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    1. Society has taught us that girls

    2. We live in a society that wants instant gratification

    3. Business and society was never something he was deeply involved with, unless it was the politics of their own tribe

    4. The wizards of the Kassikan have been thru this, personally, since before people on Earth could write, you can't sustain a society that uses energy at a greater rate than that supplied by the sun

    5. Nobody can avoid all stress without completely dropping out of society and becoming a monk

    6. She had to admit, she occupied elite strata in the society of the Highland Elves

    7. For me, it is important to regard them as Citizens, who have full rights to participate in the affairs of the society and the community

    8. The concessions are there to enable them to participate actively in the affairs of the society to which they belong

    9. Which morality makes the society to be male dominated

    10. She was doing better than even her clone on Gordon's Lamp in that regard, since this is a society of billions and Gordon's Lamp may have returned to a dead system

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    Synonyms for "society"

    society club gild guild lodge order social club beau monde bon ton high society smart set companionship company fellowship community civilisation civilization people commonwealth culture nation clique brotherhood circle fraternity organisation organization comradeship friendship aristocracy four hundred gentlefolk

    "society" definitions

    an extended social group having a distinctive cultural and economic organization

    a formal association of people with similar interests

    the state of being with someone

    the fashionable elite