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Pause in a sentence

I pause on the edge.
I pause for a moment.
There is a long pause.
There was a long pause.
So that, you can pause.
But it gives me pause.
There was a pause again.

A pause in the laughter.
There was a brief pause.
A pause by the wayside.
There was a short pause.
It was a time of pause.
Then there was a pause.
There was a tense pause.
There is a brief pause.
There was barely a pause.
But Conan did not pause.
After a long pause, he.
There was a slight pause.
After a pause, he stood.
There was a pause, and.
There was a little pause.
This gives him pause too.
A long pause on the line.
A short pause in the room.
That gave the woman pause.
It was only a brief pause.
Pausing for a moment, I met Mr.
Pausing, he never shifted his gaze.
Once playing here, and pausing oft.
I guess, he said, before pausing.
Jesse, he said before pausing.
Pausing, a thought entered her mind.
After pausing briefly to caress and.
Gee Mom, he said, before pausing.
Pausing to let that sink in, he continued.
He reaches into his coat, his hand pausing.
After pausing for a moment he kissed me on.
Pausing, she pondered what was morally right.
Pausing briefly, Steve looked out the window.
Pausing, Mitchell utilized his natural acuity.
Pausing for a second to blow her nose, Nikki.
The mind springs into action without pausing.
Pausing, he took the sobbing girl by the hand.
Pausing to regain his composure, he continued.
Pausing and then accepting the limits of what.
The man grumbled, without pausing in his writing.
Garth, pausing from her work, and looking at Mr.
Pausing until the shape had negotiated its way.
Pausing before facing the others, he warned of.
Katie glanced up, the needle pausing in mid air.
Daniel Whitehouse, Paul said, before pausing.
Never pausing, they continued on, faster than ever.
Pausing in front a few feet from her, she came to.
Pausing momentarily, Phillip's thoughts began to stir.
Without pausing, inhale again and repeat the movement.
I listened intently pausing a little; I shook my head.
I stepped on over, carefully pausing before the somewhat.
Ah-h-h, Paul, he said, before deliberately pausing.
Can I come in? Noah whispered, pausing for a moment.
Am I the best or what? he announced without pausing.
Pausing several blocks away Evette let the children rest.
She gazed at me with that same bright eyed smile, pausing.
After pausing for a moment I added: under one condition.
To improve the ability to stand up and walk without pausing.
After pausing to reflect upon your action in thought - ask.
I paused for a second.
I paused for a minute.
All at once he paused.
The guy paused a beat.
He paused for eff ect.
He paused to shudder.
He paused in mid-turn.
Heymon paused a while.
At the door he paused.
All at once she paused.
He paused at her pod.
She paused and smiled.
But I paused and said.
He paused for a moment.
She paused for thought.
She paused in thought.
Eke paused and listened.
He paused awhile adding.
Claire paused the movie.
He paused and looked up.
She paused another beat.
She paused to listen:.
The woman paused a beat.
At the door she paused.
For a moment she paused.
He paused for a short.
She paused, looked away.
She paused for a second.
Iago paused for a moment.
He paused a little while.
They paused at the door.
Then I paused, frowning.
Boothby paused only to.
Ralph paused for a while.
They paused in mid-chew.
He paused ceremoniously.
Kitara turned and paused.
Dale paused for a moment.
Then he paused to judge.
She paused, panting,.
He pauses for a beat.
He pauses there a moment.
He pauses for a few seconds.
He pauses for several seconds.
Patrice pauses in her sorting.
He pauses and the murmur fades.
And pauses oft to serve out bread.
Daniel pauses to collect himself.
Ana, she pauses staring at me.
He pauses again, and then continues.
Gripping the door handle, he pauses.
He pauses before hitting the lobby.
Add pauses to the rhythm like on a.
I am going when this storm pauses.
She pauses and bounces on your chest.
The king pauses and scratches his chin.
He pauses and drinks a bottle of water.
Grandpa pauses as if to try to remember.
Chelsea pauses, then replies, K, sis.
He pauses for a second before going on.
The man pauses, looking over at Berndt.
He looks me in the eye then and pauses.
He pauses and shoots a jab at his face.
He pauses, but Simon still says nothing.
He pauses to stroke your exposed temple.
Willie pauses the bike and extends his.
Leave out pauses longer than ten seconds.
She pauses midstep on her way out the door.
It was the absence of pauses that beat her.
She pauses; mouth open as she frowns at me.
More long silences; more significant pauses.
Enrico did another of his deliberate pauses.
He pauses a moment to look out over the sea.
But Worc hears them both and pauses to scowl.
Good girl, he pauses as he stares at me.
While leaving, Brink pauses alone on the porch.
Information on snoring suggests that pauses in.
He stops and nervously pauses for a few seconds.
There have been periodic pauses, too, to bicker.
Max pauses to give him a look of utter disbelief.

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