Oraciones con la palabra "shot"

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Shot en una oración (en ingles)

I shot her a look.
So I shot at him.
It was a shot of.
It was a long shot.
He shot off the bed.
The shot was a fact.
Not by a long shot.

So I shot him again.
It was a cheap shot.
I shot Dorian a look.
I took my first shot.
Every shot was a hit.
A chump in big shot.
I shot Corey with it.
Pain shot up his arm.
Tadeo shot her a grin.
A shot rang out and.
A little hand shot up.
Then he took the shot.
Just give me the shot.
Casey shot him a smile.
Then she heard a shot.
One more shot to the.
Lester is a good shot.
Shot up the whole car.
It was a one shot deal.
I was shot; a woman.
The shot that kills him.
I figure worth a shot.
He was shot in the ass.
Her eyes shot up to his.
I say we give it a shot.
I shot him in the knee.
He shot her in the back.
That was a fine shot.
He need not have shot.
Robert saw me and shot.
Almost Shot the Dog, a.
He did let one shot in.
He shot his own player.
At least no shooting war.
It was a shooting gallery.
He joined her in shooting.
He would be shooting blind.
He was shooting without a.
A tree and shooting star.
He extended his shooting arm.
The shooting had quieted down.
But the shooting did not stop.
Shooting it until it was dust.
Not that I advocate shooting.
Moussa came up again, shooting.
Shooting pictures in the city.
I kept shooting like the rest.
Thank God he sucked at shooting.
He crouched and began shooting.
Like shooting fish in a barrel.
I jerked into a shooting crouch.
They weren’t shooting at her.
I started shooting from the hip.
They’re shooting missiles at me.
That estate agent wants shooting.
The shooting was on the ninth.
Josh was shooting at the zombies.
The soldiers were still shooting.
He’s confessed to the shooting.
He’s shooting at the cats with.
Shooting subjects with long noses.
We leaned out and started shooting.
Shooting at members of the public.
I looked at the trouble shooting.
Ford manual trouble shooting pages.
Cassius was shooting the wounded.
But she said you did the shooting.
Upon the winds; shooting pain’d.
They rode up and started shooting.
Paper silhouettes in the shooting.
I grabbed mine and started shooting.
I could hear shooting, and it was.
He could hear shooting ahead of him.
Barrons shoots me a look.
He shoots me a cynical look.
Victoria shoots him a look.
As a volcano that shoots out.
Shoop Shoots Jil in the Face.
He shoots Ras through the mouth.
Pa shoots at the nariest sound.
The shoots will soon turn green.
Abner and showed him the shoots.
Pain shoots through my shoulder.
If the Arms Index shoots past 4.
Green shoots sprouted out of it.
If he shoots for a prize of gold.
The attack just shoots from your.
I kept an eye out for plant shoots.
This is not about how Tuvok shoots.
Kara shoots me another apologetic look.
The Princess rushes in and shoots him.
Miles aims his arms out and shoots a.
Steng is just grateful gas shoots out.
He pauses and shoots a jab at his face.
He shoots his Glock 22 into the ceiling.
For no apparent reason, Jay shoots at it.
These shoots are growing without the.
Spray grapevines when the shoots are less.
Great burnet: Infusion of leaves and shoots.
Dead-nettle: Infusion of flowers and shoots.
Add bamboo shoots and chicken and cook for 1.
The bullet shoots farther and flatter than a.
MP5 sub machine gun that shoots at 900 rpm- If.
The market shoots first and finds reasons later.
St John’s wort: Infusion of flowers and shoots.
The young shoots dried up, the blossoms withered.
Spring arrives with water filled shoots and life.
The sand hovering in midair shoots forward in the.
The glare he shoots me could turn someone to stone.
He shoots the cause and camera catches the impact.
His hand shoots to the wheel and holds it straight.
The little shoots on the fuchsia excited him as he.
Serve on a bun with pea shoots and teriyaki mustard.

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I had to shoot him.
I shoot a look at.
I shoot a paint bomb.
I will shoot you, kid.
I'll shoot him for you.
No one to shoot at you.
They tried to shoot me.
When you see him, shoot.
They could shoot me now.
If they shoot over too.
But she could shoot them.
You must learn to shoot.
You shoot yo goo here.
I’ll shoot him for you.
He did not shoot himself.
If he resists, shoot him.
Tom was ready to shoot him.
I nearly shoot the ceiling.
Go, bid the soldiers shoot.
See, Zoe, Henry can shoot.
Still no heads to shoot at.
Let me shoot him with an.
He wants to shoot his chim.
I shoot him a derisive look.
Then, Go ahead and shoot.
Me said shoot the crow!.
I don’t want to shoot you.
I aimed, and shoot for the.
He was about to shoot me.
What they liked to shoot at.
He loved to shoot fireballs.
How can I shoot like this?
Some of them began to shoot.
Sure, they’ll shoot at us.
The cop had tried to shoot me.
You shoot the son of a bitch.
The shoot out going ape shit.
I shoot him a nervous glance.
Did they shoot at her?
Now why shouldn’t I shoot.