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    1. ‘I bought this place when I was offered a partnership in the firm

    2. existed in imperfect partnership with the king of horsepower

    3. soul or empower you to step into partnership with the

    4. masterfully co-‐creating in partnership with the Universe

    5. creating in partnership and harmony with all while learning to

    6. A simple thing, this partnership,

    7. I’ve known her for several years, and she’s a straightforward, non-hysterical woman; some people would say that she was cold and unemotional but that may just be in comparison with the temperamental musician she’s married to – after all someone would have to be the down-to-earth sane one in that partnership! Try as I do, I cannot imagine her screaming at me or making a scene … a consoling thought to some extent, but it still doesn’t explain why she wants to see me

    8. unconditionally and received all the attention from on side of the partnership; however it may

    9. A partnership forged out of mutual suffering

    10. She had planned for alternatives with this meeting ending with shouting about what an ass he was for costing her the partnership with Jorma and even some slamming of doors

    11. They have offered him a small fortune and a path to partnership if he would allow himself to be nominated for the position,” she crowed and Harold beamed

    12. Let me say here that the partnership of a man and his wife are different here on Altreena

    13. She was sorry that being one of a ‘common pool’ wasn’t satisfying, but she wanted to experience a life partnership again

    14. Frank to carry on like this, destroying lives and property, threatening his partnership with Sharon

    15. partnership in 1867, while Jonathan was still at sea

    16. “A marriage is a partnership, not a dictatorship

    17. Yet Raul would never have predicted just how successful their partnership could be

    18. In effect the second marriage or engagement is void under law but then the universal law of partnership comes in and we will look at that in some detail

    19. I had a girlfriend in Jo’burg but when this offer came up for a partnership here she did not want to move so I left her there

    20. Women sought, instead, an equal partnership with men without undermining the essential characteristics that typically separate men from women; each exceptional in his or her own peculiar manner

    21. He was given an assignment unwanted by fellow detectives: partnership with the highly independent little Indian, which left him free to serve as the OIJ’s ambassador of corruption to the power brokers

    22. The funny thing was, he found himself feeling a great sense of loss and gratefully accepting their sympathies, although the partnership had been a farce from day one

    23. He was aware of Edgar’s partnership with Enrique and, apparently because of that, completely refused to supply any information about his visitor or anything else

    24. It integrates processes, products and services in complete partnership among the agreed organizations, without they lose autonomies or without ruining competitively

    25. Also, it does with that the organizations act together with another organizations in great partnership that optimizes resources and it satisfies with completeness the purposes of each one

    26. Therefore, the application of this challenging methodology is justified for the complexity of the activities and in the verification that nobody makes something alone, because all obtained result for the human activity occurs in an integrated way in a complete partnership even in the competitiveness, also in process of personal creation

    27. Our systematics accomplishes the purpose of the agreed organizations and it does with that all the involved agents accomplish its activities in total partnership, without there are abrupt changes, because they will continue doing just as already do, it only changes the systemic focus

    28. The XUSING Project makes possible the integration of all the organizations of the countries and communities in the world to solve national and international problems in an enormous social partnership in global network of information without any loss or additional cost to the participators, it only utilizes the same existent or collected resources of sponsors with productivity gains

    29. Also, the State doesn’t need more to collect tributes for its maintenance and public services rendering, because all the activities social or economic are accomplished in total partnership with the other sectors to generate so desired social well-being and the wealth of the nations

    30. Owen was a part of a partnership at that time, but his was the dominate voice

    31. The new systematics only requires change of the behavioural style so that agreed organizations act in total partnership even in the competitiveness, without losing its independence and without isolating the production in definitive possessions

    32. systematics in that there is collective partnership

    33. execute its activities in total partnership with the

    34. There are the beauty and harmony between the nature and the human society, which act in total partnership as if the music was played by thousands of overlap hands in many dimensions

    35. This structure acts as the human brain that coordinates all the activities of the body and it spares energy with collective partnership between the human being and the nature

    36. It acts in an integrated way and it involves all the segments of the society, country or organization in total partnership, even in the sectors with high competition

    37. The interesting point is that this systematics builds the wealth of the nations and of the people; it generates partnership in the competitiveness to the organizations with effective control of the goals and the certainty of the conquest of fantastic results for the development and individual and collective progress

    38. We have two young children and our relationship is strong, clear, and equal; we walk together, moving forward, bound by a great partnership based on respect, trust, and love

    39. He thought, maybe he should break the partnership

    40. will rely on a solid partnership between you and the vendor and it should be based on

    41. This was an odd time to start a partnership, or a romance

    42. How did Nick know she was with Devin? Devin could build quite a company if he forced her into a partnership

    43. a non-threatening partnership with the prospect

    44. He assured me that his cousin felt the same way and I made damn sure that was the case before I agreed to the partnership

    45. A partnership with the City of Amarillo

    46. partnership with Him is one where our cooperation is

    47. Another partnership is the funding of the

    48. this switch came the promise of a partnership within a few years, a much larger salary

    49. “I like this partnership

    50. “I truly hope this will be a long and fruitful partnership between G-Industries and Jenkins Corp, it has been a pleasure

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