Oraciones con la palabra "knockout"

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Knockout en una oración (en ingles)

  1. What a knockout.
  2. It was a knockout blow.
  3. They gave me a knockout.
  4. It was a knockout clean and clever.
  5. Heather was a petite knockout chick with.
  6. In effect, my first fall to the ground, was a knockout.
  7. For the fat teen I decided upon a knockout blow without.
  8. You’re going to be a knockout Katie, you look amazing.
  9. The knockout blow in our lives was of course his prostate cancer.
  10. Mikey entered a heavyweight champ, but left after a knockout in the fourth round.
  11. I had once watched Bob Fitzsimmons demolish an opponent with a third-round knockout.
  12. If you attack someone by surprise, the first blow is supposed to be the knockout blow.
  13. We must have you backed against the ropes, and I’m ready to deliver the knockout punch.
  14. Murray asked Mr Hawk about the knockout drug and his misgivings that they hadn’t tested it.
  15. Emily kills in hers, taking out the slender-but-quick guy in the first round with a knockout punch.
  16. What a knockout! Then, Gloria’s eyes seemed to become accustomed to the darker room, and she noticed the.
  17. Admiral Yamamoto the commander of Japan’s Combined Fleet proposed a sudden and paralysing knockout on the U.
  18. He was catapulted in to stardom eleven years ago with a spectacular fifty-three second knockout over rising star Jesus Alvarez.
  19. The second, on realising this, attempts a knockout: he has no time to see the results of his work before he is confronted by an angry throng.
  20. And Gina was this knockout hot chick that bragged about her virginity to everybody when a lot of girls bragged about what kind of sluts they were.
  21. The knockout punch line, is the bulge in our trousers, a command spearheaded by reasons for treason, against the old country of warped forerunners.
  22. She thought she heard something in the room behind her and turned to see the source of the sound in a panic only to be met with a cloud of knockout gas.
  23. Now we’re not a typical ring in that this is not about us taking possession of the item and then having our own knockout bids later to see who gets to take it home.
  24. Not only that, she said, but the Syclers went on to develop the ability to use the formic acid termites defend themselves with into a powerful anaesthetic that enables them to knockout their prey.
  25. You see, he’s got these tremendous claws called talons that are so incredibly sharp and strong that many times with a swift grasping and clamping he can not only crush the skull of his victim (ouch!) but also knead its body (ouch again!), thereby giving it a first-round knockout blow (with no ten-count) and simultaneously preparing it for a soon-to-be scrumptious munching down (yum!).
  26. They left and Murray locked up behind them and returned to making the rack, when he’d finished he bolted the rack into the truck, he stopped for lunch and watched the midday news on ABC, Iraq, Iraq and then more Iraq, then some experts and politicians displayed their ego’s, pompously having their say, the two messages that he got were firstly that no-one seemed to have a clue what to do, and secondly quite astutely the ABC had lumped politicians and experts together, talk about the blind leading the blind, the next item was about a car crash on the highway not being interested he turned the television off and went back to work, he finished the small amount of welding and burning that still needed doing on the plate steel project, after grinding the welds smooth he left it to cool down while he loaded some of the stuff onto the rack in the truck, he then wandered over to the fridge got a beer and decided to have a play with the dart guns, he was spraying the darts all over the board when he suddenly realised they hadn’t tested the knockout drug that would coat the darts, what if it didn’t put the guards to sleep immediately or what if they woke before they had finished, if the drug wasn’t instantaneous, the guards, if they were fast enough, might even start spraying bullets around, he would have to inform Mr Hawk of his misgivings when he came back from his fishing trip.

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