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Snap in a sentence | snap example sentences

  1. It would be a snap.
  2. Now snap out of this.
  3. I snap back to reality.
  4. Snap the fuck out of it.
  5. All her clothes had snap.
  6. He had heard a twig snap.
  7. Snap off the master switch.
  8. Snap off the pipe at the.
  9. Oh, fuck you, I snap.
  10. No snap at all, he thought.
  11. Come on Bob snap out of it.
  12. I have to snap out of it!.
  13. Jason Smith, snap out of it.
  14. He felt his collar bone snap.
  15. He heard something snap again.
  16. It took her two weeks to snap.
  17. He shut his mouth with a snap.
  18. I didn’t mean to snap at you.
  19. It was about to make me snap!.
  20. I snap out of it pretty quickly.
  21. Hey! Hey! Snap out of it!.
  22. He didn’t mean to snap at her.
  23. The snap of the bone in his leg.
  24. Give us a snap vector to Da Nang.
  25. I snap my focus off my pad to him.
  26. Come on, you can snap out of this.
  27. Snap off tough ends of asparagus.
  28. He felt he could snap them in two.
  29. And now she seemed to snap in two.
  30. The snap was audible from the roof.
  31. He tried to snap himself out of it.
  32. He would snap out of it soon enough.
  33. I bet she could snap you in half.
  34. The snap is still there, but padded.
  35. Suddenly he seemed to snap out of it.
  36. Step 5: Use snap to screw the battery.
  37. Turns milk, makes fiddlestrings snap.
  38. When this happens, it will snap back.
  39. That snap crackle pop in the morning.
  40. Lewis waited for him to snap out of it.
  41. He’d snap at me to stand up straight.
  42. I heard the sharp snap of a twisted key.
  43. Wake up, come alive, snap the cords of.
  44. Once more I reached to snap shut her beak.
  45. Let the twigs snap and the leaves crunch.
  46. A snap poll was perhaps the best way out.
  47. Another fibre seemed to snap in his heart.
  48. That made Mavutu’s head snap in surprise.
  49. Just think about a snap of finger answers.
  50. And then there was a snap and a heavy thud.
  51. I’m an overstrained string that must snap.
  52. I snap, I don’t want to hate you for it.
  53. Silver snap buttons held his shirt together.
  54. AND THAT! SNAP, for finding the magnet.
  55. Or maybe the recent cold snap took them out.
  56. Snap ends off the peas and remove the strings.
  57. With a quick snap she snipped off it’s head.
  58. That has everything to do with it, I snap.
  59. What's going on here? she heard Kyle snap.
  60. The gesture seemed to snap her back to reality.
  61. You are afraid of a little old Blink Snap?
  62. With a snap of his wrist he pried the lid open.
  63. There was an explosive snap from somewhere above.
  64. Rhone heard his host snap the cold steel of the.
  65. On the twenty-fifth, another cold snap arrived.
  66. I don’t know why I was so worried it would snap.
  67. He heard something snap and froze like a picture.
  68. They can snap your finger off with one bite!.
  69. The crocodiles were gone in the snap of a finger.
  70. He pressed it against his leg to snap it in half.
  71. Yeah please snap out of it, Charlotte shouts.
  72. Pilar, she said, putting s snap to her voice.
  73. If anyone should snap her neck, it should be me.
  74. The cord of silence could never snap on the island.
  75. It was my picture, the snap from Niya’s cupboard.
  76. Nancy couldn’t help snap her head towards Mousavi.
  77. With each stroke I felt my bones snap back together.
  78. The fire went out of the ember with a dry, hard snap.
  79. We shouldn’t use snap judgments to find out that.
  80. He cannot expect that everything changes with a snap.
  81. Relatively short and had open sights for snap shots.
  82. She seemed to snap out of it and offered a weak grin.
  83. It was easier to snap back when she avoided his eyes.
  84. She did not hear the warning snap of a whip near her.
  85. With those words, and a final snap of his fingers, Mr.
  86. I told you Mutha Nature will try to snap the string.
  87. Really, it’s a snap since you have lived this stuff.
  88. A look that said he was waiting for him to snap again.
  89. Since this is your area of expertise, that’s a snap.
  90. Millie shouted, "Snap out of it, the hole is growing!".
  91. With a snap of his wrists, he shakes out the blanket.
  92. A snap shook through her as she realized he was serious.
  93. Someone gives it a rough shove and the door hinges snap.
  94. Did he snap a shot of me behind the tree, Wolf wondered.
  95. With a snap of his fingers the wine turned to Diet Coke.
  96. This guy was still formidable, but had less snap than a.
  97. Conibear traps snap shut on the trapped animal's spinal.
  98. It seemed as if her neck would snap if he shook her again.
  99. Even if I could, the pressure would snap my neck in half.
  100. Eilidh edged closer to Fionn and drew a snap from Kearney.
  1. Snapping at your officers is.
  2. I heard snapping of twigs ahead.
  3. I started by snapping pictures.
  4. His snapping black eyes glowed.
  5. Lightning had been snapping its way.
  6. Snapping my rubber band didn’t help.
  7. He clocked it deep, snapping to a Six.
  8. The snapping, crunching sound came again.
  9. Things snapping and opening and snapping.
  10. With the flags in place I begin snapping.
  11. Like that, I said, snapping my fingers.
  12. Wait, he said, snapping his fi ngers.
  13. I hoped I could handle it without snapping.
  14. It had to be the wind snapping a dry branch.
  15. She could hear branches snapping behind her.
  16. She had been snapping at everyone all morning.
  17. A snapping twig interrupted their conversation.
  18. He picked up the reins, snapping them lightly.
  19. Are any of them snapping turtles? I asked.
  20. The snapping of bone echoed throughout the room.
  21. It sounded like the snapping of twigs underfoot.
  22. The sound of it snapping echoed in Rykus’s ears.
  23. She could hear the lampposts snapping behind her.
  24. At once the ball of light collapsed, snapping out.
  25. I hear the snapping of wood as we careen through.
  26. I agree, Gary said, snapping on his seat belt.
  27. And Troy’s patience is stretched to snapping point.
  28. Sshh, Kifter hissed, snapping at the young man.
  29. Her neck twisted nearly to snapping, Amaranthe froze.
  30. The dragon roared and defended itself, snapping at.
  31. The animals were barking and snapping at each other.
  32. Snapping back again to form another black hole that.
  33. He could hear a snapping sound in the distance; his.
  34. The bonfire had been snapping for a while when Rhone.
  35. The sound of a twig snapping in the distance stops me.
  36. NO! Hunter barked, snapping back to the present.
  37. She handed me the plates, snapping me back to reality.
  38. Patterson by snapping to attention and saluting with.
  39. The cracking and crunching and snapping slowly receded.
  40. She was chewing gum and snapping it and popping it in.
  41. The crunching, snapping, twisting sound came all at once.
  42. Branches would be snapping and the whole area would be.
  43. Cam stopped their rocking, tension snapping into his body.
  44. She thought she heard snapping twigs and heavy footsteps.
  45. He patted it down and stood up, snapping his head around.
  46. But then he stepped on a fallen branch, snapping it with.
  47. The old miner held the snapping flame out in front of his.
  48. He tries snapping his fingers near one ear, then the other.
  49. He pounced on the first Angel he came to snapping it's neck.
  50. The dogs barked and one lunged forward, snapping menacingly.
  51. Move it, Heather ordered, snapping me out of my trance.
  52. Then snapping his fingers, he pointed a grubby digit at her.
  53. It ate at the wood under my feet, snapping it up, growing fat.
  54. The static lasted for a number of seconds, before snapping to.
  55. That was when Doug Wilson let out his anger, snapping at Conway.
  56. I heard his bones snapping as he hit the steps again and again.
  57. Not quite a family car, she said, snapping on her seatbelt.
  58. He was an empire builder and very adept at snapping his fingers.
  59. The pain and shock of this snapping action has been compared to.
  60. Kostya kept snapping at them, obviously annoyed with the drunks.
  61. Snapping back to reality, he smiled warmly at her; he could tell.
  62. Halfshaft duly obliged, snapping his fingers to conjure up a flame.
  63. Mike then popped out while I was snapping photos of the big event.
  64. There were audible snapping sounds as he broke Zac's arms, his jaw.
  65. Outside, she heard something, a step, and a twig snapping underfoot.
  66. Buttworst had his camera strung around his neck, snapping pictures.
  67. He stumbled and fell; the rope caught his neck, snapping it instantly.
  68. He took out a camera and started snapping shots of people in the crowd.
  69. The Fae tried to turn in his grip, snapping at the hand that held him.
  70. Snapping her hear towards Mendoza, Tina eyed him with contained anger.
  71. The blow stopped it only momentarily and it came snapping back at him.
  72. Lezura ducked and spun beneath its snapping jaws that rang in her ears.
  73. Major General, sirs! the escort said, snapping his heels together.
  74. Accenting every phrase with a snapping pull of his arm, Moshe growled.
  75. Let’s you and I take a seat, the Oogie said, snapping its fingers.
  76. His grin scared me even more, momentarily snapping me free of the rage.
  77. The will of the Watchers was broken with a suddenness like the snapping.
  78. He heard teeth snapping open and closed, a horrific clack, clack, clack.
  79. That’s as close as Van’s snapping diction might be rendered in print.
  80. Someone was ringing so loud that the bell-wire was in danger of snapping.
  81. I imagine so, Van Thorn agreed, snapping his fingers in the air to.
  82. He now came creeping back, his teeth chattering and his fingers snapping.
  83. The women and the men heard the roaring of the water and the snapping of.
  84. Delaney on him, with the Echo cameraman snapping it all up for posterity.
  85. The building crackled like the embers in a campfire, snapping and seeming.
  86. A few seconds later, there was another snapping sound, and Stub cried out.
  87. Suddenly her father was on the line, his voice snapping sharply in her ear.
  88. Snapping back to reality, Mitchell reconnected with the doctor for a moment.
  89. Hey, A-D-D boy, Ilona said, snapping her fingers in front of his face.
  90. Jacob pressed the poker under Blunt's chin, sending his head snapping back.
  91. Malorum, who continued to roll about, snapping at the attackers, until the.
  92. Boy! shouted the captain, snapping Nem’s attention back to the ship.
  93. Roman kicked him as hard as he could, snapping the monster’s leg between.
  94. Hans’s eyes popped open, his head snapping to attention, his eyes roving.
  95. His mouth opening in exasperation before snapping it shut again right away.
  96. He imagined it snapping with a report as of a pistol—a sharp, full crack.
  97. Loofah tried again, pecking out the letters on the snapping teeth: 'FIGURES'.
  98. What have you done? he said, jerking his arms and snapping the straps.
  99. Lex’s fist connected with her rib cage, snapping bone beneath his knuckles.
  100. Snapping awake, Hanor thought he heard something move, but what he could not.
  1. His head snapped to me.
  2. He snapped out a knife.
  3. He snapped out his Colt.
  4. Hans snapped his head up.
  5. He snapped his eyes open.
  6. He snapped it off again.
  7. The monster snapped at me.
  8. I"m a hero," Jon snapped.
  9. Sorry I snapped at you.
  10. A pistol shot snapped it.
  11. But this time, he snapped.
  12. Her eyes snapped back open.
  13. The rail rang and snapped.
  14. He snapped off the lights.
  15. And then my thread snapped.
  16. He snapped his fingers as.
  17. Alex snapped the menu shut.
  18. My sister's head snapped up.
  19. Ash’s gaze snapped to his.
  20. Shots snapped his head back.
  21. Yeah, I snapped back at him.
  22. Loken snapped the book shut.
  23. Then Sue snapped her legs.
  24. He snapped the lighter shut.
  25. The front door snapped shut.
  26. Yes he is! she snapped.
  27. The vine thinned and snapped.
  28. David snapped his head around.
  29. She almost snapped the words.
  30. She snapped, lowering her jaw.
  31. What is it? she snapped.
  32. The kid snapped off the link.
  33. I’m sorry I snapped at you.
  34. Is she here? he snapped.
  35. Something snapped in his eyes.
  36. Something snapped in me then.
  37. Something inside of me snapped.
  38. Ares snapped his fingers again.
  39. Finally he snapped his fingers.
  40. That much I know! I snapped.
  41. Spit it out, she snapped.
  42. It snapped loose, and she 199.
  43. How dare you! he snapped.
  44. Her eyes snapped up to meet his.
  45. The captain snapped his fingers.
  46. One of John’s chains snapped.
  47. Its tangle of wire had snapped.
  48. It was nothing! I snapped.
  49. Odin snapped his jaws in disgust.
  50. How old is it? she snapped.
  51. He snapped off his rubber gloves.
  52. We snapped a few photos of the.
  53. She snapped at me several times.
  54. Scott snapped the laptop shut.
  55. A rich businessman snapped her.
  56. Turn on the TV, he snapped.
  57. Caesar's mind snapped into place.
  58. The struts promptly snapped off.
  59. Joey snapped his head around him.
  60. Garcia’s life belt snapped on.
  61. Give it to me! he snapped.
  62. Magic? She snapped at them.
  63. She snapped me back to my senses.
  64. Her eyes snapped with excitement.
  65. Lyte snapped her head to one side.
  66. His eyes snapped back to her face.
  67. She snapped her fingers and was.
  68. What the fuck? Jeff snapped.
  69. Yes, we have! Donna snapped.
  70. She snapped her fingers and the.
  71. Of course not! she snapped.
  72. He snapped in a twenty-round clip.
  73. Mitch snapped his head to the side.
  74. He completely and utterly snapped.
  75. No more questions, I snapped.
  76. The telephone snapped the silence.
  77. Bones cracked and tendons snapped.
  78. Let us leave that, she snapped.
  79. The doorbell snapped her out of it.
  80. Shut up, you, Archie snapped.
  81. Holy fuck, Acid snapped back.
  82. Was she listening to me? I snapped.
  83. They snapped, pulled and cracked.
  84. I know that! Melodía snapped.
  85. I snapped around and glared at him.
  86. Something finally snapped inside me.
  87. Never mind that, snapped Reza.
  88. I flushed and snapped my mouth shut.
  89. She turned and snapped her fingers.
  90. Batistuta snapped out of his trance.
  91. You never know! Neith snapped.
  92. James Voskuhl’s head snapped back.
  93. Leave her! the woman snapped.
  94. Meanwhile, Tom Kelley snapped away.
  95. She snapped her head to look at him.
  96. That night, one of the crew snapped.
  97. The lock snapped loudly into place.
  98. My head snapped up to stare at him.
  99. Soon? Why? she snapped at him.
  100. Franciscus’ head snapped to the.
  1. Where is he? she snaps.
  2. The lid of the box snaps open.
  3. Go on, he snaps at Julian.
  4. Do you mean that? he snaps.
  5. Now that’s enough! he snaps.
  6. The Gooch snaps awake with a start.
  7. No cigarette burns, no bone snaps.
  8. Not now! he snaps down at her.
  9. But then there were times the snaps.
  10. Of course I don’t, snaps Maya.
  11. Snaps agrees and he becomes a big hit.
  12. She is not my friend, snaps Lynn.
  13. Devon’s attention snaps to the papers.
  14. Ros, what’s the issue? he snaps.
  15. Stop playing with her, snaps Eric.
  16. His head snaps back opening up his torso.
  17. She snaps her fingers in front of my face.
  18. And the photographer? he snaps at me.
  19. Fun? Ciere snaps, her anger returning.
  20. Both hands on the wheel, snaps Gervais.
  21. Enjoying the show? She snaps at Faith.
  22. What did you call me? His head snaps up.
  23. Akons can have Snaps, but nothing will happen.
  24. Serve together with buttered toast and "snaps".
  25. Then he snaps a picture of me and writes a text.
  26. He pointed his gun at me… Her chin snaps up.
  27. What? he snaps, not bothering to look at her.
  28. Then the world snaps back into a regular timeframe.
  29. Find her, he snaps and presses the off switch.
  30. There are cases you know, where the mind simply snaps.
  31. His bleary, livid gaze snaps to the illusion of Ciere.
  32. Lenses were refocused and the snaps continued unabated.
  33. Put that on and get into bed, he snaps, irritated.
  34. Reflexively, he grabs the limb and snaps it over his knee.
  35. He’s with the UAI? snaps Maya, and her gun comes up.
  36. I reached down and gave my rubber band a couple hard snaps.
  37. And what are you doing here? she snaps, glaring at him.
  38. The first policeman snaps flesh off his apple with his teeth.
  39. That was a little condescending, but okay, Jaden snaps.
  40. She said she’s not receiving visitors, a woman snaps.
  41. With string bows, snaps, hooks and fasteners on them?
  42. Joshua, he snaps his head toward me, his tone has also.
  43. Cara removes her glasses and snaps them in half at the bridge.
  44. Of course I’ll have to get out of the car, Loki snaps.
  45. As soon as the last word is out, something snaps in his brain.
  46. He snaps his head around to see the king step onto the balcony.
  47. He touches Sally’s face and she snaps her head away violently.
  48. I’m in this situation because you put me here, he snaps.
  49. Their clawed feet dig into the deck and the scrum snaps Jet back.
  50. She closed the snaps on her suitcase and went to find her sister.
  51. Mr Crocodile snaps arms round a monkey and takes the monkey away.
  52. Loki clinks his glass with hers which snaps her back to the moment.
  53. Maya Cooper never lowers the gun, but her attention snaps to Ciere.
  54. The back snaps open and a piece of paper falls out on the counter.
  55. They’re gonna feed the Runner with Brawn Snaps, Reese says.
  56. Charlie’s Dawn Chorus filled the air with sizzling snaps and the.
  57. No, they’re not, he snaps, but he does not elaborate further.
  58. So when the Alberani hit man comes after her, time snaps to a standstill.
  59. Bush snaps his fingers and the waves begin again, a gentle breeze blows.
  60. Cracks and snaps of trampled bush flushed the shadowed arena into disarray.
  61. The Senator clicks on the microphone and snaps back, Just give me a moment.
  62. A startling buzz from the bunker intercom snaps you out of your calculations.
  63. His mouth snaps shut and he pivots, as if determined to be anywhere but there.
  64. The meaning of a term that has never made sense snaps into focus: cat burglar.
  65. I wish political decisions on Earth could be solved this fast, Jaden snaps.
  66. He had bought it while I’d been away but he had put the snaps up on facebook.
  67. Noah blinks, snaps out of his fury, looks at me, the gun shoved against my skull.
  68. Just shut up, he snaps back, and actually shoves me toward the main office.
  69. A dog runs up and snaps at Maximus' feet, causing him to prance sideways and snarl.
  70. On it was a jug of lemonade, five cups, a plate of ginger snaps and a bowl of nuts.
  71. I pulled a pair of latex gloves on with two loud snaps and his whimpering increased.
  72. I could only hear the muted whining, the wet sucking noises, and a few vicious snaps.
  73. At night everyday I engrossed about you and opened my dairy to see your childhood snaps.
  74. Call me weak, call me a blubbering cow, but at that moment something snaps inside of me.
  75. It was windy and little snaps sounded from the pennants that had been put over the hills.
  76. With a put off look she snaps No! She pauses for a moment with a look of I dare you.
  77. With loud metallic snaps, all four clamps popped open, releasing Dave from the metal chair.
  78. A buzz of conversation accompanied whip snaps, mallet swings, and the whirring of ropes tied.
  79. Keep me informed, he snaps and shuts off his phone as he strides purposefully toward me.
  80. Reagan opens the small box and tries them on as a photographer snaps the moment for posterity.
  81. One of the links in the chain snaps into place after prying itself out of its jammed position.
  82. Someone refastens his shoulder strap, while someone else snaps the baldric together at his hip.
  83. Para angels invented Snaps so we could all see what it feels like to have other angels’ powers.
  84. If I was Guntram, where would I… Her voice trails off and her vision snaps back into focus.
  85. She snaps back out of the daydream, takes the telephone nearer to her, and lifts up the receiver.
  86. To my right, the zip line snaps, the wire cord whipping back and shattering the windows below me.
  87. You apply the requisite foot-pounds of force in separate directions, the neck snaps right in two.
  88. She snaps back, And you’re assuming I should care in return? Jonathan, just learn the business.
  89. A short while later the Seller comes back with a bag filed with the Bubble Gum Snaps we had ordered.
  90. What did you expect – that you’d grow horns and a little pointy tail? My subconscious snaps at me.
  91. Whoever feeds the Runners only feeds them Snaps that they are sure they can conquer if they have to.
  92. It was a spring day, a Saturday, and Armansky had offered to buy beer and snaps and all the rest of it.
  93. Eight thousand miles away from London, the British Union Jack no longer snaps in the South Atlantic wind.
  94. Every night whenever I looked at your snaps I got new shrilling jest and energy to devote myself in my work.
  95. He raises an eyebrow at her, which snaps her back into the present, into a moment of desperate exasperation.
  96. He snaps his fingers authoritatively at two workers from the Subcontinent idling about nearby trying not to.
  97. Snaps McDougal is now a household name, and his celebrity does much to raise the profile of alligators everywhere.
  98. Both husband and wife are asked to turn around and look out the rear window while the photographer snaps the shot.
  99. Did you hear what I just said? he snaps, turning his back on me and striding back up the path towards the car.
  100. After nearly an hour of disgruntled shouts and snaps at misses Joey made, things started to pick up as they usually did.

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