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    1. In this chapter, I will cover some basic methods of making your own organic fertilizers while showing you how we can help the earth (soil) reestablish the balance and restore the natural process by harness-

    2. Basics of soil restoration is to restore the natural balance

    3. • AGRI-GRO: Agri-Gro is another of those great products that we humans invent! Agri-Gro is an enzyme product that helps restore life to the soil

    4. God will restore back His glory to the church

    5. and how to restore them back into our lives

    6. Old People’s Associations can help to restore the position of elders in village society

    7. pressure and restore myself to some sort of equilibrium

    8. of the problem by trying to restore the stricken body with chemical rem-

    9. Let’s hope a few weeks normality will restore her spirits

    10. What chance there was any air left in the cylinders was beyond her, but one of them began to actually restore atmosphere

    11. Very soon she meant to petition Ava to restore Morgan Evans from the last backup she had

    12. When I explained to the telephone operator what I wanted, she just hang up to me! Nevertheless, whenever old-Zarifis calls them for the same reason, the police arrive here in no time so as to restore peace and quiet! When my sister threw a party some months ago, the old man called the police as soon as the clock struck midnight and they arrived five minutes later

    13. “Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such a one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted” (Galatians 6:1)

    14. I go and wash my face trying to restore some normality – a glance in the mirror confirms the fact that I look a mess, but I plead a headache as I go from house to house checking everyone is okay

    15. I called myself every name under this weak English sun, and slapped my face hard to restore full alertness

    16. We need to depose Moamar and restore sanity to this expedition

    17. Restore with us the true power of God in this land

    18. We are going to restore millions and my last warning to you is that you are to stand ancient laws and make new ones which will be just and firm behind us so that we can prove to the world that when noble

    19. Though this statement is true that He does seek to save mankind, His goal was to restore all things

    20. To restore the house of David is to restore the King David

    21. Little wonder, then, why it says in verse 6, “When they therefore were come together, they asked of him, saying, Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?” After speaking with His disciples for 40 days on the Kingdom of God, they ask Him if this is when He will restore the Kingdom to Israel

    22. He wondered if this was because she had been so hurt by the way it happened the first time and now he made the first move? Did that restore her self-esteem?

    23. Who else can heal as they can? Who else can restore a body to perfection as they can do? I think this is a gift from them to you and Sam

    24. sometimes needs help to restore itself to a state of

    25. Thank goodness we are on foot this morning … the calming influence of the walk home will restore my equilibrium

    26. fastest way to restore your site to working order, it may be the only way

    27. used more to restore the entire web server in the event their hard disk fails

    28. Refusing all offers of help from her, he fusses around the kitchen, getting out plates, pouring red wine … ordinary activities which restore her balance, wiping away the memory of Chas reaching out for her, his hands clawlike in their eagerness to grasp her flesh

    29. He tries to reassure her, to speak to her with his eyes, to make contact through the anger, to restore her confidence and remind her that he is simply playing the game

    30. These have been recognized through the ages as avenues, if you will, to restore contact with conscience

    31. “One practicable way, or avenue, to restore our conscience is through the instinctive center

    32. restore the fortunes of Jacob and will

    33. 1“In those days and at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah

    34. ” We have the call to bring the kingdom and authority of God back to earth and restore what the enemy has taken

    35. "So that all may live, my people will die to restore Lock Core

    36. disgrace to my mother and I, and so I’ve vowed to restore

    37. tools to begin tilling, pruning, and preparing to restore the

    38. The prophetic will call out destiny in people and restore identity, but ultimately identity will be restored as people see who Jesus really is

    39. restore her as a fruitful garden, but these prophets will also

    40. gathering tools to begin to restore the garden

    41. given us tools to help restore the Church and the community we

    42. brother would hopefully want to overlook mistakes and restore

    43. God is beginning to restore the ministry of evangelism

    44. God reveals His plan to restore Israel, to bring unity to the

    45. In order to restore, in some measure, that free circulation of labour which those different

    46. "She could restore the bloodline, turn the Order into Gatekeepers once more

    47. He knows it's a fine piece of machinery that he can restore, but it's in a festering sump right now

    48. who restore faith in love in this otherwise materialistic world!

    49. He can, in this case, both restore the capital, and pay the interest, without alienating or encroaching upon any other source of revenue

    50. He can, in this case, neither restore the capital nor pay the interest, without either alienating or encroaching upon some other source of revenue, such as the property or the rent of land

    1. Abraham, and restored him Sarah his wife

    2. of pipe and slippers, but in capturing my heart she restored the vital flow to me in so

    3. viable and completely restored! the doctors could not explain that

    4. Later that morning, with Johnny restored to some sort of order, and with firm

    5. There was no reason not to have a good fraction of Gordon's Lamp's crew restored by the time they finally got the Heavenly Mother in

    6. if i have done something evil, let me repent, confess and be restored whatever

    7. It was like the ruins of Susa, restored and perfected

    8. "We don't know that he's dead, and he can always be restored from backup

    9. I could barely stand the disappointment, and it was only another bout of makeshift, post-breakfast work-out that restored my sanity

    10. Later that morning, with Johnny restored to some sort of order, and with firm instructions to tell his wife, Mary, that one of his batty old Aunt’s cats had mauled him during the night, she bade him farewell

    11. When she restored bus contact, she was on the Biology side

    12. Taw stones safely restored to their pouch on her belt, she changed out of her comfy travelling clothes into something a little smarter and set about writing messages

    13. ” It is that new covenant that proceeds from Him, and it is when Israel is restored as the priestly nation to the nations that all peoples will see its light

    14. Israel in her restored condition works out the rule of God to the nations as an earthly nation

    15. Good relations restored, suddenly the rain looks a lot less depressing

    16. He would have to give this up again once Ava was restored, but for now it would enable him to do what he had to do without his simulated biology interfering

    17. Three hours later everything was calmed and order restored

    18. It had been over a month hadn't it? He was busy with research, but that made it more vital to back up regularly so he didn't forget what he'd learned if he had to be restored

    19. The computer system is not restored until just after eleven; you can almost hear the sigh of relief from the workforce when it is finally announced that we can log in

    20. health restored by the healing powers of magnets

    21. The whole center island was restored as a museum and tourist trap

    22. While this was taking place, Tam repaired the wiring and restored the communications

    23. An outward semblance of humanity is restored and the old biddy on the till loses interest now that Billy has rejoined the ranks of the normal

    24. Had someone like Tdeshi been restored I would have said, ‘Glad to see you came across OK’ and bid you farewell, believe me when I say that

    25. Every last bit of it was restored, plus some

    26. So restored in fact, that he began to ride out with Titania and Jameson along the Lakeside Road with an eye to available properties and the inclination that he would consider remaining as a resident of the area

    27. vessels for a few moments before calm was restored

    28. Alan had heard the term before, one who sells or uses restored items, items that were once broken and since repaired

    29. A sacrifice that restored their father to life, and united the entire elven race

    30. She tripped away, and presently returned with a fresh trayful; and Toad, pitching into the toast with delight, his spirits quite restored to their usual level, told her about the boathouse, and the fish-pond, and the old walled kitchen-garden; and about the pig-pens, and the stables, and the pigeon-house, and the hen- house; and about the dairy, and the wash-house, and the china- cupboards, and the linen-presses (she liked that bit especially); and about the banqueting-hall, and the fun they had there when the other animals were gathered round the table and Toad was at his best, singing songs, telling stories, carrying on generally

    31. Her flesh was whole, restored

    32. Nehemiah restored the tent of David:

    33. The prophetic will call out destiny in people and restore identity, but ultimately identity will be restored as people see who Jesus really is

    34. agriculture, is in part restored to the country, at the expense of which, in a great measure, it

    35. returned before the people of Israel are restored, then He is

    36. He met many interesting people, the others from the music group Desa was in, owners of concert halls, the designer of some of the machinery Alan restored, faculty at Rankor Institute of Sound

    37. How far this invention has restored that free circulation of labour, which the preceding

    38. Stunned, Nathalia watched as black blood restored its vertebrae and tissue began growing over its newly formed spine

    39. In one instant, she severed an arm, in the next, it was restored and swinging at her with a jagged blade

    40. Chopping it down only to face it once more, its form restored by the dark power filling the armor with the semblance of life

    41. "Yes, in addition we have restored less than ten percent of the recovered suntowers to service, and we've probably recovered one percent of those that were manufactured

    42. Each bedroom had a toilet compartment and a tiny basin, originally added in the 51st century or so, but re-fitted when she and Dara restored the place

    43. Perhaps Sevron could be stopped, the universe restored to order once more

    44. Now that her strength was restored, Nerissa knew she could easily beat Dora in a fight -- after all, she’d defeated many warriors, including women, during her clan’s travels --

    45. A short time later he arose, completely restored

    46. At last, it seemed she was restored into Athena’s favor

    47. The same act of parliament which suppressed ten and five shilling bank notes, suppressed likewise this optional clause, and thereby restored the exchange between England and Scotland to its natural rate, or to what the course of trade and remittances might happen to make it

    48. Though the manufacturer has his wages advanced to him by his master, he in reality costs him no expense, the value of those wages being generally restored, together with a profit, in the improved value of the subject upon which his labour is bestowed

    49. But the maintenance of a menial servant never is restored

    50. He expects that in due time it is to be restored to him, and that, in the mean time, the borrower is to pay him a certain annual rent for the use of it

    1. handles imbalances and restores the matrix to a point of

    2.  Ride out the waves as the matrix of reality restores

    3. 3He restores my soul: he leads me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake

    4. The simple act of scraping his fingernails through his shampoo covered hair restores a small aspect of his basic humanity

    5. to hover above the earth brings rejuvenation and restores

    6. Like the unknown principle of animal life, it frequently restores health and vigour to the constitution, in spite not only of the disease, but of the absurd prescriptions of the doctor

    7. and restores the family to their ancient splendour, could in those times have no such effect

    8. Sedative, anti-spasmodic and restores the nerves

    9. “It’s hard to say actually,” the troubled youth continued, “he is sort of a free spirit, collects old bar signs, movie posters and that sort of thing, restores them, or frames them, whatever…

    10. The Healing which restores your hearts

    11. He leads me beside the still waters, He restores my soul;

    12. 3 He restores my soul: he leads me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake

    13. pany cleans and restores areas in homes,

    14. Jesus answered them "Elijah indeed comes first and restores all things and will restore all things; But I tell you that Elijah has come already and they didn't recognise him but did to him whatever they wanted to

    15. healing touch is a blessing that strengthens and restores people

    16. restores us, so the river of the Spirit can flow through us once

    17. become channels of blessing, the Lord replenishes us, restores us,

    18. Mark 9:12-13 Elijah truly does come first and restores all things; and how it is written of the Son of Man that He must suffer many things and be set to nothing but I say to you that Elijah has indeed come and they have done to him whatever they wanted as it was written about Him

    19. 6 And again he says: Blessed is the man whom the Lord has rebuked; refuse not you the admonition of the Almighty for he makes you to grieve and again he restores you; 7 He has smitten and his hands have healed you; 8 six times shall he deliver you from calamity and the seventh time evil shall not touch you

    20. On the other hand, erasing information about the path of a photon restores wavelike behavior, as confirmed in an experiment done at the University of California at Berkeley by Raymond Chiao — suggesting that a collapsed wave function can be restored by erasing (historical) information

    21. therefore to postulate that there is a mirror universe which restores overall

    22. effectively restores the natural safeguard he noted

    23. Read Hebrews 9:6-28 The Holy Spirit restores us to the joy of Salvation

    24. It is when there is a disruption in this Qi that problems and illness occurs; restoring the flow of the Qi restores harmony and dissolves the symptoms of illness

    25. That soothing gentle sound my soul restores

    26. An effective coach draws the coachee back and restores a

    27. He chuckles at our flat expressions, then restores the hologram to its original state and walks us back to the front of the lab, where he pulls off the tendril gloves

    28. the LORD restores Zion

    29. The devil always remain the tempter and the impulses restores the same things

    30. Another meaning of the word “forgiving” which is the restorer who restores the spirit which is infected by a germ of disobedience to its former state of moral health and purity

    31. Michael, the mighty protector and ask that he restores your

    32. Communication with Al’lah and peace are through the one who became the greatest of realities’ suns, unmatched by all of the universe’s suns in his great illumination, which restores and refers to the Grandeur of God

    33. 35532 Manfred and Jhamed return from exile and Manfred restores Wizards’ Keep

    34. restores equilibrium while also grounding the emotions

    35. restores it's function in regulating the steroid growth hormone, leading to

    36. quality and count in men and restores the normal menstrual cycle in women,

    37. To love is like drinking the sweet pure water that gets absorbed by the body cells and restores life energy

    38. Life-energy not only restores its own battery, it puts back into the earth more life-energy than it took… because it does not need it

    39. The resurrection restores the life death took

    40. Rise now, son of my creation, and stand forth as an example that I Am a God who restores and gives life where there was none before!”

    41. I Am also the One that restores

    42. This Power instantly restores al of this character's lost Hearts

    43. This Power restores up to 12 lost hearts to al of this character's minions, soldiers, monsters, and sidekick/pets that are

    44. The resurrection restores the life of the person that death took away

    45. Is used the definition “the Ocean of Immortality” probably because the Spirit is like the Phoenix constantly restores in every Soul

    46. The resurrection restores the life death took away

    47. When the properties from these medications enter your body, it restores normal brain function while preventing relapse and eliminating cravings for these addictive substances

    48. hatchet and slippers, which he picked up on the road, and now restores to you,

    49. It has the air of a summer camp bunkhouse, yet it restores Reagan’s soul unlike any place else on earth

    50. 'He grants a full pardon to the Vizier Ali, and not only gives him his life, but restores to him his fortune and his possessions

    1. She was restoring everything of his to how it had been in 2278, hoping that would soften the blow of waking up as a clone in the ruins of Biology Base

    2. The closeness of another human being was magical, restoring my faith and my strength and my belief in myself

    3. you have no way of restoring your energy levels, because

    4. Restoring the Tabernacle of David

    5. In these two verses, we see a phrase about restoring the “tabernacle of David

    6. “Doc, Paul, we are a small group of people who have been given the task of restoring order to our world

    7. a puff on his inhaler, took a long gulp of his life restoring tea and

    8. Hot water stings Billy's skin, restoring a sense of substance to the day and he feels as though he is being purged of sins, being exorcised

    9. Following the crash, he often returned in hopes of restoring the communications systems

    10. He had a business going, restoring abandoned machinery and factories

    11. ashes, and restoring the people to truth

    12. was restoring the city

    13. God is restoring truth, love, and power to His bride and this is cause to rejoice

    14. God is restoring identity to His bride

    15. God is restoring the

    16. God is restoring this ministry of evangelism because it has been

    17. God is restoring and bringing into position both the Church and Israel

    18. Alan seemed to have a business restoring and servicing machinery that was modestly successful

    19. He's got a respectable business going restoring old machinery

    20. Both sides were motionless, resting, restoring their strength with the brief lull in the battle

    21. We've recovered so few helmets and have been even less successful at restoring them to operation

    22. household of Theoton by restoring his son to health

    23. But restoring herself to beauty would scarcely improve her chances with Andrastus

    24. Secondly, Though a great number of people should, by thus restoring the freedom of trade, be thrown all at once out of their ordinary employment and common method of subsistence, it would by no means follow that they would thereby be deprived either of employment or subsistence

    25. It was not about restoring honor, for he had died with plenty of that

    26. Some of the servants of the East India company, under pretence of restoring the public revenue to its proper value, have, in some provinces, exchanged this modus for a payment in kind

    27. And the Conservation Society, which was in the process of restoring the old castle and burial ground, from which the village had received its original Gaelic name, Reilig an Chaisleáin; The Castle of the Burial Ground – or in its Anglocized version, Cashelrelick

    28. Frank was chatting happily - nervously - to Jack about old buildings that the Restoration Committee were in the process of restoring

    29. Herbs work inwardly by restoring, strengthening and nourishing the whole body and therefore help create a naturally glossy coat and healthy skin

    30. butterflies or restoring Model A Fords are crashing bores, but if they are what fascinates a client, listen to their stories in a friendly way

    31. There is a huge difference between restoring someone‘s life and manufacturing an entirely new individual, if such is at all possible

    32. Merv had done a great job restoring their home to something that almost resembled what they had before disaster struck

    33. But also I was in open rebellion now, restoring life where he would have committed desecrations

    34. He saw the potential for graciousness in unlikely-looking items and was a master at restoring old wooden furniture

    35. Watermelon: Restoring of the soul; refreshened; fruitfulness

    36. saw restoring the sinister images of the terrible night that had

    37. “What’s the update for restoring

    38. ment and physical function, restoring func-

    39. therapy is centered on developing or restoring

    40. But reaches to God restoring man’s hope

    41. By restoring balance

    42. James has begun to enjoy working toward restoring the Church

    43. The reason for restoring him to power is that many of the Sylvan and Dark Dragons feel a strong personal loyalty and admiration for him, contrary to our expectations, and restoring him to power would help to ensure their loyalty to the Alliance

    44. It must have been the way the Lost One saved them, by restoring the words which had been taken, as when Annyeke had entered the library two day-cycles after the Lammas battle, she could sense its spirit already at work: colours flowed through the air, and the parchment and books pulsated with red and blue and gold

    45. 6 Therefore when they had come together they asked Him "Lord are You now restoring the kingdom to Israel?"

    46. Then there are the following attendant on these: helping widows looking after orphans and the needy rescuing the servants of God from necessities the being hospitable-for in hospitality good-doing finds a field-never opposing anyone the being quiet having fewer needs than all men reverencing the aged practising righteousness watching the brotherhood bearing insolence being long-suffering encouraging those who are sick in soul not casting those who have fallen into sin from the faith but turning them back and restoring them to peace of mind admonishing sinners not oppressing debtors and the needy and if there are any other actions like these

    47. During the day, she and Harry were supposedly restoring the server networks at GN but in reality they were downloading data for Cristal to decode

    48. blessing can heal relationships, restoring unity in the Body of

    49. restoring to the church since the time of the Reformation

    50. received from God the special power of restoring

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    regenerate rejuvenate restore bushel doctor fix furbish up mend repair touch on restitute reestablish reinstate reconstruct replace give back put re-establish revive renew recall reproduce reclaim renovate recover