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    1. When you've been doing your best to communicate and neither of you speaks much of the other's language you resort to the universal language of mime, grunts and nodding just like we did in the beginning, and suddenly you make a breakthrough, well the gratitude you feel is huge

    2. While Billy sits quiet and still amid the heavy metal sounds of the custody suite, his companions reach out and take his hands in theirs and the three of them begin to mime and mug like savant idiots, and with the sound turned down, with the picture fading to a single white dot, they start to belt out Billy’s favourite song without shifting a single molecule of air:

    3. Or he could be mistaken for a mime artist 'leaning into the wind'

    4. Something about a mime, and a request from the Government of the Republic of France, as I recall

    5. You mime your slaying motions and sheath your invisible weapon

    6. After supper and Bart’s party-piece, a mime of The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter that had everyone in stitches, Robert stole out, Michael dimmed the lights, turned a Rock n Roll tape up so loud it was palpable, and settled back

    7. Write Last night on the board and then mime to the class what you did (watched television, ate dinner, etc)

    8. Have the class call out what you did as you mime each action

    9. When you finish, repeat the mime with students all calling out what you did

    10. Mime a few more as examples and then put students into groups to do the same

    11. • Write Last night on the board and then mime to the class what you did (watched television, ate dinner, etc)

    12. • Have the class call out what you did as you mime each action

    13. Clarene used drama like a vaudevillian mime

    14. Josie begins to mime his words, her hands slowly clawing the air, as if trying to drag herself up a muddy slope

    15. It specifies the allowed mime types,

    16. She looks back at me and shrugs her shoulders, so I mime call him and she she shakes her head yes in agreement

    17. But what is really needed is a language, and language can be made up of things other than words—gestures, for example, or mime, or

    18. There are many others: mime, movement, speaking,

    19. He bellowed "Mime!” — garbled without a tongue — and reclaimed his most prized possession

    20. Anderson pranced back and forth on the stage, acting like a silly mime

    21. (Only gesture, like a mime)

    22. It couldn’t have been conveyed better by a mime

    23. Amidst the fluttering curtains Petra flew, whirling her arms and feet, a mid-air mime pantomiming running

    24. “Now, push off my hands, then whip your arms behind your head,” Ethan said as he stuck his hands in front of him with his palms facing out, like a mime

    25. The first performer out, dressed in a sexy Tina Turner Basque and a large wig started to mime to, simply the best


    27. vision my mother's face loomed large and then her lips moved in mime as that second voice

    28. instead gave a consummate performance in mime of how I should introduce myself

    29. under his calf in a well executed act of mime

    30. muscles, told incredible stories, did mime acts and played out little theatrical routines and

    31. Joe Loss told the rest of the band that my Dad was off work sick, when in fact he permitted him to fly off to Hamburg to mime the old record on a couple of German television pop shows

    32. Due to the Musicians’ Union rules protecting session players who had played on hit recordings, we were all supposed to rerecord our singles during a three-hour studio session and then mime to that recording on the show

    33. We were obliged to mime our song, but we refused to go through the tape-switch tap dance on principle and rerecorded “Red Shoes” in a couple of takes

    34. I roll off my volume and mime the entire show with a smile fixed on my face

    35. MIME adds two additional fields to this initial header, a MIME-Version indicator that specifies which version of MIME the message is using and a Content-Type field that specifies the format of the MIME-encoded data included in the message

    36. The Content-Type field can specify any one of several predetermined MIME formats, or it can indicate that the message consists of multiple body parts, each of which uses a different format

    37. The most commonly recognizable elements of MIME are the content types used to describe the nature of the data included as part of an e-mail message

    38. A MIME content type consists of a type and a subtype, separated by a forward slash, as in image/jpeg

    39. Systems interpreting the data use the MIME types to determine how they should handle the data, even if they do not recognize the format

    40. The seven MIME content types are as follows:

    41. Cher 'prince, nous dcvons etre amis mime par droit de naissance

    42. The actor with the horn opens his mouth as unnaturally as the gnome, and long continues in a chanting voice to shout some words, and in a similar chant Mime (that is the gnome's name) answers something or other to him

    43. Mime, however, does not want to let him go

    44. Also dressed up in a wig, and also in tights, this god Wotan, standing in a stupid pose with a spear, thinks proper to recount what Mime must have known before, but what it is necessary to tell the audience

    45. After this the wanderer departs, and Siegfried returns and talks with Mime for thirteen pages more

    46. The conversation tells that Mime wishes to teach Siegfried fear, and that Siegfried does not know what fear is

    47. Siegfried, with his horn, reappears, as does Mime also

    48. Mime goes away, and a scene commences which is intended to be most poetical

    49. The gnome Mime forges a sword in a wood

    50. He orders Mime to reforge it, and then goes off

    1. In between prayers, they sang as they walked and, because I didn't know the words, but now as a member of the band, I thought no one would notice if I mimed and that way at least show some support

    2. I mimed to her for a shirt

    3. Flavio looked at Brian and mimed a crash

    4. Audrey mimed a serious face at the others and said, 'He loved his Dad!' She nudged Doc

    5. ' He mimed a pantomime witch, wringing his hands together

    6. He mimed both her attack and Jesus’ futile self-defense until they were both rollicking

    7. ” Lifting her eyes to Rachel’s face, Jesse was prepared for the smug smile but not the mimed kiss or the contrived sympathy when she said, “Poor, Jesse

    8. If he speaks out of turn you may use the Vulcan death-grip…" He mimed pinching the shoulder tendon

    9. Baring his teeth in what I hoped was a smile he tossed a towel at me, mimed wrapping it round my loins, then, satisfied I wasn’t going to offend either Allah or his boss, prodded me into the presence

    10. He gestured to Donnie for a pint and mimed the slate

    11. “Do it now,” he mimed, trying to contain his excitement

    12. I mimed that Ghost Hunter’ had a sore throat and did my best to imitate his harsh laugh and that calmed them down a bit but I knew I had to distract them even further so I told Runs like Cheetah to give the cheetahs a command to hunt rabbits—which I knew were everywhere in the jungle

    13. He mimed brushing away tears

    14. ” the youth mimed the universal expression for zombie at feed – hands in circle grabbing neck and mouth chomping down as if on skull

    15. ” she mimed a retch

    16. They mimed adequately to their five-song set, ignoring the floor manager’s requests to look more lively, then thanked the empty seats for their applause before hastily clearing the stage as an army of roadies ran on to remove their kit and setup that of a different band

    17. ‘Dance…?’ Anvi mimed ‘…with me

    18. Mary mimed the severity of the situation back down to the waiting cart

    19. They all mimed along to the queen of pop

    20. ” To drive the point home, he mimed the

    21. He mimed tapping with his little hammer

    22. mimed them in their dances, feared them, and loved them

    23. He handed the marker to me and mimed that I should write my name on his palm so he’d be able to put me on the guest list

    24. He turned away for a moment from the vision that was Catherine Zeta-Jones, who was presenting our award, and mimed the unscrewing of a bottle directly into the camera

    25. “Never have I ever… accidentally chopped off my finger and watched it grow back,” Holden said, and mimed hacking his finger off, resulting in a few chuckles and a cry of “Yeah, Starfish!” from Ratchet

    26. Bertha nodded and mimed being wrapped in shawls

    1. She mimes her barking father with her hands pacing the room

    2. She was dating Dickie and then, ffffptt,” Boo mimes a bird with her hands

    3. “Kitty, kitty, meow, meow,” Jane mimes cat claws through the air with a free hand

    4. She mimes a silent "shhhhh" then slowly disappears down as the Gooch abandons his post at the window

    5. But he mimes only men

    6. “I found her standing outside Temple Bar, watching street mimes

    7. / This is not the way to the mountains/ And why is everyone speaking Spanish?/ I knew Spanish once/ A uniformed official mimes his need/ To punch our tickets, but/ My purse contains only two maps/ Of coastal Texas

    1. The picture of her standing at her door last night, in her kimona, flashed into his head; her standing there with her hair piled up in a towel and him miming and calling her Lotus Blossom and she hadn't been amused

    2. Pauly G laughed, “Ohhh mannn, what the shiznit?” Pauly threw me a BRUG and then started rhyming like the opposite of miming while the bells from; “Lookout Weekend” were chiming

    3. Encourage students to call out the word you are miming

    4. • Encourage students to call out the word you are miming

    5. arriving as the new governess and miming “I’m not Afraid” and trying to hit

    6. He stopped after a few steps and turned back to her, lifting his hand to his ear and miming a phone

    7. Bracing yourself for the unknown you initiate the holy sign the Son of God died on, miming the path of a cross

    8. We were miming to a recording

    9. He does this by miming the motion of stabbing Eugene in the chest several times, which is really rather impressive

    10. He was with the young men, telling a story, miming it, holding the reins of an imaginary horse and almost falling off

    11. All my previous appearances to that date had been about miming and wearing stupid jackets

    12. The “I Wanna Be Loved” clip was one of the few occasions in which the surrealism of miming conveyed any real emotion

    13. Frankie Goes to Hollywood were then halfway through a nine-week run at number one with “Two Tribes,” and they were miming to a single that was the accumulated result of six months of studio time

    14. He was funny about it, too, miming how he’d pleaded his case

    15. Coxtart was too lost in her own Ecstacies now to notice ’em) and fell to mimicking her comick Grunts and Gyrations like Merry Andrews at a Country Fair! O they were cruel in their Miming! But truly, she was an irresistible Subject for Satyre

    16. I was miming blow jobs to a bored blonde, who was trying to figure out the sexiest way to flip me off, when an argument broke out

    17. At least I hope that was the reason he was miming a two-handed death grip on a giant imaginary cock, paused in mid–pelvic thrust against my recliner

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