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Necessitate en una oración (en ingles)

  1. The Goal would necessitate my feeling this strongly.
  2. No doubt, that is what the sound logic and the out-weighing view necessitate.
  3. What does the existence of our monetary system necessitate? The poor with you.
  4. There are hairstyles that necessitate the use of curling iron or a flat iron.
  5. Medical procedures and how they affect and enable, necessitate and/or hinder or.

  6. Roy and I, for instance; as soul personalities our deep connections' would necessitate that.
  7. However, diarrhoea severe enough to necessitate the use of rehydration solutions requires direct.
  8. Sometimes one‘s past actions and/or attitudes necessitate a life experience in the opposite gender.
  9. In fact, the project contract I have with me will necessitate a high degree of security and discretion.
  10. Erasing the Imperium will necessitate that the British Empire fades in history, as it did in the original timeline.
  11. These considerations necessitate what may be termed the literal, or, still better, the natural and obvious interpretation of S.
  12. Contemporary Coast Guard responsibilities will necessitate more resources and expanded budgets (Kelley, Proceedings, May 2002, p.
  13. They certainly justify the efforts of this Association and necessitate a great increase of the yearly contributions from churches and individuals.
  14. I could not remember having any outstanding academic issues or any previous remarkable encounter with him as to necessitate this rude immoral instruction.
  15. And I don’t understand a 50% increase in procedures or visits to necessitate this while the medical service force only increased by 26% over the same time.

  16. The Sacrifice script drama – the Messianic Martyr – occurs in an ownership society, societies that generate profits and necessitate salvation from indebtedness.
  17. In normal circumstances, taking them out would have proved to necessitate a risky, prolonged firefight, but those were not normal circumstances and she was no ordinary fighter.
  18. From this inconsistency between the new conception of life and practical life follows a whole succession of contradictions and sufferings which embitter our life and necessitate its alteration.
  19. His actions he hoped would necessitate his going no further into the scrub than the village which was hidden by the roadside bush, but which he guessed to be no more than a hundred meters or so.
  20. Ben wasn’t persuaded, he said, For a long time now I’ve realized that there can be circumstances which necessitate side-stepping the law, especially when it might saves lives in the future.
  21. Understanding relationships associated with attitudes of love effectively prevent all those estrangements which later necessitate the readjustment of repentance by the child with forgiveness by the parent.
  22. I made to ask Ben aloud, even to the hearing of my husband, what wrong have I done to him as to necessitate his onslaughts; his cynical vengeance against me, his best friend, his sister and brethren; his Angel.
  23. Sheramiv, as First Minister, you will be required to consult with us for our approval on major decisions and matters of policy, unless circumstance should necessitate such haste that consulting us is impractical.
  24. But I warn you, by this act I will demonstrate two things: firstly that I am as charitable with my time as I am with the departments funds; and secondly, that my decisions never - never, I tell you - necessitate revision.
  25. Concerned that the multi-mission responsibilities of the Coast Guard might necessitate the diminution of some traditional tasks, Captain Waters warned that law enforcement does not necessarily have to be sacrificed for SAR, or vice versa.

  26. So long as Christ Himself is thought of only as a creature, however dignified, no explanation of the Atonement can be given, as au expiation, which does not shock the moral sense, and necessitate sooner or later the abandonment of the expiatory idea.
  27. The worst part was that it was nearly impossible to jam her transmissions, since it would necessitate to jam satellite communications links, thus cutting as well hundreds of links used by the Israeli government and by Israeli corporations and citizens.
  28. But the spiritual difference between what Self was and what is now (in the afterlife) may necessitate the need for Self to be personally ‘purified’ proportional and parallel to any anguish and pain that may have been caused by Self to others.
  29. Pushing his hat back slightly on his head as he realized the man was attempting to determine his business that would necessitate such questioning, Feltus replied proudly with a dramatic flair and a slight bow, Feltus Boone La Mont, sir, at your service.
  30. It is not possible that the health of one class should necessitate the ruin of another, and, in consequence, it is our first duty to turn a deaf ear to such an essential immoral doctrine, no matter how strongly society may have established or law protected it.
  31. Through the sharing of information between public and private sectors (with the appropriate legislation to prevent abuse), a reliable source of information can be provided which will necessitate the banking institutions to become more competitive to attract clientele.
  32. This open display of his techniques for linking the murderer to the scene and the victim would necessitate that he proceed with the new investigation with the utmost caution so as not to allow the guilty party to possibly outthink him, since they had some clue as to his style.
  33. Such conduct would not only render them ceremonially unclean and thereby debar them from partaking of the afternoon feast of thanksgiving but would also necessitate their subjection to purification ceremonies after sundown, before they would be eligible to partake of the Passover supper.
  34. But its adoption by us is deemed improper by those who oppose it, on the grounds of the enormous expense which, it is said, the establishment will necessitate, and the inability of the nation, by any force which it can provide, to resist, with effect, the immense naval power of Great Britain.
  35. Since this trip would necessitate his absence for a year, and inasmuch as all his brothers were married and his mother was living at home with Ruth, Jesus called a family conference at which he proposed that his mother and Ruth go to Capernaum to live in the home which he had so recently given to James.
  36. If my mind is merely the accumulation of chemical chance and selection, why should I have any faith in its ability to calculate, evaluate and postulate upon reason? Selection may create a conscious that is suited for survival, but it does not necessitate a conscience that is reasonable or logically valid.
  37. Harmonious conditions necessitate sufficient supply, so that if there appears to be any lack, we should realize that the idea, or soul, of money is service, and as this thought takes form, channels of supply will be opened and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that spiritual methods are entirely practical.
  38. What the hell was going on? What could be so serious to warrant the killing of the journalist and the surgeon? Were they really so radical in their philosophies and were they really planning something so dreadful, so politically catastrophic that they had to be slain? What, too, had he done that was so awful as to necessitate his death? He was not part of any mysterious plot.
  39. With the good doctor on his way promptly and expecting his arrival within half an hour, he had decided to break the news to Charles’s parents over the phone at the general store in their community before delivering the body to their small, dilapidated abode, but his efforts proved unsuccessful due to a damaged phone line that would necessitate the difficult task being conducted face to face.
  40. Since there are not enough jobs for every college graduate, and they will progressively decrease as we approach singularity, the eventual population of over-educated and educationally debt burdened individuals, who will be unable to afford to live and pay their student loans back, will necessitate a debt forgiveness plan so as to keep these surplus rest of the best as consumers and not defaulters or dissenters.
  41. Adieu! I cannot return you many thanks for the drive of yesterday; but, after all, I ought not to blame you for the misconduct of your horses, more especially as it procured me the pleasure of an introduction to the Count of Monte Cristo,—and certainly that illustrious personage, apart from the millions he is said to be so very anxious to dispose of, seemed to me one of those curiously interesting problems I, for one, delight in solving at any risk, even if it were to necessitate another drive to the Bois behind your horses.
  42. Pilate said to them And Jesus which is called the Messiah what shall I do with him? They all cried out and said Crucify him; And Pilate spoke to them again for he desired to release Jesus; but they cried out and said Crucify him crucify him and release to us Barabbas; And Pilate said to them a third time What evil has this man done? I have not found in him any cause to necessitate death; I will chastise him and let him go; But they increased in importunity with a loud voice and asked him to crucify him; And their voice and the voice of the chief priests prevailed; Then Pilate released to them that one who was throw into prison for sedition and murder Barabbas whom they asked for and he scourged Jesus with whips; Then the footsoldiers of the judge took Jesus and went into the praetorium and gathered to him all of the footsoldiers; And they stripped him and put on him a scarlet cloak; And they clothed him in garments of purple and plaited a crown of thorns and placed it on his head and a reed in his right hand; and while they mocked at him and laughed they fell down on their knees before him and bowed down to him and said Hail King of the Jews! And they spat in his face and took the reed from his hand and struck him on his head and struck his cheeks; And Pilate went outside again and said to the Jews I bring him out to you that you may know that I do not find in examining him even one crime; And Jesus went outside wearing the crown of thorns and the purple garments.
  1. Overseas orders began to come in, necessitating thoughts of expansion.
  2. Thereby, necessitating the invasion of mainland Japan planned for November 1945.
  3. They tend to rot as quickly as they’re stitched, necessitating an endless, futile hunt for more.
  4. The final straw was the omission of an important fact from a story about a black university in Texas, necessitating yet another.
  5. He maintained a very steady pace, necessitating frequent ducking to avoid low branches, and we only stopped in the evening, as it got dark.
  6. This said, perchance ‘tis obvious how Mankind’s thoughts, if dark, could skew the very balance of Earth life necessitating warning thee.
  7. It was a very elaborate ruse that back fired when your raft sank because you weren’t there to attend to it, necessitating your recovery by fasting.
  8. Then you see that this knowledge may be truly called necessary, necessitating as it clearly does the use of the pure intelligence in the attainment of pure truth?
  9. After greeting his sister, Nekhludoff entered into conversation with Missy, who told him that their house had burned down, necessitating their removal to her aunt's.
  10. It was conceivable that Fairmont, or the alleged Fairmont as the case may be, was involved with the Versailles project, thus necessitating his secret meetings with Spalding at the Four Oaks.
  11. There was some small chance that you would learn what you needed to know from clues you gained from Silaran earlier tonight, but your conversation with him took other paths, necessitating my intervention.
  12. Ladies and gentlemen of the High Council, please excuse the haste with which I called this videoconference but some urgent developments concerning the Time Patrol are necessitating the taking of some important decisions.
  13. A virtualnism is a social construction that arises from the activity of its self-organizing members, but transcends the collective acts of those members by necessitating an external meta-organization that evolves it into a living virtual system.
  14. Rather than instructing, encouraging, and necessitating that people create their own eternal employment, the endless job simply for the sake of monetary income, we could be mentoring them on how to design systems that decrease work and eliminate unnecessary labor.
  15. The fact that the delta is the hedge ratio necessary to wring the directionality out of a volatility-based trade means that as the price of the underlying stock moves, the hedge ratio changes, necessitating adjustments to the amount of underlying stock that is hedging the option position.
  16. The general could feel the doubts and fears of the men around him as they also looked up skyward: the ferocity and lethality of yesterday’s French air attack had seriously shaken them, necessitating a lot of cajoling, encouragement and even some threats from the political officers to motivate them again.
  17. The reader has, no doubt, understood, without necessitating a lengthy explanation, that Jean Valjean, after the Champmathieu affair, had been able, thanks to his first escape of a few days' duration, to come to Paris and to withdraw in season, from the hands of Laffitte, the sum earned by him, under the name of Monsieur Madeleine, at Montreuil-sur-Mer; and that fearing that he might be recaptured,—which eventually happened—he had buried and hidden that sum in the forest of Montfermeil, in the locality known as the Blaru-bottom.
  18. The hastening of scholastic mediocrity in America‘s (urban) Public School System is understood by the efforts of (its) soft-headed administrators and educators seeking to promote equality of results at the expense of its brightest students, many of whom are routinely held in check in order to allow their less talented classmates ―sufficient‖ opportunity to play catch-up; oftentimes necessitating a lowering of academic standards for the ―benefit‖ of other students who are intellectually less gifted, thereby promoting false impressions of academic achievement where performance results are (oftentimes) questionable.
  1. This necessitated two major changes in the index.
  2. A shift to higher volume and lower prices necessitated the closing of.
  3. This necessitated a long hospital stay – he was there for over a year.
  4. The invention of new and more dangerous weapons has necessitated this change.
  5. In his savage state, the nature of his existence necessitated the isolated hut.
  6. Perez listened as Novak explained that unexpected events had necessitated he move.
  7. The emergency strategy was designed for storm disaster relief that necessitated all.
  8. This necessitated him leaving early in the morning and returning late in the evening.
  9. This necessitated the need for DUNS number, which al ows businesses that are technical y.
  10. This approach still necessitated flipping back and forth between charts on different pages.
  11. It was a job that necessitated travelling from one client’s house to another on her rounds.
  12. This necessitated watching by day on Tarzan's part to discover where the arrows were being concealed.
  13. Sometimes the work took him miles out of London and this necessitated getting a lift in the contractors van.
  14. The procedure was actually a bit more delicate for females and necessitated a different type of urethra adapter.
  15. This consideration of the visual appearance in the first place necessitated an increased dependence on the model.
  16. Tverskaya’s world, because it necessitated an expenditure beyond her means, and besides in her heart she preferred.
  17. As it was set, pedaling that bike at the speed Nancy was doing would have necessitated monstrous strength and stamina.
  18. Missy told him about their house in the country having been burnt down, which necessitated their moving to her aunt’s.
  19. In season they enjoyed the produce of their garden, but each passing month necessitated the practice of greater frugality.
  20. The process of changing involved complicated calculations which soon necessitated my return to the Grandmother for instructions.
  21. To successfully use his robot missiles against ships required changes in their deployment and use that necessitated reprogramming them.
  22. Since Ben was on vacation—almost, and since there was nothing that necessitated his early departure from bed heaven, he decided to sleep in.
  23. I’m guessing that this necessitated plan B, where an extra volley would be added with the driver’s requirement to finish the job as need be.
  24. However, a string of disastrous campaigns necessitated German military intervention, serving to confirm Italy's position as the junior axis partner.
  25. One sometimes wonders what necessitated the corruption of Christianity which is now the greatest obstacle to its acceptance in its true significance.
  26. This has necessitated an enormous shift in their lifestyle, because of course the old world had enjoyed the power of electricity for a hundred years or so.
  27. Next day an official letter arrived which necessitated either the Doctor or Tom returning to Lahore for a few hours, and it was decided the letter should go.
  28. The broad avenues were lined with women and children, among which were the few men whose duties necessitated that they remain within the city during the battle.
  29. In the South, however, there is still much need of capable wheelwrights for the extensive repairs necessitated by the horrible roads—or rather lack of roads.
  30. Several times I pulled them into shallow sandbars and got them stuck which necessitated Tegan changing the direction of the tow rope and me flying back towards Alameth.
  31. Kenny's murder had shaken her and necessitated the team increase their counter surveillance, which included following each other discreetly to see if anyone else was tailing them.
  32. When Tom arrived in Lahore he went straight to his office, and in a couple of hours he had completed the special work which had necessitated his journey; then he went over to the Museum.
  33. Anna had at first avoided as far as she could Princess Tverskaya's world, because it necessitated an expenditure beyond her means, and besides in her heart she preferred the first circle.
  34. The fact they chose to materialize over water necessitated a buoyant device, and should the drop to either water or land be appreciable, they required a sturdy vehicle with some cushioning.
  35. It is true, as might have been expected, that the formation of dogma, necessitated by heresy, has been for the most part the work of bishops and presbyters, an Athanasius, a Leo, an Augustine.
  36. On the other hand, she could not rule out the possibility that Faye herself was running behind schedule after a late-morning swim that necessitated drastic measures to repair her disheveled appearance.
  37. This regulation necessitated that money-changers be licensed to exchange the many sorts of currency in circulation throughout Palestine and other provinces of the Roman Empire for this orthodox shekel of Jewish coining.
  38. The same unworldliness was what had necessitated Angel's getting a living as a farmer, and would probably keep his brothers in the position of poor parsons for the term of their activities; yet Angel admired it none the less.
  39. For the taxable investor, this stuff is totally irrelevant—whatever advantage there is to this technique is obliterated by the capital gains capture from buying and selling with the high frequency necessitated by momentum techniques.
  40. Speaker, I am necessitated to make an observation which is so simple and so obvious, that were it not for the arguments urged against the principle of maritime protection, I should have deemed the mere mention of it to require an apology.
  41. Its form of communication honed and evolved by millions of years of increasingly complex, sophisticated, specialized needs which the development of tools necessitated: creating the final reflective evolution of the tool… the tool-brain.
  42. Her group of eight fighter-bombers, each carrying underwing fuel drop tanks in view of the range necessitated by their mission, soon overflew the Czech border and went on towards Poland, flying at subsonic speed in order to economize fuel.
  43. Thomas turned to William, and something in his stance reminded Godwyn that Thomas had once been a knight, and had first arrived at the priory bleeding from the sword wound that had eventually necessitated the amputation of his left arm at the elbow.
  44. And these pilgrimages had necessitated his walking through fine red dust, which not only reduced his immaculate footgear to its lowest terms, but bordered the bottom of his pale gray trouser legs with a deep red band, which Richards assured him was indelible.
  45. Experience shows that noncumulative dividends are seldom paid unless they are necessitated by the desire to declare dividends on the common; and if the common dividend is later discontinued, the preferred dividend is almost invariably suspended soon afterwards.
  46. If your business necessitated your seeing "the House," you were put into a species of Condemned Hold at the back, where you meditated on a misspent life, until the House came with its hands in its pockets, and you could hardly blink at it in the dismal twilight.
  47. He also admitted that you had some interest in a mill news to us) that necessitated your riding about alone, or attended by a ruffian who, or mills (we did not press him on this, being most upset at this information which was Captain Butler assures us, is a murderer.
  48. That had been her explanation for her late-night rendezvous that had necessitated such secrecy and deceptive movements about the hotel, especially since Howard Hughes did not want anyone to know that he was visiting the hotel lest his personal security and the deal be 359.
  49. The errands of domesticity on which one ran, the perpetual up and down of stairs, the hours standing on the cold stone floor of servants' quarters seeing that one was not cheated, the innumerable honourable activities that beautified and dignified womanhood, necessitated large loose shoes.
  50. Our battery, in a particularly unhealthy spot in front of Zillebeke, in the Salient, had run out of ammunition, and the terrible state of the ground thereabout in the autumn of 1917 necessitated the use of pack-horses to "deliver the goods," and even then it was accomplished with difficulty.
  51. But to such unresting vigilance over their dangerous allies was this small band of whites necessitated, both by night and by day, and so extreme was the hard work they underwent, that upon the vessel being ready again for sea, they were in such a weakened condition that the captain durst not put off with them in so heavy a vessel.
  52. The recall signals were placed in the rigging; darkness came on; and forced to pick up her three far to windward boats—ere going in quest of the fourth one in the precisely opposite direction—the ship had not only been necessitated to leave that boat to its fate till near midnight, but, for the time, to increase her distance from it.
  53. The then President of the United States was necessitated to come to this House, and recommend a suspension of the operation of that law, upon the openly-avowed ground of its being expedient to give that evidence of a conciliatory disposition; really, because, if permitted to continue in operation, negotiation was found to be impracticable.
  54. But you having been strengthened by the holy Angel and having obtained from Him such intercession and not being slothful why do not you ask of the Lord understanding and receive it from Him?" I said to him "Sir having you with me I am necessitated to ask questions of you for you show me all things and converse with me; but if I were to see or hear these things without you I would then ask the Lord to explain them.
  55. Years ago, and before God had brought me to receive Scripture teaching as I now receive it, I was often sorely pressed in argument by these men of brains around me (especially those known as Brahmists) in relation to the Christian doctrine of unending suffering; in vindication of which dogma I was necessitated to resort to a species of argument which I felt to be as sophistical to my own mind as it was evidently unsatisfactory to my questioners.
  56. He never, to be sure, ran himself into a passion, but then he continued to speak and argue so long in reply, never heeding the most rational things of his adversaries, that he was sure to put every other person in a rage; in addition to all which, he was likewise a sorrowful body in never being able to understand how a determination by vote ought to and did put an end to every questionable proceeding; so that he was, for a constancy, ever harping about the last subject discussed, as if it had not been decided, until a new difference of opinion arose, and necessitated him to change the burden and o’ercome of his wearysome speeches.
  1. That necessitates re-.
  2. This necessitates that.
  3. One necessitates the other.
  4. There is no physical law that necessitates progress.
  5. This one topic that I feel necessitates discussion.
  6. This necessitates an appraisal of what all these types are:.
  7. There’s this thing, a medical condition that necessitates us.
  8. A lower price necessitates a wider stop distance, on the basis that low priced stocks are more volatile.
  9. Using more than one objective function necessitates developing special methods of multicriteria analysis.
  10. A higher value of beta necessitates a wider stop distance, so as to not get stopped out due to the high volatility.
  11. The genii who is nothing to see necessitates the painting of a religion exclusive to fight the spirit in the mind.
  12. A sting must only be carried out when the public interest is so great that it necessitates the use of the hidden camera.
  13. It necessitates the changing of human nature itself-a work of eons, even if it were good to change it, which we cannot know.
  14. Muscle pain is a normal result of weightlifting; the absence of contraction signifies no resistance, which necessitates heavier weights.
  15. That field, of spherical shape, necessitates that all the volume of a ship be inside it, which makes long and narrow ship shapes impractical.
  16. It is only the complexity of our contemporary social setting and its means of comformication that permits and necessitates hyper-connectivity.
  17. This content will have a limited shelf life because every single Google algorithm update necessitates a revision in recommended SEO techniques.
  18. But what plays the mischief with this masterly code is the admirable brevity of it, which necessitates a vast volume of commentaries to expound it.
  19. What necessitates us to be policeman of the world and take up others obligations…? We understand that we have no need to be policeman of the world.
  20. The unpunished banks and any e-currency necessitates that we utilize the e-conomy or be unable to access the web, the nu economy, or its marketplace.
  21. Money necessitates a belief in inequality, which can even be manifested by two of the more benign aspects of profit economies: the bonus and the bargain.
  22. The projected relocation of stores necessitates that storage racks for the finished products store are ordered to be purchased at this stage of the project.
  23. Just so with whaling, which necessitates a three-years' housekeeping upon the wide ocean, far from all grocers, costermongers, doctors, bakers, and bankers.
  24. The teaching has had to be conveyed symbolically and its understanding necessitates an awakened esoteric sense; to comprehend it all is not as yet possible.
  25. The turning of the other cheek, or whatever act that may typify, demands initiative, necessitates vigorous, active, and courageous expression of the believer's personality.
  26. The plurals of some words create an additional syllable which necessitates putting an accent mark on the stressed syllable that does not have an accent mark in the singular.
  27. Operating from a position of strength, therefore, also necessitates that if one is in a position of weakness, then that position must be corrected immediately so that the principle is adhered to.
  28. This denial of equality is the creation of class which necessitates the military caste to enforce the inequality, from which arises the amorality of war – as conquest, occupation, and revolution.
  29. The allusion to the waif and waif-poles in the last chapter but one, necessitates some account of the laws and regulations of the whale fishery, of which the waif may be deemed the grand symbol and badge.
  30. Such high intention and elevated purpose is not considered as disobedience, nor does it entail shame or diffidence specially when associating with that first spiritual state which necessitates forgetting.
  31. Whenever there's a riot or an attempted prison break or whenever the moment necessitates it, a guard in this tower flips a switch and the phasors start firing indiscriminately at different areas in the compound.
  32. This however necessitates that our planes approach at the altitude of 95,000 feet, in order to fly above the electronic detection lobes from enemy radars, thus the need for pressurized flight suits with sealed helmets.
  33. The requirement of leadership, on every level, necessitates a willingness to make impartial decisions unencumbered by one‘s (own) personal feelings or of special interests that seek to influence political decisions for their own benefit.
  34. This can propel an inner drive in Self for goodness and perfection, which becomes distorted because it becomes a need for goodness and perfection at any cost, and ultimately, necessitates the elimination of all that is considered and perceived as bad and imperfect.
  35. And therefore it is necessary for a society in which works of art arise and are supported, to find out whether all that professes to be art is really art; whether (as is presupposed in our society) all that which is art is good; and whether it is important and worth those sacrifices which it necessitates.
  36. This inner need to do and be good, perfect and right at all costs, necessitates the desire to eliminate badness and imperfections in others, which in turn, risks personal thoughts, feelings, values, attitudes and behaviours that can be obsessive, compulsive and destructive such as thoughts, feelings, values, attitudes, beliefs and acts that include discrimination, aggression and hatred.
  37. Having answered the questions we have previously reported detailing and demonstrating that our Master Adam (cpth) did not disobey his Provider, and that his first spiritual state necessitates forgetting the matter which proves to us that what our Master Adam (cpth) and his wife did (of eating from the tree) based indeed, on high intention as the devil had sworn by God to them that they would possess or stay forever in that state of nice witnessing and magnific entering into God's if they ate from the tree, and since this prophet (cpth) did not recognize lying, therefore he believed the devil's saying and forgot Al'lah's Advice to him.
  38. My father told me that the laws of the empires were even worse in those ways, so much so that the average citizens there couldn’t understand the official wording of the laws of their own countries! This necessitates the hiring of specialized legal advocates in order to effectively accuse, prosecute, or defend oneself in courts of law, and he told me that in many cases, the winner depended not on who was right, but on who could spend the most on advocates! Now, we should have the right to hire an advocate for their skills in presenting and arguing our case, but to absolutely need one to even understand the proceedings is ridiculous! To have a legal case wrongly decided in favor of the wealthiest is injustice of the very worst sort!.
  39. Men consider that they may accept Christianity without changing their life—The pagan life-conception no longer corresponds to the present age of humanity, which the Christian life-conception alone can satisfy—The Christian life-conception is still misunderstood by men, but our life itself necessitates its acceptance—The requirements of a new life-conception always seem unintelligible, mystical, and supernatural—Such, for the majority of men, seem the requirements of the Christian life-conception—The acceptance of a Christian life-conception will inevitably be accomplished both through spiritual and material agencies—The fact that men, conscious of a higher life-conception, continue to entertain the lower forms of life, causes contradiction and suffering, which embitter life and require its alteration—Contradictions of our life—The economical contradiction, and the suffering it causes to the working-men and to the rich—The contradiction of State, and the sufferings that arise from obedience to State laws—The international contradiction, and its acknowledgment by contemporary writers: Komarvosky, Ferri, Booth, Passy, Lawson, Wilson, Bartlett, Defourny, Moneta—The military contradiction the extreme.

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