Oraciones con la palabra "hard"

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Hard en una oración (en ingles)

  1. That is a hard one.
  2. It's hard as it is.
  3. It was hard not to.
  4. It was hard to say.
  5. It's not hard to do.

  6. It was hard to move.
  7. It is hard work to.
  8. She had a hard time.
  9. He sits on hard wood.
  10. It was hard to tell.
  11. It was hard to think.
  12. It was hard to know.
  13. It was a hard lesson.
  14. It was a hard landing.
  15. I hit the ground hard.

  16. Resp a hard, deep look.
  17. Board was a hard case.
  18. That has to be hard.
  19. No matter how hard I.
  20. He tried hard not to.
  21. No matter how hard it.
  22. It's not hard to find.
  23. It is hard to describe.
  24. I know it’s hard to.
  25. As you are trying hard.

  26. The only hard part is.
  27. She was trying too hard.
  28. No matter how hard He.
  29. It isn’t hard to be.
  30. Theirs was a hard life.
  31. It was hard to breathe.
  32. To cry, cry really hard.
  33. It is hard to predict.
  34. He landed hard on the.
  35. Very hard and very long.
  36. Betty looked hard at her.
  37. This can be the hard bit.
  38. It's hard to sell a book.
  39. It was hard like a stone.
  40. I know this the hard way.
  41. It was hard to imagine.
  42. As hard as I was able.
  43. That's hard for me also.
  44. She has worked too hard.
  45. Too old, hard to update.
  46. Hard to tell what it is.
  47. It is hard to live alone.
  49. You’ve had a hard week.
  50. No matter how hard I beg.
  51. But it is hard to breathe.
  52. How hard could that be?
  53. How fucking hard is that.
  54. It was hard to interpret.
  55. It was hard, though, to.
  56. It's not hard to see why.
  57. But you can push too hard.
  58. They make it hard to find.
  59. Paul, just plain hard work.
  60. Sometimes it is hard for.
  61. It can run hard for hours.
  62. A loyal, hard worker, he.
  63. Erect and very, very hard.
  64. She may have a hard time.
  65. My mouth a thin hard line.
  66. This was not hard for her.
  67. It was really fucking hard.
  68. It is hard to believe an.
  69. It did hit me rather hard.
  70. The truth is hard to find.
  71. Her heart pounded so hard.
  72. The thing was hard to taxi.
  73. Change is too hard to.
  74. That is not the hard part.
  75. One path is hard and stony.
  76. I guess I am hard to please.
  77. Argyl was hard and angular.
  78. My head hit the floor hard.
  79. Their fate is hard in Laru.
  80. The war for titans was hard.
  81. You should be hard hearted.
  82. It must be really hard to.
  83. Saldon looked hard at Halon.
  84. His body was lean and hard.
  85. I was crying, but not hard.
  86. I try hard, really hard to.
  87. It wasn't hard to find her.
  88. Daphnie took his death hard.
  89. It is hard for mankind to.
  90. It's not that it's hard Da.
  91. Nothing is too hard for Me.
  92. It wasn't so hard after all.
  93. But no matter how hard the.
  94. Don’t be to hard on him.
  95. The EPA erased hard drives.
  96. We were both breathing hard.
  97. Experience is a hard teacher.
  98. It wasn’t hard to locate.
  99. I shove him as hard as I can.
  100. But it was hard for him to.

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