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Phantom en una oración (en ingles)

1. He was like a phantom.
2. We have many phantom patients.
3. With puffs of phantom visions.
4. The phantom board pocketed his.
5. The phantom appeared not to notice.
6. These phantom flames are the orphaned.
7. This phantom caused the old world to.

8. That phantom was lying in wait for him.
9. This is what is called a phantom circuit.
10. That lady in The Phantom of the Opera did.
11. The figure was merely a shadow, a phantom.
12. Faith? A phantom of something floated.
13. Maybe he had got rid of some phantom stones.
14. It is a falcon, said the phantom voice.
15. The plan they drew up was called Phantom Fury.
16. The two parallel account of this says phantom.
17. Yeah, got you! You impudent phantom, look at me!.
18. It was thus that the phantom which had been called M.
19. The caped phantom had already disappeared into the.
20. I went to see Phantom of the Opera with a wonderful.
21. It is translated "a phantom" by Marshall and in the.
22. A cool wind blew a phantom of curtain out on the air.
23. It is translated "a phantom" by Marshall, and in the.
24. The plan they drew up was called Phantom Fury.
25. Four F-4 Phantom bombers flying overhead interrupted him.
26. It’s like I’m chasing a phantom, CoolWater said.
27. There's no phantom here, but only us two and one other.
28. Right where Mark had secured it on the night of the phantom.
29. And just who was this phantom witness, asked the Chief.
30. Carey released his phantom phallus and gave me a knowing smile.
31. Brent Venturi and the Phantom Squad will go in search for what.
32. The skin of Mercer’s forearm tingled, a phantom sting where C.
33. Federalism is a real thing—not a spectre, a shadow, a phantom.
34. The phantom that my mind pursued, was another and more real child.
35. She felt another of her phantom pain that gave her a small migraine.
36. Were those nightclouds there all the time? Looks like a phantom ship.
37. It is translated "a phantom" by Marshall and in the "Christian Bible.
38. They moved like phantom riders through an enchanted realm of shadows.
39. Desert and observing consciousness both ore prerequisite of a phantom.
40. She seemed to him extraordinarily beautiful and majestic as a phantom.
41. It is translated "a phantom" by Marshall, and in the "Christian Bible.
42. Joey rubbed his fist where he felt phantom pains from Podge’s spikes.
43. Adventure by itself is but a phantom, a dubious shape without a heart.
44. She had covered her tracks – it was like chasing a shadow, a phantom.
45. As I was saying about this phantom circuit, it is used a good deal now.
46. He was able to dig up some strange stories associated with the phantom.
47. Death is about to return to the tomb, the phantom to retire in darkness.
48. The two parallel account of this says phantom (Matthew 14:26; Mark 6:49).
49. The two parallel account of this says phantom [Matthew 14:26; Mark 6:49].
50. He touched the memory of her face with his fingertips, a phantom in the.
51. Was she really in my dream last night? Or was that only a phantom?
52. Maybe if I could see the guards, I could hone in on those phantom whispers.
53. The words were still in her ears when he left her, floating like a phantom.
54. She rubs at her nose, still startled by the phantom pain that shoots through her.
55. Christ said to them that He was not a spirit, not a phantom or ghost that has no.
56. When she reached the front of the stage the gorgeous blonde phantom took a long bow.
57. She spread out the phantom of a fan, shaped and painted as a tuft of its tinted bloom.
58. There can be no phantom (mirage) - neither without desert nor without the watching eye.
59. It is a mere phantom of the imagination, invisible, intangible, and, of course, innocent.
60. When the workstation booted, it transmitted what was known as a phantom voltage to the MAU.
61. Phantom fish darted through the mist like fair-weathered faeries, in and out, here and gone.
62. She tries to imagine him hunched somewhere, his fingers twisting the dials of a phantom radio.
63. Did I expect to see the phantom outlines of a pair of pants way up there on the highest branch?
64. And I saw her face, her eyes in my mind, touching me once, and I woke and shook away the phantom.
65. It was always the same story: unknown assailant, phantom fingerprint, and very high-grade weaponry.
66. When I popped into my room, Roy was fast asleep with his arms around the phantom I had sent before.
67. The phantom disease he envisioned suddenly represented a lucid reality of what could potentially be.
68. What wrong have I done them? Why should I go to them? What should I say to them? That's only a phantom.
69. Don’t do it! he shouts, and he lunges forward, toward whatever phantom the serum is showing him.
70. From the distance, they appeared as a phantom, black and marauding, thundering over hill and across valley.
71. I am a sort of phantom in life who has lost all beginning and end, and who has even forgotten his own name.
72. The Phantom playing the organ has his mask yanked off and jumps thirty feet tall to kill you with one stare.
73. The almost violent serenity of the funereal moment had disappeared; the phantom of social justice tormented him.
74. He also decided that it would be better to deal with the matter of his friend’s phantom offspring face to face.
75. He reached out with his left arm for one of the hands and watched as his hand went through the phantom Ishan's hand.
76. In Block G, four older boys were tormenting a thirteen-year-old named Daniel by taking turns inflicting phantom pain.
77. This moving phantom was there to protect the areas of space; it ate all the waste and everything floating into space.
78. Through this aperture there penetrated just enough light to make the face of a man appear like the face of a phantom.
79. The terrible phantom had turned into something so small, so comic; it had been carried into the bedroom and locked in.
80. The horror of the fiery phantom was overshadowed by the horror of those limp, violated bodies beside the burning ox-wain.
81. You will murder me! I screamed at him, and would have rushed him save he was insubstantial, more phantom than physical.
82. If I’d run straight I would never have made it, but instead I ducked left and right, as if I was evading phantom linebackers.
83. The next evening Pops met me at 7:30 PM at the pier, with his 53-year old Rolls Royce Phantom and a big smile on his elongated face.
84. Juvenal Urbino, who was just the opposite, she felt herself tormented by the phantom of guilt: the only emotion she could not bear.
85. From that day on men have made the sign of the fish every time they have seen me and I have been shunned as much a phantom might be.
86. And connecting it suddenly and helplessly with the love I'd felt when I'd kissed Patsy's phantom at the edge of the swamp: pure love.
87. Phantom voltage did not carry data; it just informed the MAU of the presence of the workstation, causing the MAU to add it to the ring.
88. But as it grew larger and brighter, she became aware that there was an evil phantom in her life who did not give her a moment’s peace.
89. The phantom saw itself with the guise it had in the former life, and so perceived the miseries of his past, which led to his iniquities.
90. However, when she thought he was completely erased from her memory, he reappeared where she least expected him, a phantom of her nostalgia.
91. It had happened to him sometimes, and he had learned to live with the phantom: each time he had to learn again, as if it were the first time.
92. It must have been delirium; she fancies, too, that she saw a phantom enter her chamber and even heard the noise it made on touching her glass.
93. After about ten minutes, she finally lunged for me, thinking I was her phantom boyfriend, and I had to jack into the craziness inside her head.
94. Don Quixote in his trepidation began saying, I conjure thee, phantom, or whatever thou art, tell me what thou art and what thou wouldst with me.
95. The side-door opens, and the phantom appears dressed entirely in white, with a lighted lantern in lieu of a head, and with a scythe in its hand.
96. Nearby, the masks, skulls, jackstraw legbones, floating ribs, skull faces of the Phantom had been uprooted and hurled across the stage in frenzies.
97. Of course, phantom nuclear technology in rebel hands was dangerous, so America had no choice but to invade an unstable country and restore democracy.
98. Then, over cold takeout, she was forced to listen to him seethe some more about the kilos of black powder, the phantom Ranger hustling toward Flushing.
99. Conan strode like a silent phantom through the great halls, with a sensation of being stared at from the shadowed recesses by invisible ghosts of the past.
100. He picked up and handed me my diplomas for all the years of my young life running up and down popcorn aisles in the dark with the Phantom and the Hunchback.

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