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Pluck в предложении (на )

Pluck out its eye to.
Hester did not pluck them off.
I have a crow to pluck with you.
Pluck in the direction of the growth.
What is the best way to pluck hair?
If thine eye offend thee: pluck it out.
Listen, Suzie couldn't pluck your brows.

If your eye causes you to sin pluck it out.
I was determined to pluck the feathery killer.
It is the spirit you pluck them in that matters.
Sutikshna used to pluck the fruits by throwing.
He will pluck it from the ashes like a warm egg.
And if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out.
That's sure of death without it, at once pluck out.
Pluck thence the power, the plan, the part to play.
Leopards pluck out the hairs of their prey before eating.
And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out: it is better.
With each pluck of the buttons, her body quivered with anxiety.
Miss Bingham’s pluck and recklessness were alone in evidence.
Orion held the Harp of Souls to pluck the three strings again.
The trick was to pluck the joint away just before it burned him.
He went to hop forward, to pluck the eyes out of Sadie’s face.
Tom begged her to pluck up hope again, and she said she could not.
Then make them pluck the chicken they killed with their bare hands.
Stick with me, as I pluck away at the warp and woof of that insight.
Don't be uneasy; they won't turn traitor, they won't have the pluck.
He tried to pluck at them with his teeth, but found that even harder.
But one of the monsters had managed to pluck a few hairs from my tail.
It took about a week for me to pluck up the courage to steal the teaspoon.
Mosque at Mecca: it is here that one must not pluck a blade of grass, nor.
If there were a hidden meaning in it, I was confident that I could pluck it forth.
Fingers reach up to pluck long, green leaves and the juice of them melts over his palm.
After that came an exercise in which I had to lean back whilst pretending to pluck the.
Maybe, if she made Andrina complacent, she could pluck the phone from her pocket and run.
IN a recent conversation, I was telling a woman to pluck up courage and to reach out for.
If she showed an interest perhaps he would pluck up enough courage to give her the gifts.
My Innards gap’d; a practis’d Hand reach’d in to pluck a Child from my very Bowels.
Black or white, they judged a Man solely by his Learning, his fighting Ability, his Pluck.
A chicken with all the pluck and verve of your typical barnyard fowl, though smarter 183.
The British Weekly says: 'A clever story of pluck and manliness on the part of a little boy.
Like it had hit on a plucking rock.
He felt the plucking at the strange chord.
It could be plucking a leaf off of a tree.
Hands pulling, pushing, plucking, slapping.
But now instead of plucking a little note in.
Alexey Alexandrovitch sighed, plucking up his courage.
Mae then picked up the tweezers and began plucking away.
Each tone came like a plucking of one single harp thread.
Granted, some trees have gatherings around them, plucking.
The Professor’s eyes open and he stopped his damn plucking.
The soft plucking of the guitar notes blended beautiful with.
The Empire of Lycania is a ripe peach, ready for the plucking.
Richard is plucking the knots from his hair and dropping them.
His long fingers were frozen in the act of plucking the strings.
Hmm, she mused, plucking the creature from its resting place.
I'm sure, he said, reaching up and playfully plucking the wig.
This will allow a far more consistent effect than plucking it by hand.
His last memo was of Boromir leaning against a tree, plucking out an.
Plucking is easiest straight after killing while the bird is still warm.
She contented herself with plucking Jean Valjean by the skirt of his coat.
Plucking a crumpled newspaper from inside he folded and laid it in his bag.
I think the constant drone of it will be less irritating than plucking it was.
He was plucking at his sleeve and his eyes were flickering as they scanned Fred.
He tuned the banjo carefully, fiddling with knobs and plucking at steel strings.
She saw them climbing and plucking among the trees, and her pretty mouth watered.
Caesar examined the heavy bird, grasped a fistful of feathers and started plucking.
He did a few circuits of the cage, plucking up the courage to pull the cover from it.
Her dear dead mother plucking at the neckline of her cosmic sweater and turning away.
Another routine is to flush the fowl in cold water after plucking to cool the bodies.
He was plucking the petals from the flowers and letting them float down onto the fresh dirt.
When they pluck a petal from a flower they perceive that plucking as an absolute separation.
Sorry, but we need your ribbon back, a blushing judge murmured, plucking at his white coat.
He took an immense amount of snuff, and had a particularly graceful manner of plucking at his lace.
While they were plucking the ripest cherry, they let their house-soldiers harvest from the village below.
Entire days would see her seated in the dirt, plucking rocks from the ground to toss into the brown river.
He draped a rosary over the cross then unfurled a painting of an angel plucking souls from the gates of hell.
Do you have any recommendations this week? he asked, plucking a pad and pencil out of a bulging briefcase.
In the meantime the wind had become stronger and whipped through the tree, shaking branches and plucking leaves.
This was the end of the road, quivering old age, sickness, hungry mouths, helpless hands plucking at her skirts.
Look at this stupid plucking family! They were holding their breaths, begging for the scraps of his attention!.
He plucked one of the.
Lachey plucked at his sleeve.
Simon plucked up his courage.
I plucked up the courage to.
He plucked them off with ease.
I have plucked from the many.
He was overjoyed when he plucked.
The old man plucked at his sleeves.
I plucked weeds and removed snails.
Mitch plucked his wallet from his hip.
So I plucked some and I made a wreath.
I plucked one and tossed it in my mouth.
He stretched his neck and plucked with.
Birds are plucked but not usually skinned.
Hades plucked at his beard, deep in thought.
She plucked it from the tree and dropped it.
Any of us, plucked out of the eight million.
He frantically plucked at the leads and hoses.
Bors plucked off his hat and gave a formal bow.
Father plucked the shafts and hurled them back.
She reached over and plucked at Frank's sleeve.
Techotl's groping fingers plucked at Conan's arm.
She had plucked her brows to thin antenna lines.
The police officer runs a business and I plucked.
This snowy-haired dreamer plucked out of the soot.
He plucked one of the roses from a nearby replica.
Does a flower cry when it is plucked? I do not know.
He plucked the bread from the trey and tore off a.
He bent and deftly plucked it from its escape route.
She plucked their ties from nowhere, tossed them back.
Once he saw it was empty, he plucked it up and smiled.
At the first opportunity he plucked it off, unnoticed.
Somehow, though, she has never plucked up the courage.
They plucked the flowers and put them in their pockets.
But I've never really plucked up the courage to do this.
And I have plucked them from the midst of their brethren.
I plucked the strings and the sound it made was angelic.
He reached into his shirt pocket and plucked out several.
This leaves the skin cold and bumpy, like a plucked turkey.
Lezura plucked him out of the air with a round to the head.
Plucks off my beard, and blows it in my face?
He finds them, and Volkheimer plucks them out.
Fixer plucks a dandelion as an example but his words.
The vendor plucks it up and holds it out to her excitedly.
She plucks some loose pages from a file and drops them on the table.
He plucks another shrimp from the plate on his desk, One more bite.
From his shoulders, chest, and hair, he plucks hot pieces of stone and wood.
Franny stands beside Werner and plucks his wrist off the crate he is about to open.
He greedily plucks and devours the white Gods’ Eye bloom, then another, then another.
Glacia plucks up the rest of my berries and uses them as eyes for her pancake smiley face.
Sergei plucks these metals as well as gold and silver from ocean depths of over 4000 meters.
Cissy Caffrey bent over to him to tease his fat little plucks and the dainty dimple in his chin.
I mean what kind of straight bloke plucks his eyebrows and spends £70 on a hair cut? Tracey giggled.
Sometimes he tears out its feathers before slaughtering it, or even plucks out its head by hand without using knife.
An infected young budgie cannot properly digest her food; even though she feeds heavily, she loses weight, plucks herself, screams, and is obviously uncomfortable.
Oh, he is spontaneous, he is a marvelous mingling of good and evil, he is a lover of culture and Schiller, yet he brawls in taverns and plucks out the beards of his boon companions.
With Him it is 'the Devil’ who plucks away the good seed sown in man’s heart;—the 'enemy who sows tares’ among the wheat to ruin the crop is the Devil;—falsehood is traced by him tip to no abstract origin of evil, but to its fountain in the Devil; 'for he is a liar and the father of it.
There, too, I admired, though I did not gather, the cranberries, small waxen gems, pendants of the meadow grass, pearly and red, which the farmer plucks with an ugly rake, leaving the smooth meadow in a snarl, heedlessly measuring them by the bushel and the dollar only, and sells the spoils of the meads to Boston and New York; destined to be jammed, to satisfy the tastes of lovers of Nature there.
And as he watches attentively, one of the heavenly being plucks a fruit from the nearest tree,.

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