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    1. Tom could feel the first impact and then hear a sharp snap as he hit the ground a second time

    2. ‘Go to work, you cheeky monkey!’ I laughed as he shuts the briefcase with a final snap

    3. Someone gives it a rough shove and the door hinges snap

    4. "Using the AmpliMagineer user interface paradigm, you just create this location translation pane here," she drew the boundaries of the magic carpet on an image of her home's foyer, "bundle it with this location," she outlined the magic carpet as it sat there over the beach, "and snap it into this site's continuous instance list here

    5. He SHOUTS, his sleeping comrade jumps up, straightens his uniform and the pair snap to attention just as the convoy arrives, its fluttering Arababian flags indicating a royal motorcade

    6. still not aware that the snap would come,

    7. catch upon the candle flame and snap

    8. to dry and wait for the dragon snap of winter fires

    9. ' On the table was a snap of Pantelis with me sitting next to him on the fence in front of their cottage in Cornwall

    10. I am ratty in the morning – time of the month and all that - I snap at Alastair over nothing and by the time I leave the house – he has to move his car so I can go – I am biting my tongue so that I don’t say something I shall regret in temper

    11. One of my girls makes a mistake in an important document during the afternoon and I snap her head off publicly … this is not normal for me, and I can see that people are commenting which makes it all worse than ever

    12. Pictures of the various plants she had seen in the book drifted past her mind’s eyes like a game of snap as she matched the illustrations with some of the plants she had passed on her way to the cove

    13. She looks for help again, looks for the boys, but Jim and Darren have cut and run, making a snap decision that no bit of skirt is worth this much shit

    14. his arm would snap in two

    15. The gesture seemed to snap her back to reality

    16. "Come in!" She demanded, fastening the snap at the top of her faded jeans

    17. With a quick snap she snipped off it’s head

    18. If he could find that stairway, could he find the door he knew at the bottom? Where did that stairway go below? Down into solid rock? Or would the flight snap off and hurtle down thirty feet into an abandoned cesspool? First he had to find the stairway

    19. Smoke filled the arena and I could hear what remained of the roof start to snap and

    20. A cold snap (-40 0C), before winter began, fractured one of the cylinders in the radial engine

    21. It wasn't until her step dad said something to her that she was able to snap out of it

    22. In her anger she grabbed Rapunzel's beautiful hair, wrapped them twice round her left hand, seized a pair of scissors with the right, and snip, snap, they were cut off, and the lovely braids lay on the ground

    23. I heard the sharp snap of a twisted key

    24. The snap of the bone in his leg

    25. Even the thick rings of dwarven blue-steel seemed ready to snap as they kept the rigging air-bound

    26. Alec had watched several soldiers crawl up the thing already, and every time they neared the center the entire bridge bulged downward, flexing till he swore it would surely snap

    27. "You could snap your fingers and have the shears do it for you, or perhaps make some tea and cakes whilst we cope with the trimming

    28. It was one of the few things that could snap Edrimer out of his sarcastic attitude

    29. A crack of a rod on bone, the snap and sizzle of plasma goads into flesh and the near constant cries of pain sprang from one part of the room then another as if part of some grotesque concert of agony and torture

    30. Another sharp metallic snap, and a second, then a third wall was summoned

    31. I was tensed and ready to defend myself, but aside from the snap, the freak was still

    32. The nights haven’t gotten below freezing yet but that doesn’t mean another cold snap isn’t on the way

    33. series of individual snap shots strung together to

    34. there was a snap shot of universe that was different, but

    35. frames in the sequence of snap shots for you to actually

    36. Rain and a cold snap would be moving through which Martin thought might slow Sloan down

    37. Come on, you can snap out of this

    38. She heard Kurt yell from inside the house, “We would need a wire cutter or crowbar - something to snap the locks

    39. After all when you had been through what I had been through at my age things just tended to snap and that was just what had happened here

    40. “He raped you the little bastard I will kill him I will snap his fucking dirty little neck”, and I stood up ready to make good my promise

    41. Closing the front snap between her breasts she was ready to see Dillon and find out this solution they had in mind

    42. This time a low kick connected with Raven’s shin, the bone threatening to snap under the strain

    43. His scalp screamed in pain, and he thought his neck might snap with the force

    44. How would it happen? Would he strangle him? Snap his neck? Pummel his head as his sister had done to Carter? Whatever happened, Raven wanted it to happen now, because the waiting was more torturous

    45. Saw the Corner back off Oliva, changed the play, took the snap and fired it out to him for 14

    46. Reilly caught them offside with a quick snap when New England tried to change personnel

    47. I reached for my flak and flung it loosely around my body, not bothering to Velcro it together, and not caring to snap the chin strap on my helmet, as dust from 3 more explosions shimmered through the streaks of sunlight that darted across the room from small holes or cracks in the upper portion of the concrete block wall, near the ceiling

    48. Fysto was fairly certain that if he didn’t regain control of the rudder within the next five minutes, the ship’s mast would snap and it would sink not long after

    49. “Range 2500 yards!” The breech block was closed with a snap, the trail of No

    50. A stricken expression twisted his face as he looked back and forth from bird to man, as if he feared Sicarius would snap Isabel’s neck

    1. Herndon had looked almost bored till then but snapped to attention with that revelation

    2. "He can't be told," Herndon almost snapped

    3. She snapped herself out of this, took her eyes from Sol in the sky and paid some attention to the substitute for coffee we have here

    4. He didn't say a thing, just kept tossing sticks he snapped off into the fire

    5. His jaw clenched as he snapped a branch off a dead quibreak limb

    6. He snapped it into pieces without taking his eyes off the fire

    7. twisted and buckled and then snapped back into place

    8. snapped at each other, only to remember again who they were at night, when they

    9. Johnny’s eyes snapped open

    10. Twigs snapped under his heel and the black mulch of

    11. Nothing caught his eye as being suitable, but there was a sign, faded and hanging at an angle because one of the cable ties holding it to a chain link fence had snapped

    12. He snapped over 1,000 photos of these complex coiffures, from subjects he found on the streets, in offices, and at wedding celebrations

    13. Luray was still pulling at Alan, and they both snapped back when the tentacle let go as soon as the knife bit deep

    14. Immediately Alan and Luray both had to jump to snatch Desa from the water just as another tentacle snapped like a whip in front of her face, missing a purchase on her throat by inches

    15. The platinum blonde at centre stage winked at them both and snapped her fingers

    16. The blonde snapped her fingers again and the cage disappeared in a puff of magician's smoke, allowing the two lovers to embrace for the very first time

    17. The lights snapped off and there was another crack of thunder

    18. 'Thank you', she snapped and slammed the door firmly behind them

    19. This time Terry had no trouble locating the bubble gum card, the tee shirt and the video, and he snapped out of his vacant trance with a sense of welcome relief

    20. For the first half mile we trudged in sombre mood, the others too scared to speak in case I snapped again

    21. and hips cracked and snapped

    22. The old soldier snapped his fingers once

    23. He snapped his fingers a second time

    24. snapped his fingers a third time and leered at the girl

    25. But he, like the others before him, snapped out of it

    26. The what-ifs made me hesitant, but I snapped myself out of it and made a dive to

    27. "That's none of your business”, the old woman snapped

    28. satisfactorily modified at your will then you have snapped in it’s polarity

    29. tee shirt and the video, and he snapped out of his vacant trance with

    30. She couldn’t raise him and immediately snapped into a diagnostic because she knew the captain always kept his phone on him

    31. “Why are you doing this to me?” She snapped on me and then laughed and turned on the tears again

    32. A twig snapped at his feet and the deer's head shot up immediately

    33. ‘What does all this have to do with Jenna?’ snapped

    34. Stubbins opened her mouth as if to rebut Mandy's observations, but being without any other ammunition than her own myopic prejudice, ignorance, and baseless claims to superiority, snapped her jaw tight, turned on her heel and waddled back to her store, wagging her head as if in heated abuse of some mutton-headed underling

    35. There was a crack as Maziel’s neck snapped

    36. Sam Peterman snapped his pencil in frustration and

    37. The man snapped his head back in surprise noticing the beer in front of

    38. Brasham’s attention snapped back to the here-and-now

    39. head was snapped to the left by a smack from Heather

    40. The moment was short-lived as a peal of thunder deafened us, and our thoughts snapped back to the plight of our missing family

    41. of my foot press the board below to the point just before it snapped

    42. Roman met him with an upper cut that snapped Johnny’s head

    43. The arm snapped like a dead limb on a

    44. Roman turned from the window, as if a hypnotist snapped his fingers and

    45. The pin snapped off automatically in those days

    46. Heather was snapped back into real time by a fully-clothed Roman standing

    47. She led them up stairs to the cushion and he snapped back the lid and passed the cup

    48. " He snapped moving from beneath her touch as if it were a hot poker

    49. snapped in the fireplace

    50. The words snapped at more than her temper, it was a personal insult

    1. "How many water skins remain?" he asked, snapping her back from her reverie

    2. Bolt pushes along the fence row, snapping pictures as he walks of rocks, an acacia tree covered with windblown plastic bags, his shoe, a pile of garbage rotting in the sun, a dead sheep rotting in the sun

    3. ” He slips through the hole in the fence, snapping pictures as he walks

    4. Big bodies humphed and blumped in the darkness, snapping large twigs and stripping keltoid fronds with loud rips

    5. After snapping once, it began to pick up speed, chasing the thongas once again

    6. With the snapping of

    7. thrashing and snapping at the men surrounding her, when she

    8. ‘Don’t be such a fucking idiot!’ Ozzie said, snapping out of his former mood

    9. snapping at his heels

    10. hear the crackling and snapping of the skillet

    11. He just crushed the plant to pulp, ytith and all, getting them stuck in the sap and snapping them at leisure

    12. Snapping his hand to his mouth Jim attempted to control his laughter too, but Shelly never even tried

    13. upward, and snapping the man’s head backward into the second man in line

    14. The building crackled like the embers in a campfire, snapping and seeming

    15. Buttworst had his camera strung around his neck, snapping pictures

    16. Roman kicked him as hard as he could, snapping the monster’s leg between

    17. “Move it,” Heather ordered, snapping me out of my trance

    18. couldn’t see them, we could hear them, the dry leaves and twigs snapping under

    19. As one, every bird in the forest took to the air, snapping branches as they fled skyward

    20. Branches wafted toward him, although the air was still, snapping like breaking bones as they uncoiled to grasp at him, then withering away the moment they brushed his aura of white light

    21. Kendal’s fist landed squarely on Mila’s head, collapsing half her skull, snapping her neck and folding her head back behind her shoulders

    22. Over one another, snapping their chops—one with White spots around its eyes seemed an especially Close pal—another had blood dripping from its

    23. I insisted that Philemon stir his torpid bones into a trot before all three of that monster’s maws came snapping at our flesh

    24. She very cautiously edged nearer to it, dodging its snapping jaws and leaping to barely avoid its lashing tail

    25. The dark-haired Imperial watched the recruit run off, regretful for snapping at him and preoccupied with the latest developments

    26. Snapping the watch lid shut, he bandied a few insignificant pleasantries with a correspondingly inconsequential neighbour, and went inside; thence, pausing briefly to catch his breath before the ascent, he proceeded up the stairs to his apartments on the first floor

    27. The memories swirled and faded into the Sea of Ghosts with the snapping of the ocean breeze, the sounds thun-DRAFTChapter 19 523

    28. His snapping brown eyes disappeared in crinkles when his belly-laugh roared through the caravan

    29. “What the hell’s holding this shut?” yelled Chris, snapping for a second and then quickly regaining control of his temper

    30. Hans’s eyes popped open, his head snapping to attention, his eyes roving

    31. His snapping black eyes glowed

    32. ” he saluted sharply, standing to attention and snapping his heels together

    33. He became agitated with people more often, snapping at Guardians, Alit’aren, even Carl and Wil at times

    34. The soldier spun around and straight into a fatal right hook, the neck snapping cracked through the oppressed air

    35. Her neck twisted nearly to snapping, Amaranthe froze

    36. Snapping his fingers a ceiling fan spun into life, causing a warm downdraft just enough to make the air move once more

    37. In the fading light, he heard more sounds in the vicinity, leaves crumping, twigs snapping, and a scratch, and a snort, followed by a low, growling sound

    38. Cruzel’s face hardened and he gripped her neck harder, twisted his hand violently to the side, snapping her neck

    39. snapping, and there were Little Man and all his brothers and sisters,

    40. At once the ball of light collapsed, snapping out

    41. Snapping open his eyes he forced himself from his trance, gulping great breaths of air into his lungs

    42. The descent had been long and painful, the sharp rocks tearing unmercifully at their flesh, the snapping of bones heard even over the howls and screams torn from their throat

    43. Then snapping his fingers, he pointed a grubby digit at her

    44. Then snapping the gun upwards, he bounced pig-dad's head off the overhead locker with a dull thud

    45. Snapping awake, I blinked my eyes and the patterns on the bedroom wallpaper came into focus

    46. The car-wash rumbled into life and so too, for some unexplainable reason, did the car window, suddenly snapping shut again, trapping me half way out of the car

    47. “You’re a half-wit, Brubaker,” Nibbles told the trees around him, snapping open another can of pop

    48. He was pissing once, and his foot was six inches from quite a large snapping turtle, just laying in the long grass

    49. She tore the dripping mass free, in the process snapping an elastic painfully against her thumb

    50. ” Dorian’s voice got distant as he pulled the phone away from his ear and started snapping orders to his staff

    1. The back snaps open and a piece of paper falls out on the counter

    2. The lid of the box snaps open

    3. He snaps his fingers

    4. Bush snaps his fingers

    5. Bush snaps his fingers and the waves begin again, a gentle breeze blows

    6. He snaps his fingers authoritatively at two workers from the Subcontinent idling about nearby trying not to

    7. "No you don't", she snaps

    8. punctuating the statement with a few loud snaps of

    9. Then the world snaps back into a regular timeframe

    10. He snaps his head away from the view, changes gear, accelerates slowly and pulls into a small car park in the woods, the sort of place frequented by dog walkers in daylight and hurried lovers by night

    11. first several snaps of the thin leather, but when he saw the space between him and

    12. One night during a show in Maine, Snaps McDougal is spotted by a promoter who offers him a six month residency in Vegas

    13. Snaps agrees and he becomes a big hit

    14. Snaps McDougal is now a household name, and his celebrity does much to raise the profile of alligators everywhere

    15. While the weather was quite warm at the time of the disappearance, there were a couple of cold snaps before spring arrived

    16. She’s right when she says “I ate anchovies and wood glue on a Saltine cracker, and my morning sickness went away like that (snaps fingers)

    17. They thanked their hosts for the hospitality and said to call if there was anything they could do to help, before taking some happy snaps in front of Merv's prize winning roses on the way out

    18. “Are you saying that if you had known this before the Choosing Ceremony, you wouldn’t have chosen Dauntless?” Eric snaps

    19. She snaps her fingers in front of my face

    20. “Stop playing with her,” snaps Eric

    21. “Stop that,” he snaps

    22. It was windy and little snaps sounded from the pennants that had been put over the hills

    23. “I’m in this situation because you put me here,” he snaps

    24. “She is not my friend,” snaps Lynn

    25. Cara removes her glasses and snaps them in half at the bridge

    26. To my right, the zip line snaps, the wire cord whipping back and shattering the windows below me

    27. Even over the chatter of the people around us, I hear the gunfire when it starts, just snaps and claps in the microphones

    28. “That was a little condescending, but okay,” Jaden snaps

    29. with the witness snaps

    30. I wish political decisions on Earth could be solved this fast,” Jaden snaps

    31. The nudists and the humans that walk around on nude beaches would feel at home here, along with the other visiting aliens,” Jaden snaps, “but I would feel self conscious without any clothes on

    32. "Do you not know that this place is forbidden to the likes of you?" he snaps, while pointing one of the quartzlike objects at me

    33. "It has everything to do with the picodust!" she snaps back, as a crazed look sweeps over her

    34. “Interesting? How so?” Ralph snaps back, keen to take action now he considers he may actually have something useful to do

    35. A buzz of conversation accompanied whip snaps, mallet swings, and the whirring of ropes tied

    36. “Joshua,” he snaps his head toward me, his tone has also

    37. With a put off look she snaps “No!” She pauses for a moment with a look of I dare you

    38. She snaps back, “And you’re assuming I should care in return? Jonathan, just learn the business

    39. A startling buzz from the bunker intercom snaps you out of your calculations

    40. There are cases you know, where the mind simply snaps

    41. Mr Crocodile snaps arms round a monkey and takes the monkey away

    42. With loud metallic snaps, all four clamps popped open, releasing Dave from the metal chair

    43. Call me weak, call me a blubbering cow, but at that moment something snaps inside of me

    44. ” Sharon snaps in a worried voice

    45. ” she snaps; Suzy frowns and thinks of her cat and starts to cry

    46. Being the Eldest’s adopted sons is a far cry from being leaders of a manor, but it will help Saul and Ben cope with the transition, and keep the rest of the youngsters safe in case one of them snaps – on either side of the line

    47. After nearly an hour of disgruntled shouts and snaps at misses Joey made, things started to pick up as they usually did

    48. A moment later she heard a crashing sound, which sounded like metallic objects such as snaps and buckles hitting the rocks

    49. The deodar trees were bowing down, and the tall bamboo clumps were rubbing their branches with each other, and the flashing of lightening in the sky as taking the photo snaps while clicking again and again

    50. At night everyday I engrossed about you and opened my dairy to see your childhood snaps

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