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    1. "He left some notes with me that he needs, and I must have left them here

    2. "I think Venna needs to catch up on some sleep

    3. Teach that when something does not work, it only means she needs

    4. I certainly understand that you have obligations and needs that eat into your time

    5. Ruthie is drinking tea, but she looks like she needs to be knocking back some shots of Crown Royal instead

    6. When Jesus saw how much she needs Him; He turn to

    7. “Guess you can keep this until she needs it then

    8. If the car that you are driving doesn’t have the energy it needs to get to where you want to go because you didn’t put the gas in the car, you are not going to get there, so choose to have energy

    9. This solves two needs at once: buying groceries, and providing dining companionship

    10. The Invisible Gardener says: “You can avoid many problems associated with high nitrogen use imply by understanding the organic system of providing nitrogen as the plant needs it

    1. They didn't need to ask about Dawnsleep

    2. "Don't need it," Herndon said, "these berries melt just as well and taste close enough to it

    3. Another factor we need to understand about this element is

    4. "This is going to be what splits us isn't it? You really need public sex

    5. need to have expectations, but you need to have the right kind of

    6. So what you need is that spark

    7. If you have that spark within you right now, even if you didn't have it before, and right now you have it, that's what I need from you

    8. That spark is what you need to create the A in the ABCs of Success

    9. Since this is the ABCs of Success, the next thing you need to learn is the B

    10. You don’t have the luxury house and lifestyle, do what you need to do to keep it, and then be who you need to be in order to keep it

    1. Although God is always there, we needed official

    2. He needed to go be with his family in England or something

    3. blessing him with a child, he needed

    4. We needed to know that you hadn’t shot that man, and the doctor says that the man actually was either a zombie or recently dead when he was shot

    5. need to be, in order to have that?” When they are innately aware of the answer to that question, they would immediately do what they needed to

    6. Couple this loss of needed activity with the dietary habits of modern man, and constipation, along with numerous other problems, is the likely result! In fact, today, it is common for people to report to hospital emergency rooms with terrible back and sciatic pain, only to be told that they are constipated and given a laxative, which frequently alleviates the back or sciatic pain

    7. Yorthop's relationship with Kulai was cooler than she thought it needed to be, cooler than he wanted it to be

    8. the variety of life needed for there to be a balance

    9. does all the things needed to have a really potent small business marketing machine and cash generator

    10. Blend all ingredients together and apply four times a year, or as needed

    1. "You knew that?" she asked, needing a moment to think about the larger question

    2. Needing to hear a familiar voice, Brandon called his parents

    3. ’ He said, obviously needing to tell me all the horror of it

    4. She was getting the outside scenery set for Morg's resurrection, without really needing Ava's help or even asking her permission for that matter

    5. While everyone was in their seats and not moving very much, very little re-rendering is done and the visuals were running cool, often not needing the second clock cycle

    6. As much as I am an advocate of the spiritual Kingdom, I find myself needing to fill the vacuum

    7. both of them needing more than just a facelift,

    8. Since they were the same age, Nuran and Alan hit it off well enough that night in the inn that Luray wanted to suggest to Lmore that Nuran wouldn't be needing a guide to Zhlindu, but she also sensed that Nuran and Lmore already had a little history that Lmore wanted to continue

    9. She went on about how he had nothing of his own in her universe but his lab and she was willing to let him take that with him and eliminate needing magic on that door

    10. 'Er, is this anything to do with the village kids needing a guiding hand?'

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    need in English

    insufficiency demand lack shortage necessity inadequacy want exigency requirement occasion emergency obligation use compulsion urgency poverty deprivation destitution distress indigence neediness penury crave require

    Sinónimos para "need"

    motivation motive need want demand indigence pauperism pauperization penury require ask call for involve necessitate postulate take insufficiency lack shortage necessity inadequacy exigency requirement occasion emergency obligation use compulsion urgency poverty deprivation destitution distress neediness crave