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Spartan en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Spartan had hired him, and.
  2. It is Spartan who is weak.
  3. It was Spartan in furnishings.
  4. Spartan stared at him disdainfully.
  5. Yes, I am Spartan and proud to be.

  6. As they left, Spartan made his plans.
  7. Spartan seized the nearest by the arm.
  8. Spartan had told him the way they would go.
  9. The Grand Wizard, King Spartan and Autumn.
  10. Spartan stared at the wizard in astonishment.
  11. Was it the King? Would Spartan stop the duel.
  12. Spartan hesitated for a moment before continuing.
  13. Lathgertha was in the Great Hall at Spartan Castle.
  14. This was the third time Rod had been at Spartan Castle.
  15. John enters a tiny, spartan room with WORKER 2 at the.

  16. To my left we have Halfshaft-Sire, Spartan went on.
  17. I thought I would play the Spartan Queen for the night.
  18. You shouldn’t have said that, warned King Spartan.
  19. You could say that I am quite Spartan in my living habits.
  20. He was taken by the witches a decade ago, him and Spartan.
  21. I am the Spartan Queen, kidnapped by the Prince of Troy.
  22. Susan entered the relatively new, yet fairly Spartan office.
  23. His first conclusion was he was spartan in his basic needs.
  24. The furnishings were Spartan, but elegant in their simplicity.
  25. His first humbling experience since his Spartan training days.

  26. Do you think that Spartan would ever allow a troll-cross to be.
  27. Spartan and Trod stormed past the guardhouse towards the dungeons.
  28. It was a fast and spartan little catamaran with a tall, thin sail.
  29. The inside of Balin’s cabin was Spartan, even by Maston standards.
  30. But where could he go? Spartan Castle was out of the question, and.
  31. I have to warn you that the living conditions here are quite Spartan.
  32. Elsing, erect as a Spartan chignon; and Fanny Elsing white as a ghost.
  33. Spartan yawned threateningly, and the trader scurried on with his tale.
  34. Spartan glared at him as he came to a halt at his side, message in hand.
  35. Spartan castle had not been what you might call the most attractive of.
  36. We camped out where and when we wished and lived a simple and Spartan.
  37. He knew that he would be found in his spartan bedchamber the next morning.
  38. And Protector of the Holy Shrine at Beacon Castle, finished Spartan.
  39. At the edge of the room, simple high tables were placed in a Spartan manner.
  40. That was when Harold the Invincible appeared, half dead, near Spartan Castle.
  41. My dear Fern, I do believe that you look very much like the Spartan Queen.
  42. Only the King of the Wood Dwarfs and King Spartan were told what had happened.
  43. Both the wizard and Spartan turned to stare at Thane, awaiting an explanation.
  44. Spartan turned furiously on the Grand Wizard, his face almost purple with rage.
  45. Other Greek writers saw the mischievous tendency of Spartan discipline (Arist.
  46. Spartan stood watching him from the ramparts as he disappeared into the distance.
  47. Since the incident with Spartan, he had assumed that this was past history, but.
  48. Shortly afterwards, the Grand Wizard must have told Spartan all about the Warlock.
  49. He took that last pathway, past an automaton that was modelled on a Spartan soldier.
  50. Once Thane and Spartan had been formally introduced to one another, the Grand Wizard.
  51. Spartan received Thane into the throne room about an hour after Nik’Nak’s departure.
  52. King Spartan raised his right hand regally into the air, signalling the crowd to silence.
  53. Spartan rushed past him into the cell, anxious to see if the prisoner had Doon with him.
  54. Turning their entire Spartan cultural ethic of independence into a hypocritical, public joke.
  55. Once the duelling chamber doors had closed, Spartan turned his attention to the message which.
  56. The Spartan girl pressed her head against his chest, a tear appearing at the corner of one eye.
  57. Spartan spent the next seventeen minutes listing the various titles the Grand Wizard had earned.
  58. Halfshaft closed his eyes and prayed that Spartan would give him an equally impressive build-up.
  59. Know however that the accommodations on this base date back to the 1930s and are rather Spartan.
  60. Great Forest before, how much more could he do now? Spartan Castle is nothing like the force it.
  61. Valuable time was lost as the Grand Wizard and King Spartan started squabbling between themselves.
  62. Despite his injuries, Spartan explained, Cyrellius arrived back here before the traitors.
  63. Enjolras, as the reader knows, had something of the Spartan and of the Puritan in his composition.
  64. I do pay you, Spartan pointed out wearily, and I have no more interest in your garden spade.
  65. There are some people who judge a hunt's merits by how spartan the conditions are: the more so, the better.
  66. The Gaeans made a small cook fire and ate a spartan meal as they waited for the Paladin to complete his task.
  67. Nelson Mandela stood to address the ranks of his fellow freedom fighters seated in phalanxes at Spartan tables.
  68. Donkeys had been found for all of them, two of which had been King Spartan and the Grand Wizard in happier times.
  69. She was still shackled to the bed in the spartan room, held prisoner with apparently little or no chance of escape.
  70. Zeus did to Europa, in the guise of a white bull? Or when He’d ravished the Spartan Queen Leda after turning into a swan.
  71. Like most of her father’s chambers the room was a precise combination of Spartan efficiency and high quality craftsmanship.
  72. All they cared about was harvesting sufficient crops to buy enough alcohol from Spartan Castle to get them through the next twelve months.
  73. The Spartan tribes of lesbians and male homosexuals copulated in revulsion of each other, as the only way to avoid smelling, or seeing each other.
  74. To the Spartan type the ideal State reverts in the first decline; and the character of the individual timocrat is borrowed from the Spartan citizen.
  75. Frederick lived a Spartan personal life—The king dressed in a threadbare uniform at all times4—with little concern for rank or ceremonies.
  76. He had therefore been given the benefit of the doubt, and was treated with the respect due to one of the two most revered wizards at Spartan Castle.
  77. He had felt it when he had conjured up the time tunnel beneath Mount Leiden, and a few times at Spartan Castle when the Grand Wizard was showing off.
  78. Scott focused his ears on the sound of Ingrid's breathing until he managed to rediscover the spartan circle of furniture where she slept and sat down.
  79. During the reading of this, which was long, the public attention was continually drawn towards Andrea, who bore the inspection with Spartan unconcern.
  80. I also know how to fight, having been a warrior during many lives, including as a Spartan hoplite who was killed at the battle of Thermopylae in 481 B.
  81. She would play the kidnapped Spartan Queen Helen and wear this beautiful dress that glimmered in the light and felt soft, silky and sensual to the touch.
  82. The original Etruscans living in Italy were crushed and sublimated into a sterile Greek culture that had its roots in Spartan ideas, culture, and tradition.
  83. For it is not the genius of oriental speech to compress infinite ideas into tame and inadequate expressions, with Spartan sententiousness, but rather to magnify them.
  84. Hilderich had known Amonas to be circumspect at times, taciturn and almost spartan with his words, but he had never showed feelings of dislike or animosity towards him.
  85. We can hardly judge what effect Plato's views would have upon his own contemporaries; they would perhaps have seemed to them only an exaggeration of the Spartan commonwealth.
  86. But there are other features of the Platonic Republic, as, for example, the literary and philosophical education, and the grace and beauty of life, which are the reverse of Spartan.
  87. The council of elder men also corresponds to the Spartan gerousia; and the freedom with which they are permitted to judge about matters of detail agrees with what we are told of that institution.
  88. She certainly hadn’t been expecting anything like this man of elemental passion that would completely have fit in with the barbaric savagery of the 300 Spartan warriors at the battle of Thermopylae.
  89. Many of his regulations are characteristically Spartan; such as the prohibition of gold and silver, the common meals of the men, the military training of the youth, the gymnastic exercises of the women.
  90. He probably observed that both the Spartan men and women were superior in form and strength to the other Greeks; and this superiority he was disposed to attribute to the laws and customs relating to marriage.
  91. Werner makes his way alone to a spartan hostel six blocks away, where he rents a bed for two marks a night and lies among muttering itinerants and listens to the pigeons and bells and shuddering traffic of Essen.
  92. The program, suggesting a Spartan can-do attitude, was in effect because the APs had screw-all in the way of heavy weapons, off-road vehicles, or even adequate training to go to war and repulse enemy ground attacks.
  93. What Ingrid did not say was that the sword in the presentation case had actually been picked up by Nancy at the Thermopylae, after the battle in which Megaron, the Spartan hoplite that her spirit had inhabited, had been killed.
  94. I dreadfully wanted to scream, too, for she was wringing my fingers with positive fury just because I didn't scream; while I, like a Spartan, made up my mind to endure the agony, afraid by crying out of causing a general fuss, which was more than I could face.
  95. The spartan breakfast before them—little more than two bowls of porridge, sweetened with the last of Wyrshym’s chef’s jealously hoarded sugar and enormously out of place on the expensive, polished table—was another sign of that army’s tightening belt.
  96. He’d never seen her room there—suitors were required to wait in the front parlor of the rambling Victorian until their dates were ready—but he pictured it as Spartan, self-denying, its only luxury a mirror like the one that had hung in the hallway back home.
  97. Tall and well proportioned as an ancient gladiator, and muscular as a Spartan, he walked for a quarter of an hour without knowing where to direct his steps, actuated by the sole idea of getting away from the spot where if he lingered he knew that he would surely be taken.
  98. They had then reached the first hours of that Spartan day of the 6th of June when, in the barricade Saint-Merry, Jeanne, surrounded by the insurgents who demanded bread, replied to all combatants crying: "Something to eat!" with: "Why? It is three o'clock; at four we shall be dead.
  99. He had seen the rack in use before; King Spartan had been particularly fond of public torture, and on days where he had little else to do he had popped along to the torture chamber and sat in the public gallery, munching on his sandwiches as the torturer wrung confession after confession out of whoever was on the itinerary that day.
  100. In his views both of teaching and training he might be styled, in modern language, a doctrinaire; after the Spartan fashion he would have his citizens cast in one mould; he does not seem to consider that some degree of freedom, 'a little wholesome neglect,' is necessary to strengthen and develope the character and to give play to the individual nature.

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