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    1. Later that night in the Orgasmatron Nightclub, where the boys had gone for some shampoo and some dancing after another hard week at the tactical grindstone, Terry told his best friend, left-back and room-mate, 'Boozo' Van Honk, that he was going to marry Bling

    2. and room-mate, 'Boozo' Van Honk, that he was going to marry

    3. Fluffing up my pillows, I closed my eyes and tried to settle down to sleep again, but just as I’d reached that delightful stage between sleep and wakefulness, where troubles cease to exist, I heard a goose honk loudly

    4. While walking down the sidewalk on Main Street in Downers Grove on the way to McCollum park, I must have had a car honk at me every five minutes

    5. She was missing big eighteen wheelers by a few inches, but as she was doing it about a hundred a hundred and five miles an hour the truckers were too stunned to even honk

    6. He was a good guy, brought me back an Asai Pentax camera from Honk Kong

    7. Honk Honk! “Out of the way, Toots

    8. But then… “Honk! Honk!”

    9. Occasionally you hear the honk of a horn and tires rolling along unseen streets

    10. benevolent fund, and since then all the cars honk and give me a wave if they

    1. Then they all started honking their horns, apparently just for the fun of it … you should have seen the grin on Emanuele’s face as he joined in the cacophony! Getting out of Naples was slow work, it is a busy city and the road system appears to have been built piecemeal, so you may imagine how it was

    2. As for the exterior, there were unending sounds of honking, revving, screeching, crashing, yelling, talking, laughing, arguing, crying, singing, and so on that were emitted primarily from the millions of cars, people, televisions, radios, cell phones, and stereos that had spread about in every nook and cranny

    3. He is among a throng of girls, parents, and luggage that exits the school building’s side door and makes its way out to the parking lot where there is some last minute chit-chat, the honking of horns, and waving good-bye

    4. Cars, buses and taxis flashed by at thirty or more, honking when they felt their territory was invaded

    5. There was a honking and hooting, and a flapping and a hissing, and I was aware that Detective Inspector Grunt was close behind me, his webbed feet splatting in the mud as he waved his feathered arms over my head

    6. he said because of that darn blasted cargo ship’s honking

    7. Thankfully she didn’t have big, honking, hairy, funny-looking feet

    8. honking at me and not giving one iota of a shit but just thinking that

    9. They were interrupted as loud sirens and honking drew everyone's attention to the roadway leading to the ramp

    10. If your vehicle is hard to steer when first started or while trying to parallel park in downtown New York with honking horns, yelling and the occasional feathered finger you have what we call Hard Steering

    1. He would have escorted them to the ticket counter, but the car behind honked its horn

    2. Eventually the man honked his horn and the

    3. the young man at the wheel honked his horn,

    4. Then he swung the truck around and honked, calling to Lori as she peeked out of the barn

    5. “Hey kid, get off the road!” A man in a small delivery truck honked his horn and yelled out at Lester to move out of his way

    6. A horn honked at her, the driver wanting to turn right

    7. It was fully dark when Colling honked the lead Henschel’s horn to remind Gambelli and the others that they had to meet their train

    8. She pulled up the driveway and honked the horn

    9. The driver honked his horn with agitation at the

    10. must be in, but by that time, tires squealed, horns honked,

    1. The Zetra Zeus driver honks

    2. Honks and the like are grotesque spews

    3. Bryony screamed and yelled in protest, but her words sounded like a series of angry honks to Ma

    4. Rhythmic car horn honks wakes you from dozing in the spacious backseat of the SUV

    5. Frank closed the door Stan gave me three honks then drove off

    6. honks a ten seconds pause and then the second five honks

    7. it's a freak show, if you know what I mean!" After starting his car, he left the gas station attendant with two slight honks, a wave, and a smile of acknowledgment

    8. Their honks, kicks and the prance give us joy

    9. Mary parks in front of Barbie’s house and honks her horn

    10. ” he followed her out, as they both ignored the honks, screams, and curses of the other drivers

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