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    1. Shrinkage, the loss of Latent Heat leads to Solidification Shrinkage

    2. In a Cone solidification starts from the tip and gradually

    3. solidification moves towards the base of the cone

    4. This pattern of solidification


    6. concurrent solidification taking place across the length of the rod

    7. solidification that takes place in a rod is not conducive to a SOUND CASTING

    8. Where as THE SOLIDIFICATION PATTERN that takes place in a CONE is

    9. Where t = Solidification time

    10. 17 x Mc, after complete solidification, Mf = Mc

    11. There by at the end of solidification, Mf = 1

    12. Solidification time is dependent on rate of heat extraction by the moulding

    13. Moulding material Solidification time of 150 mm dia STEEL sphere

    14. Solidification time in minutes, you can calculate the CONSTANT

    15. feeder of dia D will have a solidification time of ( b ), an Exothermic feeder

    16. of dia D will have a solidification time of ( c)

    17. If you look at the solidification times of all the three-- c > b > a

    18. adequate for our casting, then an insulating feeder with the same solidification

    19. But solidification time of an insulating

    20. feeder of same dia as that of sand feeder has a longer solidification time ( b)

    21. insulating feeder for the same solidification time of ( a )

    22. Solidification time in minutes = 2

    23. But this solidification time for the

    24. As a rule, we attempt to hasten the solidification time of casting and delay the

    25. solidification time of the feeder

    26. superheat )and a solidification shrinkage ( because of Latent heat ) has a total

    27. Solidification Time in minutes = 2

    28. Now by using different materials, we can alter the solidification times

    29. Hence increase the solidification time

    30. Solidification time as our casting as remained the SAME

    31. T (solidification time in minutes ) = 2

    32. of this their solidification times are much longer than a SAND OR

    33. because the path available closes because of concurrent solidification taking

    34. them hasten the solidification rate and thus NARROWING the flat path

    35. Earlier we have specified the solidification rates of Steels with various

    36. solidification time is shorter

    37. Solidification rate has altered to a shorter time

    38. Solidification time with silica sand is-------------- 17 minutes

    39. Solidification time with a STEEL CHILL is ------ 4

    40. solidification shrinkage (Latent heat ) on cooling

    41. We must counteract this solidification

    42. interests are challenged; (b) the retention of initiative and momentum which has consistently enabled the President to stay ahead of the pessimism normally associated with stagnation, inactivity and lack of imagination; (c) the solidification of the world statesman role through which the President has captured national empathy based on his masterful performances in Peking and Moscow which were well-covered on national television; and (d) the development of a “Mr

    43. Then he pictured the solidification, the cooling, the wrinkling which formed the mountains, the steam which turned to water, the slow preparation of the stage upon which was to be played the inexplicable drama of life

    44. Sugar is the most desiccating of all salts; it sucks the liquids of the blood through the veins; hence the coagulation, and then the solidification of the blood; hence tubercles in the lungs, hence death

    45. —, —, liquefaction and solidification of, xlix, 373

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