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Phantom in una frase (in inglese)

He was like a phantom.
We have many phantom patients.
With puffs of phantom visions.
The phantom board pocketed his.
The phantom appeared not to notice.
These phantom flames are the orphaned.
This phantom caused the old world to.

That phantom was lying in wait for him.
This is what is called a phantom circuit.
That lady in The Phantom of the Opera did.
The figure was merely a shadow, a phantom.
Faith? A phantom of something floated.
Maybe he had got rid of some phantom stones.
It is a falcon, said the phantom voice.
The plan they drew up was called Phantom Fury.
The two parallel account of this says phantom.
Yeah, got you! You impudent phantom, look at me!.
The caped phantom had already disappeared into the.
I went to see Phantom of the Opera with a wonderful.
It was thus that the phantom which had been called M.
It is translated "a phantom" by Marshall and in the.
A cool wind blew a phantom of curtain out on the air.
It is translated "a phantom" by Marshall, and in the.
The plan they drew up was called Phantom Fury.
Four F-4 Phantom bombers flying overhead interrupted him.
There's no phantom here, but only us two and one other.
It’s like I’m chasing a phantom, CoolWater said.
Right where Mark had secured it on the night of the phantom.
And just who was this phantom witness, asked the Chief.
Carey released his phantom phallus and gave me a knowing smile.
Brent Venturi and the Phantom Squad will go in search for what.
The skin of Mercer’s forearm tingled, a phantom sting where C.
Federalism is a real thing—not a spectre, a shadow, a phantom.
The phantom that my mind pursued, was another and more real child.
She felt another of her phantom pain that gave her a small migraine.
They moved like phantom riders through an enchanted realm of shadows.
It is translated "a phantom" by Marshall and in the "Christian Bible.
Were those nightclouds there all the time? Looks like a phantom ship.
It is translated "a phantom" by Marshall, and in the "Christian Bible.
Adventure by itself is but a phantom, a dubious shape without a heart.

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