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Patch in a sentence | patch example sentences

  1. I was on the Patch.
  2. Patch glared at the babe.
  3. He sat in a patch of weak.
  4. Patch was proved right as.
  5. Where the patch of plastic.
  6. Even in the vegetable patch.
  7. And then we’ll patch it.
  8. To patch things up with her.
  9. Sprecace for the patch tests.
  10. Got patch, but no glue stuff.
  11. I stare at the patch of blood.
  12. Best not to go to your patch.
  13. Molly and Patch both laughed.
  14. There’s a little patch of.
  15. Patch made the basketball team.
  16. A patch of bright red started.
  17. There was a story in the Patch.
  18. I looked at the vegetable patch.
  19. His eye patch had never became.
  20. The vegetable patch was watered.
  21. Did he look in the pawpaw patch?
  22. She wrote a patch around the hack.
  23. It leaves a red patch on his hide.
  24. Patch said he was the best trained.
  25. It leaves a red patch on his side.
  26. Is that a watermelon patch?
  27. It is like a square patch of light.
  28. One patch, endemic to one hillside.
  29. There was a square black patch on.
  30. Fred walked across a patch of grass.
  31. A patch of staghorn caught his eye.
  32. I always stop at the raspberry patch.
  33. I was now looking at a patch of land.
  34. They came across a hilly, rocky patch.
  35. Jon was digging at a patch of stucco.
  36. He landed on top of Patch and One Ear.
  37. The most spectacular was when Patch.
  38. Turkey is not my patch, but the Mid.
  39. Patch bumped his fist against Louie's.
  40. Keep your flower patch free of weeds.
  41. Patch wanted to know how hard that was.
  42. A patch of white made him stop mid-step.
  43. Freud was a nut loose in a fruit patch.
  44. Look to the right of that dark patch.
  45. You were sitting in a patch of sunlight.
  46. Sarah, it’s time for another patch.
  47. Born and bred in a briar patch, Brer Fox.
  48. Patch lost traction and slid off the car.
  49. There were tracks there, in a sandy patch.
  50. This patch of woods had fed them several.
  51. A patch of blood spreads over her shoulder.
  52. He had combed his hair over his bald patch.
  53. It is sewing a new patch on an old garment.
  54. Haakon on a patch of loose gravel and rocks.
  55. Jeanne, patch me with that incoming ship.
  56. Had the size of the patch turned her off?
  57. A wet, dark patch covers most of her thigh.
  58. I'll see if I can patch him through to you.
  59. The patch kit is too small, but still useful.
  60. How the fuck should I know, answered Patch.
  61. The patch was small, no shape in particular.
  62. I will try that thing I read about-the patch.
  63. Nerissa studied the vaulted patch of night.
  64. I called him from the patch to the stream.
  65. And came to rest on a patch of sheer madness.
  66. But when he got there the patch was deserted.
  67. We’ve been through a rough patch lately.
  68. First rough patch with the two of you?
  69. Then I put a big patch of canvas on each end.
  70. Patch took a two foot scratch that tore into.
  71. Should patch a wall to expel the winter flaw!.
  72. Patch said she'd have B-cups, but great stems.
  74. Kiyori pointed to the patch of forest before us.
  75. Finally, they could find no more holes to patch.
  76. Hidden away, in the roughest patch of the old.
  77. A patch of short, black hair covered his scalp.
  78. Permian Basin oil patch producers and the oil-.
  79. Pulled a patch a’ ingrown hairs from mine.
  80. All she saw was the horizon and a patch of sky.
  81. Bill and me worked in that patch of field peas.
  82. A patch on his sleeve said TUBBS SECURITY.
  83. Who dragged you through the briar patch?
  84. He snapped off the eye patch, folded up his mat.
  85. At one bad patch I had about one week's left of.
  86. He was still the lord of his patch of the jungle.
  87. A seven-second patch and all hands saved, sir.
  88. He reached into shadow and handed me an eye patch.
  89. So it’s the right time to patch up between them.
  90. A small patch of blood and another piece of torn.
  91. When she returned, Bucca cleared a patch of leaf.
  92. A patch of grid work, with the small icon of the.
  93. The patch of wavering glare reached as far as Mrs.
  94. I saw an open patch of blue sky and leaped for it.
  95. Come on, let’s patch you up, he said kindly.
  96. The name patch on his uniform identified him as LT.
  97. Sure, there was a patch in the street that hooted.
  98. The vegetable patch was not to be underrated either.
  99. There was a bare patch in the snow, a place where.
  100. Very soon a grey patch came up in the darkness ahead.
  1. In the morning the patching resumed.
  2. All patching compounds that are white.
  3. That’s hardly patching things up, is it?
  4. While patching the lining make doubly certain that.
  5. A force field had popped up, patching the jagged hole.
  6. I’d not received credit for patching the damaged hull.
  7. When not at work patching network cables into routers and.
  8. Louie began patching, starting with the holes on the top of the raft.
  9. A few hours of patching, an engine change or some other niggling problem.
  10. If there’s hope of patching things up, it’s a good place to start.
  11. After patching him up I start to unbutton his trowser exposing his genitals.
  12. Karl made a good job of cleaning and patching up Daniel’s wounded left arm.
  13. He’d have to postpone patching up the domestic spat until after he returned.
  14. It was the Road America central call center patching a call through taken from.
  15. Perfect for patching bullet holes in airframes, and inventing anti-gravity suits.
  16. In the darkness, patching was impossible, but the pumping couldn’t be stopped.
  17. If you’re successful at patching the universe together, all of this goes away.
  18. Armed with a staple gun and plastic sheeting, Travis and Curran spent an hour patching up.
  19. The flashing and patching done, they clambered down in high spirits, finished before noon.
  20. Once again, Caris and Mair worked by firelight long into the night, patching up the wounded.
  21. She then began to repair his shoes, patching up the holes so as to protect his feet from dampness.
  22. Her actions had not been those of someone patching someone up for another round of beatings later on.
  23. The wall over there needs patching up, she said, pointing to the back corner where the loom sat.
  24. After they finished patching her injuries, they somewhat awkwardly got the button down shirt on to her.
  25. Silas went around patching where the soft cushion of newspaper layering the bottom of the nest was torn.
  26. The furniture would get busted up, and he would be patching bullet holes in the drywall all winter long.
  27. Why is hypnosis to quit smoking more effective then using patching and pills and it's drawbacks in real life.
  28. It was capable of individual string patching to as many as three active spectra, and could sort impact and pressure to different voices.
  29. Should you find yourself in a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is likely to be more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks.
  30. When not at work patching network cables into routers and hubs for a local newspaper, Danny shared his home with his aged father and his demure, unassuming sister, Annie.
  31. Matréna got up, took from the window Semén's old shirt, the same that she had been patching, and gave it to the stranger; and she found a pair of trousers, and gave them to him.
  32. About the blue cloth, when it comes to a choice between having holes in your britches or patching them with pieces of a captured Yankee uniform—well, there just isn’t any choice.
  33. Never in his life was he so happy to see the members of the Tammas commune: Kletsova was bleeding, Trini was patching her up with a band-aid, and Lenar was holding his weapon aimed at Brittany.
  34. After patching up Sorus and dozing on the soft silk bedding of the guests’ quarters for a few hours, she was gently awoken by Cedar, Tamar’s House Master, he had returned from one of his many tasks.
  35. With that kind of money, he would be able to pay back the bank and get his clients back to neutral, though he’d still be somewhat in the red personally, after patching the holes in the kids’ trust funds.
  36. As Phil and Mac pumped and struck at the sharks, Louie groped for the provisions pocket and grabbed the patching kit, which contained sheets of patching material, a tube of glue, and sandpaper to roughen up the raft surface so the glue could adhere.
  37. He and his crew had done their best to clean up and camouflage the damage from the crazy battle between the two groups of ‘private security’ men, patching bullet holes and painting over the patches and also gathering and throwing overboard the empty bullet casings.
  38. O vanity! The patching up of everything with big words! a kitchen is a laboratory, a dancer is a professor, an acrobat is a gymnast, a boxer is a pugilist, an apothecary is a chemist, a wigmaker is an artist, a hodman is an architect, a jockey is a sportsman, a wood-louse is a pterigybranche.
  39. The latter in itself was enough to attract attention to him, for the uniforms of the rode a wild black stallion, and wore clothes which were always the height of style and soldiers were dingy and worn now and the civilians, even when turned out in their best, showed skillful patching and darning.
  40. When I had finally put my house in order, or rather seen that it had been done, it was nearing sunset, and I hastened out with the intention of locating Sola and her charges, as I had determined upon having speech with Dejah Thoris and trying to impress on her the necessity of our at least patching up a truce until I could find some way of aiding her to escape.
  41. Leave alone the cruelty of the crime, didn’t it reflect the stupidity of man! And what do those murders of sexual jealousy tell but the tale of man’s idiocy? Oh, on the pretext of patching up, how easily the husband or the paramour would lure the other into a death trap! What a wonder is it that one comes to trust someone with a motive to harm one! Oh, if only the intended victim had known an iota of the human psychology! Would then there be the death of one and the jailing of the other?’.
  1. He was being patched up by old Gnaeus.
  2. Between them they patched up the wounded.
  3. The night duty officer patched me through.
  4. Your marriage will not just be patched up.
  5. I tried to get patched through to the Chief.
  6. The roof was recently patched up for the prom.
  7. Galileo, but things were then patched up with.
  8. When he was all patched, he helped me stand up.
  9. No, he has asked to be patched through to you.
  10. The other is the bicycle with the patched Dunlop.
  11. Shall I have it patched through into your Ops.
  12. Nerissa rose and put on the patched tunic that she.
  13. His neck had been speedily patched up by but he’d.
  14. Torbin had, however, patched himself in to that link.
  15. Claire had gotten patched through to the school nurse.
  16. As he patched the hole back up with snow his hand went.
  17. I was so broken that I could not be patched back together.
  18. The call was patched through to the vice-presidents office.
  19. Using his computer skills, Melvin electronically patched lines.
  20. The boys in overalls and nothing else, ragged patched overalls.
  21. Stone hitched around conversationally in the patched leather seat.
  22. Of the lodge itself, some areas had been patched up, some painted.
  23. Tom Brokaw was patched through and interviewed me on a video link.
  24. The Doctor patched up the remaining human slaves requiring treatment.
  25. True the images had to be patched to allow viewing in polite society.
  26. I WAS PATCHED THROUGH to Molinari at the Palace of the Legion of Honor.
  27. He was dressed in a very shabby dark cotton coat, patched and spotted.
  28. There certainly wasn’t enough wind to stir our heavily patched sails.
  29. There was nothing for it but to cast new blanks and get them patched in.
  30. I patched up the Hab and repressurized it (main air tanks were intact).
  31. There was a small hole here, at eye level—see, Linds? It was patched.
  32. The vehicle sped from the garage as Kate was patched into County Dispatch.
  33. After several moments of connecting, he finally was patched into his room.
  34. She patched her bodice, which was old and worn out, with scraps of calico.
  35. Within seconds, Molinari was patched through to the principal of the school.
  36. I unbutton my shirt and stare at my bare side, which is patched with bruises.
  37. So I had to rig something before showing up at the hospital to get it patched.
  38. Their clothes were frayed and torn, some holes patched and others left gaping.
  39. She patched through using the holo interface, her ident immediately recognisable.
  40. I patched things up with Jenny, and got on with my lessons feeling little pressure.
  41. In this environment, a torn suit was deadly, unless you got it patched immediately.
  42. He went through more items; a patched breastplate, the head of an axe, a broken sword.
  43. Tommy was arrayed in the patched remains of what had once been a good suit of clothes.
  44. I saw him, said a young woman with a long, heavily patched skirt and a woollen shawl.
  45. When all my external bits had been stitched, cleaned and patched, Brian hoisted my legs.
  46. Still, he wasn’t going to give up until they patched things up or she kicked him out.
  47. The jeans were well loved, with a few small tears around the hems and one knee patched.
  48. Had there been only two, they couldn’t have pumped, patched, and repelled the sharks.
  49. After he was sufficiently patched up Quintus yawned with a great, almost catlike stretch.
  50. Small holes have been patched and covered with the proprietary skin coat, said Clive.
  51. Once the semi-unconscious count was patched up, Tristan had laid awake for bells, thinking.
  52. Small holes can be patched simply by applying dry wall patch compound with a paint scraper.
  53. She, too, was clad only in a chemise and a knitted petticoat patched with bits of old cloth.
  54. They wore hand-sewn clothing, many times patched, mud-spattered from the early morning ride.
  55. What they believe will not agree with what they see here, and it must be patched up some way.
  56. Their silks and velvets were dripping and patched, and they had very ugly looks on their faces.
  57. A treaty was patched up, in the end, and something like the appearance of redress provided for.
  58. Neighbor Nikita refused the loan of the hat, so the old one had to be patched up for the occasion.
  59. Kids called out to each other as they biked along the patched asphalt on the poor residential street.
  60. Her clothes were scruffy and patched together but she was very beautiful with long blonde wispy hair.
  61. He was wearing a coarse and patched coat, and was walking in zigzags, grumbling and swearing to himself.
  62. Baldazar was taken to the animal hospital where doctors patched up his beak and mended his torn feathers.
  63. The President, who was patched in to the FAA Director, heard the announcement from the new pilot moments later.
  64. Next, different people have patched existing software so there is a very good chance that it is not structured.
  65. Two of the members were playing with knobs, but it wasn't clear from the sound that those knobs were patched in.
  66. Come, then, and, having exhausted the Palmer, let us see what the Dunlop with the patched cover has to offer us.
  67. She wore a coarse smock all patched; her feet were bare and muddy, and on her head she had an old blue kerchief.
  68. Jacob was in his control room in the tower watching on the radar which was patched through from his airfield office.
  69. Standing next to Joseph was Belver, his snout covered in blood and a patched wound running the length of his torso.
  70. The inn was an unusual building, large and oddly fashioned, as if several houses had been patched together to make it.
  71. He was but shabbily apparelled in faded jacket and patched trowsers; a rag of a black handkerchief investing his neck.
  72. She was a pauper with little but the patched rags and single pair of shoes she stood in, and a few meagre possessions.
  73. No, it was rougher and patched together looking and the crewmembers gathered at its railing bore a similar resemblance.
  74. Aye, sir; I patched up this thing here as a coffin for Queequeg; but they've set me now to turning it into something else.
  75. His mother patched up his ‘accident at school’, and left Christian to ponder on the new-found miracle he had discovered.
  76. The RAF Hercules crew patched you through to me on the inter-com from the aircraft to talk about this chap while you were airborne.
  77. Ava's found where I patched the perception layers thru, she has the real data all your probes have been sending available now I think.
  78. But it was not the horrors of prison life, not the hard labour, the bad food, the shaven head, or the patched clothes that crushed him.
  79. Next to grass, wild pasture, Swiss in its alpine plots of flowers, varied, patched with moss, steeplebush like heather, roots and berries.
  80. His wound of betrayal could never fully heal but at least it could be patched up and the only Band-Aid got enough to put on that scab was murder.
  81. The other survivors had patched him up as best they could and he was taking regular doses of painkillers, but he needed proper medical attention.
  82. Calvin, closely escorted by two marines—and a medic who had hastily patched Calvin’s light flesh wound—walked through the endless maze of grey.
  83. This turned out to be another in the long series of trips Rachel made to see Lonnie who, as she patched up Timmy when he got hurt, patched up Rachel.
  84. Instead, the duty officer at the Manila headquarters patched him with MacArthur’s suite, situated in the same requisitioned hotel than the USAFFE HQ.
  85. His boots were patched, broken, and down at heel, and the knees and bottoms of the legs of his trousers were in the same condition as the sleeves of his coat.
  86. His buoyant mood did not last for long; his arm throbbed with pain and in the hours since Karl had patched him up, he found he could move and use it less and less.
  87. The brick house awkwardly patched and roofed with rude boards instead of shingles, managed to look of the Elsings still stood, with a new roof and a new second floor.
  88. His clothes were old and ragged; they had been patched at the knees and elbows, but the patches were tearing away from the rotting fabric into which they had been sewn.
  89. Byron pulled his battered and patched knee length cow coat over his head voluntarily plunging himself into darkness, and tried only to concentrate on one sense at a time.
  90. A small, sporadic stream of automobiles with faded paint and patched tires bounced along the rutted roads that paralleled the railroad tracks, all heading the same direction—west.
  91. At halftime of the backyard football game, you passed around a few cans of Pringles chips, patched up some skinned knees with Band-Aids, and rubbed Bengay on the quarterback’s shoulder.
  92. His knitted jersey was of a faded blue, his breeches, patched and stained, were based on a blue foundation, and his small belongings that he carried were tied up in a blue cotton handkerchief.
  93. Guapo told him again that he was really grateful to have been rescued and patched up for nothing in the hospital, and felt bad at disappointing him, but he really was on his last legs by then.
  94. A janitor passed by in new felt boots; then a water-carrier went past; then an old soldier of the days of Nicholas, in patched old felt boots, holding a shovel in his hands, came in a line with the window.
  95. Lankers; very small relatives of the tratalies with dark blue skin, long green and red colored feathers on their heads, flew across the cloud patched sky in all directions as they uttered high pitched quacks.
  96. Purple and fine linen had disappeared, and if the men who hadn’t patched gray uniforms could get whole suits of unbleached Macon Mills cloth, with buttons of gourd seeds in some cases, they were gay about it.
  97. His work clothes, a pair of khaki slacks and a matching shirt with vest, were tattered from age, the holes having never been patched by skilled hands, and soiled from what had apparently been hard work over the years.
  98. He inquired how his queer friend with the young wife was, and running his eyes over the ill-matched horses and the carriage with its patched mud-guards, proposed to the ladies that they should get into the char-a-banc.
  99. A little, almost beardless old fellow, blind in one eye, who sat by the side of the patriarch, and had a patched nankeen coat and old boots on, and, as Nekhludoff found out later, was an oven-builder, understood much better.
  100. The disgusting wrinkles of suffering that ridged his old face were patched up and painted, and on the smooth surface, wrinkles of good-nature and laughter, and of pleasant, good-humoured cheeriness, were laid on artistically with fine brushes.
  1. Patches is a very fat cat.
  2. Patches of a snarling cat.
  3. Loki looks back to Patches.
  4. You earned all those patches.
  5. He has something he patches.
  6. I had used only THREE patches.
  7. Patches of green decorated the.
  8. You'll need the nicotine patches.
  9. Patches had thrown a hissing fit.
  10. Patches for the special price of.
  11. I have several spare valve patches.
  12. Lots of brown and a few patches of.
  13. Clay) has said, of shreds and patches.
  14. Yeah, I heard patches but not enough.
  15. It’s Deputy Patches, the station cat.
  16. What to do with dense patches of weeds.
  17. McSpadden goes over and picks up Patches.
  18. I’ve forgotten about the moldy patches.
  19. Beneath, patches of creamy gauze, icing.
  20. There were melon patches and grain fields.
  21. The patches had been implemented after the.
  22. Patches is on the ground, pawing at his lap.
  23. They’d heard patches of their conversation.
  24. There are no sun patches for her to lie in.
  25. Even when struck by whitecaps, the patches held.
  26. Dense patches of tall ferns grew here and there.
  27. The grass looks green by patches in the country.
  28. The attackers had illuminated patches where the.
  29. The patches had slowed the air loss dramatically.
  30. However, green sprigs of grass sprouted in patches.
  31. McSpadden picks up Patches and carries her outside.
  32. In those patches of ground yet to fall under the.
  33. You’ve gone through your share of rough patches.
  34. The sky was filled with the dark patches of clouds.
  35. The ordinary man lives in patches; more than half.
  36. His jersey clung to his chest in large damp patches.
  37. He was bald apart from a few wispy patches of white.
  38. His hair grew, first in patches and later more evenly.
  39. The small patches of pink had grown dark, almost black.
  40. There were wet patches on some stalactites of the walls.
  41. The road was covered in patches of snow and ice and sand.
  42. The patches grew deeper on her forehead, neck, and cheeks.
  43. Unfortunately, you will suffer through rough patches that.
  44. Red Cross patches were sown on the front of their dresses.
  45. My hands are rough and old and covered in hard patches of.
  46. Gabriel pointed to the statue, on which lay patches of snow.
  47. There was blood and little patches of hair and skin on the.
  48. The patches in the hair, where the Angel had ripped it out.
  49. Barbegs were decorating the few bare patches on the cavern.
  50. The summit was bare apart from patches of heather and slabs.
  51. His face was grayish in color and mottled with weird patches.
  52. Miller’s and saw the same bloody patches on his shoulders.
  53. There were various-sized patches attached to his shaven head.
  54. Swarms of mosquitoes hovered in clouds above the open patches.
  55. Then there were patches of flame and smoke ascending to stars.
  56. Barrons leads the rest of them, sticking to the barren patches.
  57. Blue it was, with odd patches of rust looking like dried blood.
  58. New hair growth may appear thin or growth may appear in patches.
  59. Special seal-strips between the patches ensured airtight mating.
  60. Felix was by the vegetable patch, sniffing the patches of blood.
  61. Clouds moved away to show the blue sky in great quilted patches.
  62. The prison’s infirmary had nearly run out of nicotine patches.
  63. Colbert opens his mouth to speak, but McSpadden points to Patches.
  64. If anybody but Louie called him Patches, they ended up in their.
  65. But he'd never forgive Louie for hanging the moniker Patches on.
  66. Aside from the patches and the inflammation, things to check are:.
  67. Holding out a finger, he says, Here, Patches, no need to worry.
  68. All you need is the nicotine patches, the memory of the fresh air.
  69. His hair was in patches, some fallen, lying on the blood-stained.
  70. Patches begins batting it with her paw, and then chewing its edge.
  71. Lecithin to her diet, as prescribed, the patches began to disappear.
  72. Patches of feathers were missing from its wings and body, and its.
  73. Like the wild berry patches that cover the hills behind the house.
  74. The dark patches of blood were growing at the speed of the chanting.
  75. You will probably also find a supply of rubber patches and adhesive.
  76. At first there was the cloudy gray sky with its tiny patches of blue.
  77. It looked like it was branching out as it was joined by patches of.
  78. Her throat was impossibly bloated, and showed large patches of blue.
  79. Look! The altar is surrounded by circular patches of burnt grass.
  80. Cut the NicaBates patches in half, cut two or three big patches into.
  81. Several colored patches were sewn neatly round the seat of his pants.
  82. The snow lay in patches all about, for the sun never shone to melt it.
  83. Suzuki ran his hands over the patches of prickly hair on his bald head.
  84. The day is warm, but not hot, and the sky has patches of white clouds.
  85. Patches of snow clung to the north face of every little rock and swale.
  86. Is this man truly like scattered patches of clouds because his mind is.
  87. In a couple of places there were patches of purple and even pale green.
  88. I uses the patches, I marked it on the calendar, and then I held myself.
  89. The trees were growing sparser, and the patches of ferns came more often.
  90. Near together in patches the bluebells were nodding gently in the breeze.
  91. They passed one farm after another, separated by thick patches of timber.
  92. Adam even thought he could see patches of an old sail sewn into this one.
  93. That morning, we got through a couple of rough patches, made some progress.
  94. I could tell who these other men were by the patches on their shirt sleeves.
  95. And as the sun lowers, more dots glitter in the darker patches of the night.
  96. The planet looks like Mars to Jaden with patches of thick clouds all around.
  97. His face turned red in patches, and his dim eyes looked straight before him.
  98. Most of the mine was rock and soil, but patches of brown grass had grown up.
  99. Nothing save patches of sky, seen between the black beams, greeted his eyes.
  100. Over the decades, the jungle returned, seeded by patches of forest preserve.

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