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    1. Kulai was always mild and even and sweet and gave the impression of being naive

    2. the overwhelming impression I have got of her is that she is respected

    3. As they pulled closer they could see that the opening of the tunnel was decorated with flowing curves, giving the impression of continuous bodies intertwined

    4. That and the distinct impression they were going in a large circle

    5. Something Stephen said over breakfast gave me the impression that he has been liaising with Paul pretty closely over the past few days and I have no doubt that Paul has been passing any information he has received to Emma

    6. ‘You made quite an impression her when you spoke to her on the phone, you know

    7. He had been under the mistaken impression Tahlmute had the crate ready to load and go, not back in dead storage under a dozen decades build-up

    8. ’ Emma repeated, ‘She gave me the impression that they were friends

    9. He’s of the opinion that your Mother will never speak to him again, at least that is the impression he is giving me … though to be honest I could just shake him!’

    10. He thought he understood what Tahlmute was trying to do, convince Estwig this had something to do with boring academia, and tried to help with that impression

    11. Most of the teacher, except for John and Russ, gaze up with vacuous eyes and gaping expressions, giving one the impression that they could possibly be drugged mental patients who have wandered off from an institution

    12. Stephen had been a bit cagey when I told him who the interview was with … although he didn’t actually say so, I got the definite impression that this company is not a good employment bet

    13. I go in and shake hands with the man standing behind the desk while at the same time I am uncomfortably aware that he is scanning what I am wearing, leaving me with the disconcerting impression that he knows what colour my knickers are

    14. ’ Tonya said, leaving me with the impression she will probably hunt me down for this express purpose

    15. before supervisor McManus finally noticed that old Ted hadn’t entertained the other guards with his impression of a bugle call to signal the end of another long night shift

    16. “You give me the impression of someone who has been searching and searching

    17. I think Maggie is under the impression I have done this sort of thing before …… I try to live up to her illusions

    18. She is square-faced with curly hair, short and skinny, and she makes an impression of being a very harassed person

    19. I expect her to be enthusiastic about it, yet I am nonplussed at her immediate frigidity: “I have nothing to do this afternoon, but I am not in the mood of going to such a lecture, I had better stay home alone,” she announces in a low voice and leaves me wondering, since she has always given me the impression of being very interested in such matters

    20. I often have the impression that my inability to perform certain moves correctly has been noticed and commented by the rest of the pupils

    21. Beeta was too young to remember their trip out there an Earth year ago, but it had made an impression on Klowee's young life

    22. Like hypnotized, I stood in front of the oblong opening that led to its interior; it gave the impression of an unguarded entrance

    23. come back here? I was of the impression you could go anywhere

    24. Women are always asking him out! That's my impression of his popularity

    25. Folsom, you have testified that you were under the impression that you could have had intercourse with Samantha on your first date

    26. We have stuck to the main road so far, trying to give the impression that we will be heading towards the talaiots, but I know we have to turn off somewhere in order to cut across country to the Naveta

    27. Wandering slowly through the concourse trying to kill time before takeoff I tried to give the impression of being a seasoned traveller with my hold-all draped casually over my shoulder whilst clutching a boarding pass to the land of mystery and imagination in my trouser pocket

    28. I got the impression that he didn't really live there

    29. And no description could have prepared me for that breath-taking first impression

    30. My first impression was the scent of flowers

    31. From the way Orens chats, it is plain that Berndt has spent a substantial amount of time at this kloster … This impression is underlined as we enter the main building, several of the Gottesmen we encounter as we walk along a corridor greeting Berndt with enthusiasm

    32. I was under the impression that I could teleport messages onto CD's

    33. ‘That’s the impression I got

    34. I can see from my reflection in the mirror, that I manage a very reasonable impression of amused surprise … I’m impressed …

    35. impression that she could impale a charging tigress at fifty paces

    36. The digitization is faithful enough to show the impression the ballpoint made in this paper when the note was written

    37. The kids asked quite a lot of questions but Gary didn’t mind – in fact he gave the general impression that he was enjoying himself

    38. This snow gave the impression of a great fluffy blanket spread over everything

    39. He smiled and looked away for a moment and Alexei got the impression the Captain knew the Queen better than most

    40. He got the distinct impression that she was testing him

    41. its impression on me when I was 2 years old

    42. I drew by impression out of the

    43. Yes Brent and he gave me the impression that he considers you a member of his family

    44. Sheila doesn’t say what it was they argued about, but I get the impression that it may have been something to do with Don wanting to help Bunty out … Bunty’s fatal attraction coming home to roost again no doubt

    45. I have a vague impression that I know where this conversation is going and am not at all certain I know how I feel about it

    46. “I got the impression that there was a certain amount of muttering

    47. gave the impression of being something of a bystander, which was

    48. ‘Thank you, Dad!’ Dave retorted, ‘I was under the impression that I was reasonably civilised already

    49. with the distinct impression that he had told this tale before

    50. down the back of his neck and a distinct impression that there was

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