Oraciones con la palabra "passing"

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Passing en una oración (en ingles)

We said hi in passing.
Nor shall I be passing.
Passing out would be a.
A ship was passing 207.
The days are passing by.
We all mourn her passing.

It was a good passing.
A world is passing away.
He was passing behind her.
More than a passing fancy.
I am just passing through.
The girl was passing near.
He spoke to me in passing.
The years are passing me by.
But he did risk passing out.
Passing the place where 76.
Time was passing too quickly.
I watched the people passing.
Passing out he whispered to J.
With each passing second, I.
Hendersen is passing them out.
For the passing of this gift.
Their passing came as a shock.
That had been a passing phase.
Passing bye in this cruel world.
And beckon to the passing sails.
The which he loved passing well.
For the passing of a child of.
Counsel by passing between them.
They were passing the graveyard.
Passing only one will often do.
I would only see him in passing.
They crossed the yard, passing.
Forgive me a passing fantasy.
With this he spoke and passing.
He stared at the passing clouds.
Detecting him the passing horse.
An hour ago I was passing there.
Passing to the door, he knocked.
I passed it to her.
He must be passed out.
Harold passed it to me.
She passed him a note.
In 1991 he passed the.
He waved as he passed.
Otto passed him the box.
Maggie passed it to her.
And they that passed by.
So much time had passed.
Paul had passed out an.
The days passed on, and.
I must have passed out.
When his time had passed.
A minute had passed and.
We passed the living room.
He passed up the box to.
He assumed he had passed.
The word had been passed.
Twenty one days had passed.
Then we passed another one.
Her use to him has passed.
And not all had passed on.
Not a word passed his lips.
He passed over the shotgun.
As she passed the doorway.
No word passed between them.
Two out of three have passed.
As they passed through the.
She passed away a year ago.
Grey passed Darkburst a worm.
As Junya passed the second.
He passed the drawer to Ben.
We passed the volleyball pit.
The week passed way too fast.
My grandfather Bil passed on.
The four hours passed slowly.
A large black van passed by.
I walked passed the fountain.
December 30, John passed away.
She passes out on me.
She passes me the books.
Alex passes it to Billy.
Time passes in slow motion.
A beat passes as they walk.
Life passes in the weather.
On his way back, TK passes.
Chapter 32: The Five Passes.
The memory makes time passes.
He passes me the flask of ale.
Your face passes through air.
Passes the torrent But alack!.
The sperm passes through the.
Then he passes the phone to me.
The water passes over our gills.
If he passes, then he will be.
He passes another photo to John.
Add new thoughts as time passes.
Again, she smiles as she passes.
And the breeze that passes o'er;.
Augustin passes into a wild yell.
He passes his hand over his eyes.
Looks over at Sally as she passes.
He passes the water bottle to John.
She passes them out as she listens.
Someone else passes out paintballs.
God passes on to the following act.
Thus the time passes and meanwhile.
The helicopter passes over the scene.
He passes for a very charitable man.
Wherever she passes holyday is kept.
He then passes a steaming mug to me.
John drinks, passes the bottle back.
I had provided all five passes from.
The UFO passes the moon very quickly.
He passes the monster trying to get up.
Risk is not diminished as time passes.
An hour passes and the doctor returns.
Soon it passes away, leaving no trace.
But then as time passes, things change.

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Pass that on for me.
A few minutes pass by.
Try to feel time pass.
I pass Joris en route.
This one was the Pass.
Mia seemed to pass out.
And so it came to pass.
Helps me pass the time.
He let it pass for now.
I will pass the word.
Happy to pass the buck.
You will pass this way.
I couldn't pass that up.
As they pass on through.
None could ever pass it.
Henry wanted to pass out.
Sophie seemed to pass out.
Once you pass the barrier.
Happily I did pass matric.
We need the pass code.
He has to pass through me.
The worst had come to pass.
He allowed me to pass him.
He could pass on in peace.
This is how gods pass on.
He could never pass up a.
It will pass in a moment.
Radar will pass through it.
You told me your pass code.
Did she pass this way?
It helped to pass the time.
No more shall pass through.
She is, but it will pass.
Even this shall pass away.
You can pass Atwater Metro.
I will pass the word, sir.
So the red rose came to pass.
Or will I have to pass away.
As the days and nights pass.
I hope they pass the test.