really love them

    18. Nigel had a password-protected computer and 15 minutes of my best guesses did nothing to unlock it

    19. Jesse's guesses were wrong but she hadn't been too far off

    20. Jesse's guesses about the young men were wrong but she hadn't been too far off

    21. about, but am sure I could make a few guesses

    22. secret was all about, and I made quite a few guesses at it, some of

    23. rumours about it, made any guesses with the others?”

    24. many of the guesses are wrong (i

    25. Mosheh wonders what to do first; go see his family, visit the palace, or try to find food? The palace could be a dangerous place to visit, even though it’s been… oh, about sixty years, Mosheh guesses, incorrectly as always

    26. I’d say thirteen,” Tina guesses a bit high, knowin’ what he wants to hear

    27. “Any guesses as to where they are heading?”

    28. Perhaps he guesses at its true nature

    29. The team with the most number of correct guesses at the end is the winner

    30. • The team with the most number of correct guesses at the end is the winner

    31. Thyne is carrying a small cylinder that is connected to a harness and tubing, Grailem guesses that this is a flame thrower of some kind

    32. The timing of the attack and the manner of attack were open guesses

    33. The first was JOTTO, a word game where you have to guess your opponent’s five-letter word before he guesses yours

    34. For example, if the secret word happens to be eerie, guesses of means and level would result in 1 and 2 jots respectively

    35. In that approach, the computer could usually figure out the player’s word in eight guesses or less

    36. the thoughts and origins of these beliefs can only be educated guesses with the use of deductive reasoning and rational

    37. In this program, we take guesses from the user and check if it is the number that we have

    38. In this program, we are still playing the guessing game, but the advantage is that the user is allowed to keep guessing until he guesses correctly - there is no need to repeatedly execute the program for each guess as we have done previously

    39. On the other hand, time and measurements are approximations or rough guesses, not unlike computer science, which has good intentions but is limited to being close

    40. Guesses for the snowpack on the mountain vary from

    41. All of these guesses proceed from the false assumption that “the

    42. year forecasts based on assumptions which are, at best, guesses as to the state

    43. After he made a few wild guesses, we explained

    44. Any guesses on how many times I have been asked today if I'm going to this afternoon's

    45. Solving crimes has its guesses

    46. to conceal, to do everything so that no one ever guesses what he or she is really

    47. Unks guesses they have a little over an hour and a half before sunset

    48. from the game in which a pebble is held behind the back of one child,and another guesses which hand it is in

    49. With the correctness with which one guesses most of a person's thoughts after you have lived with him ten years, my step-mother guessed what he was thinking

    50. In fact we made even our guesses with a sort of lack of confidence

    1. I’m guessing the people who stayed thought it was in their best interest or else had nowhere else to go

    2. I'm guessing, just a guess, that she thinks she can lure Waldeis in with this

    3. "We still have some chance," Ava said, "but I'm guessing this is the reason Herndon wanted you to go out and try to start the Lula last year

    4. That's why I'm guessing he probably knew about the asteroid already

    5. We watched a quiz show where the contestants could win holidays and electrical goods, anything right up to a small family car, just for guessing the price of an item that they probably could not afford to buy

    6. They are hoping for a boy this time and you get no prizes whatsoever for guessing what they intend to call him! But to return to the beautiful jewellery you sent – you say Joris bought it for you many years ago

    7. She stared at him guessing his thoughts

    8. ‘Did they get out?’ I asked, guessing what he is going to say

    9. ‘Lintze, I am guessing that you have blisters which need attention

    10. she heard the sound of wood under duress and guessing that

    11. answers, instead of guessing

    12. no prizes for guessing who's picking up the tab there!

    13. No prizes for guessing what the 'usual' is from Roland

    14. Guessing correctly that they were

    15. Guessing at the price of the tale, Tom offered to buy the old man

    16. ” She was stumbling with this, was she just guessing or was she trying to cover something up? “I guess it’s what they have available on RNAcid,” she continued, “they said it was about fourteen coppers worth of RNAcid education

    17. I’m guessing he didn’t chase her to the Yakhan at the time because she was running from him

    18. “I’m guessing, of course,” Fred concluded, “It was more than just

    19. “But I’m guessing if they looked hard enough they would find someone you sold shonggot to

    20. “I’m guessing you’re tourist and quite startled to find habitation?”

    21. guessing it was time

    22. He is landing about 6 PM so I'm guessing he will come to our house Friday, April 22 around nine a clock at night would be my guess

    23. Churches or denominations are about guessing what God wants from us

    24. Guessing her intention, Homer snatched away the sack that made such an effective sling

    25. The only thing that can truly worry me is them finding out about Arkaneh's affiliation with Reus Mallistrom, but I'm guessing he's not going to stop by for a surprise visit, so everything should be alright

    26. "I'm guessing you’ve heard that Blackburn was exonerated this morning

    27. "And I'm also guessing you're going to print a story about it in tomorrow's newspapers

    28. He waited, guessing the man would be consulting with her

    29. Guessing at the circumstances of her presence on the ship, I thought that perhaps she was an orphan

    30. “Well I’m guessing this is more than just a repeater

    31. Chris thought for a moment, “I’m only guessing as to the intensity required to kill someone, but I bet such a spike would have damaged receivers across the settlement

    32. ‘I’m guessing, though,’ Roidon said, ‘that I’ve been a bit of a disappointment to you and the council

    33. I'm guessing the council is in a crisis session

    34. But in most schools, guessing is heavily penalized, and is associated somehow with laziness

    35. sales success is to find out early on through questioning or shrewd guessing what the customer is actually after

    36. ‘I'm guessing it's somewhere under the Atlantic Ocean but you don't want me to know in case the real Gerrid sought its destruction,’ he surmised

    37. Based on the fact that Hollowcrest and Sespian both recognize your dagger, I’m guessing you were the court assassin or something of that nature, although assassination isn’t supposed to be the Turgonian way

    38. Fortunately, the doctor had declared his illness the flu, rather than guessing drug withdrawal, and that was the diagnosis Sespian gave to the parade of faces passing through to check on him, each offering condolences, sincerity levels varying

    39. “I’d be guessing at this point,” Sicarius said

    40. Based on what I’ve learned about you, I’m guessing those hunters are not

    41. He left the question hanging in the air, and the crowd, guessing it to be rhetorical, remained silent

    42. I didn’t want him to order me—the very idea made me sick—but I couldn’t understand what the difference was in his mind, why he would choose to shape her reactions so cavalierly and to leave me guessing as to his intentions

    43. language we do, it’s often a guessing game trying to discover the best way to help

    44. “I threw it away,” Lyra said, guessing that he was looking for the bottle she had found when she’d been cleaning up

    45. “So I’m guessing that Lexi lodged here with you while she was working over on the island?” Conal said

    46. So I’m guessing that Lyra must have found the pen drive as you said, and tried to read what was on it

    47. We had reports from others that she sometimes used some verbal expression beyond her years, so I’m guessing she was possessed

    48. I’m guessing that a four-year-old with 72 itchy chickenpox marks (yes, she counted them) is an unpleasant thing, so you can appreciate our talent as parents

    49. We were correct in guessing that the cops, for whatever reason, had quickly dismissed the notion that the body was dropped on the way in

    50. How much of this would Brendan pass on in subsequent conversations? It always comes back to you, doesn’t it? Teasing Sim was getting to be a bad habit, but it would do well to keep Sim and Trent and all the others guessing

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    Synonyms for "guess"

    dead reckoning guess guessing guesswork shot conjecture hypothesis speculation supposition surmisal surmise imagine opine reckon suppose think infer approximate estimate gauge judge hazard pretend venture theorise theorize hypothesise hypothesize predicate assumption postulate presupposition notion presumption answer survey solve calculate

    "guess" definitions

    a message expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence

    an estimate based on little or no information

    expect, believe, or suppose

    put forward, of a guess, in spite of possible refutation

    judge tentatively or form an estimate of (quantities or time)

    guess correctly; solve by guessing