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    1. " That was the inn and public room at the mainland end of the bridge

    2. Place into the Roach Inn

    3. Keep children and pets out! Cockroaches will enter Roach Inn and go into the cup where the mixture is

    4. where it seemed that nowhere in the Inn was without warmth

    5. even when there was nobody else in the Inn

    6. The Inn at the Village of Flowers

    7. The businesses were a kedary, a briner, an inn and one other guy with a yaag still and tap

    8. The inn was a pretty little place on the village square, mostly catering to herdsmen on R&R

    9. They were playing as much to the village square as the inn and as much of the crowd was outside as in

    10. As the locals hooked up and went to their Dusksleeps, another couple lingered for the sleep at the inn, toasting some morsels from the left over stew in the fire

    1. hen a safe place like in the roach inns

    2. Acid is best used as a mixture that is eaten by the cockroaches (see Cockroach Inns)

    3. "You save the camping gear we picked up," she said, "I hardly ever use it at the inns where I travel

    4. doostEr climbed up behind him and Tahlmute said, "It looks like you think we'll be beyond inns and cooks?"

    5. "I've been down to Lastriss twice before, but once was fair weather all the way, a few weeks earlier in the year than this, and once I came overland and weathered two different storms in two different inns

    6. It is a traveler’s stronghold made of wood from the Ohmu Forest; trees that had been felled during storms or earthquakes were cut up and used for these Inns alone

    7. “It is a singular achievement and a great honor to be placed in charge of one of these Inns; and it is only by appointment of the Queen herself

    8. “During the winter it is not unusual for the Inns to be snowed in for several months,” he explained

    9. the town’s Inns, and finally the Notary

    10. Before you can blink, word will spread and we all will be saying it---because our inns and hotels will go unoccupied, our stores will have to close their doors, and if this goes unchecked we shall each have to start locking our own doors at night!”

    1. inning to force in the game-ending

    2. runs in the eighth inning to

    3. inning to force in the game-ending

    4. runs in the eighth inning to

    5. inning to force in the game-ending

    6. It was the bottom of the sixth inning

    7. I was due to come up fifth, so it didn’t look like I would have a chance to bat; at least not in this inning

    8. The third batter of the inning; our last hope to end this game without going into extra innings, was hit by the first pitch and trotted down to first base

    9. the very next inning

    10. where hope lives until the last strike of the last out of the last inning

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    Synonyms for "inn"

    auberge hostel hostelry inn lodge cabin hotel house tavern cottage shelter habitation

    "inn" definitions

    a hotel providing overnight lodging for travelers