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Honk в предложении (на )

  1. Let her honk.
  2. Listen to them honk and.
  3. Then, she began to honk her.
  4. But then… Honk! Honk!.
  5. Honk Honk! Out of the way, Toots.

  6. Just then there was a loud honk outside.
  7. I heard a honk and saw Farid waving at me.
  8. Honk! from Mayer, and the click of levers.
  9. Seriously! I gave him a honk and drove off.
  10. The bird ruffled its feathers and let out a low honk.
  11. Every car and truck began to honk loud, sustained blasts.
  12. The driver began to honk the car horn incessantly scaring.
  13. He was a good guy, brought me back an Asai Pentax camera from Honk Kong.
  14. The niddy decided for her when it gave out a long, tired honk through its nose.
  15. Occasionally you hear the honk of a horn and tires rolling along unseen streets.

  16. Wait!) Cars crawl by but do not honk, and sometimes offer a little bit of visibility.
  17. Car horns honk, the street lamps twinkle in the dark and I love being in the middle of it all.
  18. Almost instantly, the ear-piercing honk of a car horn told him his quest to escape had been in vain.
  19. Honk! honk! This for a couple of children, who, starting to run across the road, doubled back like rabbits.
  20. Kemp hugged me too and said he was sorry before they heard the second honk initiating that they had to leave now.
  21. There was no mistaking that honk of the goose many times strengthened, and, following this, the low, steady sputter of a gasoline engine.
  22. While walking down the sidewalk on Main Street in Downers Grove on the way to McCollum park, I must have had a car honk at me every five minutes.
  23. I scribbled a quick note for my wife as I heard the honk of the taxi arriving, Carolyn was out shopping with a girl friend and we were all supposed to be.
  24. She was missing big eighteen wheelers by a few inches, but as she was doing it about a hundred a hundred and five miles an hour the truckers were too stunned to even honk.
  25. As part of the seventh Pausaer Trabant race in Ebersgrün, Germany, staged on 12 June 2011, a group of 212 cars assembled to honk the children’s song All My Ducklings.

  26. So now here he is on an elevated approach to the Queensboro Bridge, where horns began honking at exactly the moment it became obvious it was pointless to honk, because there’s nowhere for anybody to go.
  27. Fluffing up my pillows, I closed my eyes and tried to settle down to sleep again, but just as I’d reached that delightful stage between sleep and wakefulness, where troubles cease to exist, I heard a goose honk loudly.
  28. Later that night in the Orgasmatron Nightclub, where the boys had gone for some shampoo and some dancing after another hard week at the tactical grindstone, Terry told his best friend, left-back and room-mate, 'Boozo' Van Honk, that he was going to marry Bling.
  29. Several times, when returning from the village at ten or eleven o'clock at night, I heard the tread of a flock of geese, or else ducks, on the dry leaves in the woods by a pond-hole behind my dwelling, where they had come up to feed, and the faint honk or quack of their leader as they hurried off.
  30. But when I stood on the shore they at once rose up with a great flapping of wings at the signal of their commander, and when they had got into rank circled about over my head, twenty-nine of them, and then steered straight to Canada, with a regular honk from the leader at intervals, trusting to break their fast in muddier pools.
  31. People asked how we could be spending $6 billion a year on the military (seven times more than we were spending on education), if four American helicopters could just sneak in under our radar? And if they could do it, what was to stop the Indians next door? ‘Please don’t honk, the army is sleeping,’ said one text, and ‘Second-hand Pakistani radar for sale.
  1. The car begins honking.
  2. The cab moved forward, honking.
  3. Because everyone starts honking.
  4. With a ceaseless blowing and honking.
  5. I was honking outside like a total LBR.
  6. I was sneezing and honking and sneezing all the time.
  7. The honking, flashing car spun sharply into the driveway of the house.
  8. When she completed her last words, there was honking of scooter horn.
  9. Thankfully she didn’t have big, honking, hairy, funny-looking feet.
  10. His driver yelled one more thing at the van as it pulled away, honking its horn.
  11. Before long, the displeased driver of the honking vehicle pulled into the right lane.
  12. The geese complained as he pushed through, honking and pecking as they surrounded him.
  13. You listen for the honking horn of your doors locking while you charge through the car sea.
  14. The mob was still swirling around the courthouse, a jam of horses and wagons and honking automobiles.
  15. In the morning I had had to cope with the sounds of honking horns, yelling and a lot of traffic noises.
  16. Cars, buses and taxis flashed by at thirty or more, honking when they felt their territory was invaded.
  17. The irate drivers had become tired of honking their horns and shouting at him to get out of the fast lane.
  18. The avenue was jammed with honking vehicles that shot ahead, then squealed to a stop at the next red light.
  19. They were interrupted as loud sirens and honking drew everyone's attention to the roadway leading to the ramp.
  20. The cars, honking, whipped around the last bend and down the hill and stopped, waiting, looking in at the dark house.
  21. However, in the towns only the noises of honking horns and the hustle-bustle of footsteps, which drive me very crazy.
  22. Walter turned down Main Street, the car lights still on, honking the horn a double toot, six times at one corner, six times at another.
  23. Outside, a car’s honking mingled with the mindless laughter of teens, amplifying the black stillness and caged quality of the trailer.
  24. Always there is the muted rattling of her father’s tools inside his rucksack and the distant and incessant honking of automobile horns.
  25. The ambulance driver and his colleague gave chase, leaving a string of angry drivers honking their horns behind the abandoned vehicle at the lights.
  26. They passed over the pond toward Fair Haven, seemingly deterred from settling by my light, their commodore honking all the while with a regular beat.
  27. Then, later that night, he’d forgotten to hold the door open for Marnie—he’d just sat there in the driver’s seat after honking the horn, smiling up at her like an idiot.
  28. So now here he is on an elevated approach to the Queensboro Bridge, where horns began honking at exactly the moment it became obvious it was pointless to honk, because there’s nowhere for anybody to go.
  29. If your vehicle is hard to steer when first started or while trying to parallel park in downtown New York with honking horns, yelling and the occasional feathered finger you have what we call Hard Steering.
  30. There was a honking and hooting, and a flapping and a hissing, and I was aware that Detective Inspector Grunt was close behind me, his webbed feet splatting in the mud as he waved his feathered arms over my head.
  31. As it grew darker, I was startled by the honking of geese flying low over the woods, like weary travellers getting in late from Southern lakes, and indulging at last in unrestrained complaint and mutual consolation.
  32. He is among a throng of girls, parents, and luggage that exits the school building’s side door and makes its way out to the parking lot where there is some last minute chit-chat, the honking of horns, and waving good-bye.
  33. One night in the beginning of winter, before the pond froze over, about nine o'clock, I was startled by the loud honking of a goose, and, stepping to the door, heard the sound of their wings like a tempest in the woods as they flew low over my house.
  34. A thousand cars, honking, shrieking, shouldered them, and bore Clarence and Cecelia Travers and their captive children stunned and silent down the concourse, onward ever onward into a city that had not seen them leave and did not look to see them return.
  35. The traffic was in full swing, the crowds were swirling noisily around the Midan El Tahrir, on foot, in honking cars and bolting bicycles; people clambering on and alighting off leaning, overstuffed buses where you could not believe another single, harassed human being would fit in.
  36. Then they all started honking their horns, apparently just for the fun of it … you should have seen the grin on Emanuele’s face as he joined in the cacophony! Getting out of Naples was slow work, it is a busy city and the road system appears to have been built piecemeal, so you may imagine how it was.
  37. As for the exterior, there were unending sounds of honking, revving, screeching, crashing, yelling, talking, laughing, arguing, crying, singing, and so on that were emitted primarily from the millions of cars, people, televisions, radios, cell phones, and stereos that had spread about in every nook and cranny.
  38. Five enormous black cockatoos flapped mournfully overhead, a heron announced its arrival with raucous honking, fairy-wrens inspected seed-heads on the tall grasses, a pair of indigo and yellow parrots displayed red bums as they shredded matching calliandros flowers, a whip-bird’s rising whine and crack was followed by his spouse’s chiu-choo reply, a large russet butterfly dropped to the path and lay on its side like a dead leaf, and the sun heaved itself over the edge of the mountain.
  1. I honked again.
  2. The owner honked.
  3. Only a few honked now.
  4. Then a horn honked outside.
  5. Farid honked twice behind me.
  6. Cars honked and guys waved.
  7. The van honked at the children.
  8. Somewhere distant on the lake, ducks honked.
  9. He honked his horn on every turn out of town.
  10. Eventually the man honked his horn and the.
  11. But not a single driver honked his or her horn.
  12. Dakota honked and waved as she drove past him.
  13. She pulled up the driveway and honked the horn.
  14. The driver honked his horn with agitation at the.
  15. Cars honked as they tried to dodge the open door.
  16. Two horns honked from opposite ends of the station.
  17. Horns honked and the motorists became very flippant.
  18. But I was still smiling as I honked the horn good-bye.
  19. A horn honked at her, the driver wanting to turn right.
  20. Captain Altman honked his horn three times, waved goodbye and.
  21. Cecily honked the horn again as Don stepped out the front door.
  22. Many honked their horns in approval with a wave or a thumbs up.
  23. Later, when he pulled away from the curb, he honked twice and waved.
  24. A car honked at Sam, warning him to move, so he pulled forward into the.
  25. Within ten minutes, he honked excessively at Phillip's apartment complex.
  26. Autos swerved and honked, and the traffic soon came to a near stand-still.
  27. One of the geese spread its wings and honked at the truck, defending them.
  28. Other cars honked, justifiably angry and afraid of the car chase in progress.
  29. The sound of an annoying car horn being honked multiple times interrupted them.
  30. The police car, creeping ahead, its motor puttering, honked its horn quietly, once.
  31. Nicole assumed the chauffer would have honked the horn but when there was a knock at.
  32. He would have escorted them to the ticket counter, but the car behind honked its horn.
  33. Bubba Bates spotted number 13/2 and honked impatiently to be let through the solid gate.
  34. We split across several busy streets, got honked at by cars and roundly cursed as well.
  35. Then he swung the truck around and honked, calling to Lori as she peeked out of the barn.
  36. He mad a u-turn, right at the spot where he was parked, and honked the horn before driving off.
  37. Levi rummaged in the back seat until he found it, as cars behind him honked their horns at the delay.
  38. As soon as I asked the question Ace honked his horn several times and then yelled out some obscenities.
  39. And if you drove up and honked it just lay there and twitched its tail and smiled with its rusty brown eyes.
  40. Hey kid, get off the road! A man in a small delivery truck honked his horn and yelled out at Lester to move out of his way.
  41. It was fully dark when Colling honked the lead Henschel’s horn to remind Gambelli and the others that they had to meet their train.
  42. I DROVE ACROSS THE air bell on the apron of the Man in the Moon Garage and honked a little shave-and-a-haircut until Keith came out of his office.
  1. Outside a horn honks.
  2. The Zetra Zeus driver honks.
  3. Honks and the like are grotesque spews.
  4. Their honks, kicks and the prance give us joy.
  5. Mary parks in front of Barbie’s house and honks her horn.
  6. Frank closed the door Stan gave me three honks then drove off.
  7. She turned around at my honks, blinked wildly as I got out of the car.
  8. Rhythmic car horn honks wakes you from dozing in the spacious backseat of the SUV.
  9. There was a fearful racket in the studio alleys, some backfires, honks, and a yell.
  10. The crash of plastic on plastic, long honks, and angry shouts followed in his wake.
  11. Bryony screamed and yelled in protest, but her words sounded like a series of angry honks to Ma.
  12. Diane’s home was right where I remembered, and I rolled to a stop, giving her three honks, her ritual when she visited us way back when.

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