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Monstrous en una oración (en ingles)

1. It was heroism become monstrous.
2. That it is populated by monstrous.
3. The accidental is always monstrous.
4. Negel’s face was monstrous in form.
5. He concentrated on the monstrous ship.
6. This monstrous family of hers?
7. The form of this combat was monstrous.

8. There’s nothing monstrous about that.
9. They appear monstrous and laconic when.
11. Life will become monstrous all about you.
12. You have come up with something monstrous.
13. Likewise the monstrous wolf was absent too.
14. His tongue had swelled to a monstrous size.
15. That’s a rather monstrous thing to say.
16. This monstrous mass must be made to crumble.
17. It was France who committed this monstrous.
18. The hair piece was dark and looked monstrous.
19. Then this monstrous thing crawled down my back.
20. We all stopped to examine that monstrous spoor.
21. So we were going to attack the monstrous city!.
22. Mute, he couldn’t address the monstrous horde.
23. Meanwhile that monstrous herd kept coming closer.
24. He has worn his monstrous reputation like a badge.
25. Lightning flared up, followed by monstrous thunder.
26. You can’t really think me so monstrous as that.
27. A principle thus monstrous is asserted in this bill.
28. That's monstrous; I am always polite to my servants.
29. He opened his jaw and let out a monstrous howl that.
30. Hlophe: A tiny weed that grew into a monstrous bush:.
31. At the monstrous, mostly private-run Italian animal.
32. The fieldhouse we practiced in was a monstrous building.
33. It was the voice of a man crushed by a monstrous burden.
34. What! I didn’t do any of those monstrous things!.
35. He was intimidated, afraid to be under her monstrous gaze.
36. It was monstrous she should be so ignorant, so uneducated.
37. It is a monstrous condition, that brings Oedipus to first.
38. The monstrous, winged Demigod spewed acid flame from his maw.
39. It’s too monstrous, pleaded Roger again very pitifully.
40. Clotho resembled a giant baby, an obese and monstrous infant.
41. A place where monstrous beasts roam and magical powers reign.
42. A vague perception of some monstrous treachery turned me cold.
43. It looked like an ant that had grown to monstrous proportions.
44. That would have been the courageous way out of that monstrous.
45. It was monstrous to think that these men could feel as he did.
46. How did such a monstrous thing ever get up to the sixth floor?
47. You look like a monstrous, beautiful great angel, cried he.
48. It was monstrous enough already to have suffered for three days.
49. The rise of her breasts against him was monstrous and sweltering.
50. See, Ned my friend, see the monstrous results of intemperance!.
51. Whoever associates anything with God has devised a monstrous sin.
52. He disappeared in a cloud of red smoke as a monstrous shape rose.
53. The general sentiment of Hellas was opposed to his monstrous fancy.
54. The monstrous Watchers sat there cold and still, revealed in all.
55. What for ? Why ? Is it moral and not monstrous to wear sackcloth.
56. They were like limbs of his monstrous body, extensions of his will.
57. She squatted in the corner, brooding and monstrous in her bloodied.
58. Of course it is, that monstrous building of marble is a perfect.
59. To borrow from Anton Antonitch seemed to me monstrous and shameful.
60. The movement set his skull to pounding like some monstrous war drum.
61. He could not refute the monstrous thing which Conan's words implied.
62. I think of this disgusting creature as of some monstrous phenomenon.
63. How monstrous is this? Let’s go back to the structure of SKF itself.
64. The Utayatuians knew this when they had designed the monstrous device.
65. I still need answers, and I shall find them in that monstrous pyramid.
66. They were slaved together in a triangle around a monstrous space frame.
67. They were all looking at us, their monstrous mouths contorted with rage.
68. Then it came to me: I was inside one of the rooms encasing the monstrous.
69. The ground trembled as the monstrous thunderclap blasted its way past him.
70. I thought about The Kid and the monstrous difference between the two men.
71. A monstrous fine bit of cowflesh! I'll be sworn she has rendezvoused you.
72. Thinking it was a trick played by that monstrous entity, he wanted to run.
73. The wood chipper was a monstrous structure with an arm that traveled fifty.
74. Now the monstrous thing has its claws around my throat, squeezing my airway.
75. And he looked at this monstrous thing with horror, growing cold with horror.
76. Then you committed one of the most monstrous acts that a person can ever do.
77. Some monstrous baggage brushed and dragged across the shingles of Jim's house.
78. It loomed above him, a hooded and monstrous shadow, when he lay down to sleep.
79. This explained, to some degree, their monstrous dealings with other creatures.
80. But in the hands of Edward Hyde, they soon began to turn toward the monstrous.
81. Up to that time, the Republic, the Empire, had been to him only monstrous words.
82. Immediately, the man stood up from his chair and Bonnie saw a monstrous pirate.
83. Soon, they would reach that which moved the monstrous device, and end all this.
84. A monstrous rush of air was expelled from the man’s lungs as he hit the ground.
85. And yet he wants me to believe the Church herself is nothing but a monstrous lie.
86. The monstrous crown wave at the head of the huge tidal surge had obliterated the.
87. Its monstrous amber eye fed on them, fired their armor in red glints and glitters.
88. At last we exposed that monstrous torso (fifty-four inches, by the tailor's tape).
89. This is the heart of indifference: the monstrous is ordinary, the horrific plain.
90. Surprise, rage, hate, wrath, were mingled and combined in one monstrous intonation.
91. I couldn't take my eyes off the big, ugly, monstrous spider web tattoo on his neck.
92. A monstrous piece of hand-carved solid oak, with a surface polished to the point of.
93. People whispered with terror monstrous conjectures as to the king's baths of purple.
94. Her arms began to grow very long and then turned into the wings of a monstrous bird.
95. You have come to my wedding; I protest against this monstrous interruption and delay.
96. It is just that I heard something truly monstrous this morning at the council meeting.
97. That planet disappeared inside the brown dwarf in a monstrous flash of kinetic energy.
98. On all sides we see vanity puffed up out of all proportion; brutal, monstrous appetites.
99. He was lashed around the waist to withstand the monstrous breakers foaming over the deck.
100. In spite of his monstrous appearance, Zelena did not sense ill-will on the other‘s part.

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