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    1. Ava had a virtual universe set up that she said was copied from data she had gathered from the planet, animated with video and audio that is broadcast in their net

    2. He wondered if all the Qbytes they copied from a brain didn't really amount to little more than a few thousand pages of 'if' statements, some response databases and a few gig of life experiences? He wondered if being in silicon took something from a soul? He bore the remainder of the evening stoically

    3. Blinking them home was pretty easy, a simple loop, they were all copied out of there in 1

    4. The woman he spent three decades with was copied from this electronic mind that inhabited the boulder where their starship was parked

    5. In her soul, she really believed that she had reproduced because she had copied most of her own neural simulation across

    6. My oldest books have disintegrated, some I've copied over

    7. The oldest surviving ones are from the end of the 41st century, but I've copied over some that go back four centuries farther than that

    8. She pounded the signals with every form of analysis her catalogs held and everything she copied from Thom

    9. For the remainder of the day Luray was much happier, even laughing and recounting some funny and rather bawdy adventures she had among the Dwarves and Trolls of old Wescarp, all the time reminding him that she couldn't actually remember any of this if she hadn't written it down and repeatedly copied over the notes when the paper got too old

    10. He was not seeing that in the current readings, the bit was acting like an electronic bit that was copied

    11. Once the images were scanned the older woman copied down the details of Danny’s email and web addresses from Annie’s diary and set about the task of adapting one of her more subtle Trojan Horse viruses so that it would work specifically with Danny in mind

    12. "Then if you could answer one question, could Yellelle run over the link thru Thom's antimatter trap, or would she have to be copied in?"

    13. “Whether dead souls can be copied into the dark matter

    14. On a routine spy mission to their home planet, she asked for a set of plans from the starship bay to be copied

    15. If she was in some simulation running on superconducting quantum processors in the condensates of the dark matter, were there cherubs, or was the soul of every human who had ever died copied here as the captain’s mother had implied? If so she was in deeper waters than her Avatar had been when she faced Alan’s wizards on Biology Base

    16. She wondered if he was in on this after all, or if he had copied it into his universe from here

    17. mere material far too easy to not be copied

    18. “Darryl did say data would be copied in all higher orders didn’t he?” she asked

    19. “We all are, ever since you copied me into here

    20. Desa gave him a very impish grin, “Ava may not know as much about these crystals as she thinks she does,” she said, “and if she doubts that you copied my soul, she still has a lot to learn about the power of entanglement in fifth order condensates

    21. that everyone had copied the solution, Mr

    22. Ava copied down the address, noticed it was the other one hSkaiya had given her, and began to try taking her leave

    23. Alistair copied the gestures as

    24. He copied down all there was on those five and got that list down to three

    25. “I’m looking for someone named Hyondahi at this address,” Jorma got out the notes he’d copied from the terminal and showed him

    26. agent what he had copied to another sheet of paper

    27. "Remember, when I asked about the reference, every one told me it was a miss print, or it'd been copied wrong – long ago

    28. Having no idea what was required, she copied one from another

    29. One is that avatar, it knows what I know about the system, I copied all of that so it could do its job

    30. It appears from his account, which is copied from the registers of the public offices, that the quantity and value of the goods made in all those three manufactories has generally been greater in cheap than in dear years, and that it has always been; greatest in the cheapest, and least in the dearest years

    31. evidently to have been copied from the term of apprenticeship in common trades, of which the

    32. I copied some things I probably shouldn't have copied

    33. She had copied large portions of her own mind into space that was supposed to be occupied by cherub code

    34. "I have to ask if you copied any of yourself into that avatar

    35. He never knew she suspended him and copied his toolset when she had blinked out however

    36. As though he was looking into a mirror, the being copied his motion

    37. copied the Mythology almost whole,

    38. others copied off of them

    39. To dream about something unauthorized means that you have copied contents of this dream dictionary without permission from dee-em

    40. “Lúthien, you copied that?!” the Elf added

    41. As expected, most of the kids copied the storylines and made slight variations to them

    42. I could never find anything on the Aquifer except newspaper articles, which I copied

    43. It is, perhaps, worth while to remark, that though the laws of the twelve tables were many of them copied from those of some ancient Greek republics, yet law never seems to have grown up to be a science in any republic of ancient Greece

    44. The first question people normally ask when encountering manuscripts that are copied is: “How accurate are the copies when compared to the originals?” or “How well were these manuscripts preserved through the ages since the days of Moses?” Although these manuscripts were copied by hand, until the invention of the printing press in the 1,400’s AD, the Jewish scribes had an intricate and ritualistic system by which this was done

    45. When a modern-day manuscript is compared to one found in the Qumran collection, the remarkable reliability and accuracy with which the scribes copied the documents, is evident and the teachings contained in these documents, is found to be identical, with some stylistic variances and slight variances on spelling here and there

    46. copied manuscripts testify to their existence

    47. It was something the Dark One had taught the Accursed, and though many had witnessed the portals, the weaves were hidden so that they could not be copied

    48. ” Eli then copied the man and also swore

    49. The medic led Jimmy into the main control centre: The Bridge, all silver-grey outlines, consoles fused to the floor before low padded upright chairs, as if elements of it were copied from a number of TV space operas

    50. Himself now: a fraud, could be copied indefinitely

    1. My original view [since revised!] was that “if you can’t give it away you might as well give up!” I also wanted to distribute copies to gain feedback as family and friends are not always the best critics

    2. I can confirm to you that, subject to formal ABC accreditation, it easily fits in the category of [0 – 10] copies [and sadly I do mean easily!]

    3. I had copies of the paperwork, they pulled it off right under our noses

    4. Make them sign not only on the original but on the copies as well and each should state his name, address and occupation when signing

    5. read and re-read back copies of Practical Mechanic, The Auto and The Eagle,

    6. They were able to get the astronomer's article and even virtual copies of the plates up onto stills

    7. The biggest mass media is magazines and there are tens of millions of titles and none that print more than a few million copies

    8. They probably have copies of all of them running in Paradis, the real Paradis, if there is anything left of it

    9. Actually, come to think of it, he had left it in the city hadn't he? Left that and his copies of the maps with that American woman he was in love with back then

    10. But this was a noon, they were late for Noonsleep already because he mentioned the copies of those papers he'd left with Ava

    11. The governor gave me copies of that paperwork and I hid it from the Colonel in your stuff when we were still living in the Kassikan

    12. Perhaps he should have printed hard copies of the thermal scans

    13. littered with copies of the Daily Mail

    14. She's a potter and makes antique copies for the tourists

    15. Despite his grief, and with his deeply tanned six-pack still in fine shape, the young man overcame his tragic flirtation with married life, secured a new recording contract and within a month he released a new disk full of sad little love songs, which sold millions of copies

    16. these, but the publisher insisted we keep a few copies 'Ok, so it has happened

    17. She left us with the knowledge that we can never know which of the copies had actually won the battle of the bus

    18. “It’s not really different times, it’s different echos, copies of the land are created for each generation or so, depending on how many die

    19. To order more copies of “The Emotion Code,” visit

    20. songs, which sold millions of copies

    21. She wondered if they all had seen copies of the report

    22. We will detect their presence, and any copy that is made, just as the fourth order condensate detector discovered the copies of information being made when free will was in operation

    23. Howard opened the envelope and unfolded a letter with three photo copies of 5" x 7" photographs

    24. Anyway, there are ten copies of this around, along with the originals in a safe place

    25. The display on the reader confirms the transaction and a printer on a desk behind the receptionist churns out two copies of his invoice

    26. She indicated ones she wanted copies of

    27. Every document has two copies

    28. When we do gigs, Alastair usually sorts out a general running order for each of the players and copies of any new music; the guys know most of the stuff by heart but unlike me (and Alastair) they don’t have to learn words so it is a lot easier for them! Though I wouldn’t dare suggest it to them

    29. The provisional teacher arrived at the first of the next week and she brought with her samples of the textbooks, copies of the prescribed initial curricula, and most importantly to the Livingsons, sufficient sets of both entrance assessments for each grade and the graduation examinations

    30. those copies were in turn duplicated until almost every student at Collingston had a

    31. There were high-speed photogravure printing presses in full color turning out millions of copies of glossy publications to millions of consumers basin-wide

    32. Hope you have some pictures of yourself and send the copies to me soon

    33. I sent you two copies of two forms that should prove I work for Army – hope they help

    34. We are copies of biological souls written on silicon and revived with electricity

    35. She was glad to see about eighteen people line up to get copies from a couple girls Wuffs brought along to work the counter

    36. They began filing down and picking up copies of it

    37. In the next four hours he must have left a hundred copies of that picture

    38. He took many copies of the picture, he would be able to pass them thruout Jaignvin

    39. There were columns to sign out, sign for, enter number of copies, rate and amount

    40. It sold about forty five hundred copies in its first year, third on their list after Kleel Dleet at forty eight hundred and Finding Ceremony, which was up to eighty six hundred copies after its second full year of publication

    41. The postscript is, therefore, to be found in few copies ; it corrects several errors in the book

    42. All existing systems are copies of a multitude of similar ones over all Universe

    43. One must realize that the various systems composing this world are copies of larger systems, one inside the other, culminating only with the ultimate one that is the Universe

    44. Store the completed copies of the tables for Exercises #3 and

    45. Fold the five remaining copies of the table and insert into generic,

    46. should be no way to differentiate between the envelopes or copies of the

    47. heavily on exclusive reports, interviews and stories to sell their copies

    48. Use exclusivity to your advantage by limiting the number of copies,

    49. via u-tube and went global with copies

    50. cc: (meaning "copies to") comes after the typed name (if necessary)

    1. An offer was made to send a copy free [Yes, I did said FREE] by Email for a limited period to any interested parties

    2. This is my third life, though I was made from a copy of my second life, I didn't die

    3. And the bible is the copy of that

    4. He decided to open up the copy of Stranger in a Strange Land he had brought for the flight

    5. There was nothing else in Herndon's folder but a scrap of scratch paper and a blank copy of the storage contract

    6. She hadn't been a native as long then, she hadn't adjusted to sharing her men, not even a copy

    7. She didn't see what she could do about it, other than make another copy of her soul to have a few more of the native men without her

    8. "This receipt is a copy," the guy said

    9. If it's a copy, we have to get a password

    10. this copy and keep it safe

    11. signed copy was in Italian, but his was translated into English

    12. In the center of the temple on an elevated dais is a statue of the Buddha, a copy of the Great Buddha of Kamakura, it’s serene visage turned down to John, who stands looking up into the Buddha’s face

    13. Terry Bolt, now dressed to the hilt in traditional garb, sits on one side of the bus, furiously studying a copy of the Koran and mumbling to himself

    14. You wouldn't do me a copy of that fucking tat your sprog had so I had to take the original, didn't I? You left me no choice son

    15. Nearby, stands a life-size copy of Rodin’s "The Thinker,"

    16. I looked at the copy of the Irish Sun newspaper on his desk, open at the titty page

    17. What's the latest copy you have of him?" Glenelle asked

    18. The one on the ground was a copy of the Ava that had lived secretly in Biology Base with them

    19. "Yes," she admitted, "but he will be the only copy of himself here

    20. Jesus is our copy, pattern for life

    21. Maggie hands out a list of rehearsal dates – greeted by groans from one or two as the reality of the work required hits - together with a copy of the script

    22. A battered paperback copy of the Bible

    23. He knew it would change Earth forever, but he was afraid it would change it into copy of this world

    24. But still there was that copy of the hind-brain in his soul with its faint shouts of congratulations

    25. She was on duty, at least her avatar was, by now that was just about a copy of herself, interrupting her real self for further information now and then

    26. They don't understand the human mind, but if they copy the brain at a fine enough level of detail, the interaction you get with that mind is indistinguishable from the living mind over a communication channel

    27. This was close enough that she could still help the avatar control the ship's system, and could even copy more neural code across to patch up some of the shaky spots

    28. Before the yaag, what had she been? Nothing much actually, she'd been with Klarrain since he started and never been much more than a copy girl and part-time model

    29. ‘It’s a copy of his last testament, Lintze

    30. When we were packing his belongings, I found a copy of his testament – I am appointed to carry out his wishes

    31. Eventually, armed with the address printed in the rent book, the police handed the kids over to a lady from social services and filed their report, a copy of which was sent to the local police station where Kirk and Ruby lived

    32. On every lap and in every hand there was a bound copy of the government document, resplendent in its full red leatherette glory

    33. Every copy was thumbed and smudged with sweat and grime where avid but confused readers had tried and failed to glean the document's meaning from its empty pages

    34. He might as well copy the captain on the notice

    35. another thing is that it has full tool support for user and a single copy of control is required because it is

    36. Within an hour there arrived a facsimile copy of a receipt, which clearly showed that the tomatoes had been sold to him by the gardener at Watersmeat Manor

    37. He wondered why Theology specified so grand a structure, an exact copy of the cathedral in New Jerusalem in 2175, a structure that had pews for tens of thousands

    38. “He hacked some of it, unless the Kassikan transmitted his copy into our virtual space

    39. I’ve got three cryo-atom-slice coffins still operating that can copy out souls, but there are few who bring their dead up here any more, at least few that get here in time for me to get a viable read-out

    40. There's a three volume report on the whole dust-up, I'll attach a copy of that too

    41. “I stayed on that station seven years,” Alfred said, “and I never noticed a copy of Ava there

    42. We put a copy of its start-up signature in as the real data

    43. “Then they have a copy of the letter from my mother

    44. “All they’d need is a copy of your mother’s handwriting and expressions from any of the notes she wrote

    45. The bogie had a copy of the letter, they knew we were inbound and they know I command this vessel

    46. from social services and filed their report, a copy of which was sent

    47. She would have to fight her own backup for the right to this life, and that was an even better copy of her than the avatar was

    48. if she re-drafted it and sent a second version, why did she keep this copy? It looks as though she spilt something on it, several of the words are smudged

    49. ' she said, holding out the address book so I can copy the number

    50. and in every hand there was a bound copy of the government

    1. “That’s pretty cheap,” Jorma noted, “only twice what the copying cost would be

    2. the rest of the class was already copying what Roman had just written

    3. copying before he was finished

    4. It was gratifying to see that his colleagues had nothing more to offer than copying the articles that Reuters put on the wire

    5. Unaltered Electronic-only copying and distribution for personal and non commercial used is authorized without limitation

    6. Should a mistake have been made during the copying process, the entire scroll or tablet would have been destroyed and the scribe would have to start afresh

    7. 5 However, for our purposes we will consider the Masoretic text, which is used today by both Jews and Christians for our analysis as this is the official text used by both faiths that underwent the stringent copying process

    8. ” It was up in one of those intricate braids she did in the feast style, copying the immortal queens

    9. a rather silly mistake they soon realised and rectified by copying the SAP COIN units in vehicles and tactics

    10. Did they understand even a little or were they just copying what he did?

    11. As far as copying is concerned there is absolutely nothing we or anyone else can do if someone wants to copy

    12. I pick up a gun and a holster and a belt, copying Will, who is directly in front of me

    13. Accommodation means learning what is normal and copying it

    14. Copying and Pasting Information From Another Website is a No-No

    15. Nothing wrong with copying the best in others

    16. As these brazenly un-republican systems scattered satellites across the globe the word “Republic” often appeared in their official nomenclature, frequently copying the Chinese form of “Peoples Republic

    17. “He is copying a movie star from the 30's!” Brie and Gabe laughed at the lameness of it

    18. when you're copying the startup config over the running config

    19. Remember that when using the copy command, you first indicate where you’re copying

    20. from, then where you’re copying to:

    21. IP address of the device you’re copying to

    22. All the time I expended in Mike’s front office doing copying and faxing kept me away from Maria’s clutches

    23. begun copying the information they’d carried on the pods onto

    24. I was given the title Senior Contract Administrator; whereas, she had sought a “rookie” whom she could boss around, Even though I was overworked, leaving each night no sooner that 6pm because of my legal duties and handling of my own half of the contracts, Maria made the humiliation complete by giving me all of her filing and copying to do

    25. Making this a Catch-22 scenario, Stevenson constantly berated me for being at the copying machine in front of his secretary’s desk and visible from his glassed in office

    26. It’s one of the first spells I’ve cast where I’m not just copying what someone else did

    27. ‘Darkening his skin with cosmetics, eating only Egyptian foods, copying many of our traditional mannerisms

    28. Moshe followed Youssaf, who was copying Moses’ manner

    29. Youssaf, who was copying Moses' manner

    30. You can save the keywords to a textfile instead of manually copying and pasting them

    31. Not that I saw my book going in this direction but- I was considering copying and pasting our whole

    32. copying the words, but taking a look at the style in which it is presented

    33. But copying a website and then using it as your own is foredoomed to failure, what you need is a brainstorming

    34. Apophis is so copying my moves, but like I said…” He took

    35. The Judge looked first at whether there had been conscious copying

    36. awareness of Mr Mitchell's designs and so he concluded that there had been no deliberate copying by the BBC staff

    37. subconscious copying by the BBC

    38. This is clearly correct since how can anyone truthfully say they have not been influenced by something which they cannot be consciously aware of? The unfortunate consequence of this was that the Judge felt that none of the evidence given by the BBC staff could wholly exclude the possibility of subconscious copying

    39. In the circumstances the Judge felt he had to re-examine the BBC's evidence and the competing designs to determine for himself if there had been any subconscious copying

    40. In this case the BBC staff had no real familiarity with Mr Mitchell's creations which reduced the probability of any subconscious copying

    41. Finally, the Judge made an assessment of whether the similarities between the two competing works were the result of copying or coincidence

    42. Although there had been enough similarity between the two works to shift the burden of proof to the BBC to explain how it had come up with its designs, this did not of itself support Mr Mitchell's case of subconscious copying

    43. After his analysis of all of the various similarities, the Judge decided that although there were similarities between the two works, they were mostly at a high level of generality and did not support a finding of subconscious copying

    44. then continued with his work of copying the tapes


    46. " Still later on, two lines were lost in copying, and there was added to this prayer an extra clause, reading: "For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forevermore

    47. chapter questions, or maybe copying something from the chalk board that they would otherwise never look at, due at the end of the period

    48. “Where am I?” I tried again, noticing that it was now copying the movements I made

    49. Even though the style was something which she would be copying from an American designer, she thought what the heck, in for a penny in for a pound

    50. I dashed to the area behind a congregation of trees and then pulled out my copying machine

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    copy written matter transcript re-create replicate imitate simulate model exemplar archetype paragon manuscript prototype standard imitation image manifold photostat issue duplicate carbon reproduce engross mimic trace illustrate embody epitomise epitomize typify personify represent paraphrase counterfeit forge cartoon delineate depict exactly verbatim word for word precisely