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Snap in a sentence

Snap out of it.
That was a snap.
There was a snap.
With a snap, the.
His eyes snap open.
The ropes snap away.
It would be a snap.
thought it would snap.
and heard his leg snap.
Now snap out of this.
Almost heard the snap.
Give it up in a snap,.
Snap the fuck out of it.
I snap back to reality.
snap out of my thoughts.
with a snap of his wrist.
brainstorming is a snap.
for the wings to snap out.
All her clothes had snap.
He had heard a twig snap.
his arm would snap in two.
Snap off the pipe at the.
Snap off the master switch.
No snap at all, he thought.
Oh, fuck you, I snap.
anything was going to snap.
to snap Kifter out of this.
I have to snap out of it!.

Snapping out of my.
snapping at his heels.
With the snapping of.
snapping her whip at him.
snapping of the trash picker.
Snapping at your officers is.
of snapping the neck of a quail.
I started by snapping pictures.
I heard snapping of twigs ahead.
His snapping black eyes glowed.
rapid snapping of branches behind.
nose, snapping his head backwards.
she heard the snapping of twigs,.
Lightning had been snapping its way.
Snapping my rubber band didn’t help.
He clocked it deep, snapping to a Six.
The snapping, crunching sound came again.
Things snapping and opening and snapping.
With the flags in place I begin snapping.
electric went snapping through the air.
Wait, he said, snapping his fi ngers.
Like that, I said, snapping my fingers.
I hoped I could handle it without snapping.
start and I can hear the snapping claws of.
It had to be the wind snapping a dry branch.
She could hear branches snapping behind her.
snapping Sayeed as he got out the police car.
She had been snapping at everyone all morning.
He picked up the reins, snapping them lightly.
He snapped at.
But he snapped.
Like he snapped.
My wife snapped.
as I snapped the.
He snapped at her.
The lead snapped.
I snapped on the.
snapped the old man.
His head snapped up.
The head snapped up.
snapped as they bit.
Then she snapped!.
Steve snapped out.
Fred Barnes snapped.
Aiden snapped his.
It's snapped closed.
I snapped at you.
she snapped back.
Her head snapped back.
A twig snapped softly.
Mathews! he snapped.
Her eyes snapped open.
He snapped out a knife.
He snapped his fingers.
He snapped it shut.
Her mother snapped.
His eyes snapped open.
Eat, he snaps.
He snaps his fingers.
His head snaps up.
Smokes, snaps, tunes.
Bush snaps his fingers.
with the witness snaps.
Devon’s head snaps up.
Miles snaps his fingers.
"No you don't", she snaps.
She snaps her fingers.
Stop that, he snaps.
Where is he? she snaps.
"It looks fine," Eugene snaps.
merged with snaps of laughter.
The lid of the box snaps open.
Go on, he snaps at Julian.
Do you mean that? he snaps.
Now that’s enough! he snaps.
The Gooch snaps awake with a start.
No cigarette burns, no bone snaps.
Sharon snaps in a worried voice.
Not now! he snaps down at her.
But then there were times the snaps.
to sing each time you take a "snaps".
Of course I don’t, snaps Maya.
She is not my friend, snaps Lynn.
Snaps agrees and he becomes a big hit.
Stop playing with her, snaps Eric.